The Best Project Management Courses To Take (Free & Paid)

All project managers that want to get better at what they are doing or people who just want to get their way around this profession should take project management courses.

Continuous training and professional development are essential for mastering risk management, stakeholder communication, and resource allocation.

Training has to be done constantly in order to actually have an effect. Without continuous training, a project manager won’t be able to complete his tasks in the most efficient, fastest manner.

Keep in mind that project managers who follow additional courses on top of their 4 year online college degree, such as those covering Agile project management or PMP certification, are usually paid better because multiple certifications recommend them for a higher salary. Experience, accompanied by the needed theory and course syllabus, will get you a long way.

I’ve worked as a project manager since 2014 in an advertising agency, an online marketplace, and several content teams. And even though I have experience, I still buy a project management course from time to time to make sure I’m not missing out on new methods or to refresh knowledge that I might have forgotten.

Premium and Free Project management Courses

This list contains several platforms and institutions that offer project management courses for free.

Some offer accredited programs, others provide online training, and yet others focus on learning objectives.

Even though accessing these platforms is done at no cost, certain features that are incorporated within them might require a fee. In other cases, when completing the course, you’ll need to pay a fee to have your certificate released, adding to your success metrics.

PMP Certification Exam Prep Course

Ever felt like you’re in a labyrinth when it comes to Project Management certifications? Well, buckle up! I’ve stumbled upon this gem on Udemy that’s like a compass in the PM jungle.

The Deal:

  • 35 PDU Contact Hours – That’s your golden ticket to the PMP exam.
  • Updated for 2023 – Fresh content, no stale strategies here.
  • A Whopping 89% Off – Quality education doesn’t need to break the bank.

The Course:

  • 350+ Videos – Visual learner? Sorted.
  • 400+ Exam-like Questions – Practice makes perfect.
  • PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Savvy – They’ve got all the editions covered.
  • Agile? Got it. – This isn’t just traditional; it’s agile and hybrid too.

The Instructor:

  • Andrew Ramdayal – The guy’s a walking PM encyclopedia with 60+ certifications.

The Experience:

  • On-Demand Videos – Learn at your pace, anytime, anywhere.
  • Downloadable Resources – Keep those nuggets of wisdom handy.
  • Mock Exam – Test the waters before the big dive.

The Impact:

  • 63,560 Ratings – That’s a lot of satisfied brains.
  • 4.7 Stars – Shining bright in the PM galaxy.

The No-Brainer:

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – They’re that confident.

Testimonials from people who took the course: 

  • Pamela F. – I took a similar 35-hour course through a Big 10 University. I learned more in Andrew Ramdayal’s course for a fraction of the cost. I passed my PMP exam with “Above Target (AT)” scores in all three domains.
  • Evangelos B. – Thank you so much Andrew!!!! I passed the test today with 3AT! This course is all you need to take in order to be prepared for the PMP exams! I didn’t use Andrew’s exam simulator though but I purchased the PMI Study Hall Essential because in my point of you I wanted to test my knowledge with the PMI tests aligned with Andrew’s mindset.

  • Muhammad L. – This is by far the best prep material for the PMP exam- you don’t need anything else. I passed my PMP exam at the first trial, above target, and this was the only material I used to prepare. Andrew does an amazing job of handholding and walking you through the concepts and ideas, while also emphasizing practicality through his examples and analogies.

  • Jennifer D. – I am a visual learner and Andrew has done a fantastic job of creating an engaging lecture series with his up-beat and encouraging delivery. I highly recommend this course, especially if you need some motivation to learn with a bit of occasional humor to keep it fun!

Google Project Management

If you’re all about that Google life, this course is your jam. It’s like a bootcamp for project management, Google style.

You’ll get to know the ins and outs of planning, executing, and closing projects. Plus, it’s beginner-friendly, so don’t sweat it if you’re new to this. You’ll walk away with a Google Project Management Certificate. How cool is that?

Project Management Foundations

Alright, so you wanna be a project manager but don’t know where to start? This course is like your Project Management 101.

