Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Imagine unlocking a world where local art classes, hiking buddies, and tech talk junkies converge. Where tapping into a vibrant community’s as easy as a swipe or a click. That’s what we’re delving into today — a digital mosaic of connections, all at your fingertips, courtesy of apps like Meetup.

Picture this: Your phone, buzzing with potential new friends who actually get your quirky hobbies. Your weekends, no longer hostage to the “what to do?” dilemma. Sounds sweet, right? As if having a social secretary, just way cooler and in your pocket.

I’m about to spill the beans on the rivals that are giving Meetup a run for its money. Whether you’re looking to rub elbows with fellow coders or find someone to critique your latest screenplay, there’s an app ready to matchmake you with your crowd.

Expect practical insights, from event management tools to group-event-app titans. By the end of this escapade, you’ll be equipped with more than just options; you’ll have a fresh take on how this tech reshapes our social universe—for the better.

Apps Like Meetup

Apps Like MeetupPrimary FocusKey FeaturesPlatform AvailabilityPrice Point
UNBLNDInterest-based networkingAnonymous until mutual interest, variety of interest groupsiOS, AndroidFree
EventbriteEvent managementEvent creation and ticketing, broad event categoriesiOS, Android, WebFree, Paid for organizers
OpenSportsSports and activitiesCreate and join sports events, member managementiOS, Android, WebFree, Paid premium features
BreezeChurch communityChurch member engagement, event schedulingiOS, Android, WebSubscription-based
Facebook EventsGeneral event discoveryEvent suggestions, RSVP system, integrates with Facebook networkiOS, Android, WebFree
Datingadvice.comDating resourcesArticles, tips, and online dating site reviewsWebFree
Match.comOnline datingDating profiles, search filters, messagingiOS, Android, WebSubscription-based
Couchsurfing.comTravel and hostingHost and join local events, travel stays with localsiOS, Android, WebFree, Verification fee
Elitesingles.comProfessional datingPersonality-based matching, singles interested in serious relationshipsiOS, Android, WebSubscription-based
Odd CirclesSocial network creationBuild custom social or membership networks, event planningWebVaries
ByldeCommunity buildingCreate or join communities, organize group eventsWebFree, Paid premium features
Disciple MediaBrand communitiesCommunity management tools, content sharing, subscriptions & paymentsiOS, Android, WebPricing upon request
LocalsCreator-focused communitiesSupport creators via subscriptions, exclusive contentiOS, Android, WebFree, with in-app purchases
HeyloGroup communicationGroup chats, event sharing, private social networksiOS, WebFree
PeanutWomen’s communityMotherhood community, topics from fertility to menopause, meetupsiOS, AndroidFree
CitysocializerCity-based socializingJoin and organize social events in city areas, meet new peopleiOS, Android, WebSubscription-based
FacebookBroad social networkingExtensive social features including groups, events, marketplacesiOS, Android, WebFree
NINGCustom social websitesBuild custom social networks, content management, monetization optionsWebPricing upon request
KommunityEvent organizingEvent creation, community engagement, analyticsWebFree, Paid for organizers
TicketTailorEvent ticketingSell tickets online for events, custom ticket pages, embed into websitesiOS, Android, WebPay per ticket model
Circle SoCommunity & membershipsMembership space creation, integrations with other platforms, content and member managementWebSubscription-based
Bumble BFFFriendship networkingSwipe-based matching for friends, profile creation, messagingiOS, AndroidFree, Paid premium features


Unblnd Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

UNBLND is where spontaneity meets social networking. You jump in, get your interests lined up, and this app does the rest—pairing you with folks who dig the same scenes you do, minus any pre-game bias. Once you’re ready, identities are revealed and real connections are born.

Best Features

  • Interest-based networking
  • Anonymous interactions
  • Intuitive pairing system

What we like about it:
Those hidden profiles—like a blind date with the community, the suspense keeps it intriguing. Plus, once you hit it off based on common ground, only then do the masks come off. Real talk begins.


