Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Swipe, click, purchase—it’s a digital dance we’ve all grown accustomed to. But when the hunt for that one-of-a-kind piece without splurging at department store prices begins, where do we twirl to?

Apps like Poshmark have revolutionized the closet-flip craze, spurring a whole universe of like-minded platforms where fashion finds a second life.

You’re here because your wardrobe’s brimming with potential. Potential, that is, for flips, for deals, to thrive in another’s collection.

This scroll through the virtual racks will unwrap the best-kept secrets of the digital consignment realm.

By the bottom of this page, you’ll be equipped with the lowdown:

  • Peer-to-peer selling — demystified.
  • Sustainable fashion shopping — embraced, full throttle.
  • The social shopping platforms that give Poshmark a run for its money.

Unleash the savvy shopper within, without the buyer’s remorse shadowing closely behind. Here’s the style-savvy lowdown. Welcome to the future of fashion—a blend of e-commerce, sustainability, and that thrill of the find. Buckle in; it’s quite the ride.

Top Apps Like Poshmark

Apps Like PoshmarkCategory FocusFeesKey FeaturesUser Base/Popularity
eBayGeneral, wide rangeVariable; ~10-12% + listing fees for most categoriesAuction & Buy-It-Now formats, international reachExtremely high
GrailedMen’s fashionSeller fee of 6% + PayPal feesCurated high-end and streetwear, PayPal protectionMedium
ThredUPWomen’s and kids’ clothes5-80% of the sale price depending on item priceClean Out service for selling, strict item acceptanceHigh
DepopVintage, streetwear10% feeSocial network features, youth-focusedMedium-high
VintedGeneral fashionNo seller fees, buyer pays a service feeBuyer Protection, simple interfaceMedium-high
MercariGeneral marketplace10% feeNo meetups required, shipping options availableHigh
OfferUpGeneral, local salesNo listing fees, 7.9% or minimum $1.99 service fee when items shipLocal pick-up and shipping options, haggling featureHigh
RebagLuxury handbagsConsignment-based, fees dependent on bag valueInstant pricing tool, authenticity guaranteeLow-medium
Facebook MarketplaceGeneral, local and shipped goodsNo fees for local sales; 5% per shipment or flat fee for orders under $8Integrated within Facebook, wide user networkExtremely high
EtsyHandmade, vintage, crafts5% transaction fee + 3% + $0.25 payment processing feeUnique items, strong communityHigh
TradesyDesigner fashion$7.50 for items under $50; 19.8% for items $50 or morePre-authentication, hassle-free returnsMedium
StockXSneakers, streetwearVariable, generally around 10%Release dates for new items, authenticationHigh
The RealRealLuxury consignmentUp to 50% consignment fee depending on item valueProfessional authentication, high-end brandsMedium-high
CurtsyWomen’s fashionSeller fees start at 3% + $3 on items sold for $15 or moreApp targets Generation Z, easy listing processLow-medium


eBay Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Imagine a virtual flea market that’s open 24/7, bursting with everything from vintage tees to high-tech gadgets; that’s eBay for you. It’s a global online marketplace where buying and selling are as easy as a few clicks.

Best Features:

  • Vast product selection
  • Bidding system for deals
  • Seller ratings for trust

What we like about it:

eBay’s buyer protection is the real deal. It’s like having a guardian angel while you shop, ensuring you get what you ordered, or you get your money back!


Grailed Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Step into the world of high-end streetwear with Grailed. This app caters to the fashion-forward dudes who love a good deal on designer labels and rare finds.

Best Features:

  • Curated men’s fashion
  • User-friendly interface
  • Rare and unique items

What we like about it:

Fashion aficionados rave about Grailed’s authenticity checks. No knock-offs here, just pure, verified designer swag.


ThredUp Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

ThredUP brings the thrift store experience right to your phone, with pre-loved wear for a fraction of the price. It’s the eco-conscious shopper’s dream, making sustainable fashion accessible and affordable.

