Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

The culture of coworking in an unconventional place is on the rise, especially in big, multicultural places such as London. So many more people are looking for a London coworking space to combine the benefits of café culture and serviced offices.

Artists, tech developers, and freelancers are not usually part of the traditional public employment sector. Their inspirational ideas get born in equally creative and stimulating places, not in a traditional office, which is why an increasing number of workers from this sector want to escape their usual workspaces. Instead, they search for a coworking space with a more convivial atmosphere. The city of London is one of the most appealing cities in the world for this genre of workers.

The hubs and cafes of the biggest city in Great Britain form great coworking spaces, with ergonomic, specialized areas for all tastes. Many workers are trying to escape the loneliness of working at home and they feel efficient and cozy in the ergonomic sitting areas or coworking tables.

In this article created by our team at TMS, we’re listing here 16 of the most appreciated coworking places in London, judged by the number of services they offer to their clients.

The best London coworking space to pick


huckletree Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

Huckletree on Finsbury Square, London EC2A will get you into a totally new world, alive with colors and exotic patterns. The moment you enter, you start to live and work boldly. If you are particularly innovative, adventurous, and intrepid, this is your workplace.

Huckletree is a community where the members receive all its benefits and perks. Apart from getting access to all their locations around the world, you’re able to spend time with like-minded people. You can choose to share company with others in a meditation yurt, during a walk in the indoor gardens, or at their weekly exclusive events, and the effort is worth it.

Soho Works

soho-house Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

SoHo House has built an entirely different department for individual workers – SoHo Works. This is a prized London coworking space, located on 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ. Their presentation page describes that their main goal is to support workers in “creative industries” from all over the world. Everyone can be part of the SoHo Works community, while the existing members receive a discount when joining. The benefits are very appealing. You can choose any event from the “calendar of professional, social, and well-being events and workshops”.

They provide ultramodern spaces to the members and their facilities seem to be from another world. Have you ever dreamt of having a 3D printer, showers, an entire library, and even a studio at your workplace? With SoHo World, your dreams become a reality every day.

The Ministry

The-Ministry Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

Set in a Victorian building, The Ministry of Sound opened an unconventional coworking office space, called The Ministry.  (The address: 79-81 Borough Road, London, SE1 1DN.)People from the music industry are the usual clients and they are given the adapted working spaces and can use the recording studio. The space has a very impressive visually appealing atmosphere from the industrial revolution era, with brick and metal beams, not to mention a tequila bar in the ladies’ toilet!

Barbican Centre – accessible London working space

barbican Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

The Barbican Centre is a London coworking space you might like if your budget is smaller and your expectations not so high. It offers very acceptable free studying places within the world-class arts and learning center. You have free Wi-Fi, a coffee right next to you and enough space for all your materials and it might be quite inspirational to be part of a vernissage or an exhibition while you work or take a rest. Experience working in an alternate way at Silk St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DS.


we-work Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

One of the best London coworking spaces is called WeWork and this name isn’t randomly chosen. It includes a very large group of people, around 50,000 from all around the world, who share the same working life. They are all part of a close-knit community both online and in real life and all the members look forward to participating in common events.

The types of plans are varied and appealing. The basic, at only £100 is We Membership, which gives you full access to the special design app, to events and other perks, including limited access to their working spaces. For a slightly higher investment, you can get the Hot Desk or Dedicated Desk for an even more satisfactory experience. Visit them at 9 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YD, and find out what suits you best.

FORA – FOR A new type of working life

fora Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

Fora workspace on 71 Central St, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 8AB really works hard to make you feel at home. There are artistically decorated meeting rooms and boardrooms for those who prefer a more private space, and the common lounge spaces and events will be of greater interest to the more outgoing and sociable among us. Up to 50 people can meet up in the professional event room – just enough for convivial, efficient networking between workers.

When you’re finished with the serious work, the wellness and fitness studio, the restaurant, and the private reading room are waiting for you. Take some rest and charge your batteries with FORA.

42 Acres

42-acres Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

Your good state of mind and body is a priority for the founder of 42 Acres, located on 66 Leonard St. Shoreditch, London EC2A 4LW. The neutral colors and the natural aspect of the rooms promote a feeling of peaceful energy. The environment is also an important aspect for the owners of this London coworking space. 42Acres gathers people who like to live in communion with nature and with their inner selves. If you think that you can be part of changing the fate of the earth then you’ll find inspiration in this place.

You should preserve your energy and health the same way you try to do with nature. So, 42 Acres gives you the opportunity to find your perfect space and ways to work efficiently, without any negative consequences. Whether you feel like laying down, kneeling or sitting, everything is acceptable here.


uncommon Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

Whether you choose to visit Uncommon workspace in Highbury, Islington, Borough, or Fulham, your experience will be a special one. Their spaces are drenched in “bespoke scents, tailored music playlists”, and the real feeling of nature.

Yoga classes, healthy snacks, natural juices, and the essential coffee are just some of the cool services you can enjoy at reasonable prices. If you want to spend some money, that’s no problem either. There are some irresistible perks on offer, such as showers, bike parking, private meeting rooms. Visit this address and start feeling good at work: 25 Horsell Road, London N5 1XL.


tech-hub Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

If you run a startup company, getting some help from the community around you is of paramount importance. Do you need new clientele or guidance with basic management operations? The TechHub can give you a reliable hand. The events, speakers, and talks are all designed to help young entrepreneurs and their first-stage startups.

