Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Picture this: You’re lounging comfortably on your couch, and with just a few taps on your phone, a personal shopper is navigating the grocery aisles for you. The era of standing in checkout lines is fading; apps like Shipt are reshaping the grocery game. Quick, convenient, and on your schedule — this digital revolution is where clicking meets carting.

In a world where time is gold, we dive into the bustling marketplace of online grocery delivery services.

Think beyond Shipt; consider a horizon brimming with alternatives offering same-day delivery and those user-friendly interfaces you love.

This write-up isn’t just a rundown; it’s your gateway to mastering the art of online shopping efficiency.

We’re peeling back the digital curtain to reveal a smorgasbord of services — from fresh produce delivery to the local delivery options stirring up the industry.

By the end, you’ll be equipped not just with a list, but with the savvy to choose the service tailored to your needs. Let the e-commerce magic begin.

Apps Like Shipt

Apps Like ShiptDelivery TypesMembership RequiredProduct RangeDistinctive Features
WalmartGroceries, general itemsNoWide, including non-grocery itemsMany physical pickup locations
InstacartGroceries, household itemsNoBroad selection of storesReal-time shopper communication
FreshDirectFresh groceries, alcoholNoFocus on fresh and organic itemsFarm to table options
Stop & ShopGroceriesNoGeneral supermarket selectionPeapod delivery service integration
Amazon FreshGroceries, Amazon productsPrime subscriptionBroad, including Amazon itemsFree for Prime members
DoorDashRestaurant food, groceriesNoEateries and some storesWide restaurant selection
Uber EatsRestaurant food, groceriesNoEateries and some storesCombined ridesharing app
GopuffSnacks, groceries, alcoholNoSnacks, small grocery selectionFast delivery times
GrubhubRestaurant foodNoWide restaurant selectionUser-friendly interface
BoxedBulk items, groceriesNoBulk groceries and household itemsNo membership fees for bulk
Misfits MarketOrganic produce, groceriesNoOrganic and sustainably sourcedFocus on reducing food waste
Imperfect FoodsGroceries, organic produceNoOrganic, sustainable selectionFocus on reducing food waste
Spark Driver AppGroceriesNoWalmart’s selectionWalmart’s delivery network
ASAPFood, alcoholNoRestaurant and food storesRebranding of Waitr
GopuffConvenience items, snacksNoSnacks, drinks, essentialsOften has flat delivery rates
DumplingPersonal shopping serviceNoYou choose the storesPersonal shopper picks items
TaskRabbitVaried servicesNoDepends on TaskerBroad range of personal services
GetirGroceries, essentialsNoGroceries and essentialsPromises ultrafast delivery


Walmart Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Walmart’s giving everyone a run for their money, quite literally. The retail giant’s online arm hits you with every possible thing you need, from pantry staples to electronics, with an unbeatable range of goods. Rollback deals? You bet. Convenience? It’s the name of the game—with the added benefit of free in-store pickups or home deliveries.

Best Features:

  • Vast selection of products
  • Rollback specials and discounts
  • In-store pickup and delivery options

What we like about it: The sheer convenience and the scope of shopping options are unmatched. Having access to Walmart’s massive inventory from anywhere feels like the ultimate power move.


Instacart Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Think personal shopper but make it digital—that’s Instacart. These folks partner up with various supermarkets around you, handpick your groceries, and do doorstep delivery. Special requests for that perfectly ripe avocado? Done. Crowd favorites include their prompt delivery service and real-time updates.

Best Features:

  • Personal shopper experience
  • Real-time chat with your shopper
  • Wide range of partnered stores

What we like about it: Instacart’s personal touch is the cherry on top. Shopping online but feeling like someone’s there, making sure you get the best—pretty sweet, right?


FreshDirect Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Direct to you, like the freshest catch of the day—that’s FreshDirect in a nutshell. They take pride in delivering premium quality foods—and yes, we’re talking farm-to-table fresh ones. It’s heaven for those who take their food seriously and don’t mind paying a tad more for that top-shelf freshness.

Best Features:

  • Farm-to-table fresh food
  • Alcohol delivery
  • Eco-friendly packaging

What we like about it: The freshness hits different, truly. There’s that organic, high-quality vibe that FreshDirect masters like no other.

Stop & Shop

stop-shop-app Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Your neighborhood Stop & Shop isn’t just a corner store—it’s a food-filled treasure trove with home delivery that draws you in with weekly deals. It’s all about variety and those cheeky savings. They’ve teamed up with Peapod for deliveries, so if that’s your usual go-to, you’re set.

Best Features:

  • Weekly deals
  • Assorted product range
  • Partnership with Peapod for delivery

What we like about it: It’s the familiarity combined with convenience. It’s like your local store came home to you.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon-Fresh Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Cross Amazon with your grocery list, and boom—Amazon Fresh arrives. As long as you’re chillin’ with a Prime membership, you unlock a trove of tidbits with free delivery perks. Plus, you can toss in that extra non-grocery item, ’cause why not?

