Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Picture this: the pulse of innovation beats strongly along the sun-drenched streets of Tampa. Here, in Florida’s own cocoon of creativity, tech companies aren’t just blooming; they’re booming. The local landscape buzzes with an entrepreneurial spirit that might make Silicon Valley glance over with a hint of envy.

With Tampa Bay galvanizing its stance as a technology sector heavyweight, an intricate tapestry of promising startups and established tech giants weaves together a narrative of remarkable growth.

As someone who shapes virtual experiences into tactile success stories, seeing the digital fingerprints of my peers reshape this city is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Dive into an ocean of insights—where venture capital flows and co-working spaces are as commonplace as the palm trees.

By the time you reach the last dot on this page, you’ll be versed in the why and how of Tampa’s meteoric tech rise and the entities driving the charge.

Prepare to navigate the intricate networks, the innovation hubs, and the talent pipelines that command attention nationwide. It’s all happening right here, in Tampa.

Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Tech Company in TampaIndustry/SectorKey Products/ServicesYear FoundedNotable Information
System Soft TechnologiesIT ConsultingDigital transformations, IT staffing1999Wide range of technology solutions for businesses
Arrive LogisticsTransportation & LogisticsFreight brokerage, transportation management2014Fast-growing freight broker
Gale HealthcareHealthTechOn-demand healthcare staffing platform2016Connects healthcare professionals with job openings
NAXFinancial TechnologiesAsset exchange platform2019Streamlines the exchange of financial assets
HomeeProptechOn-demand home services2016Provides vetted contractors for various services
Traffic TechTransportation & LogisticsFreight solutions, logistics services1988Global logistics and transportation company
EnsuremInsurtechInsurance technology solutions2016Streamlines the insurance process
Procore TechnologiesConstruction TechConstruction project management software2002Helps firms increase project efficiency and accountability
SpectrioMarketing TechCustomer engagement technology2002Offers a range of audio and visual marketing solutions
ReliaQuestCybersecuritySecurity platform and professional services2007Specializes in enterprise cybersecurity solutions
NielsenData AnalyticsData and analytics related to consumer behavior1923Global leader in audience insights, data, and analytics
IQorBusiness Process OutsourcingCustomer support, supply chain management2013Provides customer contact services and aftermarket solutions
GSPMarketing TechRetail marketing, design services1978Retail marketing and management solutions
XatorDefense & SecuritySecurity, defense, and intelligence services2005Focuses on government and critical infrastructure
Mad MobileMobile TechMobile experience platform2010Offers solutions for transforming customer experience
DeepwatchCybersecurityManaged Security Services Provider (MSSP)2019Provides cloud security solutions and services
Kobie MarketingMarketing TechCustomer loyalty and rewards programs1990Specializes in end-to-end customer loyalty solutions
MicrosoftTechnology & ComputingSoftware, cloud services, hardware1975Global technology leader with a significant presence in Tampa
Quiet ProfessionalsDefense & TechnologyDefense technology services2013Offers intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance services
InovalonHealthcare Data AnalyticsCloud-based platforms for healthcare data1998Drives data-driven healthcare improvements
AgileThoughtIT ConsultingCustom software, digital transformation2004Delivers agile, digital solutions for businesses
Evo PaymentsFinancial TechnologiesPayment processing services1989International payment processing firm
SlideFintechPayment and finance mobile app2005Simplifies payment experiences
ComplianceQuestCompliance ManagementCloud-based compliance and quality management2013Provides solutions for regulatory and quality challenges in business
InSync Healthcare SolutionsHealthTechElectronic Medical Records (EMR) and practice management2008EHR and healthcare IT solutions
Healthmap SolutionsHealthTechCare management and kidney health solutions2014Specializes in kidney health and chronic disease management
ConnectWiseSoftware & IT ServicesBusiness management software1982Streamlines operations for IT service providers
Avalon Healthcare SolutionsHealthTechLaboratory benefit management solutions2013Ensures clinically appropriate and cost-effective lab testing
CorestreamHR TechEmployee benefits management platform2006Offers voluntary benefit programs for employees
Rapid7CybersecuritySecurity data and analytics solutions2000Advanced technology for security operations and analytics

System Soft Technologies

1 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Founded in 1999, software development firm System Soft Technologies provides specialized IT solutions to businesses seeking IT project help or entirely external IT teams.

