Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Imagine your daily routine transforming into an epic adventure. Each task, a quest; every goal, a battle won. This isn’t just wishful thinking; apps like Habitica turn mundane to-do lists into immersive role-playing games. But what if you crave different lanes on the productivity highway?

I’ve scoured the digital landscape, from the gamified forests of commitment devices to the peaks of streaks habit mountains.

The fruit of this journey is a treasure map to the finest Habitica alternatives. Understanding that not every app suits every knight, I’ve tailored this exploration of habit-building platforms for the valiant at heart seeking variety in their quest for efficiency.

By the article’s end, you’ll be armed with invaluable knowledge of goal setting apps and productivity applications, fitted to elevate your daily grind to legendary status.

Prepare to dive deep into:

  • The mechanics of habit tracker gamification.
  • Customizable avatars, and rewards of virtual worlds.
  • Secret tech enclaves optimizing time management apps.

Let’s embark on this adventure. Together, we’ll conquer procrastination and forge new paths to daily triumphs.

Apps Like Habitica

App NamePlatform(s)Key FeaturesMonetizationUser Experience
DailyHabitsiOS, AndroidHabit streaks, reminders, analyticsFree, In-app purchasesMinimalistic, straightforward
StreaksiOSPersonalize task colors, up to 12 tasksPaid appSimple, colorful interface
stickKWeb, iOS, AndroidCommitment contracts, stakes, referee optionFree, option to bet moneyFunctional, community aspect
EverydayiOS, AndroidFlexible scheduling, widgets, history trackingFree, In-app purchasesClean, intuitive design
LoopAndroidHabit scoring, graphs, open-sourceFreeBasic, minimalistic
HabitshareiOS, AndroidSocial habit tracking, privacy optionsFreeSimple, social connectivity
HabitifyiOS, Mac, Android, WatchOSData insights, multiple platforms, dark modeFree, Pro versionSleek, modern
Coach.meWeb, iOS, AndroidCommunity support, coaching (paid)Free, paid coaching servicesSocial-focused, clean
ObsidianWindows, Mac, Linux, iOSNotetaking with markdown, links, graph viewFree, paid add-onsAdvanced, for note-takers
Epic WiniOSGamified tasks, RPG elementsPaid appFun, game-like experience
Do It NowAndroidRPG-style, avatars, virtual rewardsFree, premium versionInteractive, fun
FinchiOS, AndroidSelf-care pet, mood tracking, mindfulness contentFreemium, subscriptionEngaging, with a virtual pet


daily-habit Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Features and Benefits

DailyHabits is like that friend who always knows what to say. It’s got features that make tracking habits a breeze. Think of it as a digital diary that’s always there for you.

Among apps like Habitica, DailyHabits is like the wise elder.

Pricing and Availability

And guess what? It won’t break the bank. DailyHabits is there for everyone, whether you’re saving up for that new gadget or splurging on a night out.


STREAKS Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Approach and Reviews

Streaks is all about keeping the momentum going. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger. The more you do, the more you want to do. It’s a favorite among apps like Habitica for those who love simplicity.

Pricing and Platforms

Whether you’re an Apple fan or an Android lover, Streaks has got you covered. And the price? Let’s just say it’s worth every penny.


sticKK-1 Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Unique Commitment Contracts

stickK is not your average habit tracker. It’s like making a pact with yourself. You set a goal, put some money on the line, and boom! You’re committed. It’s a fresh take on apps like Habitica.

User Statistics and Reviews

People are talking about stickK, and they’re loving it. It’s like having a personal coach in your pocket, pushing you to be your best.

Pricing and Availability

Free to start, with options to up the ante. stickK is like a game where the stakes are real, and the rewards are even realer.


everyday Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Simplicity and Visual Interface

Everyday is like a breath of fresh air. Clean, simple, and oh-so-pretty. It’s for those who love beauty in simplicity. In the world of apps like Habitica, Everyday is the elegant sibling.

Reviews and Pricing

People can’t stop talking about how gorgeous Everyday is. And the price? It’s like buying a piece of art that helps you every day.


Loop-Habit Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Open Source and Customization

Loop is the rebel among apps like Habitica. It’s open source, which means you can tweak it, twist it, and make it your own. It’s like a blank canvas waiting for your touch.

Analytics and Reviews

Loop doesn’t just track habits; it analyzes them. It’s like having a scientist in your pocket, always ready to give you insights.

Pricing and Availability

Free and fabulous. Loop is like that hidden gem you stumble upon and can’t believe it’s not famous.


habitshareapp Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Social Habit Tracking

Habitshare is all about sharing the journey. It’s like going on a road trip with friends. You’re not alone; you’re in this together. Among apps like Habitica, Habitshare is the social butterfly.

Reviews and Pricing

People love the camaraderie, and the price is like a friendly hug. It’s there for you without asking for much in return.


Habitify-2 Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Features and Grouping Habits

Habitify is like the Swiss Army knife of habit trackers. It’s got tools and features for everything. Grouping habits, tracking progress, it’s all there. It’s a powerhouse among apps like Habitica.

