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Velisava Vulovica 18
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An application that enables the analysis of historical market data for crypto traders.

  • Project Management
  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • ReactJS
  • PHP
  • MariaDB
  • Docker
  • CryptoStruct


CryptoStruct is an application that enables displaying historical market data and helps with their analysis. The market data of different crypto exchanges are recorded and archived in a single system. CryptoStruct enables traders to import recorded data with a variable depth into a database. The trader has private orders and trades, in his own database, and is able to track if his order appears on the public market.

The CryptoStruct application provides analysis and monitoring services. It supports different types of instruments allowing users to do comparative analysis. In addition, it contains different types of high-level statistics per day. Cryptocurrencies use various timestamping schemes to display the market data. The application is a digital exchange system, in the form of a computerized database that records different types of transactions.

Key Challenges


CryptoStruct is our first project in the field of cryptocurrencies. The domain specificity and new technology on the market posed an interesting challenge for the team. We managed to investigate and advance our knowledge in order to develop and deliver the final product that is efficient, adaptable and understandable to the end user.

We did the domain research and identified which technology could best meet the analyzer needs. We developed the application from scratch and replaced the previously used technology with React. The main focus was on application performance, given the frequent changes in the market and the use of large data sets. Working closely together with our clients, guided by an agile approach in facing business challenges, we have established a synergy that has contributed to quality delivery in a short period of time.

Together we managed to achieve results and we have developed a tool that records and archives the market data of various crypto exchanges.  



We started working on this project in January 2021, with the timeline of 3 months for the MVP version. Initially, went through multiple onboarding sessions together with the client, as well as through the way that they did the prototype for their internal use. We then had the initial brainstorming and feature plan. Shortly after, we had a defined scope. We have identified the highest-impact features, prioritized them and the development started. The first release of the application was in early April 2021. We are proud to say that the desired product is fully functional with all the segments needed for data analysis. 

Key Results

  • Fast application able to process a large amount of data

  • Highly intuitive custom software for end-user