Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Picture this: You’re on a quest for a rare vintage watch—a gem that slipped away from your grasp on eBay. But that was only the beginning, wasn’t it?

The digital bazaar’s much wider than one might think; a universe where marketplace apps and online auction sites orbit around your every desire.

It’s more than just about the buy and sell hustle; it’s a space thrumming with the possibilities of peer-to-peer sales, a carousel of second-hand goods that keep the treasure hunt alive.

Diving into the depths of this article, you’ll uncrate the savvy alternatives to eBay, each with its own quirks and features—think user ratingspayment processing, and mobile shopping simplicity.

No stone’s left unturned, from the online bidding systems of brand entities like Etsy to the local classifieds powerhouse, Craigslist.

By the final punctuation, you’ll be equipped, an expert navigator of e-commerce applications, ready to chart your course to your next great find or sale. And hey, who knows what treasures you’ll uncover along the way?

Apps Like eBay

PlatformFocus/NicheFeesAudienceUnique Features
AliExpressVaried, InternationalVaries by sellerGlobalConsumer/wholesale, Free shipping on many items
CraigslistLocal classifiedsFree (some cities charge for certain categories)LocalCommunity-based, Wide variety of categories
Ruby LaneAntiques & CollectiblesNo listing fee; Service feeNiche collectorsStrict quality standards, Curated market
PoshmarkFashion & Accessories20% on sales over $15; $2.95 for sales under $15Fashion-focusedSocial sharing, Easy listing process
MercariGeneral marketplace10% flat selling feeDiverseMinimalist app, Simple shipping
ZibbetHandmade Art & CraftsPlans starting at $6/monthCreatorsMultiple sales channel integration
Facebook MarketplaceLocal buying & sellingFreeSocial media usersIntegrated with Facebook profiles
Liveauctioneers.comAuctions, AntiquesVaries by auction houseCollectorsLive online auctions, Diverse categories
Gumtree.comClassifieds, mostly UK/IrelandFree, optional paid featuresUK & IrelandLocal community emphasis, Wide service range
OpenSkyVaried retailNo upfront fee; Commission on salesShoppersFlash sales, Member rewards
Invaluable.comFine art, collectiblesBuyer’s premium; VariesCollectorsAuction house partnerships, Online bidding
The-saleroom.comEuropean auction housesBuyer’s premium; VariesEuropean audienceReal-time bidding, Access to auctioneer events
SeeBizB2B networking & wholesaleFreeBusinessesNetworking focused, Wholesale trade
BetterWorldBooksBooks, literacy drivenVariesBook enthusiastsSocial impact, Environmental focus
NeweggElectronics, techSubscription + feesTech enthusiastsTech-focused, Large selection of computer goods
Target.comGeneral retail, brandFreeGeneral ConsumerOwn brand products, RedCard rewards
Wish.comLow-cost varied goodsNegotiable with merchantsDiscount shoppersHigh discounts, Reward incentives
eWorldTradeInternational trade, B2BFree basic membership; Premium plansGlobal tradeTrade show access, Large B2B marketplace
WalmartGeneral retailNo fees to list; Commission on salesGeneral ConsumerReputable brand, Wide product range
AuctionZip.comAuctions, Various typesVaries by auctionAuction seekersAccess to live and timed auctions, Variety of items
eCraterOnline store builder & marketplaceFree, optional fee for premium placementSellers & BuyersMarketplace & web store builder combined
eBidGeneral marketplace3% final value fee or less with membershipBudget-consciousLower fees, Loyalty rewards
BonanzaVaried, Similar to eBay3.5% base fee + optional advertising feesSellersCustomizable booths, Optional advertising
ShopifyE-commerce platformMonthly plans starting at $29EntrepreneursComprehensive tools, Extensive app store
AmazonGeneral retail, massive reachSubscription + feesGlobalMassive audience, Fulfillment services
EtsyHandmade, vintage, craftsListing fee + transaction & payment processing feesArtisansCommunity of creators, Personalized store fronts
RakutenVaried, loyalty programFree to list; Commission on salesShoppersPoint rewards system, Global reach


AliExpress.com_ Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

AliExpress brings the global marketplace right to your fingertips. It’s a hotspot for finding pretty much anything—electronics, fashion—you name it, they’ve got it. And often at prices that will make you do a double-take.

Best Features

  • Wide selection of goods
  • International shipping
  • Buyer protection program

What we like about it:
It’s the abundance of deals that makes AliExpress a standout. Their Buyer Protection keeps things on the level, which is peace of mind when adventuring through such a vast, varied marketplace.


Craigslist Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Craigslist is basically the digital version of your local newspaper’s classifieds, amped up. It’s the king of local deals, whether you’re buying a couch, scoring a gig, or selling your bike.

