Fjord Fortunes: The Largest Companies in Norway

Imagine standing at the heart of Oslo, feeling the pulse of a vibrant economy. The largest companies in Norway aren’t just towering entities dotting the skyline; they are the powerhouse driving a nation’s prosperity and a crucible of innovation. As gears of progress turn, understanding these leviathans becomes pivotal.

Venturing beyond the fjords and idyllic landscapes, Norway boasts an enviable ensemble of corporate titans—from energy behemoths plucking wealth from the North Sea to telecom giants connecting lives across fjords. This article throws open the vault, revealing the steel sinews and financial prowess that shape these Norse legends.

You’re about to unpack:

  • The financial gravity these enterprises wield.
  • The innovation and strategies propelling them forward.
  • Key insights into their market dominance.

Whether you’re scouring for investment avenues, gauging the economic impact, or simply satiating curiosity, by the end you’ll have a broadened horizon. As we peel back layers of this Nordic corporate saga, the pieces of an intricate economic mosaic fall into place.

Largest Companies In Norway To Check Out

Name Market Cap
Equinor $73.31 B
DNB $29.94 B
Aker BP $15.61 B
Telenor $15.56 B
Adevinta $13.10 B
Kongsberg Gruppen $11.13 B
Norsk Hydro $10.69 B
Mowi $10.08 B
Yara International $8.16 B
Gjensidige Forsikring $8.07 B
SalMar ASA $8.01 B
Vår Energi $7.30 B
Orkla $7.23 B
Schibsted $6.60 B
AutoStore Holdings $5.48 B
Aker ASA $4.12 B
Tomra $4.05 B
Wallenius Wilhelmsen $4.02 B
Storebrand $4.01 B
Leroy Seafood $2.26 B
Olav Thon $1.95 B
Höegh Autoliners $1.92 B
Entra $1.81 B
Borregaard $1.74 B
Nordic Semiconductor $1.68 B
Protector Forsikring $1.67 B
Aker Solutions ASA $1.65 B
Kahoot! $1.62 B
Norwegian Air Shuttle $1.58 B
Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding $1.53 B
Austevoll Seafood $1.38 B
Veidekke $1.37 B
SpareBank 1 $1.34 B
BlueNord ASA $1.32 B
Atea ASA $1.31 B
AF Gruppen $1.27 B
TGS ASA $1.24 B
Sparebanken Vest $1.20 B
Elkem $1.17 B
Europris $1.09 B
DOF Group $1.08 B
Scatec ASA $0.99 B
Opera $0.98 B
Bonheur ASA $0.90 B
DNO ASA $0.84 B
Arendals Fossekompani $0.77 B
Nel ASA $0.72 B
Grieg Seafood $0.64 B
Bouvet $0.61 B
MPC Container Ships $0.59 B
Nykode Therapeutics $0.55 B
Aker Carbon Capture $0.44 B
Hexagon Composites $0.40 B
REC Silicon $0.38 B
Volue ASA $0.35 B


Diving into the deep blue of Norway’s energy sector, Equinor emerges as a titan. Picture vast oil fields and pioneering renewable energy projects. They’re not just about oil; think wind farms and carbon capture. A blend of tradition and innovation, right?


Think of DNB as Norway’s financial fortress. It’s where savings meet investments and dreams get that financial backing. They’re the go-to for anything money-related, from your first savings account to complex corporate financing deals.

Aker BP

Aker BP is like a maestro of the oil symphony. They’ve got rigs and tech that make Norway a big player in the oil game. It’s not just drilling; it’s about smart, sustainable energy solutions. They’re the future-forward face of oil.


Telenor is your digital whisperer. From rural areas to bustling cities, they connect people. It’s not just calls and texts; think big data, IoT, and next-gen tech. They’re like the digital glue holding Norway’s communication together.


Adevinta is the marketplace magician. Imagine a digital bazaar spanning continents. It’s where your old guitar or dream apartment finds its new home. They’re all about connecting buyers and sellers, making trade a global village affair.

Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydro is like an alchemist turning bauxite into aluminum. But there’s more; they’re big on sustainability, recycling, and renewable energy. They’re not just a metal company; they’re shaping a greener industrial future.

Yara International

Yara International is the gardener of the global agri-world. They’re not just about fertilizers; they’re feeding the planet. Think high-tech solutions for sustainable farming. They’re the green thumbs behind a well-fed future.


Mowi is the king of the sea when it comes to seafood. Salmon is their crown jewel, but their realm spans aquaculture technologies and sustainability practices. It’s not just fish farming; it’s about feeding the future responsibly.

Vår Energi

Vår Energi is an energy enigma, merging traditional oil drilling with future-focused environmental mindfulness. Think oil exploration with a green heart. They’re crafting a path where energy meets responsibility.

Gjensidige Forsikring

Gjensidige Forsikring is your safety net, woven with care. They’re not just an insurance company; they’re peace of mind providers. From health to home, they’ve got your back, ensuring life’s uncertainties don’t catch you off guard.

