The Tech Companies in Detroit That Are Driving Growth

Picture this: A city famously known for its roaring engines and sleek designs now pulsing with digital innovation.

Detroit’s transformation from the Motor City to a buzzing tech hub is nothing short of remarkable. In the heart of Michigan, tech companies in Detroit are redefining the fabric of this iconic city, weaving together the future of mobility, AI, and so much more.

Here, you’ll peel back the curtain to discover an ecosystem teeming with venture capital, tech startups, and innovation districts.

I’m offering you a front-row seat to explore the Detroit tech scene that’s capturing the world’s attention.

Along the way, I’ll map out the key players, the driving forces, and the boundless opportunities that define Detroit’s tech landscape.

By the end of this read, expect to walk away with insider knowledge of Motor City’s digital revolution—from emerging technologies to smart city initiatives. The journey into Detroit’s tech metamorphosis starts now.

Tech Companies in Detroit That Are Driving Growth

Tech Company in Detroit Core Services/Products Market Focus Notable Feature/Service Founded/Headquartered in Detroit
Detroit Labs Custom Software Development Businesses Mobile and Web Development Yes
Grand Circus Tech Training & Workshops Individuals, Businesses Coding Bootcamps Yes
Cognizant IT Services, Consulting Global Market Digital Business Solutions No
Qualcomm Semiconductor, Telecom Global Market Wireless Tech Innovations No
StockX E-commerce, Marketplace Consumers Sneakers & Streetwear Market Yes
Urban Science Data Analysis, Consulting Automotive, Global Market Automotive Retail Solutions Yes
Wipro IT Services, Consulting Global Market Digital & IT Solutions No
HCLTech IT Services Global Market Product Engineering Services No
Duo Security Cybersecurity Businesses Two-Factor Authentication Yes
GreenLancer Solar Energy Services Businesses, Contractors Solar Project Management Yes
Innovid AdTech Solutions Brands, Agencies Video Advertising Platform No
CoStar Group Real Estate Information Real Estate Professionals Commercial Property Insight No
Rocket Companies FinTech, Mortgage Lending Consumers Digital Mortgage Experience Yes
Autobooks FinTech, Payment Services Small Businesses Accounting & Invoicing Platform Yes
Cowen Inc. Financial Services Investors, Companies Investment Banking No
Quikly Marketing Technology Businesses Customer Engagement Platform Yes
Smiths Group Diversified Technologies Global Market Varied Tech Products No
OnStar Vehicle Safety, Security Consumers, Automotive Emergency Services Yes
CrowdRise Fundraising Platform Nonprofits, Events Social Fundraising Yes
Lochbridge IT, Digital Services Businesses Connected Technologies Yes
Microsoft Software, Tech Solutions Global Market Technology Ecosystem No
Google Internet Services, Products Global Market Search & Digital Services No
Pegasystems CRM, BPM Software Businesses Customer Engagement Software No
Fiserv Financial Tech Solutions Banks, Institutions Payment and Financial Services No
Acer Computers, Electronics Global Market Personal & Business Computing No
Dynatrace Software Intelligence Businesses Application Monitoring No
Airspace Link Drone Technology Government, Businesses Airspace Management Yes
Michael Baker Engineering, Consulting Infrastructure, Government Infrastructure Services No
SpotOn Business Software SMBs Payment Processing, Marketing No
Guardhat Technologies Industrial IoT, Safety Industry Workers Smart Hardhat Tech Yes
HTC Global Services IT, BPO Services Global Market IT Outsourcing & Staffing Yes
Tata Technologies Engineering, Design Services Automotive, Aerospace Product Development Services No

Detroit Labs

Detroit Laboratories is a business solutions organization that creates specialized software in conjunction with clients to create software solutions that are suited to their particular needs.

 Grand Circus

Great Circus is a remote learning facility where technology expertise is taught. The Detroit-based Grand Circus organization was established in 2013, and since then, its graduates have benefited from its programs by securing employment at some of the largest software and digital tech companies around.


Cognizant, one of the leading providers of professional services, adapts its clients’ business, operational, and technology models for the digital era.


The world depends on Qualcomm, a company run by inventors, and its cutting-edge wireless technology.


Streetwear is the main focus of the online store StockX, particularly sneakers and accessories. StockX allows users to place anonymous bids on products from some of the most well-known fashion brands in the world.

Urban Science

Original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry can benefit from the business solutions offered by Urban Science in accomplishing their goals. Although having more than 20 locations worldwide, Urban Science was founded in 1977 and is still headquartered in Detroit.