Eventbrite Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Consider Eventbrite your ticket to the world. From concerts to conferences, this platform has the whole event lifecycle on lockdown. Create, promote, sell tickets, and keep tabs on your gig’s pulse—all from the same digital hub.

Best Features

  • Comprehensive event management
  • Wide range of categories
  • Online ticketing system

What we like about it:
That seamless blend of creation and control. For organizers, it’s pure gold with ticketing done right.


OpenSports-1 Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Get off the couch and into the game with OpenSports. It’s the MVP for anyone looking to host or find local sporting events. From pickup soccer games to ultimate frisbee, it brings athletes and amateurs together with a few taps.

Best Features

  • Sports-centric event creation
  • Easy RSVP and payment options
  • Community engagement tools

What we like about it:
The sheer ease of rallying a squad for a quick game. OpenSports is like having your own sports league assistant.


Breeze-1 Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Breeze is the digital whisperer for church communities. It simplifies how congregations connect, communicate, and manage events. Keeping faith and fellowship tight, it’s all about bringing people together around shared beliefs and community missions.

Best Features

  • Tailored for church needs
  • Comprehensive member management
  • Event planning and communication tools

What we like about it:
Its niche focus. Breeze is made for the church, understanding the unique vibe of spiritual togetherness.

Facebook Events

Facebook-Events Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Facebook Events weaves your social tapestry with events you won’t want to miss. Part of the giant social network, it’s effortless to discover happenings around town or host your own and invite the masses—or just friends.

Best Features

  • Broad discoverability on Facebook
  • Personalized event suggestions
  • Integrated social sharing

What we like about it:
The grand scale of reach. Connect your event to millions with social ease—all within Facebook’s familiar walls.

Datingadvice.com_ Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Navigate love’s labyrinth with wisdom from This site’s chock-full of sage wisdom—from crafting the perfect profile to finding your soulmate online. If love’s a game, consider this your cheat sheet.

Best Features

  • Comprehensive dating guides
  • Expert reviews of dating sites
  • Tips for safe online dating

What we like about it:
The expertise. Like a dating guru on hand 24/7, it breaks down the ABCs of app-based romance.

Match.com_ Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup is an oldie but goodie in the dating app universe. It’s got a formula that’s been connecting hearts since the ’90s. Profiles, schmoozy pics, all the filters—you’ve got the ingredients for a home-run in romance.

Best Features

  • Detailed profiles
  • Advanced matching algorithms
  • Variety of communication tools

What we like about it:
The track record. has been at it long enough to know how to spark a fire in the dating game.

Couchsurfing Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup is where adventurers find a crash pad and locals to guide their journey. Not just for free stays, it’s a social network connecting travelers through shared experiences and events, transforming the notion of community as we know it.

Best Features

  • Connect with local hosts
  • Global community of travelers
  • Organize and join local events

What we like about it:
That mix of wanderlust with local wisdom. You’re never a stranger when there’s a Couchsurfer nearby.

Elitesingles Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup is the rendezvous spot for the brainy bachelors and bachelorettes. It’s where degrees and deep conversations meet with a dash of romance. High-achieving singles, seeking someone to match their stride, this platform’s got the blueprints.

Best Features

  • Personality-based matchmaking
  • Profile verification
  • Singles focused on serious relationships

What we like about it:
Its caliber of users. Think love, sprinkled with ambition and intellect—it’s dating for those playing at a high level.

Odd Circles

Odd-Circles Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Odd Circles breaks the mold with its customizable social networks. It’s a springboard for anyone looking to launch a niche community or membership group, with controls and features that let your creativity unfurl.

Best Features

  • Customizable community platforms
  • Event and membership management
  • Creative freedom and ownership

What we like about it:
The personalization. You’re the architect of your own digital neighborhood. It’s unique, it’s personal—it’s yours.


