Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

The mind is a curious thing, isn’t it? Within its folds, stress and serenity play an endless game of tug-of-war, and finding balance is more art than science. In our hyperconnected digital world, an oasis of tranquility is often nestled in our very pockets. Apps like Calm have emerged as these pocket-sized sanctuaries: your go-to for a slice of repose amidst the chaos.

This isn’t just another scroll through the App Store. Here, you’ll discover a realm of digital mindfulness, a space where meditation practices converge with the gentle lull of sleep stories, and stress reduction becomes as accessible as your touchscreen.

Immerse yourself in a guided journey through the landscapes of mental wellness apps, exploring paths paved by Headspace, the tranquility offered by Breethe, and the personalized serenity of Simple Habit.

By the end of this read, you’ll have unveiled a treasure trove of alternatives for nurturing your mental garden. So cue the relaxing sounds, and let’s dive into the mindful matrix of apps designed to harmonize your inner world.

Apps Like Calm

Apps like CalmFocus AreaNotable FeaturesPricing ModelUser Interface
PzizzSleep OptimizationSleep sequences, narrations, sound effectsFree, Pro version subscriptionIntuitive
MesmerizeVisual MeditationVisual journeys, guided sessionsFree, Premium accessVisually striking
HeadspaceMeditation & MindfulnessGuided meditation, SleepcastsSubscription basedFriendly & Animated
BuddhifyOn-the-go MeditationWheel of activities, solo or guided meditationsOne-time purchaseColorful & Easy to navigate
Relax Melodies: Sleep SoundsSleep & RelaxationCombine sounds, bedtime storiesFree, Premium subscriptionCustomizable
Nature Sounds: Relax and SleepRelaxationVariety of nature soundsFree, In-app purchasesSimple
Sleep CycleSleep TrackingSleep analysis, smart alarm clockFree, Premium featuresClean
Journey LIVE: Mental WellbeingMeditation CommunityLive classes, community featuresSubscription basedInteractive
Smiling Mind AppMindfulness for All AgesPrograms for different age groupsFreeMinimalistic
Declutter The MindDaily MeditationArticles, coursesFree, Offers coursesStreamlined
Breathe appStress ManagementGuided breathing sessionsComes with Apple WatchExclusive to Apple Watch
7Mind: Meditation ReinventedMindfulness & MeditationPersonalized plansFree, Premium optionsModern & User-Friendly
BetterMeHolistic HealthMeditation, workout plans, meal planningSubscription basedHolistic
Simple HabitStress & SleepOn-the-go 5-min sessionsFree with subscription optionElegant & Quick navigation
UCLA MindfulMindful MeditationsGuided meditations, podcastsCompletely freeEducational & Straightforward


Pzizz-1 Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Pzizz is all about getting you those Zzz’s, with sleep sequences combining voice narrations and calming sound effects tailored to your snooze needs. It’s a sleep specialist in an app.

Best Features:

  • Personalized sleep sequences
  • Dreamscapes and sound effects

What we like about it: Pzizz takes customization seriously. You mix and match sounds until you get it just right – that’s seriously cool.


Mesmerize-1 Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Mesmerize goes visual, blending voice with entrancing, kaleidoscopic visuals for a trippy take on meditation. A feast for the eyes that calms the mind.

Best Features:

  • Visual journeys
  • Voice-guided relaxation

What we like about it: The visual aspect isn’t just pretty; it actively involves your sight to deepen relaxation.


Headspace Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Headspace is your friendly neighborhood meditation guide, easing life stress with a smile and a soothing voice. It’s perfect for mindfulness newbies and pros alike.

Best Features:

  • Guided meditations
  • Sleepcasts

What we like about it: Their Sleepcasts are a hit – they transport you to a different world each night.


Buddhify Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Buddhify serves up meditation on demand. With its wheel for activity-specific mindfulness, it’s like having a meditation menu for every life moment.

