The Best Project Management Software for Mac

Imagine the sleek interface of your Mac; now, layer in the ultimate command center for every project you’re juggling.

That’s the power of project management software for Mac—truly a game-changer for how projects unfold from the brainstorming tempest through to the final, satisfying tick of completion.

In the bustling world of web design, missing a beat isn’t an option. Each pixel, each line of code, weaves the larger tapestry of user experience.

Here, task scheduling and real-time project updates converge, bringing your A-game from concept to delivery.

Step into a realm where collaboration platforms sing in harmony with Mac-compatible productivity apps, and workflow automation becomes your silent partner in efficiency.

You’re about to unlock insights into tools that speak your language, fit your workflow, and are as intuitive as your favorite sketch pad.

Expect to come away with the know-how to elevate your projects, weaving through Gantt chart toolsmilestone tracking, and how to get that sweet sync with iCloud, all while juggling the ever-spinning plates of team management. And that’s just for starters.

The Most Popular Project Management Software for Mac

Project Management Software for MacPricing (as of my knowledge cutoff)Key FeaturesEase of UseIntegration/Compatibility
DayliteSubscription-based– Business productivity focused
– Works well with Apple ecosystem
– Customer relationship management (CRM) features
Generally user-friendly with a slight learning curve for CRM featuresStrong integration with Apple Mail, Calendar, and Contacts
Merlin ProjectOne-time purchase or subscription– Professional-grade features
– Customization options
– Good for large projects
Complex with many advanced features requiring time to learnGood compatibility with other project management tools like MS Project
RedboothSubscription-based– Collaborative with chat and task conversations
– Time tracking
– Kanban boards
Intuitive and modern interfaceIntegrations with cloud storage and productivity apps such as Dropbox and Slack
OmniPlanOne-time purchase or subscription– Gantt charts
– Auto-scheduling
– Monte Carlo simulation for risk analysis
Known for its clean interface, but with a learning curve for advanced featuresSyncs with other Omni Group apps and supports export to and from MS Project
FastTrack ScheduleOne-time purchase– Gantt charts
– Resource management
– Templates for ease of use
Somewhat dated interface but usable for project planningLimited integration, can export to and import from MS Project
iTaskXOne-time purchase– Supports Gantt charts, Network Diagrams
– Customizable project views
– Resource management
User interface is straightforward for experienced project managersCompatible with MS Project files
ProjectLibreFree– Open-source alternative to MS Project
– Gantt Chart, PERT Chart, WBS/RBS charts
– Simple cost tracking
Interface is not very modern but workableCan open MS Project files but may have compatibility issues
RationalPlanOne-time purchase or subscription– Portfolio management
– Gantt charts
– Project guide for beginners
Easy to use with interactive project guideIntegration with MS Project and Google Drive for cloud storage
PlanGridSubscription-based– Designed for construction projects
– Easy to share blueprints and documents
– Task management and tracking
Very user-friendly and tailored for onsite project managementIntegrations with various construction software; part of Autodesk Construction Cloud
Project Plan 365Subscription-based– Similar to MS Project
– Works on any operating system
– Project Viewer for collaboration
Clean interface, straightforward for those familiar with MS ProjectHigh compatibility with MS Project, integration with cloud services like Drive, Dropbox
QuickPlan ProOne-time purchase– Intuitive gesture-based task management
– Strong visualization with Gantt charts
– Project portfolio management
Intuitive for those comfortable with touch-based interfacesExports to various formats, including MS Project; Meant for iOS/macOS ecosystem
GanttProjectFree– Open-source
– Basic Gantt and resource management features
– Export to PDF and HTML
Basic and relatively easy to use for simple projectsLimited integration; Import and export .gan files, export to MS Project


1-14 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

This leading project management solution combines multiple key aspects at once. So, it acts as a client portal and a robust project planning tool with integrated Gantt chart tools. Plus, Daylite is a natural fit for a Mac, due to how it was made for Apple products first of all.

As for the day-to-day tasks, Daylite allows users to connect their most used apps together. This includes their personal notes, emails, and task cards. This frees up a lot of room to focus on building a client-first company.