Bylde Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Bylde takes team spirit online, providing a venue to gather, manage, and flourish as a community. It’s about keeping everyone in sync, whether it’s rallying for a cause or just sharing your latest kayak adventure.

Best Features

  • Straightforward community building
  • Event organization features
  • Member management and engagement

What we like about it:
Simplicity. Bylde makes it effortless to weave your own web of connections and shared milestones.

Disciple Media

Disciple-Media Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Disciple Media is the VIP lounge for communities. Aimed at brands and influencers, it’s the complete toolkit for creating a buzzing digital tribe—from sharing content to nurturing superfans and monetizing your reach.

Best Features

  • Advanced community management
  • Subscription and payment features
  • Content sharing capabilities

What we like about it:
The sophistication. Disciple Media blends high-level functionality with the finesse of exclusive brand communities.


Locals-1 Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Locals shines a light on creators, providing them a cozy corner to bond with supporters. It’s about nurturing a circle where exclusive content and deeper interactions are the norms rather than the exception.

Best Features

  • Creator-focused platform
  • Exclusive content access
  • Subscriber community and support

What we like about it:
The creator-centric approach. Locals flips the script—putting content wizards in control of their magic circle.


Heylo-1 Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Heylo is your handy helper for group chats and shared experiences. Picture it as the local bulletin board gone mobile—interact, coordinate, and bring people together for whatever the occasion.

Best Features

  • Secure group communication
  • Event sharing and organization
  • Personal or public groups

What we like about it:
The ease of conversation. Heylo makes it feel like you’re organizing a meetup right from your living room sofa.


Peanut Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Peanut is where mothers, aspiring moms, and women treading various life stages find their sisterhood. It’s a safe space for sharing, learning, and just solid girl talk over a virtual latte.

Best Features

  • Supportive community for women
  • Topics from fertility to menopause
  • Meetup organization

What we like about it:
The bonds it builds. Peanut’s not just an app; it’s a lifeline during some of life’s most personal journeys.


Citysocializer Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Citysocializer is your passport to the city’s pulse. It thrives on spontaneity, matching lively souls with urban escapades. Whether new in town or just looking to jazz up your weekends, this app’s your social sherpa.

Best Features

  • Focused on urban socializing
  • Event discovery and hosting
  • Connect with locals and newcomers

What we like about it:
The urban vibe. Citysocializer is like a compass pointing to your next city adventure.


Facebook-Messenger Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Facebook’s the granddaddy of social networks, and yes, it’s still going strong. With its octopus reach, it remains the go-to for sharing moments, stirring debates, or joining special-interest groups.

Best Features

  • Extensive user base
  • Groups and event functionalities
  • Integrated marketplace and more

What we like about it:
Its omnipresence. With Facebook, you’re plugging into a social behemoth that everyone and their grandma knows.


Kommunity-1 Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Kommunity is to event planners what fresh clay is to sculptors. It molds your shindigs, meetups, and workshops into experiences folks buzz about—user-friendly, whether you’re behind the desk or attending.

Best Features

  • Flexible event organization
  • Community engagement tools
  • Analytics for insights

What we like about it:
The organizer’s haven. For those who live to host, Kommunity offers the perfect backdrop for your events to shine.


TicketTailor Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

TicketTailor hands off the ticketing reins, saying “bye-bye” to hefty commission fees. It’s an indie alternative enabling event organizers to sell tickets their way—no middleman, all the control.

Best Features

  • Customizable ticket stores
  • Low, fixed fees
  • Integrates with websites and Facebook

What we like about it:
The financial savvy. TicketTailor treats your pocket better, stripping back costs without skimping on functionality.

Circle So

Circle-So Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Circle So invites you to circle up, whether for brainy dialogue or shared pastimes. It’s a combo of discussion boards and a member hub that galvanizes your gaggle into a purposeful community.

Best Features

  • Integrated community platform
  • Diverse integrations
  • Member management and content control

What we like about it:
The merger of forum and fanbase. Circle So is where conversation and collaboration get cozy.

