Maple Moguls: Largest Canadian Companies

Picture this. You’re zooming in on the Canadian skyline, the silhouettes of corporate titans towering above. These are no ordinary buildings; they’re powerhouses, the very heartbeats of Canada’s economic landscape. Here, the largest Canadian companies are more than just names on a building—they’re entities shaping the nation.

In this full dive, you’ll unravel the stories behind these corporate giants—their strides in the Canadian economic forecast, their sway on the TSX listings, and their hefty contributions to the GDP. These firms are not just big; they’re monumental, and their stories tell us about much more than profits. They speak of corporate citizenship, of the impact Canadian corporations have on jobs, communities, and the environment.

By the end, you’ll grasp more than the sheer size of these behemoths. You’ll understand their fiber—their role as Canadian industry leaders and global contenders. Get ready to step behind the glass facades and marble lobbies to dissect the anatomy of Canada’s top-tier enterprises. Buckle in; we’re not just skimming surfaces. We’re going beyond the numbers.

Largest Canadian Companies To Check Out

NameMarket Cap
Royal Bank Of Canada$136.89 B
Toronto Dominion Bank$107.44 B
Shopify$98.58 B
Canadian National Railway$83.56 B
Canadian Pacific Railway$80.44 B
Canadian Natural Resources$78.36 B
Enbridge$73.97 B
Thomson Reuters$72.06 B
Bank of Montreal$65.83 B
Brookfield Corporation$64.85 B
Constellation Software$60.21 B
Alimentation Couche-Tard$59.70 B
Scotiabank$59.46 B
lululemon athletica$57.85 B
CIBC$45.17 B
Suncor Energy$44.98 B
Manulife Financial$43.13 B
TC Energy$41.24 B
Restaurant Brands International$34.71 B
Imperial Oil$34.10 B
BCE$33.73 B
Loblaw Companies$33.09 B
Cenovus Energy$33.06 B
Sun Life Financial$31.28 B
Intact Financial$29.92 B
Great-West Lifeco$28.83 B
CGI$26.97 B
National Bank of Canada$26.62 B
Fairfax Financial$26.25 B
Barrick Gold$26.22 B
Telus$25.91 B
Nutrien$25.83 B
Agnico Eagle Mines$24.67 B
Rogers Communication$23.57 B
Dollarama$21.62 B
Franco-Nevada$20.55 B
Teck Resources$20.28 B
WSP Global$20.12 B
Pembina Pipeline$19.24 B
Power Corporation of Canada$19.01 B
Wheaton Precious Metals$19.01 B
Fortis$18.91 B
Cameco$18.22 B
Hydro One$17.95 B
George Weston$17.88 B
Brookfield Asset Management$16.22 B
Tourmaline Oil$15.66 B
Magna International$15.50 B
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers$14.03 B
Ivanhoe Mines$13.42 B
GFL Environmental$13.18 B
TFI International$12.52 B
Metro$12.29 B
Power Financial$12.23 B
OpenText$10.50 B
ARC Resources$10.29 B
Emera$10.09 B
Stantec$9.33 B
CCL Industries$9.14 B
Saputo$8.50 B
Toromont$7.60 B
Descartes Systems$7.54 B
Topicus$7.47 B
FirstService$7.46 B
Choice Properties REIT$7.31 B
TMX Group$7.23 B
First Quantum Minerals$6.97 B
West Fraser Timber$6.66 B
AtkinsRéalis$6.61 B
Element Fleet Management$6.56 B
AltaGas$6.35 B
Canadian Utilities$6.33 B
Empire Company$6.29 B
IGM Financial$6.23 B
Kinross Gold$6.23 B
iA Financial$6.19 B
Lundin Mining$6.17 B
MEG Energy$6.08 B
CAE$6.01 B
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT$6.01 B
Canadian Tire$5.93 B
Colliers International$5.89 B
Gildan$5.83 B
Onex$5.81 B
Bausch + Lomb$5.79 B
Keyera$5.68 B
Parkland Corp$5.55 B
Quebecor$5.45 B
Celestica$5.39 B
Bombardier Recreational Products$4.97 B
Boyd Group$4.93 B
Alamos Gold$4.88 B
Air Canada$4.79 B
Pan American Silver$4.70 B
Crescent Point Energy$4.69 B
PrairieSky Royalty$4.33 B
Northland Power$4.31 B
Whitecap Resources$4.23 B
RioCan REIT$4.06 B
Algonquin Power & Utilities$4.05 B