Best Features:

  • Sustainable shopping choices
  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Quality secondhand clothing

What we like about it:

The Clean Out Kit from ThredUP is a game-changer for closet cleanouts. Send in your old stuff, and they do the heavy lifting – selling, donating, or recycling.


Depop2 Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Depop is like that trendy thrift store in the hip part of town but in app form. It’s where Gen Z and millennials flock to snap up—and snap pics of—unique threads and accessories.

Best Features:

  • Social media vibe
  • Vintage and handmade goods
  • Creative community

What we like about it:

Depop’s social shopping element is a blast. Following sellers feels like adding friends who just happen to have amazing closets you can buy from.


Vinted Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Travel across the Atlantic with Vinted, a nifty app hailing from Europe that’s all about giving clothes a second life. User-friendly and community-oriented, it’s for anyone looking to refresh their wardrobe responsibly.

Best Features:

  • Easy listing process
  • No selling fees
  • Swap option available

What we like about it:

Vinted’s zero selling fees mean you pocket all the profits when you part with your pre-loved pieces—that’s 100% earnings!


Mercari Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Mercari is the Japanese export taking the online marketplace by storm. Buy or sell anything from toys to togs in this uncomplicated, user-centric app.

Best Features:

  • Broad product spectrum
  • Straightforward selling process
  • Handy shipping solutions

What we like about it:

What users buzz about is Mercari’s fuss-free shipping—print your label, slap it on, and send it off. Easy-peasy!


OfferUp Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Transform your smartphone into a local seller’s paradise with OfferUp. It’s like having a virtual garage sale in your pocket, where you can snag deals or offload stuff fast in your own community.

Best Features:

  • Local buy and sell
  • Secure messaging
  • User verification

What we like about it:

OfferUp’s local flair is a win. No need for lengthy shipping—just meet up, exchange the goods, and you’re golden.


Rebag Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Rebag is the ritzy, glitzy haven for pre-owned designer bags. If you’ve got a thing for luxe leather that’s been loved before, Rebag is your go-to.

Best Features:

  • High-end handbags galore
  • Transparent pricing
  • Clair AI for valuation

What we like about it:

The Clair AI tool is a standout, giving you instant price estimates on your bags. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to reselling your luxe arm candy.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook-Marketplace-1 Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Facebook Marketplace is the neighborhood hub where you can snag a sofa or offload a bicycle without breaking a sweat. It leans on the social aspect of Facebook, offering a personal touch to buying and selling.

Best Features:

  • Integrated social network
  • Localized listings
  • Diverse range of items

What we like about it:

We dig the social trust factor—seeing a seller’s Facebook profile adds a layer of comfort to transactions.


Etsy.com_ Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Etsy is the darling of the handmade and vintage world. It’s the spot where artisans, crafters, and treasure seekers unite to buy and sell unique goods.

Best Features:

  • One-of-a-kind items
  • Support for independent creators
  • Global reach

What we like about it:

Etsy’s support for small businesses is a breath of fresh air. It’s like a craft fair in your pocket, supporting indie creativity on a global scale.


Tradesy Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Welcome to Tradesy, a luxury fashion resale app that’s all about authentic style without the astronomical price tags. It’s like having your own personal consignment shop for high-end bargains.

Best Features:

  • Designer brands at discount
  • Authenticity guaranteed
  • User-friendly interface

What we like about it:

Tradesy’s authenticity promise takes the cake. No fakes, just fabulous fashion finds that are the real McCoy.


StockX-and-GOAT Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts, rejoice! StockX is where limited releases and rare collectibles are bought and sold like stocks, complete with transparency and authentication.

Best Features:

  • Live ‘stock market’ pricing
  • Verified authenticity
  • Sneaker and streetwear focus

What we like about it:

That bid/ask trading platform is legit. Buying sneakers on StockX feels like playing the stock market, only way cooler.

The RealReal

The-RealReal Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Luxury lives on at The RealReal, where consigned couture finds new life in the closets of discerning shoppers who won’t settle for anything less than the genuine article.

