Employment Titans: The Largest Companies by Employees

Ever wondered who’s at the top when it comes to the global employment game? Imagine a sea of badges, a constellation of cubicles, a symphony of clicking keyboards. That’s the daily reality in the largest companies by employees; these corporate giants don’t just dominate the marketplace—they’re veritable cities of manpower.

Now, dive into an expose of epic proportions, where Fortune 500 employment numbers are more than just stats—they are tales of ambition, organization, ultimate corporate juggernauts.

We’re peeling back the curtain on these international company rankings, revealing the largest private sector employers and how they’re reshaping the landscape of employment.

Hang tight, because by the article’s end, you’ll not only grasp their sheer size but also understand the dynamics of major corporate employers.

We’ll navigate through top employers in the world, dissect employment leaders by industry, and decode the workforce demographics.

Expect the unexpected. From Walmart’s sprawling empire to Amazon’s growing ranks, let’s unravel the mystery behind these employment titans.

Largest Companies By Employees To Check Out

Name Employees Country
Walmart 2,100,000 USA
Amazon 1,500,000 USA
Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry) 826,608 Taiwan
Accenture 733,000 Ireland
Volkswagen 650,951 Germany
Tata Consultancy Services 614,795 India
DHL Group (Deutsche Post) 589,184 Germany
BYD 570,100 China
Compass Group 550,000 UK
United Parcel Service 500,000 USA
Home Depot 470,000 USA
Gazprom 468,000 Russia
Agricultural Bank of China 452,258 China
China Mobile 450,698 China
Jingdong Mall 450,679 China
Concentrix 440,000 USA
Target 440,000 USA
Kroger 430,000 USA
ICBC 427,587 China
Jardine Matheson 425,000 Hong Kong
Sodexo 422,000 France
Ahold Delhaize 414,000 Netherlands
Yum China 400,000 China
UnitedHealth 400,000 USA
PetroChina 398,440 China
Berkshire Hathaway 383,000 USA
China State Construction Engineering 382,492 China
Starbucks 381,000 USA
Fomento Económico Mexicano 379,190 Mexico
Toyota 377,369 Japan
Marriott International 377,000 USA
China Construction Bank 376,682 China
Sinopec 374,791 China
Capgemini 359,567 France
Securitas AB 358,000 Sweden
Magnit 357,000 Russia
Carrefour 346,666 France
Cognizant Technology Solutions 346,600 USA
Ping An Insurance 344,223 China
TriNet 339,341 USA
NTT (Nippon Telegraph & Telephone) 338,651 Japan
Teleperformance 334,896 France
Tesco 330,000 UK
TJX Companies 329,000 USA
Infosys 328,764 India
FedEx 328,000 USA
X5 Retail Group 325,000 Netherlands
Hitachi 322,525 Japan
Siemens 320,000 Germany
Costco 316,000 USA
Insperity 315,340 USA
Pepsico 315,000 USA
JPMorgan Chase 308,669 USA
Bank of China 306,182 China
CK Hutchison Holdings 300,000 Hong Kong
Lowe’s Companies 300,000 USA
China Railway Group 297,620 China
Sumitomo Denki Kōgyō 289,191 Japan
IBM 288,300 USA
Sberbank 287,866 Russia
China Telecom 280,683 China
Nestlé 275,000 Switzerland
Stellantis 272,367 Netherlands
China Railway Construction 269,577 China
ISS A/S 265,883 Denmark
Vinci 265,303 France
Aramark 262,550 USA
Mahindra & Mahindra 260,000 India
JBS 260,000 Brazil
Wipro 250,000 India
Coal India 248,550 India
China Unicom 244,658 Hong Kong
Jardine Cycle & Carriage 240,000 Singapore
Citigroup 240,000 USA
Luxshare Precision 236,932 China
Reliance Industries 236,334 India
Jabil 236,000 USA
State Bank of India 235,858 India
Walmex 232,905 Mexico
Panasonic 232,527 Japan
Japan Post Holdings 227,369 Japan
Wells Fargo 227,363 USA
Alibaba 224,955 China
George Weston 221,285 Canada
Loblaw Companies 221,000 Canada
Microsoft 221,000 USA
HCL Technologies 219,325 India
HSBC 219,199 UK
CVS Health 219,000 USA
DFI Retail Group 218,000 Hong Kong
SAIC Motor 215,999 China
Bank of America 213,000 USA
Santander 212,219 Spain
Yamato Holdings 210,197 Japan
HCA Healthcare 207,000 USA
Walgreens Boots Alliance 206,000 USA
Deutsche Telekom 204,236 Germany
Continental 203,593 Germany
Brookfield Corporation 202,500 Canada
Woolworths Group 200,364 Australia


Imagine a retail kingdom, a place where everything you need is under one roof. That’s Walmart for you.

