Tech Companies in Chicago That Will Be The Next Big Thing

Navigating the pulsing heart of the Midwest’s tech renaissance, one can’t help but be electrified by the innovation surge defining the corporate landscape. Tech companies in Chicago stand as stalwart pioneers, charting paths through the digital frontier.

Here lies a network, vibrant and robust, a testament to the unwavering spirit of ingenuity.

In this read, you’ll plunge into the ecosystem shaped by titans and budding startups alike. The Windy City, a moniker earned by more than just the lakeside breezes, whips forward a tech revolution, embracing digital transformation with open arms.

As you journey through these digital pages, you’ll witness how Silicon Prairie thrives, nurtured by venture capital confidence and spurred on by collaborative spaces like 1871 and TechNexus.

You’re not just perusing an article; you’re unlocking a map to the corridors of tomorrow’s dynamos and today’s titans.

From Chicago’s tech job market trends to the innovation hubs forging the future, prepare to emerge more than informed—inspired and ready to engage with the verve that courses through Chicago’s technology scene.

Tech Companies in Chicago

Tech Company Industry/Sector Notable Product/Service Year Founded Remarkable Fact
Amobee Advertising technology Digital marketing platform 2005 Acquired by Singtel
MediaMath Marketing Programmatic marketing platform 2007 Pioneers of the DSP
Tanium Cybersecurity Endpoint security and systems management 2007 Valued at $9 billion+
Kin Insurance Insurtech Home insurance provider 2016 Direct-to-consumer model
Hubs Manufacturing Online manufacturing platform 2013 Acquired by Protolabs Software integration General automation platform 2012 Raised $50M Series C
Threekit E-commerce 3D product visualization software 2014 Clients include Crate & Barrel
Radio Flyer Toy & Recreation Classic red wagons and other products 1917 Iconic American brand
Pangea Money Transfer Financial services Mobile-centric money transfer platform 2012 Specializes in remittance
Grand Studio Design consultancy User experience and service design 2012 Focus on design thinking
ActiveCampaign Marketing automation Customer experience automation platform 2003 Over 130,000 customers
ReviewTrackers Customer feedback Customer review management tool 2012 Helps businesses collect and analyze reviews
Obie Real Estate tech Insurance for landlords and real estate investors 2016 Streamlines property insurance procurement
CardX Financial services Payment solutions that pass on credit card fees 2013 Lawsuit victory expanded market reach
UPshow Marketing Customer engagement platform 2015 Empowers in-venue screen content
Tandym Fintech Credit card rewards and benefits platform 2021 Focus on user experience in credit space
Adage Technologies Web development Digital strategy and web design 2001 Award-winning user experiences
ShoppingGives E-commerce Cause-marketing platform 2016 Integrates donations with transactions
Bridge Legal Legal tech Software for case funding and management 2014 Targets personal injury attorneys
Heggerty Edtech Phonemic awareness curriculum 2003 Specialize in early education Real Estate tech Real estate listings and community information 2018 Focus on local insights
Avant Fintech Personal loans and credit card services 2012 Over $6.5 billion in loans issued
Tempus Healthtech Precision medicine through data and AI 2015 Partnership with top cancer centers
Nextpoint Legal tech Cloud-based eDiscovery and litigation software 2001 Focuses on streamlining legal process
Perfect Search Media Digital marketing SEO, PPC, and content marketing services 2010 Customized digital strategies
project44 Logistics tech Advanced visibility platform for supply chain 2014 Over $420M in funding
HighTower Advisors Financial services Wealth management advisory 2007 Manages $77.3 billion in assets
ShipBob E-commerce logistics Fulfillment services for online retailers 2014 International fulfillment network
M1 Holdings Fintech Investing, borrowing, and banking platform 2015 Offers automated investing
Amount Banking tech Digital banking and lending technology 2020 Spin-off from Avant
Copado DevOps Continuous delivery platform for Salesforce 2013 Acquired by SoftBank
Popular Pays Marketing Content creation and influencer marketing 2013 Bootstrapped and capital-efficient
Yello Recruitment tech Talent acquisition software 2008 Works with Fortune 500 clients
Hireology HR tech Recruitment and hiring platform 2010 Acquired by PSG
Raise Fintech Gift card marketplace and wallet 2013 Over 2.5 million app downloads
MarkLogic Database management NoSQL database technology 2001 Specializes in complex data integration
ZEFR Marketing Video advertising and brand safety solutions 2009 A leader in contextual targeting
GeoWealth Financial services Turnkey asset management platform 2009 Customizable investment management tech


The top brands and advertising agencies in the world are served by Amobee, a global provider of marketing technology. Digital engagement is measured by Amobee’s patented Brand Intelligence technology to provide a deeper understanding of audiences, their mindsets, and their interests.