Royal Bank Of Canada

A titan in Canadian banking, the Royal Bank of Canada isn’t just a financial institution; it’s a pillar of economic stability. It stands as a beacon of trust and efficiency, steering the financial destinies of millions, from personal banking to global ventures.

Toronto Dominion Bank

Imagine a financial giant, but with a heart for every customer. That’s Toronto Dominion Bank for you. A leader in personal and commercial banking, it blends innovation with a deep-rooted commitment to customer service.


Talk about revolutionizing retail! Shopify isn’t just a company; it’s a lifeline for e-commerce dreams worldwide. Empowering everyone from small artisans to major brands, it’s a digital platform transforming the face of online shopping.

Canadian National Railway

Here’s the deal with Canadian National Railway: they’re not just trains and tracks. They’re the arteries of Canadian commerce, connecting goods, people, and economies across North America with unparalleled efficiency and reach.

Canadian Natural Resources

Dive into the world of energy with Canadian Natural Resources. This is where natural resource management meets innovation, driving Canada’s stature in the global energy market while championing sustainability and community engagement.


Enbridge is more than just pipelines. It’s a guardian of energy flow, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of oil and gas. They’re at the forefront, powering homes, businesses, and contributing significantly to the energy sector’s evolution.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway paints a picture of relentless movement and connectivity. Their network is a vital link in North American trade, showcasing how traditional rail services can adapt and thrive in the modern economy.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the brain behind the news and information we trust. They’re not just a media company; they’re a global powerhouse in delivering intelligent information for businesses and professionals, shaping informed decision-making worldwide.

Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal, affectionately known as BMO, isn’t your average bank. It’s a financial friend to millions, offering a blend of personal touch with innovative banking solutions, paving the way in financial inclusivity and expertise.

Brookfield Corporation

Imagine a company that shapes the world literally. Brookfield Corporation does just that, being a global leader in asset management, particularly in renewable energy, infrastructure, and real estate, driving sustainable growth and economic progress.

Alimentation Couche-Tard

Step into the world of Alimentation Couche-Tard and discover a retail giant that’s redefining convenience. From quick snacks to essential supplies, they’re the unsung heroes in our daily lives, making sure we’re never caught unprepared.

Lululemon Athletica

Lululemon Athletica is more than a brand; it’s a lifestyle revolution. Merging fashion with fitness, they’ve created a community where style meets comfort, inspiring people to embrace wellness in every stitch of their innovative athletic wear.


Scotiabank isn’t just about saving and spending; it’s about dreams and opportunities. A financial beacon with a global footprint, they’re committed to helping individuals and businesses thrive, making financial success accessible to all.

Constellation Software

Constellation Software is like the wizard of the tech world, quietly powering a myriad of industries with their innovative software solutions. They’re the behind-the-scenes magicians, making complex processes seem simple and efficient.

Suncor Energy

Suncor Energy is a name synonymous with resilience and innovation in the energy sector. Balancing economic growth with environmental stewardship, they’re a testament to sustainable development in the challenging terrain of oil and gas.

TC Energy

TC Energy is not your everyday energy company. They’re at the heart of North America’s energy infrastructure, ensuring safe and reliable delivery of natural gas, oil, and power, fueling industries and homes alike.


BCE, or Bell Canada Enterprises, is more than just communication; it’s about connection. They’re at the forefront of telecommunication, blending technology with human touch, connecting people across distances, and making the world a smaller place.


CIBC, or the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, stands as a pillar of financial strength and trust. They offer more than banking services; they provide financial partnerships that empower individuals and businesses to reach their full potential.

