The IT industry in Tampa is thriving and diversified, with companies making their impact in fields including healthcare, finance, and cybersecurity. These tech companies in Tampa are revolutionizing their industries with ground-breaking software and technology.

You should keep an eye on the following companies if you’re an IT expert in search of new employment or considering a move to Tampa. These organizations are examples of the cutting edge of Tampa’s technology sector, with ground-breaking products and services, exceptional employees, and stimulating workplaces.

These businesses provide numerous stimulating chances for both seasoned software engineers and young graduates. Without further ado, here is a rundown of some of Tampa’s most forward-thinking technology firms.

Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

System Soft Technologies 

1 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Software development firm System Soft Technologies was established in 1999. The Tampa-based business provides specialized IT solutions to businesses seeking IT project help or entirely external IT teams.

Arrive Logistics

2 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A multimodal transportation and technology company called Arrive Logistics offers carriers and shippers alike innovative solutions. What started as a 10-person team working out of a modest office in Austin, Texas, has grown into a company with more than 1,500 expert problem solvers based in Austin, Chicago, San Antonio, and Tampa.

Gale Healthcare

3 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

With the Gale App, Gale Healthcare connects available physicians with healthcare institutions in need of employees. The company employs a family of over 57,000 healthcare professionals across the US. In 40 states around the US, Gale Healthcare offers recruiting, credentialing, staffing, and payroll solutions for the travel, acute care, and long-term care industries.


4 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

The New Asset Exchange, or NAX, is a global leader in fintech and venture capital with headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California, with presence in Asia, Europe, and North America. The NAX group employs 115 people across 2 offices.


5 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A consumer goods and services business called Homee was established in Tampa in 2016. An on-demand home maintenance software called Homee gives users immediate access to plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, and handymen. Users of the Homee app can view GPS-located, background-checked service providers and request prompt servicing for any property, whether it is residential (a house, an apartment, a condo), commercial (an office, a restaurant, a hotel), or both.

Traffic Tech

6 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A third-party logistics provider (or 3PL), Traffic Tech effectively links clients that need to transfer goods with the best carriers to convey them securely by air, sea, rail, and land.


7 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A Tampa Bay-area insurance company called Ensurem runs an online store where customers can buy insurance plans. The 2016-founded business assists clients in locating insurance that meet their requirements while staying within their price ranges.

Procore Technologies

8 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Procore Technologies, a company founded in 2002, is streamlining the construction process with extensive software. Using a single platform, owners, general contractors, and specialist contractors may connect and exchange crucial pieces of information.


9 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A media and communication company with its headquarters in Tampa, Spectrio LLC was established in 2002. It offers marketing solutions for a variety of markets, including healthcare, hotel, real estate, manufacturing, and retail. The company’s other marketing services include cutting-edge strategies including interactive kiosks and smell marketing, despite its focus on digital signage like menu boards and advertisements.


10 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Tampa is home to the information technology business ReliaQuest. ReliaQuest was established in 2007 and focuses primarily on building security foundations that are powered by automation technology. About 250 businesses have received security tools from ReliaQuest so they can foresee and reduce risk in their digital environments. ReliaQuest has provided security services to businesses throughout the world.


11 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

As a leader in audience insights, data, and analytics globally, Nielsen impacts the media and content of the globe. In order to connect and engage with their audiences both now and in the future, Nielsen provides its clients with unbiased and useful intelligence. Nielsen, an S&P 500 corporation, with operations in more than 55 nations worldwide.


12 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

IQor links businesses all over the world to a talent pool of IT experts who can assist organizations in refining their customer interaction technology and fostering closer ties with their customers. In addition to customer engagement, product testing, supply chain management, billing, and other operations, its services also include analytics science and product support.


13 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

GSP, a 1978-founded marketing and software company, works with retail businesses to help them renovate while keeping shop and consumer data in mind. The business provides environmental and marketing services to its clients, including fixture designs, visual merchandising, and digital asset management.

SOMA Global

14 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

SOMA Global, which was established in 2017, is the top supplier of cutting-edge, cloud-based public safety solutions.


15 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Vology, a company founded in 2001, helps businesses implement cost-effective cloud technology and IT solutions to improve their operations while reducing overhead expenses. Vology gives businesses the option of outsourcing their IT requirements to a group of knowledgeable technicians, engineers, and developers.


16 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

The United States Government and its support contractors can get integrated security, intelligence, and information technology solutions from Xator.