Leading independent advertising technology provider MediaMath collaborates with companies and advertising agencies.


Tanium, the only company in the market to offer convergent endpoint management (XEM), is driving a paradigm shift in how complex security and technological environments are managed. Tanium is ranked among the Best Big Workplaces in Technology by Fortune and has been included on the Forbes Cloud 100 list for six years running.

Kin Insurance

Homeowners insurance is offered at reasonable prices by the insurtech firm Kin Insurance.


Engineers can access a global network of manufacturing services on-demand with Hubs, formerly known as 3D Hubs, an online manufacturing platform. Consumers may easily upload their design, get a quote right away, and start manufacturing with only one click.

A low-code, cloud-first solution to automation is Organizations can link their whole cloud stack using the Tray platform’s APIs, and customers can quickly construct automation that powers their business processes using clicks or code due to a visual workflow builder.


Visualizing products is simple using Threekit. After your products have been entered into the system, it takes care of the labor-intensive tasks, such as rendering images on the 3D Configurator, Virtual Photographer, or Augmented Reality, deploying them to the appropriate channels, and keeping them accessible and organized on their content management system.

Radio Flyer

With its corporate headquarters in Chicago, Radio Flyer is a renowned leader in the toy sector.

Pangea Money Transfer

A more intelligent method of sending money to friends and family around the world is provided by Pangea.

Grand Studio

A strategic design company called Grand Studio is where gifted creators and thinkers come together to cooperate on digital transformation and operational design.


Almost 180,000 companies in 170 countries benefit from the category-defining Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA) from ActiveCampaign. The platform offers 820+ pre-built automations that combine transactional email, email marketing, marketing automation, ecommerce marketing, and CRM for effective segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat, and text to organizations of all sizes.


Award-winning consumer feedback tool ReviewTrackers assists companies in measuring and improving the customer experience. The platform gathers review information from more than 100 review sites to reveal consumer insights that let organizations listen to, understand, and decide based on data what their customers actually need or desire.

MVMNT is a complete brokerage TMS that gives users the ability to handle every aspect of a shipment, from initial purchase to completion, all on one platform. Subscription-free.


Obie is a tech-based insurance provider with a focus on protecting real estate investors. By becoming the first and only insurtech to provide instantaneously bindable quotations through embedded insurance, Obie is setting the standard for the sector.


CardX offers businesses ways to accept credit cards with no transaction fees, improving the fairness of payments for all parties. They provide technologically enabled card brand compliance, enabling businesses to maintain a straightforward payment acceptance process while giving their customers the choice to pay with a card.


The first and only provider of white-labeled, digital interactive networks for retail and hospitality organizations to engage customers and staff directly from their mobile devices is UPshow, the leading in-venue entertainment and marketing platform.


Tandym assists businesses in fostering more client loyalty. Merchants may quickly build and deploy their own customized credit and loyalty program using Tandym’s cutting-edge, API-driven platform.

Adage Technologies

Adage Tech is a web design and development company that was established in 2001. To further the goals of their clients, they mix strategic thinking with a love of information technology.


Several socially conscious firms may accelerate their growth with integrated social impact thanks to ShoppingGives, the top social impact platform.

Bridge Legal

For mass tort law companies, Bridge Legal offers, marketing, and intake services.


A company called Heggerty specializes in literacy education and offers the best phonemic awareness program for kindergarten and first-grade classrooms.

The community is now at the center of the home hunt thanks to, a pioneer in online real estate resources. By offering a local’s perspective and providing in-depth descriptions and resident ratings of schools, amenities, and the local community, the platform encourages users to envisage their lives in a new location.


With the use of cutting-edge technology, insightful analytics, and top-notch customer support, Avant is committed to giving the middle class access to credit.


“By implementing AI in healthcare and drawing conclusions from their extensive library of clinical data and molecular, Tempus is realizing precision medicine.


When it comes to providing eLaw with cloud-based services, Nextpoint is the market leader. Their industry-leading software and professional services can assist businesses in the legal sector in meeting their eDiscovery, Litigation, and Administrative requirements.

Perfect Search Media

A digital marketing company situated in Chicago is called Perfect Search Media.


With operations in more than 170 countries and more than 20 languages, project44 is the most comprehensive multimodal network in the world.

HighTower Advisors

Leading advisor-owned provider of financial services is HighTower. They have entire autonomy while also receiving full support to help them better understand their clients’ financial lives and collaborate with them.


ShipBob, a company that was founded in 2014, offers ecommerce businesses improved shipping through the use of its unique, technology platform, which integrates order and inventory management, warehouse management, predictive data and analytics, and warehouse management.

