Top Fintech Companies in Los Angeles To Keep An Eye On

Swiping through the kaleidoscope of digital innovation, one might not instantly align the glitz of Los Angeles with the analytical world of finance.

Yet, below the surface of sun-soaked beaches and silver screen dreams, fintech companies in Los Angeles are orchestrating a silent revolution.

Within the urban sprawl where silicon meets street art, lies a vibrant fusion – the LA fintech ecosystem, it’s an electric blend of disruption and design.

This isn’t just banking; it’s a reimagined economic narrative, sculpted in the very code of tomorrow’s currencies and transactions. By diving into this article, you’re unlocking the vault to a wealth of understanding.

You’ll navigate through the intricate network of financial technology services, push past the velvet rope into Silicon Beach startups, and decipher the code of what makes the city’s financial innovation pulse.

From fintech investors to blockchain startups in LA, each paragraph is a stepping stone across the economic currents of one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

By the final full stop, the enigma of fintech companies in Los Angeles transitions into lucid reality, leaving you with insights that could very well redefine your digital wallet’s future.

Fintech Companies in Los Angeles

Fintech Company Primary Offering Target Market Unique Feature Year Founded
SoLo Funds Peer-to-peer lending Individual borrowers Social impact loans without mandatory interest 2016
Aspiration Sustainable banking services Eco-conscious consumers Plant-your-change feature for reforestation 2013
Dave Personal finance management Individuals avoiding fees Overdraft protection with no fees 2016
FloQast Accounting workflow automation Accountants and CFOs Close management software for accountants 2013
Tala Mobile lending Underbanked in emerging markets Instant credit using non-traditional data 2011
Earny Price protection Online shoppers Automated refunds on price drops 2015
Finbox Financial data and analysis Businesses and investors Developer-friendly APIs for financial data 2014
Blackhawk Network Payment solutions Retailers and businesses Gift cards, e-gifts, and rewards programs 2001
Stem Music distribution and payments Musicians and content creators Automated payment splitting among collaborators 2015
Zest AI AI-driven credit scoring Lenders AI-powered underwriting to reduce bias 2009
Green Dot Corporation Banking and prepaid debit cards General consumers Banking as a service platform 1999
Epics Digital Collectibles Digital collectibles trading platform Collectors and gamers Digital ownership of collectible cards 2018
ProducePay Financing for the produce industry Farmers and growers Real-time data analytics for produce market 2014
Wise Cross-border payments Individuals and businesses Low-cost international money transfers 2011 (as TransferWise)
Goat Sneaker marketplace Sneaker enthusiasts Authentication service for sneakers 2015
StartEngine Equity crowdfunding Startups and investors Platform for investing in early-stage companies 2011
Sure Digital insurance platform Consumers seeking insurance Policy distribution ecosystem 2014
Camino Financial Small business loans Underbanked small businesses Tailored loans for Latino businesses 2014
FastPay Media finance solutions Digital media industry Accelerated payments to media businesses 2009
Draper Goren Holm Venture studio and accelerator Fintech and blockchain startups Investment and mentorship in blockchain startups 2018

SoLo Funds

Yo, ever thought you could loan out money from your phone in seconds? Well, you can, and that’s where SoLo Funds comes in. Like your buddy who always has your back, these guys connect lenders and borrowers for small loans. Their no-interest model is a knockout, making them a hero in the fintech space.


Imagine a bank that actually cared about the environment. That’s what Aspiration is all about. A digital bank, green as fresh-cut grass, that lets you track your carbon footprint. With their every swipe, your heart will be all warm and fuzzy knowing you’re not hurting Mother Earth.


Hey, meet Dave. Your new best friend. He’s here to rescue you from those pesky overdraft fees. Dave’s more like a financial superhero, keeping you on track with your budget and dishing out paycheck advances when you need ’em.


Now, ever felt like managing finances for a company is like trying to solve a giant puzzle? FloQast can help with that. They make closing books and financial reporting as easy as pie. This is the one-stop-shop for accounting teams.


With Tala, it’s about turning dreams into reality. They’ve got a magical way of assessing credit scores even when banks say you don’t exist. A lifesaver for those in developing countries needing a loan.


Picture this, you buy something, and then the price drops. Bummer, right? Not with Earny. These cool cats help you get cash back on purchases if the price drops after you’ve bought it. Shopping will never be the same again!


Peep Finbox, your trusted sidekick in investment decisions. It’s like a super smart AI that digs deep into companies’ financials, helping investors make sound decisions. No more guesswork, just pure calculated strategy.

Blackhawk Network

Let’s chat about Blackhawk Network. These guys are the wizard behind the curtain, making gift cards, rewards, and payments systems dance seamlessly together. They turn loyalty and rewards into a beautiful symphony.


Meet Stem, a superstar in the music business. These folks help artists and creators manage their payments. Now musicians can rock out without worrying about who’s getting paid what.

Zest AI

Next up, Zest AI. This team is revolutionizing lending with their super-smart software, helping companies dodge risky loans. It’s all about smart money here.

