Desert Dynasties: The Largest Companies in Saudi Arabia

Imagine unearthing the titans of industry in a land where ancient sands meet futuristic ambitions. Saudi Arabia, an economic powerhouse, is home not just to the silky expanse of deserts but to colossal juggernauts driving global commerce. You’re about to delve into a realm where oil flows as freely as the wealth it generates and where visionaries shape the skyline with the same ease they dominate markets.

You’re standing at the gateway to insights on the largest companies in Saudi Arabia, where tradition and innovation blend in billion-dollar dance. Here, you’ll navigate through the veins of the energy sector giants and touch the pulse of petrochemical magnates like Saudi Aramco and SABIC. Peer behind the corporate veils of Riyadh-based corporations and telecommunications leaders such as STC.

By the closing line, you’ll grasp not only the scale but also the strategies propelling these entities to international acclaim. And while the Tadawul tickers scroll endlessly, you’ll uncover how Vision 2030 is sculpting a future as diverse as the Kingdom’s landscape. Let’s dive into an ocean of revenueinnovation, and Saudi conglomerates – where the only thing more impressive than their size might just be their ambition.

Largest Companies In Saudi Arabia To Check Out

Name Market Cap
Saudi Aramco $2.062 T
Al Rajhi Bank $95.93 B
The Saudi National Bank $67.07 B
SABIC $63.94 B
Saudi Telecom Company $55.45 B
ACWA POWER Company $49.65 B
Maaden $49.54 B
Naqi Water Company $42.09 B
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group Company $30.94 B
Riyad Bank $24.80 B
Alinma Bank $23.67 B
The Saudi British Bank $22.33 B
Saudi Electricity $22.14 B
Elm Company $21.98 B
Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company $16.12 B
Almarai $15.64 B
Bank Albilad $13.63 B
Banque Saudi Fransi $12.04 B
Arab National Bank $11.30 B
Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) $11.27 B
Arabian Internet and Communications Services $11.04 B
Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance Company $9.31 B
Jabal Omar Development $8.19 B
Saudi Tadawul Group Holding Company $7.65 B
Savola Group $7.54 B
Luberef (Saudi Aramco Base Oil Company) $7.40 B
Kingdom Holding $7.10 B
Mouwasat Medical Services Company $6.55 B
The Company for Cooperative Insurance $6.44 B
Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) $6.09 B
ADES Holding Company $5.93 B
MBC Group Co. $5.85 B
SAL Saudi Logistics Services $5.72 B
Yanbu National Petrochemical $5.72 B
Saudi Research and Media Group $5.05 B
MARAFIQ (The Power and Water Utility Company for Jubail and Yanbu) $4.98 B
Nahdi Medical Company $4.88 B
Jarir $4.85 B
Riyadh Cables Group Company $4.67 B
Saudi Investment Bank $4.39 B
Bank AlJazira $4.30 B
Saudi Industrial Investment Group $4.28 B
Arabian Drilling Company $4.05 B
Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company $3.94 B
Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company $3.92 B
Petro Rabigh $3.87 B
Makkah Construction & Development $3.62 B
National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) $3.54 B
Arabian Contracting Services Company $3.45 B
Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services $3.44 B
Zain Saudi Arabia $3.43 B
Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Company $3.25 B
Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets Company $3.17 B
Leejam Sports Company $2.95 B
CATRION Catering Holding Company $2.88 B
Al Hammadi Holding Company $2.74 B
Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals Factory Company $2.73 B
Cenomi Centers (Arabian Centres Company) $2.67 B
Advanced Petrochemical $2.67 B
The National Agricultural Development Company $2.65 B
Al-Dawaa Medical Services Company $2.59 B
Emaar The Economic City $2.50 B
National Medical Care Company $2.45 B
Seera Holding Group $2.37 B
National Industrialization Company (Saudi Arabia) $2.35 B
Taiba Investments $2.18 B
BinDawood $2.07 B
Saudi Ground Services Company $2.06 B
Saudi Real Estate Company (Al Akaria) $2.02 B
Al Rajhi Company for Cooperative Insurance $2.02 B
Yamama Saudi Cement Company $1.92 B
Saudi Cement Company $1.91 B
United Electronics Company (eXtra Saudi) $1.82 B
Jahez International Company for Information Systems Technology $1.80 B
Budget Saudi (United International Transportation Company) $1.67 B
Lumi Rental Company $1.64 B
Almunajem Foods Company $1.59 B
Future Care Trading Company $1.56 B
Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies Company $1.56 B
Southern Province Cement Company $1.48 B
Qassim Cement Company $1.40 B
Al Masane Al Kobra Mining Company $1.36 B
Knowledge Economic City Company $1.32 B
Yanbu Cement Company $1.30 B
Perfect Presentation for Commercial Services Company $1.27 B
Retal Urban Development Company $1.26 B
SPIMACO (Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corporation) $1.24 B
First Milling Company $1.17 B
Saudi Chemical Holding Company $1.15 B
Al Moammar Information Systems $1.15 B
Arriyadh Development Company $1.12 B
East Pipes Integrated Company for Industry $0.96 B
Al-Saif Stores for Development & Investment $0.96 B
Riyadh Cement Company $0.92 B
Ataa Educational Company $0.91 B
Maharah for Human Resources Company $0.90 B
Arabian Cement Company $0.88 B
National Building and Marketing Company $0.83 B
Eastern Province Cement Company $0.82 B
Theeb Rent A Car Company $0.82 B

