Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Imagine an evening after a long day, your go-to unwind ritual is ready to kick in. You’ve got your comfy spot on the couch, snacks within reach, and the remote in hand. But then it hits you — you’ve pretty much streamed everything on Netflix that sparked your interest.

What now?

If this scene resonates with you, stick around. We’re diving into a world beyond the red N icon; exploring the expansive universe of apps like Netflix that offer their unique spin on entertainment.

This isn’t just about adding a few more icons to your screen. It’s about unlocking a treasure trove of tailored viewing experiences. From critically-acclaimed series to niche documentaries, or quirky independent films, your next streaming obsession could just be a tap away.

By the close of our virtual excursion, you’ll have a fresh list of platforms at your disposal, insights on their standout features, and perhaps a newfound perspective on digital storytelling. Dive in to discover, compare, and ultimately expand your streaming horizons — no aimless browsing required.

Apps Like Netflix

Apps Like NetflixContent VarietyOriginalsFree/PaidSpecial Features
Amazon Prime VideoExtensive, includes Amazon OriginalsYesSubscription-basedFree shipping, Amazon Music
HBO MaxHigh-quality TV series, moviesYesSubscription-basedIncludes HBO, Warner Bros content
HuluWide range, timely TV showsYesSubscription-based, ad-supported optionsBundles available with Disney+ and ESPN+
CrackleGood selection, older moviesSomeFree, ad-supported
Paramount PlusCBS shows, Paramount filmsYesSubscription-basedAccess to live TV and CBS network
Disney PlusFamily-friendly, Disney franchisesYesSubscription-basedLarge Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars catalog
Acorn TVBritish, international showsSomeSubscription-basedSpecializes in British and international television
The Criterion ChannelClassic, arthouse filmsNoSubscription-basedCurated collections, director spotlights
VuduLatest releases for rent/purchaseNoFree, pay-per-contentVast selection of movies and TV for purchase
Pluto TVVaried, mimics live TV experienceNoFree, ad-supportedFree live TV channels and on-demand
FilmRiseIndependent, classic filmsNoFree, ad-supported
XumoVaried, live and on-demandNoFree, ad-supportedNews and sports channels
StremioAggregates from different sourcesDepends on sourceFree, content variesContent aggregation from multiple services
Tubi TVLarge library, includes older filmsSomeFree, ad-supportedFamily and kids’ content available
Disney+ HotstarBollywood, live sportsYesSubscription-basedIndian content mixed with Disney+ originals
NoFaselUnknown, potentially variedUnknownPossibly free, ad-supported
BBC iPlayerUK-produced shows, BBC libraryYesFree with TV license (UK only)Live TV, catch-up service
ZattooLive TV, European focusNoFree and premium tiersMulti-device streaming of European channels

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon-Prime-Watch-Party Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Amazon Prime Video is a powerhouse when it comes to streaming selections. It’s got you covered from A-Z, with a huge library of movies, TV shows, and not to forget, Amazon Originals that often grant it a winning edge. Prime Video packs a couple more punches with its prime membership, giving you that sweet Amazon Music access and free shipping for your online shopping binges.

Best Features

  • Massive content library
  • Top-tier Amazon Originals
  • Prime benefits including Amazon Music and free shipping

What we like about it: The biggest sell here is that Amazon Prime Video isn’t just about streaming; it includes those tempting Prime benefits that turn a movie night into a full-blown Prime day feeling.


HBO-Max Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

HBO Max is like that chef who always knows what you’re craving before you do. It serves up a delectable mix of content from HBO, Warner Bros, and more. You’re looking at all the HBO hits plus a buffet of classic movies, Max Originals, and even some anime to switch up your palate.

Best Features

  • HBO original series
  • Warner Bros. movie library
  • Diverse range including anime

What we like about it: It’s the home of prestige TV — HBO Max original series and documentaries have that gourmet touch, leaving you wanting more after every episode.


Hulu Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Hulu’s the laid-back buddy who’s always got the latest on TV shows. It’s there for you with next-day airings, originals that cut deep, and a nicely stuffed library of movies. Plus, they give you the option to leave those ads behind with different subscription tiers. For an extra treat, bundle up with Disney+ and ESPN+ to round out your entertainment world.

Best Features

  • Next-day TV show airings
  • Affordable plans with or without ads
  • Bundle deals available

What we like about it: Binging the latest TV shows feels almost live with Hulu — there’s no massive spoilers gap between airing and streaming.


Crackle Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Crackle walks in with that no-strings-attached cool factor. It’s your free ticket to a mix of throwback series and movies plus a sprinkle of originals. You’ve got adverts, sure, but your wallet stays shut, and your entertainment needs met.

Best Features

  • Completely free
  • Classic movies and shows
  • Original content

What we like about it: You can’t beat the price tag of Crackle — zero, zilch, nada. It’s the chill choice for casual viewing without the commitment.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Paramount Plus brings the backdrop of Paramount’s mountains to your screen. Flipping through this catalog, you’re met with CBS shows, Paramount movies, and a pinch of originals plus that sweet, sweet access to live sports.