Mad Mobile 

17 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

An information technology business called Mad Mobile was established in Tampa in 2010 and provides cutting-edge mobile solutions for the retail and hospitality industries. Point-of-sale, clienteling, order fulfillment, guest and menu management, team management, and digital payment alternatives are just a few of the product features offered by Mad Mobile.


18 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Deepwatch is defending enterprise networks tenaciously all the time, everywhere in order to secure the digital economy. Customers’ cybersecurity teams are extended by Deepwatch’s cutting-edge cloud platform and borderless SOC, which also proactively safeguards their reputation, brand, and digital assets.

Kobie Marketing 

19 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Kobie Marketing offers businesses wishing to create loyalty programs that enable them to keep their present consumers and draw in new ones technology-integrated marketing solutions. Kobie Marketing has over 30 years of experience fulfilling the marketing requirements of businesses all over the world, and as a result, it has won numerous business honors, including Addy Awards and spots on the Inc. 5000’s year-end lists.

People, Technology & Processes

20 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

The premier provider of professional information technology (IT) services, software solutions, and professional development training is People, Technology, and Processes.


21 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Microsoft is a multinational American company that creates, produces, licenses, maintains, and markets a variety of software goods and services. Microsoft Corporation is a Washington-based company that was established in 1974.

Quiet Professionals

22 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

For US defense contractors, Quiet Professionals is the industry leader in big data analytics, AI and machine learning, geospatial, and other fields.


23 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Leading technology firm Inovalon integrates cutting-edge cloud-based data analytics with data-driven intervention platforms to make a significant difference in clinical and quality outcomes, utilization, and financial performance across the healthcare industry.


24 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

AgileThought provides businesses with a range of digital development tools so they may update and improve their online presences and more successfully compete in the digital era within their respective industries. Their wide range of services, which include cloud integration, UX design, analytics insights, DevOps, and others, are designed to meet any possible demand in digital development that a customer might have.

Evo Payments

25 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Over 525,000 merchants in North America and Europe receive services from the international merchant acquirer and payment processor EVO, which processes more than 900 million transactions in North America and 1.7 billion transactions in Europe yearly. EVO Payments can serve 50 markets worldwide thanks to its local businesses in ten different nations.


26 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

One of the top professional services firms in the world, Cognizant transforms clients’ economic, operating, and technological models for the digital age. The Fortune 500 lists Cognizant, which has its headquarters in the United States and is number 230 overall, as one of the most admired businesses in the world.


27 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A full-stack insurtech called Slide makes it simple for contemporary consumers to select the best coverage for their particular wants and financial circumstances. Slide’s cutting-edge technology leverages artificial intelligence and Big Data to hyper-personalize, optimize, and streamline every part of the insurance process.


28 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

The Clinical, Quality, Health, and Safety management teams can use ComplianceQuest, a next-generation modern cloud platform with AI powered solutions, to get exactly what they need, when they need it, and wherever they need it. This frees up their time so they can concentrate on their core responsibilities rather than chasing after manual or disjointed processes across legacy systems.

InSync Healthcare Solutions

29 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Incredible healthcare services are offered by InSync Healthcare Solutions, which also produces completely integrated and customizable medical software.

Healthmap Solutions

30 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A software development business called Healthmap Solutions was established in Tampa in 2013. The company creates technologies for managing kidney population health and is accredited by the National Council for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Medical professionals may manage expenses, reduce risks, and offer patients with quality care by implementing renal health management programs with the aid of Healthmap Solutions.


31 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A software development company called ConnectWise was established in Tampa in 1982, and it provides cybersecurity services with a team of security professionals, monitoring and threat response, and security research to help businesses find weaknesses. Programs for detecting threats, managing hazards, and monitoring security concerns for office software suites are all part of the ConnectWise software bundle.

Avalon Healthcare Solutions

32 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Founded in 2013, the healthcare organization Avalon Healthcare Solutions digitizes laboratory test results to make data and insights available. The Tampa-based business offers health insurance and lab providers digital solutions for regular testing, genetic testing, and lab value monitoring.


33 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

A Tampa-based provider of medical technologies is called Corestream. The business offers employers a digital platform so they can provide employees access to extra benefits like pet insurance, disability coverage, and identity theft protection.


34 Innovative Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

Rapid7 is a 2000-founded information technology company that offers tools that let businesses gather data so security teams may analyze it to spot possible dangers, thwart ongoing attacks, and automate routine security chores. The organization, which has its headquarters in Boston, has 13 sites worldwide, including one in Tampa.

