Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Ever found yourself in a bind, needing to snag a quick gig, but feeling utterly swamp-dodging through a cyber marsh of job apps? Picture this: a realm where your phone is a gateway to a powerhouse of apps—siblings to Shiftsmart—beckoning with the promise of flexible hours and shifts galore.

You’re not just a bystander to the gig economy boom; you’re in the driver’s seat, toggling between opportunities that turn free slots in your schedule into cold, hard cash.

Today, shift freedom is in your pocket. What’s in store? A treasure trove of digital platforms sharpening the edge of worker availability and shift-based sassiness.

You’ll unearth mobile labor marketplaces; dip into the side hustle jar; tweak, turn, and tailor those employment apps until they fit just like your favorite pair of jeans—comfy, reliable, and ready for action.

By the end of this read, you’ll be savvy to a suite of on-demand staffing solutions that mesh with your life’s rhythm—because, let’s face it, flexibility is the new 9 to 5. Dive in, as we unpack the ultimate gig gear for your occupational odyssey.

Apps like ShiftSmart

Apps Similar to ShiftsmartSpecializationPlatform AvailabilityGeographical AvailabilityKey Features
ThumbtackHome services & professional tasksiOS, Android, WebMostly USCustom quotes from professionals, client reviews
UpshiftHospitality, clerical, and light industrial workiOS, Android, WebSeveral US citiesWorkers can choose shifts, direct deposit payments
HelpWareOutsourced customer support and back-office tasksWeb-basedGlobalFocus on remote support staff, customizable solutions
WonoloWarehousing, delivery, general labor, administrationiOS, AndroidSeveral US citiesSame-day payments, flexible work options
BluecrewW-2 work in warehousing, hospitality, and light industrialiOS, AndroidSeveral US citiesEmployee benefits, job stability
InstaworkHospitality, general labor, and gigsiOS, AndroidSeveral US citiesInstant payment options, work flexibility
ShyftWorkforce management for shift workersiOS, AndroidUS, focused on retail and hospitalityShift swapping, scheduling, team communication
VeryableManufacturing, logistics, and warehousing operationsiOS, Android, WebSeveral US statesOn-demand labor marketplace, daily pay
Jobble AppGig marketplace for various industriesiOS, AndroidUSInstant access to gigs, community, and resources
DesignCrowdGraphic design and creative servicesWeb-basedGlobalCrowdsourced design contests, freelance opportunities
TaskRabbitHome services, errands, and minor repairsiOS, Android, WebUS, UK, Canada, and moreBackground checked Taskers, same-day task options
Indeed FlexTemporary staffing for the business sectoriOS, Android, WebUS, UKFlexibility in job searching, employee benefits
WorkWhileShift work across various industriesiOS, Android, WebSeveral US citiesWorker benefits, focuses on job-worker fit
ShiftgigShift work primarily in hospitality and eventsWeb-basedUS, predominantly major citiesOn-demand work, flexible schedule
GigSmartVaried gig work, from handymen to event staffiOS, AndroidUSWorker ratings, immediate insurance options
JobstackIndustrial, construction, and warehouse jobsiOS, AndroidUS, mostly concentrated in certain areasReal-time job matching, daily work opportunities


Thumbtack Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Thumbtack, oh man, it’s like this sweet hub that hooks you up with local jobs. You just plug in your skills, and boom, you get matched with folks needing your particular brand of magic. It could be anything, from fixing a leaky tap to busting out some fresh web designs for a startup.

Best Features:

  • Hyper-local gigs
  • Wide range of services
  • Simple interface for navigation

What we like about it:
The rad part? It’s a breeze to dial into your own neighborhood gigs. Handy, especially if you’re not up for trekking across town.


Upshift Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

UpShift’s a breath of fresh air in the gig workspace. If you’re itching for flex jobs or temporary work opportunities, this is your playground. Set your schedule, pick the shifts that jive with you, and start earning on your terms.

Best Features:

  • Choose your own shifts
  • Variety of industries
  • Straightforward sign-up

What we like about it:
The cherry on top has to be the “pick-your-own-schedule” feature. Total game-changer for work-life balance.


helpware Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

HelpWare’s the sidekick in the customer service arena. If you’ve got a knack for nailing customer queries or you’re a pro at support, this platform’s your launchpad. It’s all about making businesses shine through ace customer experiences.

Best Features:

  • Focus on customer service
  • Remote work opportunities
  • Growth potential within the platform

What we like about it:
The spotlight here’s on their kickass remote work options. Dig into customer service from wherever you call home.