It’s not just a store; it’s a world of its own, bustling with a workforce that’s like a small country. They’re the heavyweights in the retail industry, a place where variety meets convenience.


Step into the universe of Amazon, where clicking a button brings the world to your doorstep.

It’s a digital giant, driven by a global workforce that’s reshaping how we shop. From books to gadgets, they’re the wizards of online retail, making everything you desire just a click away.

Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry)

Foxconn, the muscle behind our favorite gadgets. Think of your smartphone; chances are, Foxconn played a part in bringing it to life.

They’re the silent heroes, the manufacturing powerhouses who work tirelessly behind the scenes in the tech world.


Dive into the world of Accenture, where innovation meets expertise. They’re not just consultants; they’re the architects of the business future. With a team that’s as diverse as it is skilled, they’re shaping the corporate landscape, one successful project at a time.


Volkswagen, a name synonymous with automotive excellence. Here, engineering marvels are born, backed by a workforce passionate about driving the future of mobility. From family cars to iconic models, they’re steering the way in the automotive world with innovation at the wheel.

Tata Consultancy Services

Enter the realm of Tata Consultancy Services, where technology solutions are crafted with precision. They’re not just IT experts; they’re visionaries in the digital space, helping businesses across the globe to navigate the tech landscape with ease.

DHL Group (Deutsche Post)

DHL Group, the champions of logistics. Picture a global network, delivering everything, everywhere, every day. They’re the backbone of international trade, a powerhouse in logistics, ensuring that no distance is too far.


BYD stands at the forefront of green technology. They’re not just manufacturing cars; they’re crafting the future of sustainable transportation. With a focus on electric vehicles, they’re driving change, one eco-friendly vehicle at a time.


FedEx, the name that’s become synonymous with delivering promises. They’re the pace-setters in the courier world, ensuring that your packages travel across the globe swiftly and securely. They’re not just about parcels; they’re about connecting lives and businesses.

Compass Group

Compass Group, the culinary artists behind the scenes. They’re not just serving food; they’re crafting experiences. From corporate cafeterias to grand events, their culinary expertise is sprinkled across every meal they serve, nourishing millions every day.

United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service, more than just a delivery service, it’s a lifeline connecting businesses and people. They’re the unsung heroes, ensuring that no matter the distance, your packages find their way to your doorstep. It’s about trust, speed, and the art of logistics.


Kroger, where your grocery shopping turns into a journey of freshness and variety. It’s more than a supermarket; it’s a community hub, filled with the aroma of fresh produce and the warmth of friendly smiles. They’re the everyday heroes, feeding families with care and quality.

Home Depot

Step into Home Depot, and you’re in a world where every DIY dream becomes a reality. They’re more than a hardware store; they’re an ally for every home improvement project. Whether you’re a professional or a weekend warrior, they’ve got your back with tools and tips.


Gazprom, the energy giant fueling homes and industries. They’re not just about gas; they’re about powering life, keeping the lights on and the world moving. With a workforce dedicated to energy, they’re the silent guardians in the global energy landscape.

Agricultural Bank of China

Agricultural Bank of China stands as a pillar of financial strength and reliability. It’s more than a bank; it’s a financial partner for millions, supporting growth and prosperity. From rural beginnings to global presence, they’re a testament to resilient banking.

China Mobile

China Mobile, a telecom titan connecting billions. They’re not just about calls and data; they’re about bridging distances, making sure every voice is heard. In the world of connectivity, they’re leading the charge, bringing people together, one call at a time.

