The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Ever wonder about the magic that binds creatives together? Well, it’s not just the love for art. There’s this incredible project management software for creatives that’s stirring up quite the sensation.

Picture this, you’re a creative butterfly, flitting from one idea to another, right? You’re trying to juggle the many shades of your imagination but oh boy, organization is a tough nut to crack!

Cue dramatic music. Enter our unsung hero: The Project Management Software for Creatives. Imagine having a virtual sidekick that’s got your back, ensuring your artistic brain doesn’t have to battle spreadsheets or decipher project timelines.

Now, you might ask: “Is this just another fad?”. No, mate! This isn’t just some flashy trend. It’s a game-changer, a tool that seamlessly blends the realm of creativity with the structured world of project management.

Top 17 creative project management tools that you’ll absolutely love

Though you can find countless creative project management tools online, sifting out the gold is no small feat. Luckily, we decided to get out there and do the hard work for you. This list features the best project management software for creatives. We’ve outlined the pros and cons of each option to help you make an educated decision.

Here are the top 17 creative project management tools that we recommend:

3-12 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

An excellent creative project management software, comes with an exhaustive list of features. These features allow you to allocate your resources, manage your budget, organize your time, and track your milestones. handles the brunt of the work by itself, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your creative project. Thus, it can speed up your work. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can rearrange your workflow data as you see fit. We also like how user-friendly the platform is. If you dislike clicking your way through countless hyperlinks and prompts, then is for you.

maxresdefault The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

The management software brings a lot of value to your creative team, allowing each member to track the progress of the current project. The platform also features several calendars that will help you organize your time better. is compatible with several external tools such as Slack or Dropbox.

What excels in:

  • Offers countless useful features
  • Comes with an intuitive user interface
  • Safe to use

What could stand to improve:

  • You can’t access many of its features if you use the basic plan
  • Your creative team needs to have at least 3 members if you wish to use it


1-12 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

The perfect example of great project management software, Hive brings a lot of value to your creative team. It can help you organize both your time and documents and comes with one of the best proofing and approval functions on the market. The interface is very versatile, allowing you to view your creative projects in several different ways.

The software also comes with an Adobe X Hive Photoshop Plugin.

What Hive excels in:

  • Comes with several project views such as Calendar, Portfolio, Kanban, and Gantt charts
  • Tracks team performance via real-time analytics
  • Offers resourcing and time-tracking features
  • Comes with savable forms and templates you can use for future projects
  • Compatible with many tools such as G-mail, Zoom, and Dropbox
  • Tracks your project development via notifications


2-13 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Few project management tools can compete with Asana in terms of prestige. One of the most popular platforms, Asana is truly the best of both worlds. Not only is it easy to use, but it also comes with the best project management tools on the market. We recommend Asana for teams and companies of all sizes.

We’d like to point out the Status Update feature. This tool can help you visualize your project progress, workload, and other important factors. You can share this visual data with all members of your creative team.

What Asana excels in:

  • Allows you to visualize your progress via graphs and charts
  • One of the most intuitive options on the list
  • Offers plenty of tutorials and other courses

What Asana could stand to improve:

  • The price is rather high compared to other options on this list


4-12 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Plaky earned its place on our list mainly because it’s free. However, it has everything you’d expect from good project management software. This includes features such as time management and work organization.

Plaky remains free no matter how many users you add to the platform. This project management software offers a fine balance of ease of use and extensive features. We also like how you can customize the interface to better suit your needs.

If you like to burn the midnight oil, you’ll appreciate the dark theme the platform provides.

What Plaky excels in:

  • Offers many templates that can help you manage your creative projects
  • Comes with a great task and subtask management
  • Doesn’t have any limit on how many files you can share
  • Great for communicating with the member of your creative team
  • Comes with a task assignment feature
  • Helps you track your project progress and task status


5-12 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

An award-winning project management tool, ProofHub allows you to collaborate with your team members in real time. The platform comes with an intuitive user interface and allows you to increase the pace of your project development. Some of ProofHub’s most notable features are better work organization and task planning.

What ProofHub excels in:

  • Allows you to visualize your tasks with custom workflows and Kanban boards
  • Offers several views such as Timeline, Board, and Calendar
  • You can use it to share files with your team members
  • Supports online proofing


6-13 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Featuring a freshly updated interface, Wrike allows you to see your inbox, to-do list, and ongoing tasks without clicking a single button. Despite this expansive view, the interface is easy to understand and navigate.

Wrike has everything you can ask of a good project management tool. It helps you manage your resources, plan projects, and track time. The platform also creates reports that track your progress regularly.