All this happens not only at 1-15 Clere Street, London EC2A 4UY but is also available 24/7 online. There’s a close-knit virtual community around TechHub with sales managers, engineers, and founders who all share valuable advice for newcomers.

Mortimer House– Amazing London coworking space in Swan Court, Mortimer Street, Fitzrovia

mortimer-house Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

After a well-deserved refurbishment, the beautiful Mortimer House is now an alluring London working space. The place is a hospitable and cozy coworking space with marble mosaics, high ceilings, and amazing architecture.

The basic services they offer are access to lounge spaces and private meeting rooms. Additionally, you can go to in-house yoga or fitness classes and the meditation room is a very beloved corner of the building for the most stressful times.

Central Working

central-working Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

To learn from the best, you need to be around them constantly. The Central Working London coworking space offers this generously. Many global businesses have their main offices around 2 Kingdom Street, London W2 6BD, where Central Working is located.

The sense of community is their major priority. You can start building this during their private events, in a 50-person capacity auditorium. However, Central Working gives you several methods to exhibit and secure businesses outside their main unity.


green-house Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

Minimize your expenses at Greenhouse, located on Markfield Road, London N15 4QF. This London coworking space gives you the right atmosphere, companionship, and price. If you’re not sure at first you can have a free one-day trial.

The payment plan includes general access to meeting rooms, lockers, and events, with either a permanent or shared desk. Your leisure time is not neglected either, with discount cards for yoga classes.

The AllBright

all-bright Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

The owners of AllBright know that an all-female community can be very inspiring, so they founded a coworking office at 11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR. It helps you escape from the traditional atmosphere of the corporate office. It’s time to enjoy the comfort of velvet sofas and beautifully painted walls. Spend some valuable time in their fitness studio or beauty room, along with the hours you dedicate to the events and meetings in the house.

Campus London 

Campus-London Pick the best London coworking space for you (Top-notch list)

Campus London is the leader in unconventional working techniques among coworking societies. Run by Google, it proves that diverse work environments can be successful. Campus London is about energy and a good state of mind, inspiring open spaces, and flexible working hours.

The main advantage of being part of a Google Community is your access to the company’s many and varied resources. You can even become a member of the Campus Residency program, which means more support from Google related entities. You can learn and experience contemporary entrepreneurship from programs such as Campus Mentoring, Campus Meetups, and Campus Startup School. Success may be closer than you think. Check it out at 4-5 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4BX.

FAQs about London coworking spaces

1. What are the best coworking spaces in London?

There are numerous excellent coworking spaces in London, but WeWork, Huckletree, and The Office Group come highly recommended.

It’s vital to investigate and check out a few possibilities to discover the one that best suits your needs because each of these venues has a different collection of amenities and features.

2. What are the average prices for coworking spaces in London?

Depending on the location, features, and degree of access offered, the price of coworking spaces in London might vary significantly. Yet, on average, a desk in a city coworking space will cost you between £200 and £500 a month.

3. Are coworking spaces in London pet-friendly?

Indeed, there are some pet-friendly coworking spaces in London, but it’s vital to double-check with each one before bringing your pet along.

Pets may be allowed at some places for a modest cost or additional deposit, while others may have special rules or requirements.

4. What amenities are typically included in London coworking spaces?

High-speed internet, printing and scanning facilities, private phone booths, common kitchens, and dining areas are among the conveniences that the majority of coworking spaces in London provide. Access to conference rooms, event venues, and even fitness centers may be available in some locations.

5. Can I rent a meeting room at a London coworking space?

Absolutely, a lot of coworking spaces in London let both members and non-members hire out meeting rooms. These spaces are a fantastic alternative for small enterprises and startups in need of adaptable meeting space because they frequently come with presentation tools and can be booked by the hour or by the day.

6. How flexible are London coworking spaces when it comes to rental terms?

Numerous coworking spaces in London have variable rental agreements, from month-to-month leases to longer-term contracts.

For those who require more flexible arrangements, certain venues may additionally provide access to hot desk choices or discounts for longer renting commitments.

7. Are there any London coworking spaces that cater specifically to certain industries or professions?

Sure, there are a number of coworking spaces in London that serve particular niches in the economy or professions, like tech companies, artists, and businesspeople.

These areas frequently offer specialized amenities and networking possibilities, making them a wonderful option for those trying to meet others who share their interests.

8. What are the benefits of joining a London coworking space compared to renting a traditional office?

There are several advantages to joining a coworking space in London, such as having access to a friendly professional environment, flexible renting periods, and a variety of facilities and services. Coworking spaces are a fantastic choice for small businesses and startups aiming to grow and expand since they offer chances for networking and cooperation.

9. Do London coworking spaces offer 24/7 access to members?

Many coworking spaces in London provide members with 24/7 access, enabling them to set their own schedules and increase productivity. Before committing, it’s vital to confirm with the specific venue that their access regulations meet your requirements.

10. How do I choose the right coworking space for my business needs in London?

Location, affordability, amenities, and community are all crucial elements to take into account when selecting a coworking space in London. To locate the ideal fit for your company’s needs, take the time to tour a few different locations and enquire about their offers and policies.

Ending thoughts on picking the London coworking space for you

One of these 16 London working spaces will surely meet all your needs and expectations. Choose what’s best for you and make it the home of your startup. This will set you on the right path for growing your business. The community around you will guide you through the most important steps of becoming successful, whether it’s building a website, developing an app, or selling your products. When you receive ideas and help from the right specialists around you all of these projects can become easier. This is why a close-knit and professional coworking society is of paramount importance.

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