The app’s UI is easy to navigate and understand. It resembles other Apple products and offers much in the way of functionality. For a smooth workflow, you can automate the time-tracking feature and centralize the monitoring process.


  • Well-developed CRM system
  • Workload management software
  • Create a chain of important milestones
  • Pick from multiple project templates
  • You can pair it with over 150 similar products
  • An easy-to-use document management feature

Pricing Model

  • A free trial period of 30 days
  • The paid version costs $29 per month

Merlin Project

2-15 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

This is a handy PM software that iPad and iPhone owners can utilize also. This cloud-based platform is great for various industry branches. Thus, you can find it among construction and even education companies alike. So, all brands can find good use of its handy task management systems.

For better data visualization, Merlin Project has various network diagrams you can use. You can use the Node or Activity format and even Gantt charts. That way, you can ensure the team stays on the critical path while working on deliverables.

Regarding the daily workflow, this software fits all project methodologies. So, you can create chains of milestones and highlight task dependencies. Later, you can apply Earned Value Analysis to summarize your team’s overall efficacy level.


  • Accurately manage tasks
  • Project managers can craft Gantt charts easily
  • Mobile-friendly project management app
  • Oversee multiple projects at once
  • Effective project portfolio management options
  • Track progress easily with the Kanban view
  • Time-tracking for repetitive tasks

Pricing Model

  • $16.99 per user per month
  • A free trial period during the first 30 days


3-14 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

This project management software for Mac focuses on providing smart workarounds. Thus, it funnels all feedback and relevant data into a central hub. That way, your team can easily collaborate and inspect upcoming bottlenecks. Also, they can utilize each others’ work due to the practical file-sharing system.

On that note, Redbooth offers a clean interface that promotes an inclusive working environment. So, even multi-faceted teams can organize the workflow and set up team comms channels. Also, any change you make later on results in a timely prompt for the rest of the team. That keeps everyone on the same page, but you can also visualize the data quickly.


  • Advanced team-sharing and communication features
  • Detailed timeline view for proper project management
  • Handy report-crafting tools that save time for reaching out to clients
  • Practical email-sequencing options

Pricing Model

  • Two-man startups can use Redbooth as a free project management software
  • The Pro version costs $9 per month
  • The Business version costs $15 per month
  • Flexible pricing is available for corporate orders


4-14 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

As a project management software for Mac, OnmiPlan excels in the sheer convenience it offers. Aiming to always boost your team’s productivity, this app is a great business companion. It comes with built-in resource planning tools and solid project scheduling features to boot. Furthermore, it is integratable with Microsoft Project, and with all the Microsoft Project classes available online, you can hone your skills and make full use of all features of this great software solution.

OmniPlan’s stylish calendar view does much of the heavy lifting for project management. It’s a neat central hub that presents tons of info at a glance. That makes OmniPlan a well-rounded project management platform any brand can use.


  • Integratable with Microsoft Project
  • Pre-installed Monte Carlo and EVA tools
  • Available in several world languages
  • Includes dozens of popular file management tools
  • Utilizes Gantt charts
  • Excellent mobile version
  • Useful project templates to choose from

Pricing Model

  • OmniPlan costs $19.99 for a single month or $199.99 for the whole year

FastTrack Schedule

5-14 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

As the name implies, this software provides new and better ways to configure the project’s timeline. It also has an intuitive system with a flat learning curve. Hence, project managers will have an easy time learning how to craft an optimal project schedule.

Furthermore, FastTrack Schedule allows for detailed monitoring once work gets underway. From the central screen, leaders can direct all workflows and even combine more projects into one. Then, they can fine-tune the team’s responsibilities to meet all deadlines on time.


  • Practical drag-and-drop methods for all 30+ readymade templates
  • Effective resource management aspects
  • Multiple auto-report formats and other time-saving features
  • Plenty of tutorials are available
  • Dedicated customer support channels

Pricing Model

  • FastTrack Schedule costs $399 per license
  • 21-day long free-trial period


hero-itaskx-1 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

This is another “native” project management software for Mac. Due to its design, it is 100% compatible with Apple products and doesn’t require Java tools. At the same time, it works flawlessly, making it one of the smoother project management apps on the market.