Best Features:

  • Tailored meditation wheel
  • Solo and guided options

What we like about it: The wheel. It’s like a DJ’s turntable for your moods, spinning the right track for any part of your day.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Relax-Melodies-1 Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Relax Melodies brings the orchestra of sleep, with a library of sounds you can compose into your personal lullaby.

Best Features:

  • Mix and match sleep sounds
  • Bedtime stories

What we like about it: Created lullabies are a winner – you’re the composer of your night’s soundtrack.

Nature Sounds: Relax and Sleep

Nature-Sounds_-Relax-and-Sleep Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Getting back to basics, Nature Sounds offers an escape to sonic wilderness, soothing your mind with the authenticity of forest murmurs and ocean waves.

Best Features:

  • Authentic nature sounds
  • Straightforward interface

What we like about it: Simple is smart, and the simplicity here is its strength – pick a sound, play, and relax.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep-Cycle-1 Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Merging smart tech with sleep science, Sleep Cycle analyzes your patterns to wake you during your lightest sleep phase, making mornings less groggy.

Best Features:

  • Intelligent alarm
  • Sleep analysis

What we like about it: Waking up during light sleep feels like cheating a bad morning.

Journey LIVE: Mental Wellbeing

Journey-LIVE_-Mental-Wellbeing-1 Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

For those who like live classes and community vibes, Journey LIVE brings real-time interaction into meditation. It’s group wellness on your schedule.

Best Features:

  • Live meditation classes
  • Community forum

What we like about it: Live classes truly energize – it’s like a workout high, but for meditation.

Smiling Mind App

Smiling-Mind-App-1 Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

With Smiling Mind, every age finds its peace. It’s packaged mindfulness that grows with you, from kids to adults.

Best Features:

  • Age-specific programs
  • Free resources for all

What we like about it: That it’s truly for everyone, and it’s totally free – no catch.

Declutter The Mind

Declutter-The-Mind-1 Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Declutter The Mind offers uncluttered design with a strong emphasis on traditional mindfulness meditation techniques that have withstood the test of time.

Best Features:

  • Clean design
  • Practical meditation courses

What we like about it: Practicality is key; the courses here are like a GPS for navigating your inner landscape.

Breathe app

Breathe-app Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Exclusive to the Apple Watch, Breathe app nudges you towards calmness with gentle taps for breathing exercises throughout the day.

Best Features:

  • Integrated with Apple Watch
  • Guided breathing exercises

What we like about it: Can’t beat the convenience – it’s a calmness tap away, right there on your wrist.

7Mind: Meditation Reinvented

7Mind_-Meditation-Reinvented-1 Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Keep it fresh with 7Mind – offering a modern approach to mindfulness with personalized meditation plans to fit your lifestyle.

Best Features:

  • Tailored meditation plans
  • Sleek UI/UX design

What we like about it: Getting a plan just for you? That’s next-level personalization.


BetterMe Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

BetterMe is wellness delivered whole. Think of it as an all-in-one, with meditation, fitness, and dietary plans to tackle wellness from all angles.

Best Features:

  • Holistic approach
  • Custom plans

What we like about it: This comprehensive take on wellness is like your life coach in your pocket.

Simple Habit

Simple-Habit-1 Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Perfect for those with packed schedules, Simple Habit orchestrates mindfulness into 5-minute sprints, proving quality trumps quantity.

Best Features:

  • 5-minute meditation sessions
  • Focus on stress and sleep

What we like about it: Fitting in meditation between meetings? Game changer.

UCLA Mindful

UCLA-Mindful Mindfulness at Its Best: Relaxing Apps Like Calm

Backed by the credibility of UCLA, this app brings research-driven mindfulness meditations for a well-rounded, educational experience.

Best Features:

  • Research-based practices
  • Accessible content

What we like about it: It’s got the weight of science behind it – feels like you’re meditating smarter.

FAQ On Apps Like Calm

What sets apps like Calm apart from other meditation apps?