Jingdong Mall

Jingdong Mall, where shopping meets innovation. It’s not just an online marketplace; it’s a digital wonderland, offering a plethora of products at your fingertips. They’re redefining retail, blending technology with convenience, making shopping an experience to cherish.


Target, the store that turns shopping into an adventure. It’s more than just retail; it’s about style, value, and joy. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, or home decor, they hit the bullseye every time, making sure your shopping bags are filled with happiness.


ICBC, a financial fortress safeguarding assets and futures. They’re not just a bank; they’re a beacon of trust, guiding financial journeys with wisdom and stability. In the world of banking, they stand tall, a symbol of strength in finance.


Sodexo, masters of crafting delightful experiences. They’re more than a service company; they’re creators of comfort, from mouth-watering meals to well-maintained spaces. It’s about enriching lives, one service at a time, making every day better with their touch.

Ahold Delhaize

Ahold Delhaize, where grocery shopping blends with global flavors. They’re not just about food retail; they’re about bringing a world of tastes to your local aisle. Whether it’s exotic fruits or your favorite snack, they’re serving up a mosaic of choices.


Starbucks, more than a coffee shop, it’s a daily ritual. Here, every sip tells a story of rich flavors and shared moments. It’s not just about your morning brew; it’s about the warmth of community and the joy of your favorite cup, crafted just for you.

Jardine Matheson

Jardine Matheson, a tapestry of businesses woven into the fabric of daily life. From real estate to retail, they’re not just a conglomerate; they’re a cornerstone in Asia’s commercial landscape, building legacies and powering progress.

Yum China

Yum China, where fast food becomes a feast of flavors. They’re the maestros behind your favorite meals, turning quick bites into delightful dining experiences. It’s not just about eating; it’s about savoring flavors that make every meal a celebration.


UnitedHealth, a beacon in healthcare, offering more than just insurance. They’re about nurturing health, providing peace of mind with every policy. In the complex world of healthcare, they’re the guiding light, ensuring wellness is within everyone’s reach.


PetroChina, an energy colossus fueling progress. They’re not just extracting oil; they’re powering dreams, driving industries, and keeping the engines of development roaring. In the realm of energy, they’re a force, a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway, more than an investment titan, it’s a symbol of enduring success. With Warren Buffett at the helm, they’re not just managing assets; they’re sculpting a landscape of strategic investments, shaping the future of finance.

China State Construction Engineering

China State Construction Engineering, where blueprints become landmarks. They’re building more than structures; they’re crafting skylines, shaping cities with every beam and brick. In the world of construction, they’re the architects of progress.

Marriott International

Marriott International, a name that spells hospitality. They’re not just about hotels; they’re about creating memories, offering stays that go beyond comfort into the realm of experience. In the hospitality world, they’re the home away from home.

China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank, a financial powerhouse anchoring aspirations. They’re more than a bank; they’re a partner in progress, fueling growth from skyscrapers to small businesses. In the financial landscape, they’re a pillar of strength and reliability.


Toyota, the name synonymous with automotive innovation. More than just cars, they’re about driving the future with each vehicle they craft. Pioneering in technology and sustainability, they’re not just on the roads; they’re on a journey to redefine mobility.


Sinopec stands as a titan in the energy sector, fueling industries and homes alike. They’re not just about oil; they’re powering life’s every moment. In a world thirsty for energy, they’re an oasis, quenching the global demand with expertise and efficiency.

Fomento Económico Mexicano (FEMSA)

FEMSA, a mosaic of businesses, is more than a corporation. They’re a catalyst in retail and beverage, enhancing daily life with every product and service. In the landscape of commerce, they’re a vibrant splash, enriching lives with diversity and quality.


Capgemini, where technology meets human ingenuity. They’re not just consultants; they’re digital alchemists, blending tech and strategy to forge transformative solutions. In the realm of IT, they’re not just a name; they’re a revolution, reshaping the future of business.


Magnit, more than a retailer, it’s a community cornerstone. They’re the go-to for daily needs, providing a range of products with a personal touch. In the retail world, they’re not just a store; they’re a part of daily life, a friendly neighborhood presence.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Cognizant Technology Solutions, where innovation is in constant motion. They’re not just about IT services; they’re about shaping the digital landscape, helping businesses navigate the ever-evolving tech world with agility and foresight.


