Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Ever crave the magic of a stocked fridge without the grocery store saga? Enter the age of grocery delivery apps. They’re revolutionizing pantries and schedules across the city while you chill at home. We’re surfing that digital wave, riding beyond Instacart to undiscovered shores of convenience.

Here’s the lowdown: This piece unveils the bounty of apps like Instacart—your golden ticket to fresh finds at the tap of a button.

The promise? By the final punctuation, you’ll be clued-in on the top-tier e-grocery platforms and familiar with the same-day delivery game.

What’s in store?

  • A list of grocery delivery service champions, saving you from checkout lines.
  • Scoop on online supermarket perks, from eco-friendly packaging to discount deals on groceries.
  • Secure payment gateways dissected, ensuring peachy transactions.

Buckle up as we map out the landscape of food delivery apps that are changing the grocery run into a sprint you never knew you needed.

Best Apps like Instacart

Apps Like InstacartPrimary ServiceDelivery AreaMembership/SubscriptionKey Features
ShiptGrocery delivery and pick-upSelect U.S. citiesOptional (Shipt Everyday for free deliveries over $35)Same-day delivery
FreshDirectFresh food and grocery deliveryNew York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and DelawareNot requiredFarm-fresh, organic options
Amazon FreshGrocery delivery and pick-upAvailable in most major cities in the US and abroadRequires Amazon Prime membershipFast delivery, free for Prime members
Walmart+Grocery and goods deliveryAvailable in many US locationsOptional (Walmart+ membership for free deliveries and discounts)Same-day delivery
Thrive MarketOrganic and healthy groceriesContinental USMembership requiredWholesale prices for organic brands
PeapodOnline grocery delivery serviceEastern US citiesNot required, but has PodPass for discounted deliveriesOffers meal kits
DoorDashFood delivery from restaurantsWidely available in US and CanadaOptional (DashPass for lower service fees and free delivery on eligible orders)Also provides grocery delivery
CornershopGrocery and goods delivery serviceSelected areas in Canada, U.S., Brazil, and ChileNot requiredBilingual services (English and Spanish)
DumplingPersonal shopper service for various storesThroughout USDelivery fee and tip required, membership optional for reduced feesCustomizable shopping from various stores, including local businesses
Uber EatsFood delivery from restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery storesWidely available worldwideOptional (Eats Pass for discounts and free delivery)Wide range of cuisines and store options
PostmatesDelivery and pick-up from restaurants and storesMany major cities in U.S.Optional (Postmates Unlimited for free delivery on orders over $12)All-in-one platform for food, groceries, alcohol, etc.
GrubHubFood delivery from local restaurantsAvailable across the USOptional (Grubhub+ for free delivery on orders over $12)Wide selection of restaurants
7NOWConvenience store items deliverySelect U.S. citiesNot required24/7 delivery, under 30 minutes claims
DeliverooFood and groceries deliveryAvailable in the UK, Europe, and few othersNot required, subscription available for frequent usersLocal and branded restaurants, high-speed delivery


Shipt Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Ever have one of those days when you just can’t even think about hitting the store? Shipt’s got your back. Imagine chilling at home while someone else battles those grocery store aisles for you. It’s like having a shopping superhero!

Best Features:

  • Super fast delivery
  • Great variety of stores
  • Membership perks

What we like about it: The cherry on top? The same-day delivery promise. ‘Cause when you need ice cream, you need it like, now.


FreshDirect Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Talk about a game-changer. FreshDirect is like that reliable buddy who brings the freshest, top-notch groceries right to your doorstep. There’s more to life than wandering around the produce section trying to pick the crispest apples.

Best Features:

  • High-quality produce
  • Local sourcing
  • Convenient delivery slots

What we like about it: The glowing reviews about their fresh-from-the-farm fruits and veggies just make you want to eat healthier.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon-Fresh Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

With Amazon Fresh, it’s like you’re living in the future where groceries just magically appear at your door. Being part of the Amazon family means you’re getting the whole package – quick, simple, and efficient.