Bumble BFF

Bumble Connect and Explore: The Best Apps Like Meetup

Swipe into friendship with Bumble BFF. It flips the dating app script to buddy up, connecting you with potential pals who share your interests. It’s a friendship-first approach with all the fun of swiping sans the pressure of romance.

Best Features

  • Friendship-focused matchmaking
  • Profile creation and filters
  • Similar swiping mechanics as dating

What we like about it:
The stress-free swiping. Bumble BFF is your wingman in the quest to expand your circle.

FAQ On Apps Like Meetup

Are apps like Meetup safe to use?

Absolutely. Safety’s a priority, right? Most reputable platforms have built-in security features like user verification and in-app reporting. Just don’t ignore your gut—if something feels off, steer clear. Read their privacy policies to get the lowdown on how they handle your deets.

How do I find local events on social networking platforms?

Easy peasy. Most apps have a location filter. Pop in your city, and bam! Local art jams, group yoga seshes, or even a community potluck might just pop up. It’s all about letting the app know where you’re at and what you’re into.

Can I organize my own events with these mobile platforms?

You betcha! Got an idea? Throw it out there. These platforms are like your stage—set up event details, blast invites, and watch your brainchild come to life. Whether it’s a book club or bike race, you’re the boss.

How do event scheduling software apps compare to Meetup?

Alright, here’s the deal. Some are pretty niche, catering to, say, fitness freaks or gourmet wizards. Others? They’re all about that professional networking jazz. The trick is in the toolbox they give you—some are more advanced, with snazzy features like ticketing or analytics.

Do group events apps cater to specific interests?

Oh, for sure. Whether you’re a tech fanatic, a yoga enthusiast, or a sustainability warrior, there’s something for everyone. Drill down into categories, find your tribe, and dive into discussions or events that make your heart hum.

Is there a cost associated with using networking apps?

Varies, really. Some are free as a bird, making money off ads or premium features. Others charge a small fee to keep the lights on. Premium memberships might be a thing, too—an extra few bucks for some swanky perks.

How do I meet new people through online communities?

It’s all about engagement. Drop comments, join discussions, maybe even host a virtual gig. Be genuine, be you, and let the magic of shared passions do the rest. Before you know it, you’ll be swapping stories with some kindred spirits.

Can I use event management tools without technical skills?

For sure. No need to be a tech whiz. Lots of platforms are drag-and-drop simple. They’ve got intuitive designs, clear instructions—the whole nine yards. It’s like they’re practically holding your hand through the process.

What’s the best way to leverage professional networking on these apps?

Dress your profile to impress—qualifications, experiences, snazzy headshots. Engage with content that resonates with your professional vibe. Be a go-giver, share insights, and don’t shy away from reaching out. Keep it classy, keep it proactive.

How can local businesses benefit from community engagement apps?

Oh, it’s a game-changer. Host events, spotlight your services, get the locals buzzing. It’s a killer way to embed yourself in the community fabric, all while giving your brand that warm, neighborly glow. It’s about building relationships, not just a customer base.


Well, there you have it. We’ve journeyed through the lush digital landscape of apps like Meetup, exploring every nook where communities grow and thrive. Think of these platforms as your modern-day social toolbox, chock-full of features from event scheduling to local meet-ups, all designed to stoke the embers of camaraderie.

The bottom line? It’s about connection—finding your pack in the vast digital wilderness. Whether you’re looking to discover local art scenes or sync up with other trailblazing entrepreneurs, there’s an app tailored to every interest, every need.

  • User safety: Check.
  • Diverse interests: You bet.
  • Easy event organizing: Absolutely.

Remember, the goal is to mesh your digital footsteps with real-world echoes. Forge ahead, use these social networking platforms to paint your social canvas—broad brushstrokes or fine lines, it’s your masterpiece. Here’s to making every swipe, every click, a stepping stone to a world rich with potential friends, adventures, and collaborations. Go on, the ‘Join’ button awaits.

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