Carrefour, a global retail leader, is more than a supermarket. It’s a world of choices under one roof, offering everything from groceries to gadgets. They’re not just about shopping; they’re about an experience, making everyday shopping a journey of discovery.

Ping An Insurance

Ping An Insurance, more than just a financial institution, it’s a guardian of futures. Offering peace of mind through their diverse financial services, they’re not just insuring; they’re ensuring that life’s journey is secure and prosperous.

NTT (Nippon Telegraph & Telephone)

NTT, a telecommunications giant, is not just about connecting calls; they’re about connecting lives. With technology that spans the globe, they’re more than a company; they’re a bridge, linking people and businesses in a world that’s always on.


Teleperformance, the wizards behind customer service excellence. They’re not just a contact center; they’re the voice of brands, the human connection in a digital world. In the realm of customer experience, they’re not just responding; they’re engaging, making every interaction count.

FAQ On The Largest Companies By Employees

Which company tops the list as the world’s largest employer?

Walmart is often the name that pops up first. With its colossal chessboard of retail operations, it consistently clinches the crown. Think about it: a workforce so vast, it rivals the population of small countries!

How do these giants manage such massive workforces?

Cue in advanced HR tech, think ERP and Employee Management Systems. Major corporate employers exploit cutting-edge tech to handle the giant juggernaut that is employee administration. From onboarding to offboarding, they’ve got it streamlined.

Do these companies have a global presence?

Absolutely. Multinational companies like Amazon don’t just dip their toes but dive deep into international waters. They’ve got roots spreading across continents, branching out with local and expat staff en masse.

Does a large employee base impact a company’s market value?

It’s complex, really. A substantial workforce might signal robust operations, but it’s not a direct dance with market value. Business entities weigh in efficiency and profitability too. That’s the numbers game in the corporate realm.

What sectors do these employment leaders typically operate in?

Diverse, yet you’ll find a pattern. Retail giants, tech magnates, health services, and automotive powerhouses frequently hit the mark. We’re talking about sectors that serve your everyday demands. They’re the bread and butter of employment stats.

Are all of these employees typically full-time?

Mix and match, folks. While the core might be full-timers, these business entities mix in part-timers, seasonal staff, and independent contractors. It’s a blended workforce concoction tailored to meet versatile corporate appetites.

What are the advantages of working for such large companies?

Think growth, perks, and stability. Landing a gig at a place like Samsung Electronics can be like hitting a professional jackpot: career pathways galore, sweet benefits, and the international exposure’s a cherry on top.

How do these companies contribute to economic development?

Powerful question. Imagine the cascading effect of job creation—it’s not just about paychecks. Employment growth in multinational corporations fuels consumer spending, stirs up suppliers, and even shapes urban infrastructures. Domino effect in action, right there.

Can we expect to see tech companies dominating employment figures in the future?

Let’s just say, Silicon Valley isn’t slowing down on the hiring front. The digital landscape’s got an insatiable appetite. So yes, tech-infused brands like Apple Inc. and Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) are morphing into workforce behemoths.

How do these employers impact local job markets?

They’re like magnets, attracting diverse talent and often dictating local employment trends. Companies with large employee counts can prop up job markets, set competitive wages, and even influence migration patterns. They hold substantial sway, making or shaking regional employment scenes.


And here we are, at the tail end of this deep dive into the behemoths ruling the job markets. We’ve sifted through the layers, unveiling the dynamics that drive the largest companies by employees. They are more than mere stats on a board; they’re powerhouse engines of the economy, stirring the pot in ways smaller players can only daydream about.

It’s crystal clear now, isn’t it?

  • Corporate goliaths like Walmart don’t just buckle under their colossal employee weight; they flex, pivot, and adapt.
  • Tech overlords, sprouting from the Silicon Valleys of the world, are not just silent spectators. They’re aggressive players in the employment arena.

The ripples made by these monoliths trickle down far and wide, shaping lives, molding markets, and altering destinies. As the sun sets on our enlightening rendezvous, remember this: The global workforce is an ever-evolving tapestry, with each strand woven by the aspirations and endeavors of these titanic institutions.

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