Best Features:

  • No extra delivery charge for Prime members
  • Speedy delivery options
  • Alexa shopping integration

What we like about it: That seamless integration with your Prime account makes you wonder what dark sorcery this is. Who knew shopping could be this snappy?


Walmart Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

So, you’re a fan of Walmart’s low prices but not the long lines? Enter Walmart+, the VIP ticket to skipping the in-store circus and getting your groceries delivered from your fave retail giant.

Best Features:

  • Wallet-friendly prices
  • Wide assortment of products
  • Exclusive member prices on fuel

What we like about it: Members are saving at the pump, and that’s pretty rad in today’s world. A little gas savings goes a long way.

Factor 75

f75 Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

With Factor 75 convenient meal kits, customers get the time-saving benefits of pre-prepared food delivered to their door, with the added bonus of each recipe being seriously healthy and wholesome.

Best Features:

  • Fresh ingredients used, rather than frozen
  • Menus designed by diet experts to cater to different requirements
  • Excellent variety available, providing plentiful choice

What we like about it: Unlike other meal kit services, you don’t have to do any prep work yourself, so Factor 75 is ideal for those quick evening meals after a busy day of work when you don’t have the time or energy to cook.

Thrive Market

Thrive-Market Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

For you health gurus and earth lovers, Thrive Market feels like that secret club where everything’s organic, non-GMO, and eco-friendly. No more hunting for the clean eats – it’s all here.

Best Features:

  • Tailored for dietary needs (keto, paleo, etc.)
  • Eco-conscious shipping
  • Membership gives back

What we like about it: Their one-for-one membership match for low-income families is legit heartwarming. Good vibes all around.


Peapod Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Peapod rolls up like that dependable neighborhood friend who always has the pantry essentials you somehow forgot. It’s got the full supermarket experience without the in-store muzak.

Best Features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Virtual aisles stocked with familiar brands
  • Scheduled deliveries up to two weeks in advance

What we like about it: Their meal kits are a total lifesaver on those manic Mondays when cooking feels like climbing Everest.


DoorDash Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Not just for your burger cravings anymore – DoorDash Grocery comes through with milk, eggs, and all the bits and pieces you need, stat. Fast food got a whole new meaning.

Best Features:

  • DashPass for lower service fees
  • One-stop app for meals and groceries
  • Real-time tracking

What we like about it: It’s not just the lightning-fast drop-offs. It’s that you can tack on some fries to your grocery order, ’cause why not?


Cornershop Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Cornershop pops up as that nifty new app that’s all about personal touch. It’s cornering the market with a tailored shopping experience, bringing the local shop vibes straight to your door.

Best Features:

  • Personal shoppers select the best items
  • Connect with shoppers in real-time
  • Multilingual support

What we like about it: The chat feature with your shopper is off the charts cool. Want six bananas exactly? Just say the word.


Dumpling Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Dumpling swings in like the underdog with its unique twist. It empowers personal shoppers to run their own gig, so each trip to the store is like sending out your personal grocery concierge.

Best Features:

  • Support local businesses and personal shoppers
  • Customizable shopping from various stores
  • Transparent pricing

What we like about it: Their business model is straight-up woke. It’s not just about getting your eats. You’re backing up small-time entrepreneurs, too.

Uber Eats

Uber-Eats Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Uber Eats isn’t just riding the meal delivery wave – they’ve got the grocery game sorted, too. It’s the kind of multitasking that would make your mom proud.

Best Features:

  • Combines meal and grocery orders
  • Extensive delivery network
  • Easy-to-use app

What we like about it: The slick mix of restaurant eats and supermarket treats means you’re just taps away from a full fridge or a hot pizza.


Postmates-by-Uber Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Postmates is that jack-of-all-trades app that fetches everything from dim sum to dish soap. They’re not just delivering the goods; they’re delivering the whole shebang.

Best Features:

  • Wide variety of goods beyond groceries
  • No minimum order size
  • Anytime delivery

What we like about it: Their no-minimum-order thing is a game-changer. Want just a pint of ice cream at midnight? No judgment here.


GrubHub Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

GrubHub’s been around the block, bringing the goods from your fave restaurants. But hey, they’re dabbling in groceries too, so now you can get those spaghetti essentials with your spaghetti.