It covers the basics, from defining objectives to managing risks. It’s a one-course deal, no strings attached. Perfect for dipping your toes in the water.

Project Management Specialization from University of Colorado

Heads up, future leaders! This one’s offered by the University of Colorado Boulder. It’s a three-course series that dives deep into engineering management, agile practices, and risk management.

It’s like a mini-MBA for project management. You can even get academic credit for it. How’s that for leveling up?

IBM Project Manager Professional Certificate

So, you’re into tech and want to manage projects like a pro? Say hello to this IBM course. It’s a seven-course series that’s all about getting you job-ready.

You’ll learn everything from project initiation to leadership skills. And guess what? You can finish it in as little as two months. Plus, you get a certificate from IBM. That’s some resume bling right there.

ALISON: Diploma in Project Management

To get an online project management certification for free, one must opt for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms like ALISON. The ALISON project management course takes no longer than 15 hours.

This course is more suitable for people who already have experience in this field but would like to perfect their skills in project management. To obtain the diploma, students should obtain at least 80% on all exams.

Testimonials from people who took the course: 

  • Abel Fola Oyeyipo O.This is a more engaging course that brings concept and practical application through case study into its application. Highly rated both in its clarity and depth of its case study.
  • Chawndra C.- Very informative, and packed with knowledge! I definitely gained a great basis and idea of project management and how to implement industry practices.

  • Philip A. – This course took me through a lot as a software developer, I’ve gained knowledge I can apply in my work and has poised me towards a leadership role

Oxford Home Study College – Project Management (Short Course)

Oxford Home Study College launched a short project management course. Considering Oxford’s Home Study great reputation in terms of distance learning and professional development, this introductory course is definitely going to meet all expectations.

The project management course is 80-hour long and focuses on planning, risk management, and stakeholder communication. Students will receive an accredited certificate without any fees.

edX – Introduction to Project Management

The University of Adelaide offers free project management courses based on a step-by-step learning objective approach.

The course lasts for 6 weeks, separated into smaller resource allocations of 3 hours per week. edX provides both tutorial videos and transcripts, perfect for those looking to study while commuting.

Master of Project Academy – PMP® Project Management Professional Certification Training

This extensive project management training contains around 300 lectures, 750 practice questions, cheat sheets, and a final exam.

The course adheres to the PDU (35 Contact Hour) requirement and offers Agile project management techniques.

It can be adjusted to the needs of the student and ends with an accredited certificate. Payment options are diverse, offering monthly, yearly, or permanent access.

Simplilearn – PMP Certification Training Course

This is one of the best online project management certificate programs, offering instruction-led training based on the PDU requirement.

The course includes case studies, games, e-learning content, quizzes, simulation exams, and more. Participants will also obtain certifications upon successful completion.

Pricing starts at $500, reaching up to $1000 based on features and learning objectives.

Testimonials from people who took the course: 

  • Cesar Amaro (Senior Project Manager) – The certification helped me in getting ahead in my career. I was working with a MNC in Mexico where I was recognised as a winning Project Manager after the certification. I also got a new job as a PMO Process Manager.
  • Kyle Murphy (Senior Customer Success Manager) – It was an incredible learning experience. My instructor, Tim, had an excellent knowledge of the PMP certification. I appreciate the “learn-by-doing” approach, as well as the availability of reference materials.
  • Ebenezer T Quaye (Project Manager at Infosys) – I joined Simplilearn for my PMP Certification and passed very easily. Their staff is very professional and helpful. I have again come back to Simplilearn to take more courses.
  • Gerhard Van Der Westhuizen (Development Manager at Atterbury Property Developments) – Simplilearn is one of the best online training providers available. The training was very informative and the quality of the presentation was of a high standard and very helpful.


Penn State World Campus – Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Penn State World Campus offers an innovative, problem-based approach to learning. It’s an interdisciplinary program, focusing on workforce and strategic issues, among others.

