Tech Companies in Fort Lauderdale Leading the Charge

Picture this: the sun-kissed shores of Fort Lauderdale are not just a haven for beachgoers, but a sandbox for innovation, where tech companies thrive among palm trees and ocean breezes. It’s where Silicon Beach meets South Florida charm, a surprising melting pot of digital dreams taking flight.

Here, tech companies in Fort Lauderdale are redefining what it means to merge life’s pleasures with a relentless pursuit of technological advancement.

The streets buzz with tales of emerging tech and software development; whispers of the startup ecosystem echo through the city, attracting talent and investors to this coastal metropolis.

Dive in, and you’ll uncover how this locale is morphing into a tech scene rivaled by few, boasting everything from IT services to innovative hubs that are reshaping our digital future.

This article unfolds the narrative of a city that’s much more than a tourist retreat—it’s a tech entrepreneur’s playground.

You’re set to explore the ins and outs of Fort Lauderdale’s tech landscape, the networking events that spark connections, and the local tech talent that fuels growth. No frills, just the straight scoop on how stepping into the Fort Lauderdale tech wave can amplify your digital horizons.

Tech Companies in Fort Lauderdale

Tech Company in Fort Lauderdale Industry/Sector Key Products/Services Notable Features Potential Use Case
Broadsmart Global Telecommunications Cloud communication solutions Offers unified communications as a service (UCaaS) Suitable for businesses looking for VoIP and cloud-based communication solutions
Cybraics Cybersecurity AI-based security analytics platform Uses machine learning for threat detection Businesses in need of advanced cybersecurity protection
Citrix Software Digital workspace, networking, analytics Focus on secure remote work solutions Organizations looking for virtualization and remote access solutions
Equisolve Digital Solutions Investor relations and corporate websites Combines technology with service for public companies Public companies needing website management and investor relations services
ShipMonk Logistics/ E-commerce Order fulfillment services Emphasis on helping SMBs and e-commerce E-commerce businesses seeking warehousing and shipping solutions
Ubicquia IoT, Smart Cities Streetlight-based smart city platforms Products aim to make cities smarter and safer Municipalities looking to implement smart city technologies
Qolo Fintech Payments platform B2B focus on payments infrastructure Businesses needing backend payment processing solutions
EnergyX Energy Lithium extraction and battery technology Sustainable energy focus Companies interested in eco-friendly battery solutions
Xendoo Financial Tech Accounting services for small businesses Real-time financial data access Small businesses in need of accounting and bookkeeping services
Boatsetter Marketplace Peer-to-peer boat rental platform Access to a fleet of privately-owned boats Individual or businesses looking for short-term boat rentals
Docklyne Maritech Dock booking and management platform Facilitates marina reservation Boaters and marina operators needing reservation services
CarePredict Health Tech Elderly care monitoring solutions Wearable tech for predictive health insights Assisted living facilities, caretakers for elderly care monitoring
Lifecache Data Management Cloud backup and data recovery Focus on personal digital legacy Individuals looking to back up and preserve digital life stories
Protiviti Consulting Risk management, consulting Global consulting firm with tech focus Companies seeking risk management and business consulting
AI Technology Inc Manufacturing Specialty adhesives and materials High-performance materials for electronics Industry players in need of advanced electronic materials
Axis Communications Surveillance Network cameras, access control Pioneers in network video solutions Entities requiring advanced security camera systems and access control


Qorvo is a game-changer in the tech world, especially when it comes to radio frequency (RF) solutions. They’re not just about creating products; they’re about shaping the future of how we communicate. With a focus on innovation and connectivity, they’re making waves in the mobile, defense, and infrastructure sectors. If you’re looking for cutting-edge RF tech, Qorvo is where it’s at.

BNY Mellon

Meet BNY Mellon, a financial powerhouse that’s been around for ages but is anything but old-fashioned. They’re all about investment management and investment services. With a global reach and a commitment to innovation, they’re helping clients manage and service their financial assets. From wealth management to asset servicing, BNY Mellon is a name you can trust.


Presidio is the tech guru you wish you had on speed dial. They’re all about digital solutions and services. Think cloud, security, collaboration, and more. They’re the backbone of many businesses’ digital transformation, connecting everything from IT infrastructure to reliable networks. If you’re looking to innovate and boost your customer experience, Presidio is your go-to.