Best Features:

  • Free for Prime members
  • Combines grocery with Amazon’s offerings
  • Swift and reliable delivery

What we like about it: The Prime integration is smooth as butter. Who knew your streaming service could also be your meticulous grocer?


DoorDash Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Tummy’s grumbling and no time to cook? DoorDash swoops in with that snappy food delivery from your fave eatery. High-fives for its newbie-friendly interface that hooks you up with local bites. Their expedition into grocery territory is just as slick.

Best Features:

  • Vast selection of restaurants
  • Easy-to-use app interface
  • Expanding into grocery delivery

What we like about it: The foodie selection is lit. I mean, DoorDash just gets the city’s culinary map at your fingertips.

Uber Eats

Uber-Eats Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Ride-hailing champion Uber pivoted, dished out Uber Eats—and it’s a hit. From comfort food to high-end eats, they deliver with the same easy vibe as catching a cab. The app’s a breeze to maneuver, and yes, your sushi will arrive still looking like art.

Best Features:

  • Slick app experience
  • Accessible customer service
  • Wide range of food choices

What we like about it: Uber Eats makes food delivery a no-brainer. It’s all about getting your feast fast and with no drama.


GoPuff Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Snacks and chill is Gopuff’s game plan. Think convenience store but in the cloud. Middle-of-the-night munchies or sudden cravings, they’ve got your back with a bewildering spread of quick bites and drinks.

Best Features:

  • Late-night delivery
  • Snacks, drinks, and essentials
  • Flat delivery fees

What we like about it: Any time is snack time. Gopuff knows this and delivers your snack haul to you right when you need it.


GrubHub Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Grubhub is the old-school cool kid, rocking the food delivery scene way before it was everywhere. They’ve got your back with an encyclopedia of local eateries ready to feed your hunger pangs.

Best Features:

  • Recognizable brand
  • Seamless app and website
  • Diverse restaurant partnerships

What we like about it: The vast array of local spots Grubhub brings to the table. It’s like the city’s culinary encyclopedia, at your service.


Boxed Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Get Boxed, get bulk. Wave goodbye to lugging giant packs of toilet roll; Boxed drops them at your front step. They’ve cracked the code on wholesale buying minus the need for a warehouse club membership. Convenience matched with big savings is Boxed’s bragging right.

Best Features:

  • Bulk buying without membership fees
  • Savings on large items
  • Smooth online shopping experience

What we like about it: Bulk shopping without the hassle? Sign me up. Boxed makes jumbo-sized shopping trips a thing of the past.

Misfits Market

Misfits-Market Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Misfits Market brings a quirky twist to grocery delivery. With a passion for reducing food waste, they rescue imperfect yet perfectly edible goods and bring them to you at a sweet discount. Your inner eco-warrior will do a little dance with every order.

Best Features:

  • Organic and sustainable produce
  • Reduced food waste
  • Discounted grocery items

What we like about it: Saving the planet, one misshapen veggie at a time, is just downright awesome. Misfits Market’s got the right heart and the right price.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect-Foods Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt


Imperfect Foods swings in with a heartwarming mission to cut down food waste. Say hello to oddly shaped carrots and speckled apples—delivered to your door in an eco-friendly box. Your heart and tummy will be happy.

Best Features:

  • Eco-friendly business model
  • Weekly customizable boxes
  • Focus on reducing food waste

What we like about it: Their heroic stance against food waste feels like a crusade we’re all signing up for. Plus, every box feels like unwrapping a mystery gift.

Spark Driver App

Spark-Driver-App Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Spark it up with Walmart’s Spark Driver—a fresh route to get Walmart goodies delivered. It’s leveraging the might of Walmart’s expanse with personalized delivery. Kudos for the move that’s keeping delivery drivers busy and consumers stocked.

Best Features:

  • Backed by Walmart’s extensive network
  • Growing delivery workforce
  • Streamlined process to match drivers and orders

What we like about it: It’s like Walmart’s delivery muscle just flexed a bit harder. Spark Driver’s smoothing out the delivery bumps.


ASAP Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Quickly snatching a new name badge, ASAP, formerly known as Waitr, is flipping the script on food delivery. A nifty choice for places where the big guys haven’t yet tread. Find some unique hometown eateries in the mix too.

Best Features:

  • Hometown favorite eateries
  • Simple ordering process
  • Expanding reach beyond big cities

What we like about it: It’s a breath of fresh air. ASAP’s keeping it real with local flavors that deserve the spotlight.


GoPuff Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Dancing to a beat of its own drum, Gopuff hits that sweet spot between convenience store and a wizard with a delivery wand. It’s not just snacks—they stock up on pretty much all your quick-grab needs. Delivery’s always on your clock.

Best Features:

  • Wide range of convenience items
  • Fast delivery
  • Alcohol and essentials included

What we like about it: Convenience on turbo. Need snacks at 3 AM? Gopuff doesn’t bat an eyelid; they get it to you.


