How to Promote Your Web Development Website Through Link Building: Best Practices

One of the modern web marketing tools is promotion through posting links on external resources. No wonder why this tactic got so popular over the last decades. With proper use of links, this method will boost the position of your website in search results, attract new users, and increase conversions.

However, thoughtless backlink purchases and any cooperation with unreliable pages can lead to a decrease in your site’s ranking. Worse, your website can even get a penalty from Google. That’s why it is essential to use time-proven and the oldest SEO service to buy backlinks. Yet, to get the best results, you also need to stay up-to-date and learn effective link-building techniques for web development in 2023.

Link Building: The Basics

The link allows you to jump from one page to another. It is convenient for visitors and resource owners: through such a transition, you can direct a potential client to other site sections and increase his involvement and interest in a product or service.

A donor is a site that contains a link. The page that a person gets to after clicking on a link is called an acceptor. Links can be styled as anchors, not standing in a “raw” form but hiding behind underlined text or images. The near-link text will be relevant if the anchor text is part of a key phrase.

With the help of links, you can attract visitors and make your site known. It is external optimization of the site by placing links on other platforms close to the topic’s resource. As a result, the owner receives a link mass or the site’s link profile. This concept does not include internal links — only external ones.

If the domain has a high-quality link mass, search robots determine the primary resource as valuable and put it in the search results in higher positions. Also, positive ranking is influenced by additional transitions from users who saw a link to your site on other resources.

Of course, external links to your site, even from quality donors, are not the only critical condition for optimization. You also need to monitor the technical aspects of the site, competently organize a sales funnel for commercial pages, publish valuable and relevant content, and so on.

Briefly summarized, link promotion helps:

  • Improve the position of the site in the issue;
  • Get additional traffic from those who are interested in links to your resource on similar or similar sites;
  • Promote landing pages among the target audience through thematic keywords with links;
  • Identify additional segments of the target audience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Place a Useful SEO Link

Use the competitors’ best ideas to develop a link-building strategy promoting your site on Google. The primary condition for forming valuable links is to create and post content relevant to the user’s request. On this basis, search engines evaluate how naturally links are placed on the page. Behavioral factors are also assessed — do users finish reading articles using your links? Do they move to other sections?

In general, to start link promotion, you need to:

  1. Choose a popular and trustworthy platform with a theme close to the promoted resource — your target audience should be there;
  2. Guess what helpful information you can create for this resource;
  3. Publish relevant content — for example, a detailed how-to article or a review with illustrations;
  4. Contact the owner of the resource and agree on placing a link, and discuss the conditions: barter, monthly payment, or a one-time payment;
  5. Connect the analytics system;
  6. Regularly analyze user behavior and optimize the strategy for placing external links.

For example, a high bounce rate would indicate that visitors see irrelevant content on a page after clicking on a link, so they immediately close the site. Sometimes bounces are also related to technical issues that prevent people from viewing your web property.

If you have the opportunity to conclude a permanent agreement with a popular portal, you can start writing a thematic blog there with regular publications. The examples of the latest link-building best practices show the outstanding effect of this solution.

Step 1. Selecting a Donor to Place a Link

How to evaluate the site where you plan to place links:

  • Analyze the subject of the resource: is it close to you? Are there links to other sites from your niche?;
  • Check traffic sources through SimilarWeb — ideally, people should find a web resource in search or through social networks;
  • Study the trend of attendance over the past months;
  • Study the site visually: is there any aggressive advertising? Does the design match the preferences of your target audience? Do the pages look organic?
  • Check how applicable the content is on your topic and if there is any spam in the articles. Use an industry-specific approach to link-building strategies for SEO. For instance, tips for IT companies will differ from design agency solutions.

Selecting a poor donor can be harmful to your statistics and dangerous for the resource. Visit this page to learn more about cybersecurity.

Step 2: Decide Where to Link

Let’s talk about three site categories where you can promote links.

Link exchanges

As a first step in link building, many people try backlink exchanges. If you correctly set the topic and select suitable resources from the database you evaluated according to the criteria from the previous step, this will be a good start. However, buy only a few links at a time. Buy 5 to 10 pieces and evaluate your site’s statistics changes.

Industry portals

A more expensive but high-quality method is to buy advertising on industry portals. In such large venues, you can be sure. As an option for cooperation, you can order an advertising article or even start an author’s column. Exciting content will surely attract users, who will follow the link from the material to you.


You can chat or entrust this task to a specialist on the forums. In discussions on your topic, many will probably be interested in products or services if links to them are inside a helpful message or review.

Choose a Strategy

Let’s consider what link profile-building strategies are currently relevant and, at the same time, safe for the site.

Crowd marketing

Website promotion through crowd links is a relatively time-consuming task, so many resources will link to you where the text with the link is placed. Reviews and messages on the forums can initially be written by yourself, allowing you to select donor sites manually. But in the future, it is better to delegate the task to a specialist or agency or automate the process through specialized services.

Link exchange

In the search results for related queries, you can find those interested in placing links on your resource. Then it will work on barter: they put a link to you, and you to them.

There is such a thing as outreach: link promotion through agreements on eternal links in blogs, magazines, websites, etc. You can not manually look for web resources that are close to you regarding topics, but entrust this to the optimizer or study the link mass of competitors.

Best Link-Building Strategies

Any way of promotion requires a well-thought-out plan of action or strategy. Typically, the project includes a long-term goal, a way, and stages to achieve it. In link building, the goal is to promote the resource, increase its attendance and recognition. But the way to achieve it can be different.

Post Useful Content

It is the best strategy. Write articles that you want to share and post as expert articles. Prepare informational or educational materials, entertainment content, research, and instructions. Practice SEO link building and make helpful content for popular SEO queries. It will help in getting better domain authority and boosting your resource performance.

Use Outreach

Outreach is the same link building, only with a careful manual approach. You manually search for suitable sites and offer their owners to put backlinks there. A prerequisite: your site and content must be of high quality.

When contacting the site owners, write about your goal and explain why the backlink is appropriate and valuable.

Create Events

In this case, your task is to get links from news sites. Typically, such resources have high authority, and their backlink is significant for search engines. In this way, you can attract an additional audience to the site.

Share news. Tell us about a new partnership, event, product launch, or charity project. And don’t expect your event to be noticed. Independently contact the editors of the sites with a request to post the news.

Achieve Leadership in Your Niche

To get active links to your site, become a leader in your industry. Publish valuable materials, share research results and analytics, discuss interesting cases, and launch educational projects. People who trust your expertise will follow you and share your posts.

There are many ways to link building. When choosing a strategy, avoid such “gray” methods as buying links, creating a network of sites, and spamming comments. Remember that the quality of the link mass is much more important than its quantity.


Link building is not just a one-time purchase of links. It is a long-term strategy that requires knowledge, planning, and consistency. Collect information about your resource traffic changes after placing links on third-party sites. This way, you can judge whether the selected donor sites are suitable for you or if you need to look for new ones. If possible, provide links with special UTM tags showing where the user came from. Do not rush to change the strategy after a few days. Instead, accumulate statistics for at least two weeks and adjust accordingly.

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