SalMar ASA

Imagine SalMar ASA as the architects of aquaculture, sculpting the future of seafood. It’s not just fish farms; it’s innovation beneath the waves. They blend tradition with tech to bring top-notch salmon to your table sustainably.

Kongsberg Gruppen

Kongsberg Gruppen is like the tech wizard of the defense and maritime world. Think cutting-edge solutions for ships, submarines, and space tech. They’re not just about hardware; they’re pioneering the future of defense and marine technology.


Orkla is your pantry’s best friend. From snacks to cleaning products, they’re behind many of the everyday items in Norwegian homes. It’s not just about products; it’s about enhancing daily life, one item at a time.

AutoStore Holdings

AutoStore Holdings is redefining the warehouse. Imagine robots whizzing around, optimizing storage and logistics. They’re not just about boxes and spaces; they’re the future of efficient, automated storage solutions.


Schibsted is the storyteller of Norway, weaving narratives through newspapers, websites, and apps. They’re not just about news; they’re about connecting people with information, entertainment, and each other.

Aker ASA

Aker ASA is a mosaic of industrial prowess, blending shipping, fishing, and more. They’re not just a company; they’re a conglomerate shaping diverse sectors. From the depths of the sea to the reaches of industry, they’re everywhere.


Storebrand is the guardian of your financial future. They’re not just about insurance and pensions; they’re about creating a secure, sustainable financial journey for everyone, guiding you through life’s financial paths.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Wallenius Wilhelmsen is the master of the seas, moving cars, machines, and more across oceans. It’s not just shipping; it’s about connecting global markets, making the world smaller, one voyage at a time.


Tomra is the planet’s cleanup crew, leading the charge in recycling and resource management. They’re not just about sorting trash; they’re turning waste into worth, one bottle, can, and piece of plastic at a time.

Leroy Seafood

Leroy Seafood is like the ocean’s chef, serving up some of the finest seafood. It’s more than fishing; it’s about sustainable, delicious produce from the sea, bringing the ocean’s bounty to your plate responsibly.

Aker Solutions ASA

Aker Solutions ASA is like an engineering ninja, mastering the art of oil, gas, and renewable energy solutions. They’re not just about building rigs; they’re about innovating for a sustainable energy future. Think green, think giant, think Aker Solutions.

Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is your invisible friend powering everyday gadgets. They’re the brains in your smart devices, from wearables to IoT. It’s not just chips and tech; they’re making life smarter, one semiconductor at a time.


TGS ASA is the Sherlock Holmes of the energy world, uncovering what lies beneath the earth’s surface. They’re not just about seismic data; they’re the key to unlocking oil and gas secrets, helping to fuel the future.


Entra is like a modern-day architect, crafting sustainable, innovative workspaces. They’re not just about buildings; they’re about creating environments where businesses and creativity thrive. Think green, think smart, think Entra.


Kahoot! is the fun master, turning learning into a game everyone wants to play. They’re not just an app; they’re a revolution in education and corporate training. Learning made fun, engaging, and super interactive.


Borregaard is nature’s chemist, turning wood into bio-based chemicals. They’re not just about sustainability; they’re the epitome of green innovation, making the world a cleaner, greener place, one tree at a time.

Olav Thon

Olav Thon is the real estate king, shaping Norway’s cityscapes with malls and properties. They’re not just about locations; they’re about creating spaces where life and business bloom, building communities and experiences.

Protector Forsikring

Protector Forsikring is your personal bodyguard in the world of insurance. They’re not just about policies; they’re about protecting dreams, businesses, and homes, offering a safety net for life’s unexpected turns.

Austevoll Seafood

Austevoll Seafood is like the ocean’s bounty hunter, bringing the best of the sea to your plate. From fish farming to fishing, they’re all about sustainable, high-quality seafood. Think fresh, think oceanic, think Austevoll.

SpareBank 1

SpareBank 1 is your financial co-pilot, guiding you through the world of savings, loans, and investments. They’re not just a bank; they’re a financial partner for life, helping to navigate the seas of personal and business finance.

BlueNord ASA

BlueNord ASA sails the seas of renewable energy, harnessing wind and waves. They’re not just about power; they’re crafting a sustainable future. Think turbines, think tides, think BlueNord – the green energy innovators.


Nel ASA is the hydrogen hero, turning this element into a clean fuel source. They’re not just about gas; they’re about revolutionizing energy, powering everything from cars to industries with eco-friendly hydrogen.

Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding

Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding navigates the global shipping lanes, moving goods across continents. They’re more than just logistics; they’re the lifeline of global trade, connecting markets with a fleet that spans the globe.

Atea ASA

Atea ASA is the tech titan, equipping businesses with cutting-edge IT solutions. They’re not just about computers; they’re about empowering organizations with technology, making work smarter, faster, and more secure.


Veidekke builds dreams, from roads to buildings. They’re not just about construction; they’re about creating structures that last, shaping landscapes and communities with every brick and beam.