Manulife Financial

Manulife Financial isn’t just about insurance and investments; it’s about life’s journey. They’re companions in planning and protecting your financial future, ensuring peace of mind in a world of uncertainties.

Cenovus Energy

Cenovus Energy is a name that echoes innovation in the Canadian energy landscape. They’re not just about oil production; they’re about responsible and sustainable energy solutions, shaping a future where the environment and economy coexist harmoniously.

Imperial Oil

Imperial Oil stands as a testament to endurance and innovation in the energy sector. From extracting oil sands to refining petroleum products, they’re a cornerstone of Canada’s energy industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability.

Restaurant Brands International

Welcome to the world of Restaurant Brands International, where fast food meets global ambition. They’re not just about quick meals; they’re architects of a vast culinary empire, home to some of the most beloved fast-food brands on the planet.

Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial shines as a beacon of hope and stability in life’s financial journey. Their commitment goes beyond insurance and wealth management; they’re partners in navigating life’s uncertainties, securing a brighter future for families and businesses.

Great-West Lifeco

Great-West Lifeco isn’t your typical financial giant; they’re architects of financial security. Specializing in insurance and wealth management, they craft solutions that safeguard and grow wealth, ensuring financial well-being across generations.

Loblaw Companies

Loblaw Companies are the unsung heroes in Canadian kitchens. As the country’s food and pharmacy leader, they’re not just about groceries and prescriptions; they’re a daily part of millions of Canadian lives, offering quality, convenience, and value.


Nutrien is the silent force powering global agriculture. As the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, they’re not just about fertilizers; they’re about feeding the future, innovating for sustainable agriculture that nourishes the world.

Barrick Gold

Barrick Gold glitters not just in mines but in global markets. As one of the leading gold mining companies, they’re more than just about extraction; they’re about ethical, sustainable practices that respect both the environment and communities.

Intact Financial

Intact Financial is the shield in the unpredictable world of risk. Canada’s largest provider of property and casualty insurance, they’re not just about policies; they’re about peace of mind, offering protection when life throws a curveball.


Telus is more than a telecom company; they’re a digital lifeline. In a world where connection is key, they’re the thread that weaves through Canadian lives, providing cutting-edge communication services and a commitment to community.

Agnico Eagle Mines

Agnico Eagle Mines is a shining example of responsible mining. As a leader in gold production, they’re not just about mining; they’re about ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and community partnerships that set the gold standard in the industry.


Franco-Nevada isn’t your ordinary mining company; it’s a gold investment that glitters. Specializing in royalty and streaming, they provide a unique way to invest in precious metals and the mining sector, offering a balance of profit and sustainability.


CGI stands as a titan in the tech world, transforming how we interact with digital solutions. They’re not just about software; they’re innovators, creating technologies that drive businesses forward, making the complex world of IT simple and efficient.

Fairfax Financial

Fairfax Financial is more than just insurance and investment; it’s about financial foresight. They navigate the complex world of finance with a keen eye for opportunity, ensuring stability and growth for investors and stakeholders alike.

National Bank of Canada

National Bank of Canada is where personal meets professional in the world of finance. More than just a bank, they offer a blend of warm, personalized service and comprehensive financial solutions, making banking both accessible and empowering.

Rogers Communication

Rogers Communication is at the heart of Canada’s digital pulse. From cable TV to high-speed internet, they’re not just providers; they’re innovators, constantly pushing the boundaries of communication to connect and entertain.


Dollarama brings the joy of smart shopping to every Canadian. It’s not just about affordability; it’s about the thrill of finding everyday items at unbeatable prices, making it a beloved and essential part of Canada’s retail landscape.

Wheaton Precious Metals

Wheaton Precious Metals sparkles in the realm of metal streaming. Their unique approach to investing in silver and gold offers a smart twist to the mining industry, balancing profitability with a commitment to ethical mining practices.


Fortis powers more than just homes; it energizes lives. As a leader in the utility sector, they’re committed to reliable energy delivery and sustainable growth, lighting up communities across Canada and beyond.