Dumpling Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Dumpling does a neat twist to the delivery scene—their app lets you empower your own personal shoppers. They go where you want and shop from stores you pick. It’s personal power to the shopper, and choice galore for the buyer.

Best Features:

  • Choose your own personal shopper
  • Shop from any store
  • Flexibility in shopping choices

What we like about it: The ultra-personalized shopping spree is beyond cool. Dumpling lets you play director to your own grocery adventure.


TaskRabbit Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

Not just a delivery app, TaskRabbit is your handy helper for, well, just about anything. Need someone to queue, assemble furniture, or buy your groceries? Post a task, and voilà, help’s on the way. The definition of ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in app form.

Best Features:

  • Wide range of services
  • Background-checked ‘Taskers’
  • Straightforward pricing

What we like about it: It’s the app for when life throws you umpteen errands and zero time. TaskRabbit swoops in as the superhero we all wish we had.


Getir Convenient Shopping: Must-Try Apps Like Shipt

A click, a few minutes, and bingo—groceries at your doorstep. Getir’s cutting down waiting times and making last-minute runs a distant memory. An easy layout and rapid deliveries are the game-changers here.

Best Features:

  • Ultrafast delivery
  • Easy-to-use app interface
  • Coveted for last-minute essentials

What we like about it: Speed defines this service. Getir ensures you’re never caught off guard, whether it’s a snack attack or sudden guest arrivals.

FAQ On Apps Like Shipt

What sets Shipt apart from other grocery delivery apps?

Shipt’s got this membership model, right? You pay yearly, and that nabs you free delivery on orders over 35 bucks. It’s all cozy with Target too, so loads of exclusive deals. Plus, they prioritize building community through their shoppers, something like creating local shopping pals for you.

How quick can I get my groceries with apps like Shipt?

Plan for the same-day turnaround with most of these apps. An order in the morning can mean groceries on your porch by dinner—depends on how busy they are. Some even promise a precise delivery slot, so your ice cream won’t be soup by the time it hits your freezer.

Are there any no-subscription grocery delivery services?

Yep, you’ve got options. Apps like Instacart or Walmart Grocery let you pay per delivery instead. No strings attached. But hey, sometimes you score free delivery deals or reduced fees, especially if you’re all about those occasional grocery runs rather than the big, weekly supply drop.

Can I order from local stores with Shipt and its competitors?

Definitely. Most of these apps have rallied local businesses on their platforms. You aren’t just stuck with the big supermarket chains. It’s a sweet twofer—support local and get your essentials sorted without leaving the love seat.

What about fresh produce? Can I trust it’ll be good quality?

Trust is the game. Shipt shoppers and the like—they’re trained to pick your apples like they’re choosing for their own grandma. Not to forget mentioning, you can often leave notes for preferences or chat with your shopper in real-time for that extra reassurance.

Are these grocery apps easy to use for non-tech-savvy folks?

They keep it simple. Big buttons, clear categories—like online marketplaces for dummies, almost. If you can text, you can use these apps. Some even offer customer service to walk you through your virtual shopping trip if you’re feeling lost in the aisles.

What happens if something’s wrong with my order?

Here’s the deal: good customer service is their jam. Report the issue—be it bruised bananas or missing milk—and they’re generally on the ball with refunds or credits. It’s about keeping you coming back, after all.

What if I need to change my order last minute?

Most apps roll with punches and let you tweak orders before a set cut-off time. Whether it’s a hankering for extra snacks or you forgot the dog food, you’re covered. It’s all in the app, a couple of taps, and you’ve updated your list. Easy.

How do they handle substitutions for unavailable items?

You’re not left hanging if your fave chips are MIA. Shoppers can suggest swaps in real-time, or you can pre-select preferences. It’s like they’ve got a plan B (and C) ready for those just-in-case moments.

Are delivery apps like Shipt ethical and sustainable?

They’re onto it—paper bags, opting for local produce, and some even dabble in carbon offsets. It’s a mixed bag, with some greener than others, but the shift to eco-friendly is underway. You’re kind of voting with your wallet for more of the good stuff by choosing wisely.


So, you’ve cruised through the aisles of digital grocery shopping, cart loaded with the lowdown on apps like Shipt. The key takeaways? You’re spoiled for choice; from Instacart’s a la carte delivery fees to Amazon Fresh’s integration with Prime perks. Same-day delivery isn’t a distant dream but the standard hustle.

Online shopping’s evolved. It’s not just about stocking your fridge anymore—it’s about e-commerce platforms understanding the value of your time. With local delivery options highlighting the corner store produce, you’ll find every thread weaving through the fabric of personal convenience and community support.

Still, the ride doesn’t end once the last bag’s inside your door. Post-delivery service, the real-time solve for those unexpected hassles, keeps these platforms in a league of their own. After all, it’s the peace of mind that keeps our busy lives ticking—and that’s exactly what this new era of grocery delivery services promises.

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