HHS Tech Group

Dive into the world of healthcare tech with HHS Tech Group. They’re offering cloud-based, SaaS platforms combined with top-tier AI tech. They’re not just about software; they’re about solutions. Solutions that simplify healthcare, ensure compliance, and drive improvements. From managing medical records to powering the nation’s largest COVID-19 research database, they’re at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Broadsmart Global

Broadsmart Global, a tech gem in Fort Lauderdale, specializes in cloud-based communication solutions. Their expertise lies in providing businesses with unified communications, ensuring seamless connectivity. With a focus on enterprise-level businesses, they offer solutions that are both scalable and reliable. Their services are designed to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer service. If you’re looking to elevate your business communication, Broadsmart is the way to go.


Cybraics is all about advanced cybersecurity. Their platform, powered by military-grade AI and machine learning, is designed to detect and respond to threats efficiently. They pride themselves on their ability to filter out alert noise and improve situational awareness. Born out of collaborations with the U.S. Department of Defense, their tools are top-notch, ensuring that businesses can focus on their core operations without worrying about cyber threats.


Citrix is a name synonymous with workspace solutions. They offer technology that paves the way for a secure, efficient, and flexible work environment, regardless of where you are or the device you’re using. Their platform is designed to enhance the virtual desktop experience, ensuring IT efficiency and security. Whether you’re a business looking for operational flexibility or an individual seeking a seamless work-from-home setup, Citrix has got you covered.


Equisolve stands out in the realm of investor relations and corporate websites. Their services are tailored to inspire investor confidence. With a keen focus on accessibility, they ensure that their websites are not just informative but also user-friendly. Their proactive client services, combined with their expertise in IR website design, make them a preferred choice for businesses looking to make a mark in the digital space.

Gannett Fleming

Gannett Fleming, an esteemed engineering consulting firm, is on a mission to improve our communities and sustain our world. They’re reshaping the future of design, engineering, and construction, making a positive impact on the world around us. Their team is driven by a shared vision and passion for creating a better future, together. From infrastructure projects to innovative solutions, Gannett Fleming is a trusted partner in progress.


Digimarc is revolutionizing the way we interact with digital assets. They’re at the forefront of digital watermarking technology, ensuring that intellectual property is protected and easily identifiable. Whether it’s for copyright protection or enhancing consumer engagement, Digimarc offers solutions that are both innovative and effective. Their commitment to technology and content protection has made them a global leader in their field, helping businesses and creators safeguard their digital assets.


Astronics is all about innovation in the skies. They provide cutting-edge technologies that ensure safety, comfort, and connectivity during flights. From power systems to lighting solutions, Astronics is committed to enhancing the flying experience for passengers and crew alike. Their expertise spans across various mission-critical systems, and they work closely with customers to develop integrated solutions that meet specific needs. If you’ve ever flown, chances are you’ve benefited from the innovation of Astronics.


Astrea is dedicated to bringing high-speed broadband Internet to the most remote corners of life. They understand the importance of staying connected, whether it’s for work, entertainment, or staying in touch with loved ones. Beyond internet services, Astrea also offers TV and phone solutions, ensuring that their customers have all their communication needs met. With a focus on reliability and customer service, Astrea is a trusted provider in the communities they serve.


Daktronics is a name that resonates with dynamic displays. They’re the wizards behind those massive LED screens you see at concerts, sports events, and bustling city centers. From digital billboards to electronic scoreboards, they’ve got the tech to make things shine. Their innovation doesn’t just stop at creating visually stunning displays; they’re all about ensuring their products stand the test of time. So, if you’re looking to make a statement, these guys have got the screen for it.

Duke Robotics

Duke Robotics is not your typical robotics company. They’re on a mission to revolutionize stabilization solutions for both military and civilian sectors. Founded in 2014, they’ve been developing cutting-edge robotic stabilization tech primarily for military applications. Their innovations have garnered them a U.S. patent for their robotics stabilization system. From drones to advanced stabilization technologies, they’re shaping the future of robotics in defense and beyond.


ShipMonk is the ally every e-commerce business needs. They’re all about making shipping and fulfillment a breeze. Integrating with multiple sales channels, they ensure that your products reach your customers quickly and efficiently. With a network of fulfillment centers, they optimize shipping routes for cost-effectiveness. Plus, their inventory management system is a game-changer, giving businesses complete control and visibility. So, if you’re an e-commerce brand aiming for scalable growth, ShipMonk is your monk!