What Wrike excels in:

  • Comes with a user-friendly interface
  • Creates customizable reports
  • Helps you track time on individual tasks

What Wrike could stand to improve:

  • It’s not the most economical choice on our list


7-13 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

ClickUp allows you to manage all kinds of creative projects. We particularly recommend it for design projects. It features many views, such as Calendar, Gannt, Kanban, and List. ClickUp is compatible with external tools such as Figma and InVision.

Its wide variety of templates can boost the creative process of your entire team. These templates cover several areas, from clothing to web design.

Apart from these premade templates, it allows you to create new ones. You can then save these and use them later. The platform also offers reporting and collaboration tools such as ClickUp Mind Maps and ClickUp Whiteboards.

What ClickUp excels in:

  • Offers one of the best free plans compared to other options on this list
  • Paid plans allow you to store as many files as you need
  • Comes with multiple useful features

What ClickUp could stand to improve:

  • It takes a while to get used to the user interface
  • Onboarding isn’t very intuitive
  • Certain features could be more refined


8-12 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Used by over 2 million teams worldwide, Trello is one of the most popular project management tools on the market. Trello owes its success to its simple design, which makes it appealing to even those unfamiliar with technology.

Creative teams will certainly appreciate the simple nature of this platform. Using it can help you manage your creative projects fast and without effort.

Trello’s other strength is its greatly customizable Kanban boards.

On the other hand, you’ll need to buy an advanced plan to access the full scope of its features. The free plan doesn’t support unlimited workspaces, board guests, and attachment permissions.

What Trello excels in:

  • Supports unlimited cards
  • Allows you to open as many as 10 boards per Workspace
  • Each board comes with unlimited Power-Ups
  • Comes with unlimited activity log


9-12 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Though few entrepreneurs have heard about Flow, this project management software is perfect for creative teams of all sizes. It facilitates communication, progress tracking, and team organization. The platform is compatible with external tools like Figma and InVision. This feature allows you to attach files from these tools directly to Flow’s task management interface.

What flow excels in:

  • Supports multiple project views such as Kanban, List, and Calendar
  • Offers easy-to-navigate project timelines
  • Comes with dashboards that outline all your projects
  • Allows you to schedule your project as you see fit
  • Provides real-time notifications on your tasks and projects

Microsoft Teams

10-13 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re certainly familiar with Microsoft. Despite some of the recent controversies, Microsoft software is something we’ve all dealt with in the past. This makes using their Microsoft Teams platform very easy.

Though not a direct project management software for creatives, you can use it that way. It allows you to store data via OneDrive. Additionally, Microsoft Teams is compatible with most tools you need for project management.

What Microsoft Teams excels in:

  • It’s just one part of the Microsoft 365 package
  • Allows you to share your files, transcripts, and screens
  • Supports teleconferencing

What Microsoft Teams could stand to improve:

  • Provides a limited number of features
  • Focuses more on team communication than project management


11-12 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Though it may resemble Microsoft Excel at first glance, Smartsheet offers several additional features. Apart from managing your projects in Grid view, you can choose from alternatives such as Gantt, Card, or Calendar.

We mentioned Smartsheet mainly because of its strong data collection and analytics services. Your creative team members will gain access to real-time data and up-to-date information whenever they want. The user interface is quite intuitive, meaning you will ease into this platform in no time.

But while Smartsheet also offers an Automation feature, it isn’t for free. You will need to get a paid plan to use this software. However, you can first test the water in a limited trial before you fully commit to this product.

What Smartsheet excels in:

  • Offers multiple useful features
  • Comes with a very intuitive user interface
  • The best option for data collection and analytics

What Smartsheet could stand to improve:

  • You need to pay to access it once your free trial runs out


12-14 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Another good project management software, Paymo is great for tracking time, collaborating with your team, and evaluating project overviews. Paymo is perfect for any business that follows a project-based work system. Thanks to its discussion model, you’ll be able to relay information to different members of your creative team.

What Paymo excels in:

  • Facilitates project planning via Gantt charts and Portfolio Gantt
  • Provides an exhaustive list of task management features
  • Helps you track milestones
  • Creates a project hierarchy via its Team Tasks dashboard
  • Tracks bandwidth and allocation


13-13 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Roadmunk comes with many features that support collaboration and schedule organization. It helps you establish a project priority and chain of command for your creative team. Team members thus gain permission to access certain files based on their rank.

What Roadmunk excels in:

  • Supports Chrome extension
  • Comes with many idea-prioritization features
  • Offers stellar customer feedback

What Roadmunk could stand to improve:

  • Unavailable on mobile platforms
  • Not the most economical choice


14-11 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Robohead specifically caters to the needs of creative teams and companies. It remains useful every step of the way, from the beginning to the completion of your creative project. It offers features such as approvals, templates, project views, conditional logic, and request forms.