Best Features:

  • Expertly authenticated luxury goods
  • Consignment service
  • Sustainable luxury shopping

What we like about it:

Their dedication to authenticating every piece is unmatched. With The RealReal, you’re getting the genuine article, no doubt about it.


Curtsy Fashion Reselling Platforms: 15 Apps Like Poshmark

Curtsy is like the trendy younger sister in the resale app family, making it fun and easy to buy and sell clothes. Clothing resale made modern, social, and oh-so-simple.

Best Features:

  • Trendy, youthful inventory
  • Simple selling process
  • Social shopping experience

What we like about it:

Curtsy’s focus on current trends hits the mark. Stay in the fashion loop without breaking the bank or harming the planet.

FAQ On Apps Like Poshmark

How do apps like Poshmark work?

Dive right in, it’s simple. You snap photos of fashion you’re parting with, list ’em, and sell directly to eager browsers. These apps are a bustling digital marketplace. Like your favorite flea market, but on your phone—easy browsing, chatting with sellers, and secure transactions.

What’s the best app for buying pre-owned fashion?

That’s subjective, you know. ThredUp is massive for variety, The RealReal offers luxury finds, and then there’s Depop, reigning supreme with the youth. Trawl through a few; your perfect treasure trove for pre-loved chic awaits.

Can you make real money selling clothes online?

Absolutely. Consistency and a good eye for trends are key. Shoot well-lit photos, describe with flair, and be responsive. Social media can boost sales. Some folks even turn this into their main gig—true story.

Are these shopping apps trustworthy?

Most are. They’ve upped their game with authentication services, especially for high-end items. Check those reviews, iron-clad return policies, and secure payment gateways. Always vet with a cautious but open mind.

How do I price my items?

Peek at similar listings, factor in brand recognition, wear-and-tear, and the original price tag. Don’t undersell; everyone’s looking for a steal. Price competitively, but leave a smidge of room for negotiation.

What are the fees for selling on these apps?

They all take a slice, they’ve got to keep the lights on. Poshmark nabs a flat fee for sales under $15, more above that. Others may differ—percentage cuts or listing fees. It’s all clearly outlined; read it, it’s important.

Can I return items bought from these apps?

Most times, yes. If that dress shows up more ‘meh’ than ‘yay,’ return policies got your back. Condition mismatches or authenticity discrepancies usually warrant a refund. Be prompt; time windows for returns can be tight.

How do I know if a seller is legit?

Ratings and reviews don’t lie. A seller’s reputation speaks volumes. Look for detailed feedback, solid transaction histories. If the chat feels off, trust your gut. Aim for power sellers, if you can.

What’s the difference between Poshmark and other apps?

While Poshmark leans heavily into fashion, other apps might blend genres—you’ll find art, collectibles, even homeware. It’s specific vs. generalist; depends on what you’re after.

How do shipping and handling work?

Different apps, different rules. Poshmark has a flat rate and supplies the label. Others might let sellers call the shots. Always double-check who’s footing the shipping bill—you or the buyer? It’s usually baked into the process, nice and easy.


In the wild web weave of apps like Poshmark, you’ve glimpsed a galaxy where fashion’s afterlife sparkles with promise. From the digital consignment corners to bustling peer-to-peer selling markets, each app is a unique thread in the tapestry of online thrifting.

  • Curate and enrich your wardrobe.
  • Unearth gems without leaving your couch.
  • Connect with a community where vintage vibes vibe.

As closets across the globe open their doors, powering the sustainable fashion wave with the tap of an app, remember the power rests in your palms. Be it designer digs or streetwear steals, online marketplace champions like Poshmark lead a revolution right in our pockets.

So, as we draw this digital stroll to a close, take a sec. Breathe in the possibility. With savvy, caution, and a dash of adventure, the perfect deal’s out there, waiting to be discovered. Happy app hunting.

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