Wonolo Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Wonolo’s the straight shooter in the world of on-demand work platforms. They serve up a buffet of gig options — from warehouse to delivery gigs. It’s all about snagging that gig, owning it, and getting paid, pronto.

Best Features:

  • Instant job notifications
  • Varied gig types
  • Quick payment turnaround

What we like about it:
What thumps my heart? The speed, mate. Apply today, work tomorrow, get paid. Lightning fast.


BlueCrew-for-Elastic-Hourly-Workforce Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Bluecrew’s the stalwart buddy for folks seeking steady gigs with some meat on their bones. We’re talking W-2 employment that comes packing benefits — you know, the good stuff like health insurance and paid time off.

Best Features:

  • Employee status gigs with benefits
  • Diverse job categories
  • Easy-to-use mobile app

What we like about it:
The real deal’s the benefits. Not something you see every day in the gig world, and that’s no joke.


Instawork Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

InstaWork’s the hustler’s dream. It’s built for the go-getters looking to cook up a storm in hospitality or spark some connections in events. Flexibility and networking, all stirred into one zesty cocktail.

Best Features:

  • Hospitality and event focus
  • Networking opportunities
  • Flexible shift picking

What we like about it:
What’s cool? The networking angle. Rub elbows while you earn — smooth.


Shyft Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Shyft swoops in as the caped crusader for hourly workers. Juggling shifts is no circus act here; it’s smooth sailing. It’s designed to crank up efficiency for both businesses and team members in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Best Features:

  • Shift swapping made easy
  • Communication hub for teams
  • Integrates with existing systems

What we like about it:
The slick shift-swap process is the star show. It’s like, “Need a day off? No sweat, swap it.”


Veryable Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Pop onto Veryable and it’s manufacturing and logistics galore! If you’ve got the muscle for the heavy lifting or the precision for production, you’re all set. Dive into the pool of daily job ops and score yourself a winner.

Best Features:

  • Daily job ops
  • Manufacturing and logistics focus
  • Immediate pay-out

What we like about it:
Check this, getting paid right after your shift? Feels good, real good.

Jobble App

Jobble-App Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Jobble App has got your back if you’re cruising for that sweet spot between freelance freedom and dependable gigs. It’s bursting with opportunities, whether you’re gunning for something short-term or you’re in it for the longer haul.

Best Features:

  • A wide range of job types
  • Community vibe
  • User-friendly interface

What we like about it:
The community feel hooks you in — it’s like being part of a work squad without the drama.


DesignCrowd Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Hello, creative souls! DesignCrowd’s your canvas if you’re itching to splash some color in the design world. Compete on projects, unleash your creativity, and let your designs do the talking.

Best Features:

  • Project-based work
  • Global client base
  • Creative freedom

What we like about it:
The buzz is in the global exposure. Your art on the world stage? Oh yeah, sign me up.


TaskRabbit Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

TaskRabbit, the old faithful in the freelancing game, where your skilled hands find their purpose. Assemble furniture, run errands, or work your IT magic. It’s the gig economy’s playground, and you’re invited to come out and play.

Best Features:

  • Wide array of task categories
  • Set your own rates
  • Solid customer base

What we like about it:
Want control over your earnings? You got it. Set your rates and watch that wallet grow.

Indeed Flex

Indeed-Flex Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Indeed Flex is the new kid on the block, mixing up how you flex those job-seeking muscles. It’s tied to the mega-job-platform Indeed and specializes in — you guessed it — flexible work options that fit snugly into your life.

Best Features:

  • Backing by a leading job platform
  • Flexibility across shifts
  • Streamlined job search process

What we like about it:
It’s the flexibility for me. Need I say more?


WorkWhile Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Jump into WorkWhile and you’ll find it’s all about matching you with jobs that jive with your schedule. Night owl or early bird, they’ve got shifts to suit your style. Plus, these guys are big on ensuring you land roles that make you happy.

Best Features:

  • Matching based on schedule
  • Focus on worker happiness
  • Competitive pay rates

What we like about it:
They truly care if you’re smiling at the end of your shift, and isn’t that something?


Shiftgig Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Shiftgig’s where the action’s at for snappy, short-term gigs. It’s like speed dating but for work — quick, to the point, and you walk away with cash. Majorly popular in the service and hospitality industries.

Best Features:

  • Quick gigs for fast cash
  • Easy-to-use mobile platform
  • Business and worker focused

What we like about it:
Simple and slick — find a gig, do the gig, get paid. Rinse and repeat.