Best Features

  • Localized search
  • Wide range of categories
  • Free listing

What we like about it:
Its local focus means transactions are usually in-person, quick, and without the hassle and cost of shipping. That direct community fe

eling? Hard to beat.

Ruby Lane

Ruby-Lane Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Ruby Lane is like time-traveling to a high-end antique store. Here, vintage beats contemporary, with a refined collection of art, jewelry, and furniture that tells stories.

Best Features

  • Curated antique collections
  • No listing fees
  • Quality-focused

What we like about it:
You get to walk through a dedicated marketplace of hand-picked, quality-checked treasures. It’s the go-to for collectors and anyone with a taste for the old-world charm.


Poshmark Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Poshmark is your runway for buying and selling designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. It’s thrifty, it’s chic, and it’s got a community vibe that turns closets into connections.

Best Features

  • Fashion-forward
  • Easy listing process
  • Social sharing capabilities

What we like about it:
The ease with which you can turn your wardrobe into a boutique – that’s genius. Poshmark makes it simple to stay stylish, sustainable, and social.


Mercari Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Mercari is all about simplicity. A modern marketplace that takes second-hand seriously. Electronics, toys, fashion—it’s a treasure trove where good finds are as easy as a few taps on your phone.

Best Features

  • User-friendly app
  • No meetups necessary
  • Instant pay feature

What we like about it:
The user interface wins the day, letting you buy or sell in a breeze. Plus, that “no meetups” policy spells safety and convenience.


Zibbet Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Zibbet champions the independent creators out there, providing a space for handmade goods, fine art, and vintage pieces. It’s your digital craft fair, bearing the mark of personal touch in every piece.

Best Features

  • Supports independent artists
  • Simple fee structure
  • Multiple sales channel integration

What we like about it:
Their commitment to the artist’s hustle is inspiring. It’s not just a marketplace—it’s a stage for the dedicated hands behind each craft.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook-Marketplace-1 Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Facebook Marketplace brings the convenience of shopping to where we’re already scrolling. Snag deals from nearby or list what you don’t need; it’s community commerce at your fingertips.

Best Features

  • Social media integration
  • Localized listings
  • Free to use

What we like about it:
The seamless blend with your social media world—stumbled upon that lamp while liking memes? That’s the sort of serendipity we’re here for.

Liveauctioneers.com_ Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

LiveAuctioneers transforms your screen into an auction house. With a gavel in the cloud, discover fine art, antiques, and collectibles ready for bidding, with the thrill of live competition.

Best Features

  • Live online auctions
  • Access to elite auction houses
  • Consumer-to-consumer sales

What we like about it:
That adrenalized buzz of live bidding wars—but in slippers and from your sofa? That’s an art and excitement fusion not to be missed.

Gumtree.com_ Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Gumtree thrives on local. It’s like your neighborhood’s noticeboard, but expanded to fit the screen. Whether you’re looking for a job, a car, or a tennis partner, it’s community at its core.

Best Features

  • Local classifieds emphasis
  • Broad service range
  • User ratings and feedback

What we like about it:It’s the immediacy—see a sofa, send a message, it’s in your living room by evening. Simple!


OpenSky Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

OpenSky is like the pop-up shop of the internet, where sales are events and the finds are always fresh. Think of it as sporadic splurges on goods you didn’t know you needed.

Best Features

  • Sales events
  • Reward incentives
  • Diverse product categories

What we like about it:
Their flash-sale frenzy keeps the thrills coming, presenting limited-time deals that make shopping feel like a festive surprise.

Invaluable.com_ Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Invaluable is the fine wine section of the auction world, where the rarest collectibles and antiques find their spotlight. Soak in the sophistication from wherever you are, and raise your virtual paddle.

Best Features

  • Exclusive collectibles
  • Reputable auction partners
  • Sophisticated user experience

What we like about it:
The high caliber of items available and the serious collectible crowd it attracts? Picture the hush of the auction room, now in HD pixels.

The-saleroom.com_ Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

The Saleroom connects you to European treasures, hosting live auctions where history and rarity take center stage. This platform is an antique road trip minus the mileage.

Best Features

  • Variety of European auction houses
  • Real-time bidding
  • Secure transactions

What we like about it:
The focus on European gems. It’s niche, and that’s precisely its charm—a curated continental journey at your desk.


SeeBiz Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

SeeBiz is online networking upped to a corporate level. Here, businesses mesh in a trade-focused sphere, a B2B connector that balances deals and handshakes, virtually speaking.

Best Features

  • Networking focused
  • Wholesale trade
  • B2B connections

What we like about it:
It’s the networking muscle it flexes, connecting wholesalers directly to retailers. That’s digital efficiency turned profitable.