For added utility, you can pair iTaskX with popular apps like Microsoft Project. Then, you can seamlessly transfer files between the two software and advance the project. Overall, iTaskX favors the waterfall methodology and focuses on one task at a time.

As for other features, iTaskX uses Gantt charts and several graphics templates. That way, the leaders can quickly produce in-depth data visualizers comprising fresh data. After sharing those with the rest of the team, everyone gets on the same page in an instant.


  • Proven track record
  • Made for the Apple ecosystem
  • Robust set of task management options
  • Available in two versions: standard and pro
  • Works very well with Microsoft Project
  • Affordable project management software for Mac

Pricing Model

  • iTaskX costs $110.96


8-14 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

This is a very popular alternative to Microsoft Project. Nowadays, teams all over the globe favor it due to its “all-in-one” approach. Hence, it comes with calendars, resource management, and project planning systems. This means both startups and scaling brands can incorporate it into their everyday tasks.

On the other hand, ProjectLibre is an open-source app full of templates you can freely switch between. Other than that, it also has Gantt charts and time-tracking tools. Therefore, all of its features aim to save you time on menial tasks by automating them.


  • An extensive support community to help new users
  • Works best with Microsoft Project
  • InfoWorld Magazine named it one of the best open-source apps
  • Stylish and beginner-friendly UI
  • Advanced features like resource histograms are available

Pricing Model

  • ProjectLibre is a free software for Mac, Linux, and Windows OS


9-14 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

RationalPlan is a good fit for teams of all scopes and sizes and provides creative problem-solving methods. With it, you can streamline the daily workload and carefully assign tasks to teammates. Next, ensure you stay within budget by utilizing the advanced report-making features. At the same time, oversee the intended timeline and act promptly if the team starts to slack.


  • An easy method to cancel an order and issue another
  • Great macro and micromanaging tool
  • Practical team communication options
  • Robust admin tools
  • Uses Gantt charts and timeline templates
  • Oversee deadlines and milestones from the centralized view

Pricing Model

  • RationalPlan costs $87 for one project
  • The cost for multiple projects is $149, while the project server price varies


10-15 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

This app is tailor-made for construction projects. As such, it helps you avoid reworks and keep your time on the same page. To that end, you can quickly share the documentation and attach photos. Next, install more markups and make reports on the current progress, even from an iPhone.

PlanGrid offers 50 sheets free of charge, while the next batch comes with in-app purchases. Anyhow, the app automatically saves your docs and attachments. Plus, there’s a neat filtering option for quickly honing in on your target.


  • Uses 3D models and integrates them into a sheet
  • Personalized file tags for other forms of media
  • Excellent file management and sharing system

Pricing Model

  • Nailgun costs $39 per month
  • Dozer costs $59 per month
  • Crane costs $119 per month

Project Plan 365

11-14 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

Project Plan 365 offers to-the-point workarounds for common project management pitfalls. Thanks to its smart solutions, it fits a collaborative working environment naturally. Plus, it’s a great companion for remote teams that can’t afford to meet on regular basis. Thanks to tools like Gantt charts and network diagrams, all brands can use Project Plan 365.

This mobile app works great on all iPhones and you can pair it with Microsoft Project. Then, you can utilize that format to share files fast.


  • Has all the advanced features that MS Project offers
  • Practical filtering options for staying on the critical path
  • Access MPP files from Dropbox and other apps
  • Pair it with numerous cloud-based software for Mac
  • Clean and easy-to-master interface

Pricing Model

  • There’s a free trial version while the paid one costs $9.99 per month

QuickPlan Pro

12-16 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

Keep the entire team in sync with QuickPlan Pro. This app supports multiple devices and you can use it alongside MS Project. Plus, it is compatible with Apple Watch and Today Widget. On all platforms, QuickPlan Pro allows for intuitive planning and execution phases.

The app provides calendar views and Gantt charts, which simplify the daily workflow greatly. Also, QuickPlan Pro functions fast and allows seamless file-transferring options.