Topics covered are flexible, including planning projects and dealing with strategic and workforce issues. Pricing varies based on credit consumption.

Walden University – MS in Project Management

The format of the project management courses at the Walden University expands over 8 weeks. The course is held entirely online and has multiple accreditations. The Walden University itself is accredited as a Registered Education Provider in project management training.

Topics include budget creation, sustainability practices, and building a strong portfolio. The courses also focus on the social impact of project management and success metrics . A bachelor’s degree is required for enrollment.

Colorado State University: Online Project Management Certificate

The Colorado State University leverages the latest trends in eLearning and now offers a project management course with a PMP focus, extending over a 16-week period. This online learning experience is equivalent to the entire project management certification class taught at the university’s physical location.

The certificate you obtain is a PMP one, adhering to PDU requirements. The course is competitively priced at $3395 for tuition and prepares future project managers for various fields, including telecommunications and architecture, emphasizing cost management and risk assessment.

Testimonials from people who took the course: 

  • Lawson Scott Glasergreen – Having a strong body of knowledge was essential. We had to understand what I call ‘project management triple constraints’ – time/cost/quality – and communicate effectively using visual, kinetic, and audible formats. The weather changes suddenly. We maintained many different redundant systems to keep everything running for the scientists and researchers. It’s really a different world there.

Velociteach Project Management Courses

Velociteach specializes solely in project management training. It covers all the essential skills needed by a project manager across the project lifecycle.

With around 40 courses to choose from, Velociteach offers flexibility in terms of payment, starting at just $19 for introductory PDY courses and scaling up to $500 for comprehensive Agile and leadership bundles.

Testimonials from people who took the course: 

  • Sara Francolini – I used Velociteach course material in preparing for my PMP exam years ago, and Velociteach has been my go-to for online courses thereafter.
  • Mark Banegas, PMP – Velociteach’s “Pass the PMP” course comprehensively covers PMI’s PMBOK guide yet strikes an excellent balance between context overview, subject matter detail, and examples of the five project processes and each of the nineteen components of the project management plan. The course is definitely worth the investment!
  • Malvery Williams, PMP – Your courses are well designed, planned and executed. Love the interactive nature and the recaps after each section. Case studies are awesome to get material to stick. Thank you. IT appears you practice what you preach. You understand your stakeholders’ needs so well.

Master of Project Academy: AllCourses Bundle

Master of Project Academy offers a comprehensive distance learning experience, providing 27 online project management courses. These include specialized training in major domains such as PMP, Agile, ITIL, CAPM, Cisco, and Microsoft Project.

Students appreciate the program’s effectiveness, claiming that it makes passing the PMP exam far simpler. Subscription costs are $99 per month, offering a money-back guarantee within 30 days if students are not satisfied.

Testimonials from people who took the course: 

  • Takumi Shimizu – Instructor teaches the ITSM certification training very well. He corrrelates the IT service management theories with practical implications very well. The structure of the course makes the course easily followable. I recommend this course for every IT service management professional. PMP Certification Prep is a robust platform for online learning, hosting over 10,000 courses led by experts. With more than 1,500 focused on project management,’s PMP certification training courses are designed to assist students in passing their PMP exams.

These courses respect PDU requirements and employ a variety of teaching methods, including video content, hands-on activities, and individual exercises. Monthly and annual subscription options are available.

Testimonials from people who took the course: 

  • Helen Polume – Clear explanations. In-depth discussion and detail. Would love some additional examples.
  • Kata Balázsné Papp – This course was excellent, it was explained the importance of the trust building towards costumer in order to have transparent and visible customer-centered company.
  • Ashley Handel – I really enjoy listening to Kelley, she is brilliant at bringing Agile to life through live examples and ensuring you are left feeling encouraged and well educated.

GoSkills – Project Management for Business Professional

GoSkills provides an interesting approach to eLearning by offering free trials. The platform covers everything from portfolio management to risk assessment. If students are fast learners, they can complete the course within the seven-day trial period.

However, subscribing to GoSkills’ full access can further help with PMP certification and other project management aspects.