Newegg-1 Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Newegg is the haven for tech enthusiasts—a curated marketplace shining the spotlight on the latest gadgets, computers, and gaming gear. It’s tech-talk without the fuss.

Best Features

  • Tech-focused
  • Detailed item descriptions
  • Customer reviews and ratings

What we like about it:
Details—they understand that specs matter. Their focus is precision, providing the ample information it takes to geek out properly over purchases.

Target Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters is the digital doorway to the Red Bullseye’s realm—where a vibrant mixture of electronics, home essentials, and clothing await, just a click away from hitting the bullseye.

Best Features

  • Wide product range
  • Exclusive brand products
  • RedCard rewards

What we like about it:
Continuity—you get the Target in-store experience, with the convenience of an online checkout. And who isn’t enticed by those exclusive RedCard perks?

Wish.com_ Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Wish is where bargain hunters gather for the ultimate deal quest. Delight in the diverseness of low-cost products, from gadgets to clothing. It’s global marketplace meets discount heaven.

Best Features

  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Reward incentives
  • Vast array of items

What we like about it:
Prices that often feel like a steal—that’s the main draw. Plus, the rewards keep shoppers on their toes and coming back for more.


eWorldTrade Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

eWorldTrade is a B2B heavyweight, navigating the international trade waters, offering a platform for businesses to expand their reach and nail down deals across borders.

Best Features

  • International B2B marketplace
  • Trade show access
  • Global reach

What we like about it:
The global reach—eWorldTrade is the bridge that takes your business across oceans, fostering connections that span continents. That’s world-class trade made easy.


Walmart Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Walmart brings its A-game to the digital domain, housing everything from groceries to gadgets. Trust in a brand that stands synonymous with variety and value.

Best Features

  • Reputable brand
  • Diverse selection
  • Competitive pricing

What we like about it:
Consistency, and security. Opt for the familiar—Walmart is about confidence in every transaction, every time.

AuctionZip.com_ Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

AuctionZip is your ticket to adrenaline-pumping auction action. Here, collectibles, estate sales, and unique finds keep the bids going and the excitement growing.

Best Features

  • Access to live and timed auctions
  • Varied items
  • Detailed auction listings

What we like about it:
The versatility of sales – from granny’s attic finds to modern bling, AuctionZip brings the diversity of a full-fledged auction house right to your screen.


eCrater Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

eCrater is the two-in-one marvel—a marketplace mingled with a web store builder. It’s a low-barrier entryway into the retail world for aspiring sellers looking to make their mark.

Best Features

  • Marketplace/web store builder combo
  • Seller customization
  • No listing fees

What we like about it:
Flexibility stands out—a free platform that lets sellers set up a personalized storefront while also taking advantage of the broader market.


eBid Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

eBid is the under-the-radar auction site that flies low, avoiding the high fees without skimping on features. It’s all about bringing buyers and sellers together minus the pocket pinch.

Best Features

  • Low fee structure
  • Loyalty rewards system
  • BuyNow and auction formats

What we like about it:
Value, straight up. With lower fees, sellers can price more competitively, and that’s a win-win in the e-marketplace playbook.


Bonanza Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Bonanza is all about hidden gems. Sellers find solace in the less crowded landscape, where unique items shine brighter, and the individual seller takes center stage.

Best Features

  • Seller-centric marketplace
  • Easy import features
  • Customizable booths

What we like about it:
It’s about being seller-friendly – think eBay’s spirit without the hustle and bustle, where sellers can add a touch of personality to their store.


Shop-Pay-by-Shopify Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Shopify empowers entrepreneurs to weave their own web of commerce. It’s not just building a store; it’s crafting an entire brand experience, detailed down to the last pixel.

Best Features

  • Comprehensive e-commerce tools
  • Extensive app store
  • Strong support community

What we like about it:
Autonomy mixed with potential—Shopify hands you the reins of creativity and backs it up with solid infrastructure. Your brand, your empire, remember?


Amazon Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Amazon is the titan of trade, where millions transact every day. Its an ecosystem where everything sells – from A to Z, nurturing both the merchant and the shopper.

Best Features

  • Massive audience reach
  • Streamlined fulfillment services
  • Extensive product categories

What we like about it:
Say what you will, but that audience size—it’s like setting up shop in the center of the busiest digital crossroads in the world. Visibility here is unmatched.


Etsy Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Etsy is the grassroots movement of the e-commerce world. It’s where the personal touches of handcrafted goods are celebrated, a community where creativity thrives, and sustainability is a shared norm.

Best Features

  • Niche market for handmade goods
  • Active community
  • Specialized buyer base

What we like about it:
The craftsmanship culture—it’s more than buying and selling; it’s about supporting the passion and the people behind the creations.