What Robohead excels in:

  • Offers multiple project views such as Gantt, Kanban, and Calendar
  • Each user gets access to their own to-do list
  • Comes with a time-tracking feature
  • Has a built-in notetaking tool for your team meetings


15-12 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

Confluence comes with a unique project management system, using tasks as its building blocks. Each project comes with a clearly set goal and a detailed plan to achieve this goal. Its many features include project visualization and a to-do list. Each team member might add these key features to the page as they see fit.

Though it may be confusing at times, working in this unique way can truly boost your creative process.

What Confluence excels in:

  • Has a dedicated IP address
  • Contains several automation features
  • Provides stellar organization

What Confluence could stand to improve:

  • The design might be confusing for some users


16-9 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

This free project management software for creatives is not one to ignore. It comes with features such as task assignment, time tracking, and group project creation. nTask is also excellent for you if you need to collaborate closely with your fellow team members. We also like how nTask allows you to schedule and assign tasks to other people.

What nTask excels in:

  • Helps you create a task hierarchy
  • Features to-do lists
  • Allows you to attach files
  • Great for collaboration with your coworkers


17-7 The best project management software for creatives (17 Tools)

A phenomenal project management tool, Notion brings all key future of project management under one roof. It allows you to store notes, documents, tasks, and projects on its platform. It also supports team Wiki. This allows you to carry out numerous design processes and brainstorming sessions. Notion is an excellent choice for beginners and veterans alike. Did I mention that it has a lot of templates?

What Notion excels in:

  • Team Wiki provides accessible knowledge for all users
  • Offers versatile Kanban boards and lists
  • Allows you to share your notes with your creative team

FAQ on project development software for creatives

What is project management software for creatives?

The creative world is buzzing. Ideas are brewing, and designs are taking shape. But how do we streamline this chaos? That’s where project management software for creatives comes in! It’s a magic wand that turns a wild brainstorm into a neat storyboard. It’s a digital space to gather ideas, manage tasks, track progress, and maintain collaboration.

What features should I look out for?

Hold up, Picasso! Before you jump into the sea of project management software, know what you need. Look for easy-to-use task management, smooth file sharing, time tracking, and seamless team collaboration features. Some cool kids on the block even have built-in creative tools! Choose what resonates with your art.

Is it difficult to implement?

Truth be told, every new thing has its learning curve. Even your first doodle wasn’t perfect, remember? But don’t sweat, most of these tools are user-friendly. Many offer tutorials and customer support to guide you. It’s like learning a new design software, you’ll get the hang of it!

Will it improve my team’s efficiency?

Oh, absolutely! It’s like having an extra pair of hands. Imagine being able to track work, assign tasks, share files, and communicate in one place! No more hunting for files or waiting for updates. It’s a smooth, creative ride.

What about communication and collaboration?

These software are not just about managing tasks, they’re also about people! They provide a common platform for sharing ideas, getting feedback, and collaborating. It’s like a virtual art studio where your team can work and communicate seamlessly.

Can it handle large creative projects?

Absolutely! Just like a massive canvas can handle all the paint you throw at it. These tools are designed to handle large projects. You can break down big tasks into smaller, manageable ones and track their progress. So go ahead, let your creativity soar!

How about the cost?

There’s a range, darling. Some are free with basic features. Some have a small monthly fee, and some are pricey with advanced features. Just like choosing between a pencil or a high-end digital tablet, it depends on what your needs are.

Is it secure?

Oh, yes! Your designs are like your babies, right? These tools come with security features to protect your work. Encryption, password protection, two-factor authentication – they’ve got you covered. Your masterpieces are safe.

Can I customize it to my needs?

Sure thing! These tools understand that every artist is unique. They offer different levels of customization. You can customize your workspace, notification settings, even task structures. So, it can be your unique creative space.

How does it benefit freelancers?

You, the lone ranger! Project management tools can be your sidekick. They can help you organize your work, track time, meet deadlines, and communicate with clients. It’s like having a virtual assistant. So you can focus on creating your magic.

Our final thoughts for the best project development software for creatives

With great success come many responsibilities. As your business grows, you will soon find yourself knee-deep in e-mails, meetings, and deadlines. This can pull focus from your work and reduce your overall productivity.

Luckily, you can turn to project development tools to handle this task for you. Doing so will lift some burden off your shoulder, allowing you to focus on your work. While each tool has its pros and cons, you’re bound to find one that suits your need on our list.

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