Best Features

  • Expansive CBS content
  • Paramount films
  • Live sports and news

What we like about it: The bonus with Paramount Plus? Their live sports lineup, ensuring you’re always in the game and never missing that key play.

Disney Plus

Disney Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Disney Plus is where you let your inner child grab the remote, eyes shining with all things Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. It’s nostalgia and newness wrapped up in family-friendly packaging, with new originals that hook you as much as the classics.

Best Features

  • Exclusive Disney and partner brands’ content
  • Family-friendly with robust parental controls
  • Regular addition of new originals

What we like about it: The magic – Disney Plus packs all the whimsy and wonder of Disney’s cinematic universe, making it a universal hit.

Acorn TV

Acorn-TV Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

For those who fancy a bit of British charm or international flair, Acorn TV curates a collection that’s like a global theatre troupe right at your fingertips. It’s full of mysteries, dramas, and comedies straight from across the pond and beyond.

Best Features

  • Specializes in British content
  • International selection
  • Exclusive originals and classics

What we like about it: Acorn TV’s unique draw is its cozy British library — it’s like a warm cuppa tea for your eyes.

The Criterion Channel

The-Criterion-Channel Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

The Criterion Channel stands out like that exclusive club for cinephiles. It’s a repository of critically acclaimed films, cult classics, and indies that boast cinematic craftsmanship. This is where film art is celebrated and dissected, offering a scholarly dive into movie history.

Best Features

  • Curated classic and contemporary films
  • Exclusive film collections
  • Special features and filmmaker spotlights

What we like about it: The film curation — Criterion Channel doesn’t just stream movies; it offers a masterclass in film appreciation.


Vudu Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Vudu strolls in with the latest blockbusters and time-tested classics for rent or purchase. You can catch movies still fresh from the theater marquees or buy titles to own forever. It’s your one-stop digital shelf for keeping all your movie purchases in a tidy, stream-anytime package.

Best Features

  • Early access to new releases
  • Large rental or purchase catalog
  • No subscription required

What we like about it: Its à la carte approach to content — Vudu provides the freedom to pay for what you watch, no more, no less.

Pluto TV

Pluto-TV Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Pluto TV is your nostalgia-packed channel-surfing buddy. It’s a free, ad-supported service that offers a traditional TV layout with an impressive lineup of live and on-demand content, mimicking the cable experience minus the cost.

Best Features

  • Free live and on-demand channels
  • Easy access with no account required
  • Diverse channel lineup

What we like about it: The classic TV feel — Pluto TV cozies up with a familiar, no-cost channel-surfing vibe for the anti-subscription crew.


FilmRise Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

FilmRise feels like that indie cinema on the corner, where the promise of discovering hidden treasures never ends. Offering a range of movies and TV shows, particularly strong on indie films, this free, ad-supported app has got something for the explorer in you.

Best Features

  • Major focus on indie films
  • Completely free
  • Constantly updated library

What we like about it: The indie spirit — FilmRise champions the underdog films and series that deserve a watch (or a few).


Xumo Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Xumo drops the gate on that live streaming gallop where the next channel is just a click away, free of charge. Well-suited for news junkies and sports fans, along with those who can’t get enough of binge-worthy TV on a budget.

Best Features

  • Free live and on-demand streaming
  • Multiple genres, including news and sports
  • Streamable on various platforms

What we like about it: The non-commitment aspect — Xumo keeps it free and easy to access, bringing back channel hopping without the cords.


Stremio Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Stremio is like your personal media organizer. Pulling from various sources, it keeps all your streaming needs sorted in one spot. It’s a hub that takes the “where was I watching that?” hassle out of your life.

Best Features

  • Aggregated content from multiple sources
  • Personal library to keep track
  • Cross-device syncing

What we like about it: The all-in-one spot convenience — Stremio serves as a one-stop-shop for content scattered across the internet.

Tubi TV

Tubi-TV Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Tubi TV steps up as the friendly neighborhood streamer that surprises you with its library size, all for the beautiful price of zero dollars. It’s home to an eclectic mix, with everything from reality TV to anime, all ready to stream without a signup headache.

Best Features

  • No-cost library with varied genres
  • Doesn’t require an account to watch
  • Regular additions to the catalog

What we like about it: The ease of access — Tubi TV makes jumping straight into streaming a breeze, dodging the usual signup dance.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Disney+ Hotstar takes the Disney Plus charm and spices it up with an Indian twist. It’s a go-to for Bollywood blockbusters, local series, and live sports events, not to mention that global Disney Plus catalog.

Best Features

  • Bollywood content alongside Disney+ offerings
  • Live sports streaming
  • Tailored for an Indian audience

What we like about it: The cultural blend — Disney+ Hotstar mixes the Magic Kingdom with local flavor for a perfectly seasoned entertainment experience.