Rakuten Shop Smart: The Top Apps Like eBay for Bargain Hunters

Rakuten is your digital shopping mall, offering up everything from tech gizmos to pantry staples, alongside a hearty side of loyalty points that reward you for every purchase.

Best Features

  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Wide range of products
  • Global marketplace

What we like about it:
Those rewards points are a neat perk, aren’t they? They keep the savvy shopper returning, making every buy a little more sweet.

FAQ On Apps Like eBay

What are some noteworthy alternatives to eBay for online selling?

If you’re hunting for spots beyond eBay, consider this: Amazon Marketplace – the behemoth of variety, Etsy – where the crafty crowd flocks, or Poshmark for fashionistas.

Let’s not snooze on Mercari and OfferUp, flippin’ good for quick, local deals. Each platform flexes unique muscles, catering to niche buyers and sellers.

How do these eBay-like apps differ from the original?

They’ve each carved out their own vibe. Think of Craigslist as your neighborhood’s virtual bulletin board. Etsy’s the go-to for handmade and one-off treasures.

And sniff around Mercari – feels fresher, more mobile-friendly. They shake things up with different fee structures, audience focuses, and ways they make the search for that perfect buy or sell smooth.

Can I find better deals on apps similar to eBay?

“Better” is a slippery word but, yeah, sometimes the juiciest deals pop up elsewhere. Local classifieds like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace can waive the shipping fees, plus you get that instant gratification, right? For unique goods, OfferUp and Letgo might sweeten the pot with prices that say “let’s talk.”

Is selling on other marketplace apps safer than eBay?

Safety’s a dance, and every app’s got moves. Do a background check – Amazon’s got that heavyweight reputation, while eBay’s been playin’ the trust game long.

New kids like Poshmark, they’re upping their protection policies. You’ve still gotta watch your step, read the fine print, be street smart with user ratings, and use secure payment options.

How do the selling fees on alternative platforms compare to eBay’s?

Fees on eBay got you in a twist? Others might untangle that. Poshmark’s all about flat rates. Etsy skims a little off each sale, plus a listing fee. Mercari? They take a modest cut. Lay it all out, spreadsheet style – depends on what you’re selling and how hard you’re hustlin’.

What differences in audience reach can I expect on other apps?

Audience reach? Let’s break it down. Amazon’s like an international megaphone, right? Craigslist keeps it cozy, hometown style. Etsy’s your niche artisan crowd, while Poshmark pulls in the fashion-forward troops. Diversify where you list, ’cause you never know who’s scrolling where for what you got.

How user-friendly are the alternatives to eBay?

Ease of use is key. eBay set the bar, but others are limbering up. Etsy’s got simplicity down, crafting a sell-in-your-sleep feel. OfferUp’s all slick, smartphone-style. Keep an eye on UI/UX – gotta feel right, gotta make the sell process as smooth as butter.

Social media’s the new handshake, right? Most apps are catching on. Poshmark and Mercari, they’re game for social shares. Now Etsy, they keep it old school, focused on listings. Visibility’s the name of the game, and a social twist can turn a side hustle into center stage.

How do these apps handle shipping and delivery options?

Shipping, the make-or-break moment. eBay’s got it down, but others are stepping up. Poshmark kinda bundles it – price it right, and it’s covered. Mercari and OfferUp? They’re flexible. DIY or tap into in-app labels. Tailor it to your deal. That’s what speaks volumes to buyers.

Are there specific categories where non-eBay apps excel?

Categories matter. Etsy’s crowned the champ of crafts. Depop? That’s where the threads talk. Tech finds a sweet spot on Amazon and Newegg. It’s about match-making – aligning what you’re pitching with the platform’s home crowd.

That’s where the magic happens. Your antique lamp? Etsy. Your designer jacket? Poshmark cheers.


As the final curtain draws on this virtual tour of apps like eBay, let’s circle back and connect those dots. The e-commerce cosmos is brimming with alternatives – each with its own flavor of marketplace melody. From the artisan aisles of Etsy to the street-smart swap meets of Craigslist, choice abounds.


  • You’ve got the user-friendly interfaces like OfferUp that whisper convenience.
  • Then there’s Poshmark, draping you in exclusive fashion finds.
  • Can’t forget Amazon Marketplace — the colossal bazaar that nearly needs no introduction.
  • And Mercari, playing it cool with a slick twist on selling and shipping.

The takeaway? The ideal platform is about fit, not fame. It’s matching your niche with their network, syncing your selling style to the platform pulse. So, there you have it — the power’s in your hands. Set sail on these digital seas and discover where your treasures best trade.

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