Saudi Aramco

Imagine the pulse of global oil, right here in our backyard. Saudi Aramco isn’t just a company; it’s a powerhouse in the oil and gas industry. Think groundbreaking innovations and a global footprint. This entity is more than just oil; it’s a symbol of Saudi’s economic prowess.

Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi Bank is where tradition meets modernity. Rooted deeply in Saudi’s financial soil, it’s a leader in Islamic banking. This bank isn’t just about transactions; it’s about forging a future-proof financial landscape. Personal, corporate, or investment banking? They’ve got it all.


Dive into the world of SABIC, where chemistry meets innovation. It’s not just chemicals they’re dealing with; it’s solutions for a sustainable future. From petrochemicals to progressive products, SABIC is a beacon in Saudi’s industrial sky.

The Saudi National Bank

At the heart of Saudi’s financial arena stands The Saudi National Bank. More than just a bank, it’s a financial institution shaping the economic narrative. Whether it’s corporate banking or personal finance, they’re the go-to for financial wisdom.

Saudi Telecom Company

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is the voice of tomorrow. Telecommunications? They’re redefining it with cutting-edge tech and digital solutions. Think beyond calls and texts; STC is leading Saudi’s journey into the digital future.


Maaden is not your ordinary mining company. It’s a key player in Saudi’s diversification, turning natural resources into economic gold. Mining? Yes. But also innovation, sustainability, and a vision for a prosperous future.

Riyad Bank

Step into Riyad Bank, and you’re stepping into a world of financial mastery. It’s more than a bank; it’s a financial ally for individuals and businesses alike. Banking services here aren’t just transactions; they’re pathways to financial growth.

Saudi Electricity

Power up with Saudi Electricity. This isn’t just about lighting up homes; it’s about energizing a nation. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Saudi Electricity is the spark behind Saudi’s vibrant energy scene.

Alinma Bank

Alinma Bank is where values and vision converge. Islamic banking gets a modern twist here. It’s not just about financial services; it’s about ethical, transparent banking that’s paving the way for a new era in finance.

The Saudi British Bank

The Saudi British Bank (SABB) is a fusion of global expertise and local wisdom. Bridging Saudi and international markets, it’s not just a bank; it’s a global financial player with a Saudi heartbeat. Here, banking is about connecting worlds.

Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company

Meet the growth enablers at Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company. This isn’t just about fertilizers; it’s about nurturing the agricultural backbone of Saudi. They’re blending science and sustainability to revolutionize the agro-sector.

Elm Company

Elm Company is where technology meets practical solutions. They’re not just an IT company; they’re pioneers in digital transformation. From e-services to smart solutions, Elm is digitizing Saudi’s future, one innovative step at a time.


Almarai isn’t just a brand; it’s a staple in every Saudi household. They’re more than dairy; they’re nutrition providers. From milk to cheese, Almarai is blending taste with health, feeding millions with quality and care.

Banque Saudi Fransi

Banque Saudi Fransi is where financial expertise greets you with a smile. It’s not just about banking; it’s about creating financial experiences. They’re weaving trust and reliability into every financial solution they offer.