AF Gruppen

AF Gruppen is the muscle behind major construction and engineering feats. Think bridges, buildings, and beyond. They’re not just builders; they’re the architects of tomorrow’s infrastructure, building a stronger, better Norway.


Elkem is like a modern alchemist, transforming minerals into essential silicones and alloys. They’re not just about mining; they’re innovators in materials that power industries, from electronics to construction.


Opera is your window to the web, a browser that’s fast, secure, and innovative. They’re not just about surfing the net; they’re about enhancing the online experience, making the internet accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Sparebanken Vest

Sparebanken Vest is your financial ally in the west of Norway, offering a full spectrum of banking services. They’re more than just a bank; they’re a community partner, investing in local prosperity and growth.


Europris makes shopping a breeze, offering a wide range of affordable, quality goods. They’re not just a store; they’re a one-stop shop for everything from home essentials to leisure goods, bringing convenience and value to every visit.

FAQ On The Largest Companies In Norway

Who tops the list of the largest companies in Norway?

Absolutely, when you’re eyeballing the heavyweight champions in Norway’s corporate ring, Equinor comes out swinging. Not only does it dominate the energy sector, it’s a globally recognized trailblazer in oil and gas, racking up revenues that dwarf others. It spearheads Norway’s market into international waters, waving the flag high.

What industries do these giant Norwegian companies operate in?

Think of a tapestry woven with threads of diverse sectors. You’ve got your energy troopers like Equinor and Norsk Hydro, banking giants like DNB ASA, and Telenor handling the telecom punches. Then there’s Yara International, sprinkling the magic of their fertilizers on a global farming scale.

How do these companies impact Norway’s economy?

In one word: profoundly. These titans aren’t just a display of corporate might; they rev the engine of Norway’s economy. Through massive employment, hefty tax contributions, and exports – especially oilfueled – they are key to the country’s wealth and financial health. They practically sculpt Norway’s economic landscape.

Are these Norwegian companies state-owned or private?

It’s a mix and match. Entities like Equinor and Telenor have state ownership to a certain extent, giving a sense of ‘for the people, by the people,’ which is pretty neat. Then you’ve got the wholly private entities, flexing their muscles in the excellent Norwegian business climate.

What roles do these companies play in global markets?

Global markets, listen up – Norway’s giants speak with a rumbling voice. Equinor rides the oil waves worldwide, Telenor connects international calls, and Norsk Hydro, let’s just say, it adds the metallic sheen globally. They’re not just playing in the markets; they’re major leaguers.

Do they influence the stock market in Norway?

Oh, absolutely. They’re not quiet players; they make the Oslo Stock Exchange dance to their tune. When one of these titanic entities as much as sneezes, traders pay attention. Their stocks are among the most traded, perfect for anyone eyeing the Norwegian equity market for some action.

What is the Norwegian Government Pension Fund’s role among these companies?

The Norwegian Government Pension Fund, famously known as the Oil Fund, is the kingpin investor. It has stakes in several of these companies, ensuring that Norway’s natural resource wealth benefits future generations. Think of it as a piggy bank, but instead of pennies, it’s filled with corporate power.

How do these companies manage sustainability and environmental concerns?

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for these Norse juggernauts; it’s engraved in their ethos. Norsk Hydro’s and Equinor’s strides in renewable and cleaner energy are noteworthy. They juggle profitability with planet-friendly policies, all while navigating Norway’s stringent environmental regulations. Green is not just a color here; it’s a mission.

What’s the forecast for these Norwegian companies’ growth?

Peer into the crystal ball, and you’ll see growth on the horizon. With constant innovation, strategic global expansion, and maintaining a stronghold in renewable energy, Norway’s corporate titans are set for success. Keep an eye on advancements in digital technology and green solutions – that’s where the future’s at.

Can international investors tap into these Norwegian companies?

Investors, welcome to the party. Even though you’re miles away, that doesn’t stop you from owning a slice of Norway’s finest. These companies have a global investor base, and many are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Dive in, the waters of Norwegian corporate investment are just fine.


Wrapping this up, it’s clear as day – the largest companies in Norway aren’t just economic titans in the land of the midnight sun; they’re game-changers on the world’s stage. They bridge the gap between the rich heritage of a seafaring nation and the cutting-edge future of global markets.

  • They’re the beating heart of the Norwegian economy, infusing it with jobs, innovation, and financial stability.
  • They traverse industries, from oil and energy to telecom and shipping, carving out an indelible mark on the business world.

Their global presence is a testament to Norway’s prowess and foresight, a beacon for sustainable growth and environmental stewardship. You can feel their impact, from the buzz on the Oslo Stock Exchange to the deep coffers of the Oil Fund.

So, next time you’re basking in the northern lights, remember the luminaries of Norway’s corporate sky, guiding a nation with steadfast resilience and towering ambition. They sure make the view from up here quite splendid.

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