Alpine Success: Largest Austrian Companies

Beneath the baroque architecture and alpine vistas, a different kind of landscape unfolds—an economic terrain marked by titans of trade and industry. Austria may be famed for Mozart’s melodies and Klimt’s canvases, but it’s also home to some of the most dynamic and robust corporate entities on the continent. The largest Austrian companies are powerhouses, with influence rippling far beyond their home base in Central Europe.

Dive into this exploration, and uncover the intricate weave of Austria’s commercial prowess, from conglomerates that dominate the Vienna Stock Exchange to innovation frontrunners that set the pace in the global markets.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious mind looking to grasp the nuances of the Austrian corporate landscape, this read promises insights.

By the end we’ll have navigated the strata of Austrian business giants—their origins, their global footprint, and the sectors they enrich.

Prepare for an unexpected tour through the cogs and gears of Austria’s economic engine, where multinational corporations, industry leaders, and major Austrian brands become our waypoints.

Largest Austrian Companies To Check Out

NameMarket Cap
Verbund AG$25.67 B
Erste Group Bank$16.28 B
OMV$14.54 B
Raiffeisen Bank International$6.96 B
Andritz$6.32 B
A1 Telekom Austria$5.34 B
Oberbank$5.30 B
Voestalpine$4.89 B
Strabag$4.80 B
BAWAG Group$4.75 B
EVN Group$4.69 B
Vienna Airport$4.54 B
Flughafen Wien (Vienna Airport)$4.52 B
Vienna Insurance Group$3.78 B
Wienerberger$3.67 B
CA Immo$3.17 B
Immofinanz$3.12 B
Uniqa Insurance Group$2.71 B
MM Group (Mayr-Melnhof AG)$2.54 B
Österreichische Post$2.19 B
RHI Magnesita$2.18 B
Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg$1.91 B
PIERER Mobility$1.75 B
ams AG$1.50 B
Kontron AG$1.45 B
Sparkassen Immobilien$1.22 B
Lenzing$1.21 B
AMAG Austria Metall$1.05 B
Palfinger$0.90 B
Agrana$0.90 B
AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik$0.81 B
PORR$0.56 B

Verbund AG

Electricity fuels our world, and Verbund AG is at its heart in Austria. Imagine a network of hydropower painting green energy across the country. That’s Verbund AG for you, a titan in the Austrian Energy Market, driving sustainability forward. They’re not just about power; they’re about the future.

Erste Group Bank

Banking, but make it innovative. That’s Erste Group Bank. Picture a financial guardian, guiding Austria and beyond towards economic prosperity. They’re more than a bank; they’re a financial hub, integral to the Banking and Finance Sector in Austria. Trust and innovation are their game.


Oil, gas, and a whole lot of energy innovation – meet OMV. They’re the big players in the Austrian and global energy sectors. Think cutting-edge technology meeting traditional energy. OMV isn’t just pumping oil; they’re shaping Austria’s energy narrative.

Raiffeisen Bank International

Here’s where finance meets global impact. Raiffeisen Bank International is a key player, not just in Austria, but on the international stage. They’re not just about transactions; they’re about connections, fueling businesses and economies far and wide.

EVN Group

Lighting up homes, powering industries – that’s EVN Group’s daily agenda. Integral to the Austrian economy, they’re not just an energy provider. They’re innovators in the utilities sector, bringing sustainable energy solutions to the table.


Engineering and technology – Andritz lives and breathes these. Imagine a company that transforms industries, from hydro to pulp and paper. Andritz isn’t just an engineering firm; they’re pioneers, leading Austria’s charge in industrial innovation.

A1 Telekom Austria

In a world connected by digital threads, A1 Telekom Austria is the weaver. They’re not just a telecom company; they’re Austria’s digital heartbeat, connecting people, businesses, and ideas. Think cutting-edge tech meets everyday communication.


Steel might sound old-school, but Voestalpine is anything but. They’re bending the rules of metallurgy, driving forward Austria’s Steel Production sector. Voestalpine isn’t just about strong materials; they’re crafting the future of industry.


Oberbank is where personal banking meets professional prowess. They’re not just a financial institution; they’re a cornerstone of Austria’s financial landscape, fostering growth, stability, and innovation in personal and business finance.


Building the future, one structure at a time – that’s Strabag’s mission. As a leader in construction, they’re not just laying bricks. They’re architects of progress, shaping Austria’s infrastructure and skyline with innovation and expertise.

Vienna Airport

Think of a gateway, not just to Austria but to the world. Vienna Airport is more than a landing strip; it’s a crossroads of cultures, people, and business. As Austria’s window to the globe, they’re not just about flights; they’re about connecting dreams across continents.


BAWAG Group is redefining banking in Austria. Imagine a financial institution that blends tradition with modernity. They’re not just managing money; they’re crafting financial solutions that resonate with the heartbeat of Austrian and European markets.