Located in Tampa, this company is an integral part of the Tampa Bay tech scene.

Arrive Logistics

2 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Arrive Logistics, a multimodal transportation and technology company, offers innovative solutions to carriers and shippers alike.

Starting as a 10-person team in Austin, Texas, the company has grown into a venture with over 1,500 expert problem solvers based in multiple locations including Austin, Chicago, San Antonio, and Tampa.

Gale Healthcare

3 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Gale Healthcare, a key player in Tampa’s healthcare technology industry, connects available physicians with healthcare institutions in need of employees through the Gale App.

Employing a family of over 57,000 healthcare professionals across the US, the company offers recruiting, credentialing, staffing, and payroll solutions for the travel, acute care, and long-term care industries in 40 states around the US.


4 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

The New Asset Exchange, or NAX, is a global leader in fintech and venture capital. Although headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, the company maintains a significant presence in Tampa, along with other locations in Asia, Europe, and North America.


5 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Established in 2016, Homee, a consumer goods and services business, contributes to Tampa’s technology and innovation hub with its on-demand home maintenance software.

The Homee app gives users immediate access to plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, and handymen.

Traffic Tech

6 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Traffic Tech, a third-party logistics provider (or 3PL), effectively links clients needing to transfer goods with the best carriers, helping to strengthen Tampa Bay’s economic development by offering transportation solutions securely by air, sea, rail, and land.

Procore Technologies

8 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

As a contributor to Tampa tech growth, Procore Technologies is revolutionizing the construction industry with extensive software.

Founded in 2002, the company offers a single platform where owners, general contractors, and specialist contractors may connect and exchange crucial information, enhancing Tampa’s industry landscape.


9 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Headquartered in Tampa, Spectrio LLC is a media and communication company that contributes to Tampa Bay’s economic development.

Established in 2002, it offers marketing solutions for various markets, including healthcare, hotel, real estate, manufacturing, and retail. Beyond its focus on digital signage like menu boards and advertisements, the company employs cutting-edge marketing strategies including interactive kiosks and smell marketing.


10 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

ReliaQuest, founded in 2007, is a gem in Tampa’s cybersecurity scene. Located in Tampa, the information technology business focuses primarily on building security foundations that are powered by automation technology.

About 250 businesses have benefited from ReliaQuest’s security tools, helping them foresee and reduce risk in their digital environments. The company has a global presence, offering security services to businesses around the world.


11 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Nielsen, a global leader in audience insights, data, and analytics, is another significant player in Tampa’s technology and innovation hub.

The company provides its clients with unbiased and useful intelligence to connect and engage with their audiences both now and in the future. As an S&P 500 corporation, Nielsen has operations in more than 55 nations worldwide, further enhancing Tampa’s business environment.


12 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

IQor operates from Tampa, linking businesses worldwide to a talent pool of IT experts. These professionals can assist organizations in refining their customer interaction technology, thereby fostering closer ties with their customers.

The company’s services extend to analytics science, product testing, supply chain management, billing, and other operations, making it a versatile asset in Tampa’s technology sector.


13 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Founded in 1978, GSP is a pioneer in Tampa’s tech and marketing ecosystem. This marketing and software company works with retail businesses to help them renovate with data-driven strategies, keeping both shop and consumer data in mind.

Their services include environmental planning, fixture designs, visual merchandising, and digital asset management.


16 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Xator provides integrated security, intelligence, and information technology solutions to the United States Government and its support contractors, making it a cornerstone in Tampa’s tech industry that focuses on public service and security.