Ah, the golden query. They’re standing in a class of their own by offering this unique blend, see? It’s the trifecta – guided meditation, sleep aid, and stress reduction, all polished with a user-friendly interface. Dive in, and you’re in a world with sleep stories whispered just for your tranquility.

How do these apps help with sleep?

Alright, so here’s the lowdown. Imagine a buddy gently nudging you into dreamland. They’re like that but in your phone.

From soothing soundscapes to narrated tales that quiet the mind, they essentially turn bedtime into a serene journey. Insight Timer even ticks with meditative tunes to escort you to slumberland.

Can mindfulness apps improve daily focus?

Bang on, they can! These digital companions serve up daily meditation sessions. What’s cool is they’re like cognitive barbells, right? Train your brain on the daily with them, and just watch how that focus sharpens. It’s like tuning an instrument – but the instrument’s your noggin.

Are meditation apps suitable for beginners?

Hell yeah, they’re tailor-made for rookies! Step into the world of Headspace, it’s like meditation kindergarten. They take your hand and walk you through the ABCs with patience and plenty of encouragement. So don’t worry, you’ll go from noob to pro without breaking a sweat.

What features do wellness apps like Calm include?

Let me lay it out. These apps ain’t just one-trick ponies, they’re like Swiss Army knives for your mental health. From breathing techniques to personal growth trackers and mindfulness exercises – it’s the whole shebang. And Simple Habit? It’s practically a buffet of wellness wrapped in code.

How do these apps cater to different aspects of mental health?

They’ve got your back. Whether it’s the grip of anxiety or the weight of daily stress, these apps throw a lifeline with bespoke sessions. Need a quick breather? There’s an exercise for that. Heart aflutter? There’s a meditation for anxiety relief. Each facet, thoughtfully considered.

Are there free alternatives to apps like Calm?

You bet there’s no cover charge for peace of mind. While premium features might have a tag, basics in apps like Buddhify keep your wallet at ease. And guess what? Some, like Insight Timer, offer a whole lot for absolutely nada. It’s like finding a four-leaf clover in your backyard.

How does user experience differ among various meditation apps?

Oh, it’s a whole spectrum. Think of Headspace as your friendly neighborhood guide, with pop colors and cheeky animations. On the flip side, something more zen, perhaps Sattva, offers a tranquil vibe. It’s like choosing between a peppy coffee shop and a serene tea house – different vibes, same results.

Can using apps like Calm replace therapy?

Hold up, let’s get this straight. While they’re ace at complementing therapy, think of them more like a reliable buddy than a licensed therapist. They’re there to support, but for the heavy emotional lifting, a professional’s what you need. They’re the assistant coaches, not the head coach.

How do apps like Calm stay updated with the latest in wellness?

Innovation’s the name of their game. These smart cookies behind the scenes – the developers, they’re always tuned in. Science of mindfulness shifts? They shift with it. Fresh relaxation techniques? They integrate them. They stay fresh, kinda like your fave cafe updating its playlist to keep the vibe alive.


It’s been a journey, wading through the landscape where apps like Calm thrive, carving out sanctuaries in our digital chaos. We’ve navigated the soothing soundscapes of Breethe, synced with Insight Timer‘s tuneful tick, embraced the beginner-friendly embrace of Headspace, and uncovered the free treasures within Buddhify.

  • Meditation practices? Check.
  • Stress reduction? You bet.
  • Mental wellness? In spades.

In closing, remember: these aren’t just apps. They’re your pocket-sized partners in the quest for peace of mind and better sleep, armed to the teeth with relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises. They’re the landscapes for personal growth, built pixel by pixel, where your mental health finds space to bloom.

So go ahead, press that download button. Your mind’s oasis awaits, a tap away – beckoning with promises of sleep stories and meditative bliss, crafted for the modern soul yearning for an escape. Now, which oasis will you claim as your own?

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