Cameco illuminates the world of nuclear energy. As one of the largest uranium producers, they’re not just about mining; they’re about powering a cleaner energy future, championing safety, and environmental responsibility.

Teck Resources

Teck Resources digs deeper than minerals; they unearth solutions. Leading in diversified mining, they’re not just extracting resources; they’re innovating for sustainable development, ensuring their operations benefit both the economy and the environment.

FAQ On The Largest Canadian Companies

Who tops the list of the largest Canadian companies?

Canadian corporate prowess is no joke, and at the helm, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) sits pretty with its staggering market cap. It’s a banking titan, a beacon on Bay Street, and it’s not alone—Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) trails close, making finance the kingpin of Canadian enterprise.

How are these companies ranked in terms of revenue?

It’s a numbers game, and revenue’s the score. The giants pull in big bucks, with Suncor Energy and retail heavyweight Alimentation Couche-Tard often jostling for top spots, showing just how dollars translate to dominion in the Canadian economic contributors list.

What sectors do these large Canadian companies operate in?

Diversity’s the name of the game. You’ve got your bank bosses and energy elites, yes, but also telecom titans like BCE Inc., and Shopify spinning webs in tech. Industry sectors like Canadian energy sector and financial services mix with retail and more, painting a varied corporate Canada.

Which of the largest Canadian companies are on the global stage?

Beyond the maple curtain, names like Barrick Gold Corporation glitter in mining, while Shopify digitalizes storefronts worldwide. Manulife Financial Corporation talks big insurance numbers globally. These Canadian multinational conglomerates aren’t playing in just the domestic league; they’re global heavyweights.

How do these companies impact the Canadian economy?

Big fish, big pond. The largest Canadian companies are more than business entities—they’re economic engines, driving jobs, technology growth, and the TSX listings. Their health often reflects on Canada’s economic metrics, the performance resonating in employment, exports, and more.

What is the role of technology companies among Canada’s largest?

Tech’s the wildcard, the maverick in the ranking rodeo. Shopify is the poster child and a testament to digital dynamism in Canada’s corporate landscape. A hint here? The Canadian telecommunications sector and tech firms are not just risers; they’re rewriting the leaderboard rules.

How have Canadian companies fared in the international market?

They’ve been punching above. With savvy in resources, finance, and tech, companies like Brookfield Asset Management flex on the international stage. They’ve sidestepped challenges, embraced trade and exports, and now stride on both the NYSE and TSX, flags flying high.

Do these companies influence local communities?

Absolutely. Major businesses, such as Loblaws and Canadian Tire, anchor communities—Canadian business giants are often also local heroes, providing jobs, fostering local projects, and spearheading corporate social responsibility. Their footprint? Big, impactful, and more than just corporate.

What role do financial institutions play among Canada’s largest companies?

Financial institutions? They’re like the conductors in an economic orchestra. Canadian banking sector houses such as RBC and TD, dictate tunes of fiscal stability and growth, and with their influence on the annual revenue Canadian companies, their importance is crystal clear.

How do market fluctuations affect the largest Canadian companies?

Market twists and turns, and these behemoths brace for impact. Resource-driven entities like Suncor feel the commodity pulse, while financial firms weather interest rate storms. Resilience here isn’t optional—it’s survival, and stock performance of Canadian companies is the beating pulse to watch.


And so, we zip up this curated tour of the largest Canadian companies; behemoths that stand tall, not just in skylines but in the robust fabric of Canada’s economy. Corporate headquarters in Canadian cities resonate with the buzz of industry leaders, a testament to the nation’s commercial might.

It’s been quite the journey rifling through Canadian Fortune 500, uncovering the essence of these powerhouses. Their footprints, etched in both local communities and global markets, speak louder than any corporate spiel could. From the energy sector to the banking giants, diversification is their shared pulse, powering the Canadian GDP contribution.

Let’s take away more than just names and numbers. Let’s grasp the embodiment of their influence, from job creation to innovation in digital marketing, shaping how we, the people, live and connect. Like the commanding presence of CN or the silent sway of the Toronto-Dominion Bank, they’re enmeshed into the everyday, often unseen, always influential.

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