Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

You may have encountered various AI content detectors, but GPTZero has set a benchmark in AI plagiarism detection. Despite its excellent features, people have started looking for free alternatives to GPTZero, which eventually becomes a premium service.

Unfortunately, GPTZero has restricted the free plan with limited checks, making signup mandatory, and requiring users to purchase credits for additional words and faster results.

We have found 10 similar services to GPTZero that can perform the same task with additional benefits.

What is GPTZero?

GPTZero is a third-party resource available as a web version for detecting AI plagiarism in user input text. It can analyze text/content using its predefined algorithms, compare words, or replace them with synonyms from large datasets.

After analyzing your text, GPTZero will provide the percentage of AI content present. Moreover, it will inform you about which parts of your text contain AI-generated content.

If you want to determine whether your content is AI-generated or human-written, you might need similar tools like GPTZero.

Let’s dive into the list of tools similar to GPTZero for checking AI.

The Best and Free GPTZero Alternatives You Should Try

1. ZeroGPT

gptz1 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

If you’re looking for the best AI detectors with premium features at no cost, ZeroGPT is the go-to tool for you. There are dozens of services available, but ZeroGPT’s unique features set it apart from the rest.

The best feature of ZeroGPT is its simple layout with an added AI detection function. The tool is available on the homepage itself, no need of login to access the tool. moreover, you don’t need to be a premium user. You can simply visit their website and utilize the detector just like any other web tool.

Best Features:-

  • Accurate AI plagiarism detection.
  • Simple tool with quick option and easy to navigate.
  • Compatible with all type of browsers.

Try ZeroGPT

2. Scribbr’s AI Content Detector

gptz2 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

Are you seriously searching for a free alternative to GPTZero? Scribbr is your trusted source. Scribbr is one of the popular web tool stores where you can find hundreds of useful tools.

Recently, they have launched the AI content detector for free. You can check the probability of AI in your content with just a couple of clicks.

Scribbr can detect AI-generated content from ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Jasper, and even works with paraphrasing tools.

Best Features:-

  • Easy to integrate with existing writing workflows.
  • Customizable settings for personalized detection.
  • Detailed analysis of AI language patterns.

Try Scribbr


3. Undetectable AI

gptz3 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

Undetectable AI is a multi-purpose AI tool. With it, you can detect AI content, and at the same time, you can bypass AI content using its humanizing tool.

It got popularity through its paraphrasing tool; Undetectable.AI transforms any piece of AI copy into human-written text within a second.

You can try’s AI checker as a GPTZero alternative.

Best Features:-

  • AI-generated content can be modified into human-written effortlessly.
  • Fast and accurate AI plagiarism checking capabilities.
  • It follows advanced algorithms to ensure accurate results.

Try Undetectable AI


4. Sapling Detector

gptz4 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

Do you need a identify the fake content which means artificial content from your text? Add your text into Sapling’s Detector, it will automatically fetches the fake sentences by highlighting in red coulur.

Sapling can be used as both web version and Chrome extension. So Sapling detector is accessible through any device without limite. As of now, it is completely free to use.

It supports the majority of AI tools like Gemini, Cloude, Bing’s Copilot, and Jasper. When compared to its competitors, Sapling follows unique methods to determine whether the text is generated by a human or AI.

Best Features:-

  • User-friendly interface.
  • It support multiple AI tools.

5. Quetext

gptz5 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

Quetext is a plagiarism-checking tool that is now available for checking AI content. You can search for generative content and identify affected sentences instantly right from your device.

Quetext’s free plan can provide you 250 words per day. You can view results and download them for further needs.

To talk about its functionality, Quetext checks the content by line-by-line with well tuned algorithms.

Best Features:-

  • Real-time AI scanning for immediate results.
  • It can find both copied content and AI plagiarism.

6. Originality AI

gptz6 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

Originality AI is a website that provides all types of content resolutions like readability checker, fact checker, plagiarism checker, and AI checker.

Currently, this site is not offering any free plan, instead you can try free trail. It is a fully loaded AI detector with user dashboard where you can monitor you scanning reports upto 30 days.

Functionalities like File upload, Full site scan, scan from URL, and mulit user support are available.

Best Features:-

  • Separate colour indication for affected content and human written content.

Try Originality AI

7. Turnitin

gptz7 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

Turnitin is one of the best and easiest AI detection services for colleges, academics, or other educational institutes. It offers the accurate and reliable service for AI content.

This service claims to offer the fastest way to detect AI plagiarism. It is used to cross-check assignments for students and quickly verify original content for professors.

Turnitin also includes core features AI writing indicator, check AI for essays, and more.

Best Features:-

  • 100% reliable AI detector.
  • Time saving machine learning tool.

Try Turnitin

8. Content At Scale

Content-At-Scale-8 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

This yet another top source where every content writer needs. With this, you can do all types of SEO checks to create a unique piece of content.

It has lots of SEO tools, including an AI content detector, which helps to stay compliant with Google core updates. It makes detecting AI content easy, and at the same time, you can bypass it with other relevant tools.

Best Feature:-

  • It gives users free credits daily.
  • AI checker + humanizer.
  • It can scan for live URLs.

9. Writer’s AI Detector

gptz9 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

Predicting the AI score for your content, document, or URL with Writer tools is an easy task. Writer is a free ChatGPT detector for text, without signup, and is free to use.

This tool is built with a simple design, clean GUI, and yet it is easy to use.

Best Features:-

  • You can check for AI upto 5K words for free.

10. Quillbot

gptz10 Top 10 Tools Like GPTZero For AI Content Detection

Quillbot is the most popular paraphrasing tool that allows you to bypass AI content detection with its own technology. It can generate content just like humans.

No AI detectors can find the content generated by Quillbot. It has now released its own AI detection service. With this, you can remove AI plagiarism and ensure 100% human-written content.

Best features:-

  • Completely free service with no word limit.
  • Other useful free SEO services.
  • Different AI prediction percentages for AI-generated + Paraphrased, AI + human, and Human-Written content.

Try Quillbot

Final Words!

Whether you’re a copywriter, SEO writer, student, or professor, you must have a tool like GPTZero to check for AI plagiarism. I hope all listed AI checkers will help you at any condition.

Remember, make sure to double-check AI plagiarism using different services for better results, as not all services are genuine.

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