Reviews and Pricing

Users rave about how Habitify makes life easier. And the price? It’s like investing in a tool that keeps on giving.

coach.me_-1 Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Community and Coaching Features is not just an app; it’s a community. It’s like joining a club where everyone’s cheering for you. With coaching features, it stands out among apps like Habitica.

Reviews and Pricing

People love the support, and the price is tailored to fit your needs. It’s like having a personal trainer without the hefty price tag.


Obsidian-1 Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Community Plugins and Habit System

Obsidian is like the mysterious stranger in the room. It’s not just for habits; it’s a whole system. With community plugins, it’s a unique entry among apps like Habitica.

Local Storage and Markdown Files

Your data, your rules. Obsidian keeps it all local. It’s like having a secret diary that no one else can read.

User Experience and Transition

Smooth, sleek, and oh-so-cool. Obsidian’s user experience is like gliding on ice. It’s a smooth operator among apps like Habitica.

Epic Win

Epic-Win Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Overview and Lack of Updates

Epic Win is like that old song you still love. It’s got charm, but it’s showing its age. In the world of apps like Habitica, it’s a classic.

Do It Now

Do-It-Now Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Task Creation and Subtasks

Do It Now is like a personal assistant that’s always on point. Task creation, subtasks, it’s all there. It’s a multitasker among apps like Habitica.

User Feedback and Limitations

People love the flexibility, but nothing’s perfect. It’s like a great recipe with just one missing ingredient.


Finch-2 Gamifying Good Habits: 12 Apps Like Habitica

Visual Appeal and Limitations

Finch is like a beautiful painting with a tiny flaw. It’s visually stunning but has its quirks. In the gallery of apps like Habitica, it’s a masterpiece with a twist.

User Feedback

People love the look, but they also have their say. It’s like a conversation that keeps evolving.

FAQ On Apps Like Habitica

What exactly are these habit-tracking gamified apps all about?

They’re digital power-ups for your life! Habit-tracking gamified apps, like Habitica, turn boring to-dos into quests. They mesh task management, habit formation psychology, and role-playing games. Every ticked box feels like a win, and that’s a surefire way to keep those habits sticking.

Can gamification really improve my productivity?

Absolutely. When you gamify your to-do list, productivity’s not just a buzzword; it’s a dragon you slay. By turning chores into challenges, these apps leverage your natural desire for achievement and comparison, using streaks and rewards that tap into your motivation.

What kind of features can I expect from these apps?

Think of them as a Swiss Army knife for your habits. Customization? Check. Daily quests? Yep. Progress tracking and rewards? All there. Some offer mentor figures, akin to an accountability partner, making sure you’re knighted for your noble routine.

Are these apps suitable for team use, or just individuals?

Solo quests are great, but with comrades? Even better. These apps often include features tailored for teams, making collaborative goal conquests and chore tracking a breeze. Crush stretches of procrastination with social features that add that communal spice to productivity.

How do they keep me motivated over the long term?

They’re sneaky about it. Most apps bank on streaks, virtual rewards, and avatar growth, pushing you to stay consistent. Before you know it, your avatar’s leveling up alongside your real-life wins. And isn’t that kind of parallel universe experience the dream?

What if I’m not into the whole RPG thing?

Fear not. There’s diversity in the realm of productivity apps. Some swap dragons for sleek graphs, turning habit tracking into a visual treat sans the fantasy. It’s about finding the right fit—your personal productivity puzzle piece.

Will these apps remind me of habits I tend to forget?

Notifications are your loyal squire in these apps, ensuring no task is left behind. Expect customizable reminders that keep you on track, nudging you towards habit mastery. It’s about sweating the small stuff, so you don’t have to.

How do they differ from standard to-do list apps?

Imagine a to-do list that cheers you on. These aren’t mere checklists; they’re infused with life RPG elements, imbuing your daily grind with narratives and encouraging consistency through game mechanics. Standard apps list; these apps elevate.

What about the privacy of my data in these apps?

Your quests are yours alone. The best apps like Habitica take data privacy seriously, protecting your to-dos like a fortress. They’d shield your data with encryption, like critical missions guarded by knights in digital armor.

How do these apps fit into the broader lifestyle of self-improvement?

They’re the sidekicks in your self-improvement saga. By making task completion nearly addictive, they promote a healthier, productive lifestyle. Think of them as guides in your journey of personal development, your path lined with productivity and positive reinforcements.


And there you have it. Apps like Habitica — your digital sword and shield in vanquishing the chaos of daily life. We’ve scoured the realm, uncovered nooks and crannies to bring you these habit-building champions. Dive into their gamified worlds, and you’ll find that your journey towards self-improvement isn’t just about crossing off tasks; it’s about growth, rewards, and a community of fellow adventurers by your side.

In these virtual landscapes, your daily grind becomes an epic quest. Whether you’re tackling goal setting with relentless zeal, or equipping yourself with time management skills that would make even the most seasoned time-wizards nod in approval, remember this:

  • Adopt the habit tracker that resonates with you.
  • Customization is king.
  • Maintain streaks to summon motivation.

Your crusade for productivity doesn’t stop here. Take the knowledge you’ve gained, embark on your journey, and let your legacy in the kingdom of efficiency begin.

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