Vienna Insurance Group

When it comes to security and trust, Vienna Insurance Group stands tall. They’re not just selling policies; they’re providing peace of mind. In the heart of Europe, they’re a safety net for millions, weaving a tapestry of protection across varied lives and businesses.

CA Immo

Real estate, but with a vision – that’s CA Immo. Picture developing spaces that breathe life into cities. They’re not just about buildings; they’re about creating environments where businesses and communities thrive, sculpting Austria’s urban landscape with innovation and sustainability.


Bricks might seem humble, but Wienerberger turns them into stories. As a leader in construction materials, they’re building more than walls; they’re building futures. Their role in shaping Austria’s infrastructure goes beyond the tangible; they’re crafting legacies in stone and clay.


Where real estate meets innovation, you’ll find Immofinanz. They’re not just about owning properties; they’re about reimagining spaces. From office buildings to retail spaces, Immofinanz is a key player in developing Austria’s commercial landscape, where every square meter tells a story of progress.

MM Group (Mayr-Melnhof AG)

Packaging isn’t just a box or a wrapper; for MM Group, it’s an art. Leading in recycling and packaging, they’re not just wrapping products; they’re wrapping experiences. They bring a sustainable touch to everyday items, playing a crucial role in Austria’s consumer goods industry.

Uniqa Insurance Group

Insurance, but with a heart – that’s Uniqa. They’re not just a company; they’re a companion in life’s unpredictable journey. In Austria and beyond, Uniqa stands as a pillar of stability, offering a safety net that spans from health to home, business to travel.

Österreichische Post

Delivering more than mail, Österreichische Post is Austria’s lifeline in communication and logistics. They’re the unseen heroes, ensuring that every letter and parcel bridges distances and hearts. They’re not just a postal service; they’re a network that keeps lives connected.

PIERER Mobility

Rev up your engines for PIERER Mobility, where innovation meets the road. They’re not just about bikes; they’re about a lifestyle. From KTM to Husqvarna, they’re accelerating Austria’s presence in the global mobility market, blending speed with state-of-the-art technology.

Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg

Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg (BTV) brings a personal touch to finance. Imagine a bank that knows your name and your dreams. They’re not just about transactions; they’re about building financial relationships. In the heart of Austria’s picturesque landscapes, BTV is a financial anchor, empowering local and regional economies.

RHI Magnesita

RHI Magnesita ignites innovation in the world of refractory products. Think high-temperature solutions meeting industrial needs. They’re not just about withstanding heat; they’re about shaping industries – from steel to cement. In Austria’s industrial scene, they are the silent yet powerful force behind many sectors.


Welcome to Lenzing, where fashion meets sustainability. They’re spinning more than threads; they’re weaving a future where textiles are eco-friendly and chic. Beyond clothing, Lenzing is a statement in Austria’s commitment to green innovation, revolutionizing the global fabric of the textile industry.

Kontron AG

In the realm of IoT and embedded computing, Kontron AG stands out. They’re not just making devices; they’re crafting the brains of machines. From industrial computers to smart solutions, Kontron is a digital architect, making Austria a hotspot in the global tech landscape.

AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik

High-tech circuitry and cutting-edge innovation – that’s AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik. They’re not just about electronics; they’re about powering the technology of tomorrow. In Austria’s tech sector, AT&S is a beacon of progress, driving advancements in communication and technology.

AMAG Austria Metall

Aluminum is more than a metal for AMAG Austria Metall; it’s a medium of innovation. They’re shaping more than materials; they’re shaping industries. From automotive to aerospace, AMAG plays a pivotal role in Austria’s metal industry, pushing boundaries in lightweight and sustainable solutions.

ams AG

In the world of sensors and semiconductors, ams AG is a name that resonates with innovation. They’re not just creating components; they’re enhancing how we interact with technology. As a key player in Austria’s tech sector, ams AG is at the forefront of transforming everyday experiences with smart sensor solutions.


Think sweet, think Agrana. From sugar to fruit, they’re more than a food company; they’re a taste of Austria. In the food industry, Agrana stands out for its quality and innovation, adding flavor not just to dishes but to Austria’s agricultural and food processing landscape.

Sparkassen Immobilien

Real estate with a twist – that’s Sparkassen Immobilien. They’re not just dealing in properties; they’re curating spaces for life and work. In Austria’s property market, they stand tall as innovators, shaping living and working environments with a blend of tradition and modernity.


Palfinger lifts more than loads; they lift industries. Specializing in hydraulic lifting systems, they’re not just about heavy machinery; they’re about solutions that empower. In the world of construction and transport, Palfinger is a synonym for strength and innovation, hoisting Austria’s engineering prowess onto the global stage.