Mad Mobile

17 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Mad Mobile, established in Tampa in 2010, is a tech innovator providing cutting-edge mobile solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors.

Their portfolio includes diverse technology services like point-of-sale, clienteling, order fulfillment, guest and menu management, team management, and digital payment alternatives.


18 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Deepwatch is a linchpin in Tampa’s cybersecurity landscape, consistently defending enterprise networks to secure the digital economy.

This is achieved through their cutting-edge cloud platform and borderless SOC, which extends customers’ cybersecurity teams and proactively safeguards their reputation, brand, and digital assets.

Kobie Marketing

19 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Kobie Marketing, another key player in Tampa’s thriving technology and marketing sectors, offers technology-integrated marketing solutions for businesses wishing to create loyalty programs.

With over 30 years of global experience, they’ve earned numerous business honors, including Addy Awards and spots on the Inc. 5000’s year-end lists.


21 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A multinational tech innovator, Microsoft Corporation was established in 1974 and is headquartered in Washington.

They create, produce, license, and market a diverse range of software goods, data analytics services, and cloud-based solutions.

Quiet Professionals

22 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Quiet Professionals is the industry leader in big data analytics, AI and machine learning, and geospatial technology.

Focusing on service for US defense contractors, they offer cutting-edge technology solutions that add significant value to public service and security.


23 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Inovalon, a leading technology firm, integrates cloud-based data analytics with data-driven intervention platforms.

Specializing in healthcare technology, they make a substantial impact on clinical outcomes, utilization, and financial performance across the healthcare industry.


24 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

AgileThought provides businesses with a range of digital development tools, including cloud integration, UX design, and analytics insights.

With their tech solutions, companies can update and improve their online presence and compete more effectively in the digital economy within their respective industries.

Evo Payments

25 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

As an international merchant acquirer and payment processor, EVO Payments serves over 525,000 merchants in North America and Europe.

Processing more than 2.6 billion transactions yearly, EVO Payments’ digital payment solutions are available in 50 markets worldwide.


27 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Slide, a full-stack insurtech, utilizes cutting-edge technology including artificial intelligence and Big Data to hyper-personalize and streamline the insurance process.

They offer solutions that simplify the process for consumers to select the best coverage for their financial circumstances.


28 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

ComplianceQuest offers a next-generation modern cloud platform with AI-powered solutions designed for Clinical, Quality, Health, and Safety management teams.

They focus on automating manual or disjointed processes across legacy systems, allowing teams to focus on their core responsibilities.

InSync Healthcare Solutions

29 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

InSync Healthcare Solutions offers exceptional healthcare services and produces fully integrated, customizable medical software designed for operational efficiency and patient care optimization.

Healthmap Solutions

30 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Healthmap Solutions is a Tampa-based software development business that specializes in technologies for managing kidney population health.

Established in 2013, they are accredited by the National Council for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Their renal health management programs empower medical professionals to manage expenses, reduce risks, and offer quality care using data-driven strategies.


31 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

ConnectWise, established in Tampa in 1982, is a software development company that provides a comprehensive cybersecurity suite.

With a dedicated team of security professionals, they offer monitoring, threat response, and security research services. Their software bundle includes programs for detecting threats, managing hazards, and continuously monitoring security concerns to protect business data.

Avalon Healthcare Solutions

32 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Founded in 2013, Avalon Healthcare Solutions digitizes laboratory test results to provide data-driven insights.

This Tampa-based healthcare organization offers digital solutions for a variety of lab testing needs, including regular testing, genetic testing, and real-time lab value monitoring, effectively bridging the gap between health insurance providers and lab services.


33 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Corestream, a Tampa-based tech solutions provider, specializes in medical technologies.

They offer employers a digital platform to provide employees access to a variety of additional benefits, from pet insurance and disability coverage to identity theft protection, enhancing both employee satisfaction and operational efficiency.