BBC iPlayer

BBC-iPlayer Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

BBC iPlayer is like having a British broadcasting genie at your service, offering a platter of UK-produced shows, radio programs, and movies instants after they air. Note, though, it requires a UK TV license to legally enjoy its riches.

Best Features

  • Extensive BBC library
  • Live TV capabilities
  • Access to radio shows and movies

What we like about it: The instant catch-up service — BBC iPlayer keeps UK viewers right up to speed with their favorite shows pronto.


Zattoo Binge-Watch Favorites: Top Apps Like Netflix

Zattoo swings open the doors to a European TV landscape, granting access to a wealth of live channels from across the continent. Its multi-device approach lets you take your shows wherever you roam, with free and premium tiers to fit your budget and taste.

Best Features

  • Live European TV channels
  • No contract required
  • Watch on multiple devices

What we like about it: Its passport to Europe — Zattoo delivers live TV from the Old World without the jet lag, a true traveler’s treat.

FAQ On Apps Like Netflix

What are the best alternatives to Netflix?

Netflix is cool, but variety is the spice of life, right? Hulu delivers with its TV-heavy lineup, while Amazon Prime Video rocks for free shipping perks.

Looking for exclusives? Disney+ has the fandoms covered. HBO Max? Top-tier originals! Don’t sleep on Apple TV+ and Peacock for fresh, original content.

Are there any free streaming services like Netflix?

Totally. Tubi and Crackle step up with zero subscription fees. No frills, just chill and stream. Ad-supported, yeah, but they balance it with a solid range of movies and shows. Pluto TV mimics the cable experience, free! Dive into IMDb TV where hidden gems await, courtesy of ads.

How do streaming services compare in terms of content quality?

Oh, it’s a battlefield of pixels and sound. Most services, like Netflix, promise HD quality at the least. HBO Max and Disney+, they’re flexing with 4K for many titles.

It’s about bandwidth, though. Strong connection? Crisper streams. Original content’s production values? Generally high across the major platforms – Hollywood style, baby.

Can I share accounts with family or friends on streaming platforms?

Sure, sharings caring, right? Netflix lets you, depending, create multiple profiles. Amazon Prime? Got a thing called ‘household sharing.’ But hey, always check their policy first. None of these services want you breaking the rules or stretching accounts too thin. Terms of service – they’re a thing.

Which streaming services offer the best originals?

Originals? The game’s getting fierce. Netflix, the pioneer, keeps rolling them out. HBO Max follows, with that premium TV legacy. Apple TV+? They’ve snagged some high-profile wins lately. Disney+ pipes out franchise heavy-hitters. Quality’s in the eye of the beholder, of course, but they’re all swinging hard.

Do any streaming apps also offer live TV?

Absolutely, live TV hasn’t left the building. Hulu with Live TV packs a hefty punch. YouTube TV – it’s got that cable feel, without the cable. Sling TV? Mix-and-match heaven. They cost more than your standard service, but hey, it’s all your faves and news real-time.

What’s the difference between on-demand streaming and live streaming?

Simple stuff. On-demand? It’s your library of content — watch anytime. Netflix is king here. Live streaming? That’s your real-time broadcasts — think Sling TV or Hulu with Live TV. Like traditional TV, you’ve got a schedule. It’s mixtape vs. live radio, kinda.

Which streaming services are best for kids and family content?

Got a gaggle of young viewers? Look no further than Disney+ – cartoons, Star Wars, the works. Netflix stands tall with a sizeable kids’ section. Don’t discount Amazon Prime Video; good family stuff there. They’ve all got parental controls too, keep it kid-safe.

How often do streaming services update their library?

It’s like the ocean tide, new stuff rolls in and out. Monthly, you’re seeing fresh titles across the board. Services like Netflix and Hulu — they like keeping you on your toes. New originals, season drops, that’s the rhythm. Just keep your eyes peeled; the library’s always evolving.

Are there streaming service bundles that offer a discount?

Bargain hunter, huh? Disney+, they’ve got a sweet bundle with Hulu and ESPN+Amazon Prime flings in music and ebook perks. Some services, they might play hard to get solo, but bundle up, and you’ll score some savings. Worth a look if you’re into multiplexing your entertainment diet.


So, we’ve journeyed through the digital wilderness, scouted out territories beyond the red glow of Netflix. And what a trip, huh? Toggling between music documentaries on Apple TV+ and the fantasy realms in Disney+. Cracking up at sitcoms on Hulu or splurging on indie flicks through Amazon Prime Video. It’s a vast streaming scape out there.

Choose. Stream. Binge. Repeat. It’s the new mantra in our on-demand world. Platforms aplenty, each with its siren call, from live sports on ESPN+ to daring dramas on HBO Max.

But here’s the take, the heart of it all:

Each service paints its own corner of the streaming mosaic. Got your layout, your pigments of choice. The big picture? It’s yours to frame. So go on, let those watchlists overflow. Dip into genres you never dared before. The remote’s in your hand, after all. The endgame’s simple: revel in the choices, make them well, and let entertainment never grow old.

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