 M1 Holdings

Self-directed investors can achieve long-term financial wellness with the help of M1, an all-in-one money management platform.


Amount is a cutting-edge technology firm committed to developing and improving the digital credit products that financial institutions offer. Financial institutions serving more than 25 million US customers and managing close to $1T in US assets are among the clients.


Administrators, Architects, and Developers can all work together on one platform thanks to Copado, an end-to-end native DevOps solution.

Popular Pays

A company called Popular Pays connects content producers with businesses looking for tales to communicate through their products.


A complete platform for talent acquisition was created by Yello for large organizations and rapidly expanding recruiting teams to improve employer branding, generate real cost savings, and boost ROI.


The franchise and retail automotive businesses use the recruiting and hiring platform known as Hireology. The Chicago-based Hireology was established in 2010 and has its own website.


George Bousis founded the gift card repurchase business in 2013, and it is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.


Organizations can now acquire a 360-degree perspective more quickly than ever thanks to the highly differentiating MarkLogic Data Hub, which removes friction at every stage of the data integration process.


Zefr is a company that specializes in video advertising and uses proprietary technologies to produce targeted video ad placements.


GeoWealth offers wealth management technology by fusing the greatest portfolio management tools with a comprehensive and completely integrated platform.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Chicago

What’s fueling the growth of tech companies in Chicago?

These Chicago tech startups are thriving thanks to a cocktail of venture capital infusions, a culture of innovation, and networks like Chicago’s tech industry events which foster connections and collaborations.

Plus, universities here are churning out top-notch talent, making this a hotbed for tech geniuses.

How do Chicago tech companies compare to Silicon Valley?

While Silicon Valley’s reputation prevails, Chicago’s digital transformation is nothing to scoff at. The Midwest technology hub has a mix of affordability, diverse industries, and a growing tech network that’s attracting both established players and agile innovators.

What kind of support do startups get in Chicago?

Tech incubators in Chicago, like 1871 and TechNexus, offer resources like mentorship and office space. The Chicago technology scene also benefits from local government incentives and an expanding web of angel investors.

Are there opportunities in Chicago for tech professionals?

Absolutely. The Chicago tech job market is booming, with demand skyrocketing for roles in cybersecurity, data science, and AI. Startups and established tech firms alike are hungry for fresh talent.

How significant is the tech industry to Chicago’s economy?

It’s a cornerstone, seriously. With tech companies contributing billions in venture capital Chicago and job creation, the economic footprint is massive. Plus, they’re a catalyst for further business technology solutions and innovation in Chicago across other sectors.

What types of tech companies are most prevalent in Chicago?

We’re talking a broad spectrum here: everything from fintech to health tech, edtech, through to food tech. There’s a special blend of innovation in Chicago, with companies tackling tech from a practical, real-world problem-solving perspective.

What challenges do Chicago tech companies face?

Growing pains, for one—finding the sweet spot between rapid growth and sustainable development is tricky. Plus, the talent crunch is real: competing against Silicon Valley for bright minds is an ongoing battle.

How do Chicago tech companies contribute to the local community?

Many of these tech companies spearhead initiatives focusing on education, digital literacy, and community-based tech events. They’re not just about profit; many aim to uplift and nurture local talent, fostering a sense of civic duty.

What are the future prospects for tech companies in Chicago?

Let’s just say the trajectory is set to ‘soar’. The focus on building a collaborative ecosystem and the wave of tech innovation in the Midwest bodes well for the future. Chicago’s positioning as a tech-friendly city is solidifying by the day.

Can non-locals easily find opportunities in Chicago’s tech companies?

For sure, many companies here have a global outlook and are on the lookout for unique perspectives. If you’ve got the skill set, Chicago’s burgeoning tech scene presents a ripe ground for planting your career flag.


Journeying through the digital alleys of the Windy City, the prowess of tech companies in Chicago emerges crystal clear. Like an expertly woven tapestry, these entities map out a formidable tech landscape, sparking innovation at every pixel.

  • The Silicon Prairie is lush, folks.
  • Tech incubators, they’re the nurturing grounds, right?
  • Venture capital? Flowing like the Chicago River after a storm.

In the realms of digital marketingSEO, and silky-smooth user interfaces, one fact stands out. Despite heavy coats against the chill, the tech sector here is hot and not just temperature-wise. It thrives, mutates, innovates. Be it a lean startup or a tech titan, the energy is palpable, it buzzes, it invites.

So, take this—Chicago’s tech scene is not just surviving; it’s a frontrunner in the race of the digital age. And it goes beyond deep dish and dazzling skyscrapers—it’s about a future, stamped with a big, bold, unfading tech mark.

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