34 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Founded in 2000, Rapid7 is an information technology company with a focus on cybersecurity solutions.

They offer tools for businesses to gather data, allowing security teams to analyze it to identify potential threats, thwart ongoing attacks, and automate routine security tasks.

Headquartered in Boston, the organization has a global footprint with 13 sites worldwide, including a key location in Tampa.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Tampa

What’s sparking the growth of tech companies in Tampa?

In a nutshell, it’s the perfect storm – low operational costs, hefty investment opportunities, and a robust talent pipeline from places like USF. Add to that the local government’s allyship, you get a conducive environment for tech to not just grow, but thrive.

How do Tampa tech companies compare to Silicon Valley?

While we’re not cloning Silicon Valley, the Tampa Bay technology sector stands tall with its unique flavor. There’s an edge here with a focus on diversity in tech and tailored support from groups like Tampa Bay Tech – no competition, just a distinct, supportive community vibe.

What opportunities are there for tech jobs in Tampa?

Job seekers, rejoice! The market’s buzzing with openings, ranging from software development to cybersecurityTech incubators Tampa and startup ecosystem initiatives keep the opportunities coming, ensuring that for tech pros, Tampa’s not just a place to live – it’s a place to prosper.

Which tech sectors are most prominent in Tampa?

Tampa’s not a one-trick pony – healthtechcybersecurity, and financial tech services lead the charge. But keep an eye on the innovation hub sectors, like green tech and smart city tech. They’re sprouting up, ready to make their mark.

Are there tech startups in Tampa that have achieved national recognition?

Absolutely. Household names like ConnectWise—one can’t help but be proud—started right here and have catapulted onto the national stage. Tampa’s startup ecosystem isn’t shy about churning out contenders that catch the nation’s eye.

What role do Tampa universities play in the tech scene?

Places like USF are gold mines for tech talent. Not just teaching, they’re fostering real-world skills, fueling innovation hubs with fresh minds. Their push to collaborate with tech companies bridges education and industry, making for a dynamic, ever-evolving tech landscape.

How are tech companies in Tampa contributing to the local economy?

It’s pretty simple really – as tech companies flourish, they’re pumping jobs and wealth into the area. Their growth encourages further investment and start-up formation, generating a cascading effect on Tampa’s economic development.

What incentives do tech companies in Tampa benefit from?

State and local incentives swing wide the doors to growth here. Think along the lines of tax breaks, venture capital easing ways, maybe some grants. Plus, there’s the potent allure of Tampa’s tech incubators and economic initiatives aimed at tech businesses.

How connected is Tampa’s tech sector to the global market?

Tampa’s more than just a dot on the map—the port, the airport, and the digital infrastructure point outwards, connecting tech companies to the world. In terms of innovation exchange and commerce? Oh, we’re in that global conversation, all right.

What makes Tampa an attractive location for tech startups and investors alike?

Tampa rolls out the welcome mat for both. Startups dig the vibrancy and the venture capital flow, while investors? They can’t get enough of the burgeoning innovation and the prospects of great returns. It’s an ecosystem where both grow symbiotically, driving Tampa’s tech scene even further.


Wrapping this up, tech companies in Tampa—what a ride, huh? This city, our city, doesn’t just ride the wave; it makes the wave. With each innovative start-up and every solidified enterprise, we’re carving out a place where technologycommunity, and growth aren’t just words but the pillars of our urban identity.

The takeaways? Tampa’s home to a dynamic tech scene that scales well beyond the city’s borders. The atmosphere here? Electrifying. The support? Robust, with venture capitalincubators, and networking events aplenty. And the future? Picture Tampa Bay’s tech talent transforming not just local biz but the global tech space.

Here’s to the Silicon Valley of the South, where each sunrise slingshots us into a more innovative tomorrow. It’s a story of tech, talent, and tenacity—and believe me, it’s just getting started.

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