GigSmart Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

For a brainy approach to snagging part-time employment, GigSmart’s got the smarts. Navigate through an intelligent platform that connects you to a maze of gigs — from event staffing to colossal construction projects.

Best Features:

  • Intelligent job matching
  • Broad job category range
  • Immediate insurance options

What we like about it:
Smart tech that swoops in with insurance coverage? That’s thinking ahead.


Jobstack Flexibility in Work: 16 Apps Like ShiftSmart Reviewed

Jobstack’s where you land if you’re all about variety. The app is stacked with gigs, from industrial to hospitality. Quick to apply, quick to work, and you guessed it — quick on the draw for pay.

Best Features:

  • Easy application process
  • Diverse job pool
  • Quick access to earnings

What we like about it:
It’s the speed of the whole deal that’s a winner. Quick taps on the phone, and you’re set for the day.

FAQ On Apps Like Shiftsmart

What exactly are apps like Shiftsmart?

These digital darlings? They’re mobile labor marketplaces. A Tinder-meets-LinkedIn for the gig workforce, if you will. Swipe right on a shift, get matched to a gig that resonates with your schedule. They’re revolutionizing the traditional job board, making flexible work the norm, not the exception.

How do these apps help gig workers?

They’re a bona fide concierge for the gig economy. Think of them as your personal assistant, juggling your preferences to connect you with temporary job opportunities. They’re the middleman that fades into the backdrop, ensuring you and that perfect gig find each other.

Are they only for people seeking part-time work?

Not at all. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle to complement your day job or full-throttle shift-based work, these platforms are chameleons—they adapt. Full-time, part-time, one-off gigs; they’ve got it all sorted in a flexible scheduling app for everyone’s appetite.

Do apps like Shiftsmart cater to specific industries?

Yes and no. It’s a colorful mishmash of industries—retail, hospitality, quick service restaurants, you name it. Some apps may sport niche badges, catering to specialized fields, while others wear a jack-of-all-trades hat, welcoming a broader workforce spectrum.

What sets Shiftsmart apart from other similar apps?

Shiftsmart talks the talk and walks the walk with spunk. It’s not just the sleek interface; it’s their reputation for genuinely caring about the workers—their shift planning tools, their unwavering commitment to flexible work app sovereignty. They aren’t just building bridges; they’re fortifying them.

Are these apps safe for workers to use?

Absolutely. Think of them as a digital fortress guarding your work-life balance. They come armored with secure payment channels and transparent shift management operations, keeping the ogres of uncertainty at bay. Plus, they make sure both sides of the employment drawbridge meet trustworthy allies.

How do I get started with using Shiftsmart or similar apps?

Easy-peasy. Grab that magic rectangle (aka your smartphone), hit the app store, and download your chosen staffing solution. Quick sign-up, set your availability, pick your skillset, and voilà—you’re on the part-time employment yellow brick road.

Can I choose my work hours on these flexible scheduling apps?

Total freedom alert! Picture a work shift calendar app in your palm that lets you decide when to be the working warrior. Early bird or night owl, your call. These apps are your ticket to clock in nirvana, sans the rigid 9-to-5 carousel.

How do payments work on these platforms?

No riddles here. You hustle, you earn—straight to your account, typically. Each app waves its own freelance payment flag, be it weekly, bi-weekly, post-shift or magical mystery cycles, keeping your digital wallet in fine fettle.

What if I encounter issues while using the app?

Fear not, the cavalry (aka customer support) is a beacon in the fog. They stand at the ready, shields up, to battle any bugs or bewilderments. You’re not alone in the gig economy arena—help is just a chat, email, or raven… err, phone call away.


Well, we’ve journeyed through the digital forest of flexible work apps like Shiftsmart, haven’t we? We’ve seen how these platforms are the unsung heroes for those riding the wave of the gig economy. They’re the matchmakers pairing shift-based job seekers with the gigs they’ve been pining for.

So, what’s the big take-home? These apps are kickstarting revolutions in people’s pockets, and—let’s be real—the rhythm of traditional work’s heartbeats is changing. Whether you’re in for the odd side hustle or craving full-time flexibility, these platforms are throwing open the doors wide to a world where workforce management tools and opportunities sync effortlessly with life’s eclectic tempo.

Before you jet off:

  • Wallets fatten with timely payments,
  • Shift swaps happen with a tap,
  • And your schedule’s flexibility is king.

Make your smartphone the strongest card in your deck. Choose your gig, make your mark, and, above all, design a work-life masterpiece that’s as unique as your fingerprint.

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