Wipro Limited, a market-leading provider of technology services and consulting, is committed to creating cutting-edge, innovative solutions, to meet the most stringent customer demands for digital transformation.


A international technology company, HCLTech employs more than 222,270 people in more than 60 nations. It offers market-leading expertise in engineering, cloud, and digital fields, supported by a broad range of IT services and goods. The overall consolidated revenues as of the 12-month period ended December 31, 2022, were $12.3 billion.

Duo Security

Duo Security is an access security platform targeted towards end users. The program’s primary focus is multi-factor authentication, but it also includes capabilities for single sign-on, remote access, adaptive access, and device trusting.


Solar enterprises can hunt for solar services using a web-based application and online marketplace called GreenLancer. Since its founding in 2013, the Detroit-based startup GreenLancer has completed more than 150,000 solar installations.


Innovid powers connected TV (CTV) advertising streaming, customization, and measurement for the biggest brands in the globe. Leading the market in CTV innovation is an independent platform under the name of Innovid. Future TV advertising growth will be accelerated by unique technology and exclusive agreements that support it.

CoStar Group

CoStar Group provides data, analytics, and marketing services for commercial real estate.

Rocket Companies

Rocket Companies is a tech-based telecommunications company that offers contact services. The startup wants to help businesses enhance their connections with customers by combining big data with customer service expertise.


Autobooks collaborates with financial institutions to offer the small and medium businesses and businesses the cash flow management, payment services, and financial reporting they demand. Autobooks provides a simple yet automatic way for small business banking.

Cowen Inc.

Cowen Inc. (“Cowen” or the “Company”) is a diversified financial services corporation that conducts business through two divisions: a broker dealer and an investment management division.


A digital marketing platform called Quikly delivers advertisers the resources they need to consistently attract new customers, maintain their engagement, and raise their lifetime value.

Brands can swiftly earn considerable revenue by increasing digital activation and engagement across already-existing channels like email, social media, and mobile with the aid of Quikly’s technology. Just a handful of the businesses that have used Quikly to produce outstanding, palpable results include Domino’s, Microsoft, Victoria’s Secret, Express, Keds, and McDonald’s.

 Smiths Group

Smiths Group plc is a global, diversified engineering firm with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. It operates in more than 50 countries and employs roughly 23,550 people.


OnStar is a division of General Motors. The in-car security, communications, and diagnostics system known as OnStar is available in more than 50 GM vehicles.


Crowdrise is the most well-known website for online fundraising for occasions, business foundations, charities, and organizations. Crowdrise and GoFundMe, the leading global social fundraising platform, have teamed to create the best all-in-one social fundraising solution.


Lochbridge, a DMI Enterprise, develops technical solutions for internal corporate processes. The company’s target market includes the public sector, healthcare, the automotive, finance, insurance, and manufacturing sectors.


A multinational American corporation called Microsoft develops, produces, licenses, supports, and distributes a range of software products and services.


Google is a multinational company that specializes in offering products and services for the Internet.


Pegasystems is the industry leader in software for operational excellence and customer contact. Pega’s adaptable software, which is cloud-architected, enables users to swiftly deploy and update apps to meet crucial business objectives.


The company is renowned for its advancements in financial services technology and customer care, which include highly commended solutions for payments, risk management, core account processing, mobile and online banking, and data analytics.


The headquarters of Acer Inc., a global manufacturer of hardware and electronics, are located in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is an expert in modern electronics technology.


To lessen cloud complexity and hasten digital transformation, an American company named Dynatrace, which specializes in application performance monitoring, provides software.

Airspace Link

The Airspace Connect platform unites all stakeholders engaged in simultaneously operating a drone legally through a single, cloud-based, FAA-certified platform. Via the Airspace Connect site, state and local governments define risk areas, particular ordinances, and event restrictions within the community.

Drone operators can plan and submit operations to the FAA via Airspace Connect, enabling quicker approvals and more efficient mitigation techniques for complex flights (BVLOS, inspection, package delivery).

Michael Baker

Since its founding in 1940, Baker has provided professional engineering and consulting services to clients in the public and private sectors all around the world. With more than 3,200 employees dispersed across more than 100 sites locally and internationally, Baker routinely ranks in the top 10% of the 500 largest U.S. design firms according to Engineering News-Record.


The payments and software firm SpotOn is revolutionizing the merchant services industry. The company blends customer involvement with payment processing software, giving businesses access to more detailed information and tools to improve customer sales.

 Guardhat Technologies

Guardhat is a pioneer in linked technologies, enhancing safety and collaboration with business partners and among frontline industrial workers.