  • Competent timeline crafting and Gantt charts
  • Easily set up dependent tasks and highlight them
  • Connect it with MS Excel and MS Project

Pricing Model

  • QuickPlan Pro has a free trial version
  • Paid versions begin at $47.99


13-15 The Best Project Management Software for Mac

Ever since 2003, this free-to-use app has been gaining popularity. Nowadays, it supports multiple languages and provides advanced project management tricks. Thus, you can set up dependencies and inspect a given team member’s input. If necessary, you can group tasks by priority and micromanage your team better.


  • Popular app with a decades-long track record
  • Compatible with MS Project and many similar apps
  • Available in dozens of languages

Pricing Model

  • GanttProject is a free tool

FAQ On Project Management Software For Mac

Can project management software for Mac facilitate real-time collaboration?

Absolutely. The right tool turns your Mac into a collaboration hub, with team members chiming in from any corner of the globe. It’s about seamless updates, shared to-do lists, and that constant flow of ideas, all synced up in a way only Mac users can truly appreciate.

How does task scheduling work within these Mac applications?

Think of it as your digital conductor, orchestrating each appointment, deadline, and session with precision. Task scheduling features on Mac project management software often link with Calendar, ensuring you’re paced perfectly through the day’s melody without missing a beat.

Is it possible to integrate project management software with other Mac apps?

Integration is usually smooth sailing. Most project management tools for Mac blend with other apps like a conversation over coffee – natural, effortless. You’ll often find one-click connections with iCloud, Mail, and even your favorite design apps, keeping everything in a tight-knit ecosystem.

Does Mac project management software support Agile methodologies?

Yes, and it often does so with flair. Agile project management is a cornerstone of many Mac-compatible tools, providing flexibility with Kanban boards and burndown charts that visualize your team’s sprint towards success. It’s about adapting on the fly, and these tools get that.

Can I track the time I spend on projects with these software options?

Time tracking is almost a given. These apps help keep an eye on the clock without pulling you out of your creative flow, offering insights into where minutes and hours go during a project. It’s like having a built-in timekeeper, but without the looming presence.

Do project management tools for Mac come with budget tracking features?

Totally, budget management often comes baked right in. Monitor expenses with the same finesse you apply to your designs. It’s a clear view of financial resources, allowing you to navigate the fiscal landscape of a project with confidence and foresight.

Are there project management options for Mac that support remote teams?

Yes, and they’re a lifesaver. They’re like the digital version of an open-plan office, designed for the age of remote work. Boards, chat, file sharing – it’s all there, keeping everyone on the same page even when the team’s spread across the map.

How customizable are these project management tools?

Customization is the name of the game. Tailor the workspace with customizable project templates, dashboards, and workflows to fit the unique vibe of your projects. It’s your digital canvas, ready to adapt to your project’s evolving narrative.

Will these software options improve my team’s productivity?

For sure. The whole essence of project management tools on the Mac is to boost productivity. From workflow automation to progress monitoring, these apps serve up the big picture, finely sliced into manageable, focused tasks that propel your team toward the finish line with less drag.

What types of reports can I generate with Mac project management software?

Dive into a sea of data with reports slicing through every angle, from project reporting on milestones to time tracking analytics. Understand team performance, sniff out bottlenecks, and celebrate the wins—all in reports that are both insightful and a breeze to whip up.


In wrapping things up, knowing that there’s a suite of project management software for Mac at the ready is like having an ace up your sleeve. With projects zipping along the digital superhighway, tools are no longer just tools—they’re the arteries of collaboration, the backbone of task delegation, and the compass for every creative journey.

These apps, they’re not just about ticking boxes. They are the amplifiers of creative thought, organizers of chaos, and silent guardians of your time. They bridge the intangible gap between a team’s whirlwind of ideas and the solid ground of a finished product.

Before parting ways, remember this: in an era where Agile methodologies and remote team setups reign supreme, the right software can transform your Mac from a solitary lantern into a lighthouse—piercing through the murk with clarity, focus, and unfailing reliability. Carry that with you.

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