Northstar Travel Group

Northstar Travel Group is the compass guiding the travel industry. They’re the leading B-to-B information and marketing solutions company, catering to all segments of the business and sports meetings, events, and incentives market. Their mission? To drive the travel industry forward, making the world a better place. With a plethora of events, insights, and research from trusted brands, they’re the beacon for many in the travel sector.


Ubicquia offers municipalities, utilities, and broadband service providers a cost-effective and expandable platform for deploying smart city, broadband, and small cell services. Their plug-and-play network has a unique ability to turn any street light into a multi-function router. This helps in enhancing the services of cities and offering a scalable solution for smart city development.


Qolo is at the forefront of the payments industry, offering B2B payments and banking-as-a-service. They’re dedicated to supporting the evolving needs of businesses, combining the best of fintech and payment technology. Their platform is designed to manage both complex payment structures and straightforward transactions, making them a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes.


EnergyX is on a mission to revolutionize the way we power our future. Founded in 2018, they’re changing the game with breakthrough direct lithium extraction and refinery technologies. They believe that in the next decade, lithium will be the most crucial natural resource, as society transitions to a sustainable future. EnergyX is tackling the challenges of lithium production and energy storage, ensuring a greener tomorrow.


Dive into the world of online accounting with Xendoo. They’re not just about numbers; they’re about making your business life simpler. With a focus on providing monthly financials at an unbeatable rate, they’re changing the game for small business owners. Say goodbye to the end-of-the-year accounting scramble and hello to year-round peace of mind.


Ever dreamt of sailing without the hassle of owning a boat? Boatsetter has got you covered. It’s like the Airbnb for boats. Whether you’re looking to fish, sail, or just relax on the water, they connect you with boat owners ready to make it happen. Plus, with their top-notch insurance, you can set sail with confidence.


AOE is all about digital solutions. They’re the brains behind some of the most complex enterprise web applications out there. With a global team of experts, they tackle challenges head-on, ensuring seamless digital experiences for their clients. From e-commerce to mobile apps, they’re the tech wizards you want on your side.


Ever dreamt of sailing into the sunset but don’t own a boat? Docklyne’s got you covered. As the go-to platform for boat rentals, Docklyne connects boat enthusiasts with rental operations across the country. Whether you’re into wakeboarding, kayaking, or just want to relax on a pontoon, they’ve got a boat for you. And with a commitment to getting everyone on the water, Docklyne ensures a seamless rental experience. So, why wait? Dive into your next aquatic adventure with Docklyne.


Diving into the world of senior care, CarePredict stands out with its innovative approach. They’re not just another tech company; they’re a beacon of hope for families with elderly members. Using AI-driven insights, they aim to predict and prevent serious health issues among seniors. Their wearable tech, known as Tempo, tracks daily activities and provides invaluable data on the user’s health. It’s not just about monitoring; it’s about understanding and predicting. If you’ve got an elderly loved one, this might be the tech solution you’ve been waiting for.


Imagine a world where technology doesn’t just sit on your desk or in your pocket but is woven into the very fabric of your surroundings. That’s the magic Lifecache is bringing to the table. They’re not just another tech company; they’re reshaping how we interact with the world around us. With their global, location-based Augmented Reality Content Management Platform, Lifecache is transforming how Travel, Tourism, and Retail sectors manage content and commerce.


Protiviti is all about solutions. This global consulting firm, with a significant presence in Fort Lauderdale, is the go-to for companies seeking expert advice on finance, technology, operations, data, analytics, and more. They’re not just consultants; they’re partners in your success. With a deep understanding of various industries and challenges, Protiviti crafts tailored solutions that drive real results. If you’re looking to navigate the complex business landscape, they might just be the compass you need.

AI Technology Inc

Stepping into the realm of microelectronic packaging and thermal management, AI Technology Inc is a game-changer. With over 29 years under their belt, they’ve mastered the art of creating high-performance adhesive films, pastes, and thermal interface materials. But that’s not all. They’re also pioneers in flexible epoxy technology, ensuring electronic interconnection and packaging are top-notch. Whether it’s solderable flexible circuits or high-frequency RFID solutions, AI Technology Inc has got the tech world buzzing. Dive in and explore their world of innovations.