Best Features:

  • Vast selection of local and national restaurants
  • Regular deals and specials
  • Easy ordering process

What we like about it: Their specials and deals are like finding an extra fry at the bottom of the bag. Score!


7NOW Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

7NOW drops the convenience of 7-Eleven straight into your living room. It’s for when you need a Slurpee, some snacks, and maybe some eggs, ’cause hey, breakfast for dinner sounds good.

Best Features:

  • Super quick convenience store delivery
  • Wide range of snack options
  • Essential household items available

What we like about it: It’s the MVP for snack attacks and last-minute party saves. They’ve got your midnight munchies covered.


Deliveroo Groceries at Your Doorstep: 15 Apps Like Instacart

Across the pond or wherever it roams, Deliveroo slings out more than just pub grub. The grocery side of things is spot on, bringing the market to you minus the wellies.

Best Features:

  • International cuisine options
  • Local supermarket partnerships
  • Eco-friendly delivery options

What we like about it: You’ve got to hand it to them for teaming up with locals and keeping it green while they’re at it. Good stuff all around.

FAQ On Apps Like Instacart

How do grocery delivery apps work?

They’re kinda like your digital shopping cart—choose your items, set a delivery time, and voila, your groceries are at your door. Behind the scenes, a personal shopper fills your order at the store and drives it over, while the app keeps you in the loop.

Can I get same-day delivery from these apps?

Absolutely. Many of these apps pride themselves on speed. Same-day delivery? You bet. Some even promise groceries in as little as an hour. Because let’s face it, when you’re out of coffee, tomorrow is a world away.

Are these online supermarket services more expensive?

They can be. There’s usually a delivery fee, and sometimes the prices of goods are marked up. But hey, it’s trading dollars for convenience. And isn’t some extra time worth the splurge on occasion?

Do grocery delivery apps offer organic options?

Organic lovers, rejoice! Most e-grocery platforms are chock-full of organic goods. Full aisles in digital form. From leafy greens to locally-sourced honey, it’s all at your fingertips.

Can I pick up my groceries instead of getting them delivered?

For sure. Many apps offer a curbside pickup option. You drive up, and they load your groceries into the trunk. Easy peasy. It’s like being VIP at the club, but with produce and bread.

What if an item I want is out of stock?

No panic. Apps typically give options. You can choose a substitution or just skip it. Most personal shopper folks have an eye for good swaps—they’ve got your back.

Are grocery delivery apps good for the environment?

Depends on who you ask. On one hand, less driving for you. On the other, more for them. But some apps are getting hip to eco-friendly packaging and optimizing routes. It’s getting greener, folks.

Do I need to tip the grocery delivery person?

Not a must, but always appreciated. A tip is a high-five for their hustle. Plus, if it’s contactless delivery, that’s service with an extra sprinkle of safety. Be generous when you can.

How do these services handle special dietary needs?

Want gluten-free? No dairy? No problem. Just filter your search. It’s pretty slick. They’ve even got pre-selected lists for many special dietary options. It’s like having a nutritionist in your pocket.

What payment methods do grocery delivery apps accept?

Most take all the usual players—credit, debit, sometimes even PayPal. And they’re usually running on secure payment gateways. No shady business here, just smooth transactions and stocked shelves.


Navigating the digital aisles with apps like Instacart feels a bit like wielding a superpower, doesn’t it? You swipe, tap, and there it is—grocery shopping, conquered. We’ve zigzagged through e-grocery platforms, sussed out same-day delivery, and even chatted up the perks, all to unveil a golden carousel of convenience at your fingertips.

  • Stocked shelves with virtual reality ease.
  • A dance with digital grocery shopping that never steps on your toes.
  • Local produce, exotic finds, and mindful service; all nestled snug in your smartphone.

In this trek through tech’s savviest supermarkets, we’ve found that, yes, life can be crafted with a bit more ease, a tad more convenience, and a whole lot of fresh pineapples. Here’s to choosing the grocery delivery service that’s right for you—may your carts be full and your pantry, a treasure trove of timely tidbits.

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