Cornell University – Project Management Certificate Program

This project management course is based on hands-on tools and different teaching strategies. It is meant to personalize the experience to each student and it costs $770 per month. Because it is a course held by Cornell University, the price is definitely justified.

FAQ on Project Management Courses

What Are Project Management Courses All About?

Ah, the million-dollar question! So, project management courses are designed to equip you with the skills to lead, plan, and execute projects successfully.

Think of it as a toolkit for managing resources, timelines, and people. You’ll learn methodologies like Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall, and get to grips with tools like Gantt charts and risk assessments. It’s not just theory; you’ll get hands-on experience too.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Course?

Duration varies, my friend. Some courses are short, like a weekend workshop, while others can stretch over several months. It really depends on the depth of knowledge you’re looking to gain.

Online courses offer flexibility, but classroom settings provide more interaction. Either way, you’re investing time to upskill, and that’s what counts.

Are These Courses Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely, yes! There’s something for everyone. Beginner courses usually start with the basics—defining what a project is, outlining roles, and introducing key concepts.

As you progress, you can dive into more specialized areas like resource allocation and stakeholder management. So, don’t sweat it; you’ll find a course that matches your skill level.

What Certifications Can I Get?

Certifications are the cherry on top! PMP, CAPM, and PRINCE2 are some of the big names in the industry.

These credentials can give your resume that extra oomph and make you more marketable. Just remember, certifications usually require an exam and some even need work experience, so be prepared to commit.

Is Online Learning Effective?

You bet! Online courses offer the convenience of learning at your own pace, from anywhere. They’re interactive, with video lectures, quizzes, and even group projects. However, you’ve got to be disciplined. No one’s going to chase you to complete modules or assignments. It’s all on you.

What’s the Cost?

Ah, the financial aspect. Costs can vary widely. Some online platforms offer free introductory courses, while specialized certification programs can run into the thousands.

It’s an investment in your future, so weigh the benefits against the costs.

Do Employers Value These Courses?

In a word, yes. Employers love candidates who are proactive about their professional development.

A project management course on your resume shows you’ve got the skills and the initiative. It’s a win-win for you and your future boss.

What Tools Will I Learn to Use?

You’ll get acquainted with a variety of software and tools. Microsoft Project, Asana, and Jira are some of the big players.

These tools help you track progress, manage resources, and communicate with your team. It’s like learning to drive a car; once you know how, it becomes second nature.

Can I Balance Work, Life, and Learning?

It’s a juggling act, but totally doable. Many courses offer flexible schedules, and online options let you learn whenever you can squeeze it in.

Time management is key. If you’re committed, you’ll find a way to make it work.

What’s the ROI of Taking a Project Management Course?

Return on investment, eh? Well, these courses can significantly boost your earning potential and job prospects.

You’ll be equipped to manage projects more efficiently, making you a valuable asset to any organization. So, in the long run, the ROI can be pretty darn good.

Conclusion on These PM Courses

Project management courses? They’re like the secret sauce to leveling up in the business world.

So, you’ve been on this journey, right? Reading, digesting, and soaking in all these tidbits about project management. Cool beans!

  • The crux?
  • The magic beans?
  • The golden ticket?

Project management courses!

Think of them as your backstage pass. They’re not just a phase or a trend. It’s about equipping yourself with strategies, methods, and, well, the know-how to navigate the wobbly tightrope of business.

And those tools? The Pert Charts, the Gantt Charts, the deep-dive into risk assessment? They’re your armor. Like, seriously.

To wrap it up: Investing time in project management courses? It’s like giving yourself a fresh pair of kicks that’ll take you places.

By Bogdan Sandu

Bogdan is a seasoned web designer and tech strategist, with a keen eye on emerging industry trends. With over a decade in the tech field, Bogdan blends technical expertise with insights on business innovation in technology. A regular contributor to TMS Outsource's blog, where you'll find sharp analyses on software development, tech business strategies, and global tech dynamics.

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