Axis Communications

Axis Communications is all about connections. But they’re not just any connections; they’re the kind that make the world a safer, smarter place. While their online presence keeps things under wraps, it’s clear that they’re in the business of creating intelligent security solutions. Whether it’s through advanced surveillance tech or innovative security systems, Axis is likely at the forefront, ensuring that spaces, whether public or private, are monitored, secure, and safe.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Fort Lauderdale

What’s the tech scene like in Fort Lauderdale?

Oh, it’s buzzing. Think of it as a growing garden where digital seedlings are sprouting. You’ve got your innovative start-ups, right alongside established tech companies.

Picture a community where tech networking events are as common as sunglasses. It’s diverse, it’s vibrant, and it’s soaked in that South Florida sunshine.

Are there any major tech companies headquartered in Fort Lauderdale?

Sure thing, you’ll find some big players here. Citrix Systems made its nest in Fort Lauderdale and is pretty much the godfather of the scene. Plus, there’s a bunch of other tech firms that are scaling up fast, making significant plays in software and cybersecurity. It’s like a tech family that’s always growing.

How is the tech job market in Fort Lauderdale?

It’s hot – and not just climate-wise. Tech jobs in Fort Lauderdale are on the rise, thanks to the influx of companies setting up shop. Talents in IT services and digital innovation are especially in high demand. You’ve got your full range of gigs, from coding wizards to AI development maestros.

Can I find tech startup incubators or accelerators in Fort Lauderdale?

Absolutely. This city’s become a bit of a launchpad. We’ve got places like Tech Lauderdale and various incubators where young companies get the love they need to go from toddling to sprinting. These spaces are all about turning that startup energy into something tangible and, well, amazing.

What kind of support does Fort Lauderdale offer for tech companies?

The support? It’s solid. Organizations like the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance are key players. They’re all about fostering growth. Also, various VC firms and angel investors are on the prowl for the next big thing. Think of it as a strong net that can catch a lot of dreams.

Is Fort Lauderdale a good place for tech investors?

For tech investors? It’s a goldmine. The area’s rich with opportunities, and not just in the financial sense. The vibe, the talent, the innovation – it’s a trifecta that can turn investments into serious gains. And with the South Florida tech sector amplifying, the time has never been better to dive in.

Are there tech-focused educational programs available in Fort Lauderdale?

For sure, education’s got a techie twist here. With spots like Broward College and Nova Southeastern University, the city’s teeming with programs that kickstart tech careers. They are shaping young minds to fit right into the Fort Lauderdale tech scene. These places are churning out the future.

How does Fort Lauderdale’s tech industry impact the local economy?

It’s like a turbocharge for the economy. Tech companies sprout, they blossom, and boom – you’ve got jobs, you’ve got innovation, you’ve got a reputation that attracts even more talent and companies from outside. It’s a cycle that keeps on giving, making the city’s economy thrive.

What types of tech events are held in Fort Lauderdale?

Events? Oh, we’ve got them by the boatload. From niche meetups to the tech-heavy conferences, they’ve got the calendar stuffed. ITPalooza? It’s a biggie here. Whether you’re looking to network, learn or just soak in the tech atmosphere, there’s always something on the horizon.

How does the tech industry in Fort Lauderdale connect with the wider South Florida tech community?

Connections run deep. Here, we’re all about linking up with the greater South Florida tech community. Collaborations with nearby Miami and Palm Beach? Check.

Regional tech councils and summits further knit this tapestry. It’s like a family, with Fort Lauderdale adding its unique thread to the region’s tech fabric.


So, what’ve we got here? Fort Lauderdale isn’t pulling a sleight of hand; it’s truly morphing into a beacon for the tech industry.

  • We’ve surfed through the vibrant startup ecosystem and dipped our toes into the warm waters of the tech job market.
  • We’ve seen how incubators nurture fledgling businesses, and how educational powerhouses like Broward College are crafting the architects of tomorrow’s tech landscape.
  • The local tech scene? It’s like a hidden track on a classic album – pure gold for those in the know.

Fort Lauderdale and its tech companies are not just living up to the hype; they’re blasting through expectations with a cocktail of innovation, opportunity, and that all-important South Florida sunshine. Grab that mojito, adjust your sails, and watch this tech hub grow.

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