HTC Global Services

HTC is a leading provider of IT and business process services and of mobility solutions on a global scale. HTC, an SEI CMM Level 5 and Inc. 500 Hall of Fame company, was established in 1990.

Tata Technologies

Tata Technologies Limited, a company that is a part of the Tata Group, provides services in engineering and design, product lifecycle management, manufacturing, product, and IT service management to original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers in the automotive and aerospace sectors. It is a division of Tata Motors.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Detroit

What’s Fueling Detroit’s Tech Revolution?

Detroit’s shedding its old skin, diving deep into digital. Silicon Valley of the Midwest? Quite possibly. It’s a cocktail of auto industry roots blending with fresh venture capitalinnovative startups, and solid government support.

Add to that, TechTown and incubators—are nurturing grounds for the tech-bound.

How’s Detroit Attracting Tech Talent?

Connection’s the game, and Detroit’s playing it well. The city’s affordability teams up with cool tech networking events and a growing reputation. Imagine coding where you can actually afford the apartment. Plus, there’s a certain pride—you’re not just building apps, but rebuilding a city.

Are There Big Tech Companies in Detroit?

Absolutely, names you’ve heard for sure. Quicken Loans made waves, not just in finance, but tech too. StockX is turning sneaker trading into high-tech biz. And don’t get me started on automotive—Ford is charging ahead with mobility innovation. It’s a vibrant scene that keeps getting better.

What Startups are Making Headlines in Detroit?

Startups in Detroit aren’t just making headlines; they’re printing the whole newspaper. Duo Security did us proud, finding a sweet spot in cybersecurity. Rocket Fiber is zooming the web down Detroit’s lanes. And these are just starters—there’s a long list, and it’s hitting all the high notes.

What’s the Role of Automotive Tech in Detroit?

Given Detroit’s DNA, automotive tech isn’t just a role; it’s the star of the show. The auto giants are doubling down on AI and innovation, marrying their muscle with silicon brains. It’s all about smart, connected, cleaner cars—and Detroit’s driving that future, pedal to the metal.

How Are Tech Companies in Detroit Supported by the State?

Michigan rolls out the red carpet with tasty technology tax incentivesbusiness incubation facilities, and support programs like Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

These are serious sweeteners for any tech company looking to set up shop or expand. Detroit’s tech warriors have allies in high places, for sure.

How Is Detroit Contributing to Tech Education and Workforce Development?

Detroit’s stoking the fires of tech education big time. Wayne State and University of Michigan are like tech talent forges, shaping bright minds with cutting-edge skills. On-the-job training, coding bootcamps, scholarships—it’s an open door to anyone keen on upping their tech game.

Detroit’s tech sector is only as strong as its workforce, and the city’s educational institutions are rising to the occasion, fostering an environment where innovation and skills development go hand in hand.

What are the Challenges Faced by Detroit’s Tech Sector?

Let’s be real—every fairytale has its trolls. For Detroit, it’s the battle against old stigmas and keeping the momentum. Talent retention is another hurdle; gotta keep those brains in town. But with growing digital transformation and a city that’s all-in, those trolls aren’t stopping this story.

What Role Do Co-Working Spaces Play for Tech Companies in Detroit?

Co-working spaces are like the coffee shops of the tech world. They’re where ideas bump into each other and say, “Hey, let’s build something cool.”

In Detroit, spots like WeWork and local joints give techies and entrepreneurs the perfect launchpad for collaboration, networking, and of course, unlimited coffee.

What Future Projects can We Expect from Tech Companies in Detroit?

Expect rockets. With Detroit’s appetite for smart city initiatives and future mobility, the sky’s the limit. There are whispers of bigger investments, groundbreaking digital startups, and partnerships that’ll reshape urban life. Detroit’s tech companies are not just riding the wave—they’re making it.


So, we’ve delved into the guts of this city’s tech revolution, right? It’s clear—tech companies in Detroit aren’t just blossoming; they’re thriving with the kind of vigor that’s both gutsy and inspiring.

  • The venture capital stories? They’re writing themselves here, with bold plots and even bolder characters.
  • The innovation districts? They’re not just on the map; they’re the landmarks now.
  • And the emerging technologies? They’re set to turn the ‘great’ lakes into ‘smart’ lakes, metaphorically speaking.

Detroit has got its game face on—with every startup, every code sprint, every tech networking event, it’s telling the world it means business. And it’s not just a local whisper; it’s a global conversation.

Hold on to this—Detroit’s tech narrative is still being written, the city’s keystrokes echoing into the future. As the digital age unfurls, watch this space. Detroit’s not just back in the game; it’s out there crafting a whole new one.

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