PORR is more than just construction; they’re architects of progress. Imagine transforming landscapes, from towering skyscrapers to sprawling infrastructure. They’re not just about building; they’re about shaping Austria’s future, one innovative project at a time.

Addiko Bank

Banking, but with a fresh twist – that’s Addiko Bank. Picture a financial institution that’s all about straightforward, efficient services. They’re not just another bank; they’re redefining banking in Austria, making it more accessible and user-friendly.


Enter the digital realm with Fabasoft, where cloud computing and software solutions reign supreme. They’re not just about data; they’re about transforming how we work and secure information. In Austria’s tech landscape, Fabasoft is a beacon of digital innovation and security.

Ottakringer Getränke

Ottakringer Getränke brings a flavor of Austria to the world. Think refreshing beers and beverages that capture the spirit of Vienna. They’re not just brewing drinks; they’re brewing tradition and innovation, quenching thirsts while keeping Austrian brewing heritage alive.

UBM Development

Real estate but with a creative edge – that’s UBM Development. They’re not just building properties; they’re crafting experiences. With a focus on sustainability and design, UBM Development is shaping Austria’s real estate scene, one innovative project at a time.

FAQ On The Largest Austrian Companies

Who tops the list of the largest Austrian companies?

Red Bull grabs the crown. It’s not just about the drink; it’s the brand, the lifestyle — practically a culture in itself. This energy drink mogul is a global phenomenon, and it’s spearheaded right from Austria, spearheading the pack with a mix of tenacity and savvy marketing.

What sectors are dominated by Austria’s biggest companies?

Banking and steel aren’t just sectors; they’re Austria’s industrial cornerstones. Giants like Erste Group and Voestalpine have their roots deep in these areas. They’re the silent gears turning the economy, with banking knitting the financial fabric and steel fortifying the nation’s industrial backbone.

How do these large corporations impact Austria’s economy?

It’s like they’ve got superpowers, only it’s economic. These firms — let’s call them Austria’s commercial Avengers — command significant employment, drive hefty exports, and fill government coffers through taxes. They’re not just economic players; they’re the economic powerhouses Austria needs to shine on the global stage.

Do Austrian companies influence the global market?

Absolutely. Take a peek at OMV, a leader in oil and gas. Their reach goes way beyond the Alps, fueling industries worldwide. And it’s not just about selling products; it’s about setting industry benchmarks. Austria’s owning it, making ripples in the global pond.

How have Austrian enterprises adapted to digital transformation?

They’ve pivoted, and how! Digital marketing and online advertising aren’t just buzzwords for these folks; they’re strategies woven into their corporate DNA. Telecommunication bigwigs like A1 Telekom Austria are at the forefront, setting up a playground for innovations like 5G connectivity.

What roles do Austrian companies play in the European Union (EU) market?

They’re like the cool kids in the EU bloc. With centrality in Europe, they’re connectors, enablers, and trendsetters. Austrian firms, with their solid foundation, contribute significantly to the EU market, especially in sectors like renewable energy and technological advancements.

How are Austrian enterprises supporting sustainability?

They’re not just hopping on the green bandwagon; they’re driving it. These firms are knee-deep in embracing environmentally friendly practices and sustainable development. They’re redefining business with a conscience because, let’s face it, those Alpine landscapes aren’t going to preserve themselves.

What is the investment climate like for Austrian companies?

Think of it as fertile ground. Austria’s political stability, strategic location, and strong legal framework is tempting investors to park their euros here. The investment vibe is positive, with a keen interest in innovative startups and research-driven companies.

Which Austrian companies are known for innovation?

It’s like a who’s who of innovation. You’ve got the Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG crafting cutting-edge printed circuit boards and Wienerberger AG revolutionizing the construction space with innovative building materials. These companies are practically synonyms for Austrian commercial activities and innovation.

How can one invest in the largest Austrian companies?

Think stocks, and think Vienna Stock Exchange. Whether it’s direct investment or dipping toes in through mutual funds, there are pathways to be part of Austria’s corporate might. Just keep an eye on the ATX — that’s where you’ll witness the market dance of Austria’s top-tier companies.


Wrapping this up, we’ve sprinted through the forest of numbers, names, and nifty strategies that put the largest Austrian companies on the map. We’ve whizzed past the market leaders Austria boasts, marveling at their prowess to keep a steady hand on the global economic wheel.

In kaleidoscopic fashion, the landscape of Austrian enterprise revenue dances with the vibrancy of diversification, innovation, and core industrial strength. The major Austrian brands we’ve encountered aren’t just local champs; they’re international players setting the scene for how business can be both mighty and mindful.

If there’s a takeaway, it’s this: Whether it’s digital marketing finesse, sustainable development, or solid investment in Austrian firms, there’s a blend of tradition and trailblazing in Austria’s economic brew. We now recognize how these companies are less like solitary mountains and more a breathtaking range that shapes the skyline of Austria’s fiscal identity.

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