Bank Albilad

Bank Albilad is redefining Islamic banking. Here, it’s not just about following principles; it’s about leading with them. Offering a spectrum of sharia-compliant services, they’re the financial guardians of ethical banking.

Arabian Internet and Communications Services

Dive into the digital wave with Arabian Internet and Communications Services. This entity isn’t just providing connectivity; it’s building digital bridges. From internet services to IT solutions, they’re the digital heartbeat of Saudi.

Etihad Etisalat (Mobily)

Mobily is more than a telecom provider; it’s a digital trendsetter. They’re not just connecting calls; they’re connecting lives with innovative telecom and digital services. Mobily is scripting Saudi’s digital narrative.

Arab National Bank

Arab National Bank is where finance meets future. They’re not just another bank; they’re a financial compass guiding through economic landscapes. With a blend of traditional values and modern banking, they’re a financial beacon.

Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance Company

Bupa Arabia isn’t just about insurance; it’s about ensuring peace of mind. They’re blending healthcare with security, providing insurance solutions that care. Here, insurance is not just a policy; it’s a promise of well-being.

Kingdom Holding

Kingdom Holding stands tall as a monument of business excellence. It’s not just an investment firm; it’s a catalyst for innovation and growth. Diverse investments, visionary leadership – Kingdom Holding is sculpting the future of business.

Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem)

Sipchem is where chemistry innovates for a better world. Not just another petrochemical company, they’re at the forefront of developing sustainable solutions. From plastics to polymers, Sipchem is crafting materials that shape our everyday life.

Jabal Omar Development

Jabal Omar Development is redefining urban landscapes. They’re not just building structures; they’re crafting experiences. From luxurious hotels to commercial hubs, Jabal Omar is the architect of modern, vibrant living spaces in Makkah.

Mouwasat Medical Services Company

Mouwasat isn’t just a healthcare provider; it’s a beacon of healing and hope. They’re blending compassion with cutting-edge medical care, offering a sanctuary of health and wellness. Here, medical services go beyond treatment; they touch lives.

Yanbu National Petrochemical

Yanbu National Petrochemical is a testament to industrial progress. They’re not just about petrochemical production; they’re about pioneering sustainable practices in the industry. Their innovative approach is fueling growth, not just in Yanbu but across the globe.

Savola Group

Savola Group is where food, retail, and responsibility meet. They’re not just about business; they’re about nourishing communities. From edible oils to mega malls, Savola is a household name, synonymous with quality and ethical business.


Jarir is more than a bookstore; it’s a hub of knowledge and technology. They’re not just selling books and gadgets; they’re enriching minds. Whether it’s the latest read or tech trend, Jarir is the go-to destination for the curious and the informed.

Petro Rabigh

Petro Rabigh is turning natural resources into industrial marvels. This entity is not just about refining oil; it’s about refining futures. Their state-of-the-art facilities are not just producing petrochemicals; they’re fueling economic growth and innovation.

Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company

Saudi Kayan is a symphony of science and sustainability. They’re not just in the business of petrochemicals; they’re in the business of progress. Their advanced products are not just materials; they’re the building blocks of a sustainable future.

Saudi Investment Bank

Saudi Investment Bank is where financial foresight meets opportunity. They’re not just managing money; they’re nurturing growth. Offering a blend of innovative banking services, they’re a key player in Saudi’s financial landscape.

Bank AlJazira

Bank AlJazira is where banking meets innovation. They’re not just providing financial services; they’re creating financial solutions. With a focus on Islamic banking, they’re blending tradition with modernity, serving the needs of a diverse clientele.

Zain Saudi Arabia

Zain is more than a telecom company; it’s a digital pioneer. They’re not just connecting calls; they’re connecting aspirations with state-of-the-art telecom and internet services. Zain is at the heart of Saudi’s digital revolution.

National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri)

Bahri isn’t just about shipping; it’s about navigating success. They’re mastering the seas with their fleet, connecting markets, and fueling trade. Beyond transportation, Bahri is a key player in global logistics and maritime services.

Makkah Construction & Development

Makkah Construction & Development is building more than buildings; they’re building heritage. Focused on developing the holy city, they’re not just constructing spaces; they’re creating experiences for millions of pilgrims and visitors.