Green Dot Corporation

Look over here at Green Dot Corporation. They’re serving up banking solutions for everyone, even if traditional banks have turned you away. It’s the whole package: prepaid debit cards, mobile banking, you name it.

Epics Digital Collectibles

Introducing Epics Digital Collectibles. Gamers, unite! This is a rad marketplace for buying, selling, and collecting digital cards of your favorite esports stars and influencers.


Meet ProducePay. They’re all about making sure farmers get paid right on time. They offer upfront cash for future harvests. It’s like sunshine on a rainy day for our hardworking farmers.


This is Wise. They’re like your wise grandma helping you manage your business banking. They’ve got your back with bookkeeping and invoices so you can focus on what you do best.


You’ve gotta meet Goat. These cats have revolutionized the game in buying and selling sneakers. They’ve created a secure platform where everyone can trade kicks without a worry.


Check out StartEngine. They are like your loyal sidekick, helping businesses crowdsource the funds they need to take flight. They’ve made investing in startups as easy as clicking a button.


Say hello to Sure. These guys are shaking things up in the insurance game. They’re all about offering personalized insurance, tailored just for you. Now that’s a snug fit.

Camino Financial

Let’s talk Camino Financial. They are like a trusted friend, offering loans and resources to small businesses that usually slip through the cracks. They’re making sure no business is left behind.


Up next, FastPay. They make life easier for digital media companies. These guys provide super quick loans, making cash flow smooth as butter.

Draper Goren Holm

Finally, here’s Draper Goren Holm. These are the blockchain wizards, investing in the finest fintech and blockchain startups. They’re all about shaping the future of finance with some truly wild tech.

FAQ On Fintech Companies In Los Angeles

What’s the deal with fintech companies in Los Angeles?

Oh, they’re lighting up the place! Think Hollywood glamour, but for finance. LA’s fintech scene is booming with fresh talent, investors, and Silicon Beach vibes. It’s where creativity meets number crunching, and the end result? Finance that’s as user-friendly as your favorite app.

How are fintech companies changing the financial landscape in LA?

They’re total game-changers. Breaking down the old-school bank walls, they offer slick digital banking experiences, and peer-to-peer lending platforms. It’s finance without the yawn, giving power back to the people with their smartphones and smart ideas.

Can I trust these LA fintech startups with my money?

Trust is their currency. These startups are often backed up by big players and have to navigate through a sea of regulations. They’re not playing in the sandbox – they’ve got security and trustworthiness as top priorities.

What sort of innovations are these fintech companies working on?

Hearing about blockchain and AI in finance? That’s them! They’re reshaping everything from mobile payments to wealth management technology. LA’s fintech is about giving you that Tony Stark feeling when managing your dough.

Are there any notable fintech companies in Los Angeles I should know about?

Absolutely! There’s Acorns for micro-investing, Green Dot pioneering prepaid debit cards, and plenty crossing the finish line every day. They’re like the celebrities of the finance world, only less paparazzi and more productivity.

What sort of fintech services are most prevalent in LA?

Think of it as a financial buffet. You’ve got everything from online loan providers to e-commerce payment systems. It’s a tech feast for anyone looking to manage money more effectively. Everyone’s catered for, from the startup hustler to the corner shop owner.

How is the fintech scene in Los Angeles impacting the global market?

It’s a ripple effect, my friend. LA’s fintech innovations are like constant tweets going viral. They push the boundaries and set global trends. We’re talking about impacts that have Wall Street and international banks turning their heads to see what’s up.

What’s the future of fintech in LA?

Brighter than a Hollywood premiere! With constant investment and a surge in venture capital for fintech, this city’s only going to expand its influence. The future’s about integration – fintech becoming a seamless part of our daily lives.

How can I get involved with fintech companies in LA?

Got an idea or a skill? Dip your toes in. Network at LA Tech Summit events, connect with fintech investors, or join a startup accelerator. It’s about who you know, and let’s face it, in this city of dreams, everyone’s looking for the next big thing.

What challenges do fintech companies in LA face?

It isn’t all sunsets and smooth sailing. They face stiff competition, the Herculean task of maintaining financial regulations compliance, and the need to build trust in a field where everyone’s cautious. But hey, overcoming challenges? That’s the LA way.


Navigating the vibrant landscape of fintech companies in Los Angeles, it’s clear the future of finance is now. We’ve wandered through the city’s teeming fintech ecosystem, unearthed its digital banking treasures, and witnessed the innovation surge within Silicon Beach startups. The takeaways?

  • Financial technology services here are redefining the way money flows and grows.
  • From mobile payments to cryptocurrency services, adaptability is in the DNA.
  • Venture funding flows like the Pacific, supporting the bold and the brave.

The journey doesn’t end at the edge of this article. The roots are spreading, intertwining through every transaction, every swipe, and tap on a screen. These companies, fueled by boundless creativity and serious venture capital, are helming a revolution that’s stitched into the very fabric of this star-studded city. Keep an eye on this space. The story of fintech in Los Angeles? It’s just gearing up, set to speed towards uncharted territories at the intersection of technology and finance.

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