FAQs about Tampa tech companies

What are some of the top tech companies in Tampa?

AgileThought, Tribridge, Vology, and ConnectWise are just a few of Tampa’s leading tech firms. Tech experts wishing to further their careers in the city can choose from a wide variety of positions at these companies.

How does the tech industry in Tampa compare to other cities?

The technology sector in Tampa is one of the fastest expanding in the country. The city has thrived thanks to its dedication to tech sectors like cybersecurity, healthcare, and software development.

Compared to other tech hubs, the cost of living in Tampa is low, making it a desirable location for businesses of all sizes.

What types of tech jobs are available in Tampa?

Jobs in the technology sector are available in a wide variety of Tampa-related disciplines, including software engineering, data analysis, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and project management. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are only two of the increasing fields of expertise as the industry expands.

What is the salary range for tech jobs in Tampa?

Tech positions in Tampa typically pay between $40,000 and $60,000 per year, however, this range is highly context-dependent.

Glassdoor reports that the average income for a software engineer in Tampa is $79k, while the average compensation for a data analyst is roughly $63k.

Wages can range from lower to higher based on criteria including education level, industry, and geographical region.

What are the benefits of working for a tech company in Tampa?

In addition to a good quality of life, competitive compensation, and plenty of room for professional development, working for a tech company in Tampa provides access to a robust local tech community.

Flexible schedules, stock options, and generous compensation packages are just a few of the perks offered by Tampa’s tech employers.

How can I find job opportunities at tech companies in Tampa?

Jobs in Tampa’s technology sector might be discovered through a variety of channels. Check out sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to see what kinds of jobs are available online.

You can also get in touch with local recruiters and staffing companies, as well as attending job fairs and networking events. Also, you may find open positions and apply online at many Tampa-based tech companies by visiting their websites and going to the “careers” section.

How active is Tampa’s startup community?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of new startup enterprises in Tampa. Coworking spaces, incubators, and accelerators are only some of what the city has to offer entrepreneurs and new businesses. PikMyKid, Lumina Analytics, and Tampa Bay Wave are a few of the thriving businesses that call Tampa home.

I’m a technologist in Tampa; where can I meet other like-minded people?

In Tampa, there are many opportunities for tech workers to connect with one another.

You can participate in online forums and discussion groups, join local tech organizations like Tampa Bay Tech and Tampa Bay Women in Technology, and go to events and conferences related to your field.

LinkedIn and other social networking networks allow you to connect with professionals on a more personal level.

Are there any tech-focused events or conferences in Tampa?

The city of Tampa is home to many annual technology conferences and events, including as the Synapse Summit, the Tampa Bay Tech Awards, and Tampa Startup Week. Meeting other experts in the field, learning about cutting-edge tech, and showcasing one’s wares are just a few of the benefits of attending one of these events.

What is the future outlook for the tech industry in Tampa?

The tech industry in Tampa is predicted to expand and grow in the following years, and this expansion bodes well for the city’s future. In addition to its low cost of living, the city’s emphasis on innovative industries makes it a desirable site for both new and established businesses.

It is anticipated that Tampa’s closeness to other major tech hubs in the region, as well as access to top talent from local institutions, will continue to fuel growth and innovation in the tech industry there. Additionally, the Tampa Bay Innovation Center and the Tampa Bay Wave accelerator program are two examples of the city’s government and economic development groups’ commitment to fostering the growth of Tampa’s tech sector.

A number of prestigious universities, like the University of South Florida, are located in the city, which both ensures a consistent supply of qualified workers and fosters partnerships between the business community and the academic world. In sum, if you’re looking to advance your career in technology, Tampa is a city that offers a lot of opportunities.


Overall, it’s safe to say that Tampa’s tech environment is thriving and on its way to become a major center for new and innovative digital businesses. The active and diverse tech industry in Tampa, where a wide range of creative ideas and products are generated, is much larger than the companies on this list.

Tampa’s tech companies are at the forefront of innovation across industries, from healthcare and finance to cybersecurity, and they have interesting possibilities for tech professionals at all levels.

Here are some of the companies to watch if you’re looking for a tech job in Tampa or are thinking about relocating there. These companies are at the forefront of Tampa’s burgeoning tech scene, and they’re doing fascinating things with cutting-edge approaches and talented employees.

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