Al Moammar Information Systems

Al Moammar Information Systems is where technology meets innovation. They’re not just an IT company; they’re a catalyst for digital transformation. Offering cutting-edge solutions, they’re at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s tech evolution.

Alamar Foods Company

Alamar Foods Company is where flavor meets quality. They’re not just in the food business; they’re in the business of delighting taste buds. From fast food to fine dining, Alamar Foods is a culinary leader, bringing joy to every meal.

FAQ On The Largest Companies In Saudi Arabia

What’s the titan at the top of Saudi Arabia’s corporate pyramid?

Saudi Aramco isn’t just king of the hill – it’s the Everest in a range of corporate giants. The world’s leading oil producer, this behemoth is the definition of ‘energy sector giant’, with profits and influence that reach as far as the oil they drill.

What other sectors do these corporate giants cover, aside from oil?

Telecommunications and banking stand tall like twin pillars alongside oil. STC leads the charge in digital waves, while financial fortresses Al Rajhi Bank and National Commercial Bank secure the money fronts. They diversify the playing field, showing that oil isn’t the only game in town.

How are the largest Saudi companies impacting global markets?

They’re not just influential – they’re trendsetters. At the global bazaar, entities like Saudi Aramco and SABIC play pivotal roles, influencing everything from oil prices to petrochemicals. Their moves send ripples across oceans, making decisions in Riyadh resonate in markets worldwide.

How does Vision 2030 relate to these large companies?

Imagine a canvas where corporations paint the future. Vision 2030 is the art of diversifying away from oil reliance. Saudi’s giants are the brushes, tasked with coloring the economy with strokes of innovation – from renewable energy investments to groundbreaking technologies, shaping a vibrant economic masterpiece.

What’s driving the growth of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia?

New winds are filling the sails – economic diversification and a robust legal structure cultivate fertile ground for growth. Add a sprinkle of government backing and investments in industries like mining and tourism, and you’ve got a recipe that’s as rich as their finest Arabica brew.

Are these companies publicly traded, and can international investors get a piece of the pie?

Yes, many bosom aboard the Tadawul – offering up slices of their financial feasts. International investors? Come on in; the water’s fine. The likes of Aramco went public, and since then, it’s not just local tea being sipped but an international investor’s buffet.

What’s the influence of these companies on the Saudi workforce?

They’re not just job creators – they’re career architects. With employment opportunities sprawling from coastal Jeddah to bustling Riyadh, these companies offer local talent a ladder to the stars – with roles as diverse as their business ventures.

In what ways are the largest Saudi companies innovating in their fields?

Think of them as corporate alchemists – turning traditional industries into gold mines of innovation. Be it SABIC transforming chemicals or Almarai redefining dairy, these firms aren’t content with yesterday’s achievements. They’re sprinting on the track of 5G, AI, and beyond.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected these companies?

The storm hit hard, but these ships were built sturdy. Sure, there were waves – disrupting supply chains and jolting markets. Yet, they adapted, with remote work and digitization. The result? Resilience that’s as impressive as the Kingdom’s fortresses – standing tall amidst global upheaval.

What role do these companies have in Saudi Arabia’s international relations?

Diplomacy’s got a new partner and it wears a corporate suit. Whether it’s oil diplomacy via Saudi Aramco or cross-border partnerships cultivated by SABIC, these entities wield soft power – a handshake here, an investment there, shaping the Kingdom’s ties as surely as a desert sculpts its dunes.


So, we’ve journeyed together through the industrial deserts and into the boardrooms of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia. It’s a landscape robust with petrochemical pioneers, tech innovators, and banking barons. A space where Saudi Aramco doesn’t just loom large – it practically casts a shadow over an entire sector.

And it’s not all about the black gold – no sir. We’ve seen telecom tycoons like STC spider-webbing connections across the globe, while financial fortresses deal the coins that keep the economy whirling. This isn’t just a local affair; it’s international. Economic diversification, you’ve seen it here first folks, is the buzzword turned reality.

As the curtain falls, what’s crystal clear is this: Saudi’s corporate landscape isn’t static. It’s a thriving ecosystem. A place where every wheel’s turn is a cog in the global machine. Whether it’s the energy surge, tech innovation, or financial acumen, the Kingdom’s titans are marching – and they ain’t marching slowly.

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