The Best IDE for React for Seamless Coding

Let’s get straight to the point: we all want to find the best IDE for React development, right? But, truth be told, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one among the sea of options. Fear not! I’m here to help you navigate these tricky waters and find the ideal match for your coding journey.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Features that make a difference
  • User-friendliness
  • Integration magic

I’m telling you, having the right IDE can make your React development experience smooth as butter. So, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular IDEs out there, comparing their functionality, ease of use, and integration capabilities.

List of The Best IDEs for React

And let’s look at them in more detail.

VS Code

Under the terms of the MIT licence, you can download VS Code for free on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, and SUSE. Developers like it because it can meet all of their programming demands. Using plugins, React and VS code created a powerful React IDE that increased productivity and development speed.

Furthermore impressive are Visual Studio Code’s debugging tools. It comes with an integrated debugger that may be used to troubleshoot React apps. A potent suite of tools for profiling React apps is also included. Last but not least, Visual Studio Code is very extensible.


This robust integrated development environment (IDE) for JavaScript development has a lot of helpful features, like intelligent coding aid, code completion, error detection, and refactorings for a variety of languages, including JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, and CSS. A new React functionality in WebStorm 2018.2 allows you to split your React component into two. There is no longer a need to copy and paste; simply use Refactor – Extract Component to select the JSX code in the render method. Developers can also change React class components into functional components and back again with the new intentions. Also, a fresh compilation of more than 50 code samples for React development.

Codedamn React Compiler

For a quick and dependable coding experience, use the codedamn online compiler, which harnesses the power of cloud computing. A docker container is launched on a distant linux computer when you boot the online react compiler. This Docker container is already set up for creating React applications and testing them for flaws. The results and faults from your code will be displayed in the browser preview and logs sections of the online React compiler as it is executed. This React compiler’s internals make use of Vite to enable quick Hot Module Replacement (HMR), which displays updates as you code!


Reactide is an open-source, free React IDE that includes a robust file manager, browser emulator, and integrated Node.js server. It features a straightforward configuration manager to manage several configurations at once and allows component visualisation. Windows (7, 8, 10), Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint), and macOS (10.10+) all support Reactide.


The text editor, created by Facebook, is fantastic for both ReactJS and other coding languages. There is no disputing that Nuclide is the greatest IDE for React development when it comes to JavaScript programming. Cross-platform compatibility, built-in debugging tools, autocomplete, inline indentation, and code diagnosis tools all help ReactJS developers save extra work.

Rekit Studio

Rekit is a toolkit for creating web apps that are scalable and use React, Redux, and React-router. It is an all-inclusive tool for developing contemporary React apps. You get access to code generation, dependency diagramming, refactoring, building, unit testing, and a logical method to explore code using this react IDE. Rekit can easily scale, test, and maintain apps that are bootstrapped using the Build React App tool.


The first visual IDE for ReactJS is called Codux, and it was created by, a well-known website building firm. You may work on your projects alongside your code editor with Codux since it offers a distinctive and seamless visual editing experience. You can see every modification you make to your project in real time using Codux, allowing you to do your work much more quickly and efficiently.

Sublime text

A powerful text editor with almost universal language support is called Sublime Text. It is portable, loaded with functions, and compatible with many different systems. Also, it may be installed on any machine with just one licence. The tool also supports all web development languages and supports React and React Native in addition to being speedy and integrating with other tools. Excellent plugin support is provided by Sublime Text to increase the editor’s functionality. It is now accessible on Linux, Mac, and Windows.


A feature-rich online IDE is CodeSandbox. It is a well-liked online IDE that works with various frameworks. Without putting Node.js or any other third-party software on your machine, you can start writing React code immediately. To speed up your development process, it also includes a tonne of built-in templates, like React with Typescript, Vite with React, etc. Despite having so much power and functionality, it has a cost. The personal pro tier starts at $9 per month when invoiced annually, while the free tier does not support saving any private repositories.


Although it has the speed and light weight of a source code editor, Brackets is a web development IDE. There are plugins for Brackets that improve the functionality of React to speed up development utilising React components. If you want an editor who is familiar with web design, Brackets is the greatest web IDE. It includes a fantastic selection of visual tools, including preprocessor support and website form builders.

Alloy Editor React

A crucial element of many applications, including blogs, eCommerce administrator tools, and many more, is this feature-rich ReactJS IDE text editor. It includes intelligent toolbars that are displayed on the currently selected text based on various context functionalities. Developers can drag appropriate photos from other applications or create buttons by uploading them from clipboards. Because of its incredible architecture, programmers may copy rich content from websites and keep the formatting.

FAQ on the best IDE for React

Why use an IDE for React development?

Using an IDE for React development can significantly improve your productivity and overall experience. IDEs often provide features tailored for React and JavaScript, such as:

  • Code completion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Error checking
  • Integrated build tools
  • Debugging capabilities
  • Version control

These features make the development process more efficient and enjoyable.

Which IDEs are popular for React development?

There are several popular IDEs suitable for React development, including:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • WebStorm
  • Sublime Text
  • Brackets

What makes Visual Studio Code suitable for React development?

Visual Studio Code is a powerful and versatile IDE with extensive support for JavaScript and React. Some of its key features include:

  • Built-in support for JavaScript and JSX syntax
  • A large ecosystem of extensions for React development
  • Integrated terminal
  • Built-in Git support
  • Customizable interface

By installing extensions like “ESLint” and “Prettier,” you can further enhance your React development experience.

Is WebStorm a good choice for React development?

Absolutely! WebStorm is a popular IDE specifically designed for web development, with excellent support for React. Key features include:

  • Intelligent code completion
  • Built-in support for JSX syntax
  • Debugging tools
  • Integrated version control
  • Integration with build tools like Webpack and Babel

WebStorm is a paid product, but many developers find the investment worthwhile due to its powerful features and seamless integration.

Can I use Sublime Text for React development?

Yes, you can use Sublime Text for React development by installing the appropriate packages. Some of the packages you may want to install include:

  • Babel (for syntax highlighting)
  • SublimeLinter (for error checking)
  • Emmet (for faster HTML and CSS coding)

Once you have the necessary packages installed, you’ll have a lightweight yet powerful environment for React development.

Can I use Brackets for React development?

Yes, Brackets is a lightweight and open-source editor that can be used for React development. To enhance your React development experience in Brackets, you can install extensions like:

  • React (for syntax highlighting)
  • Brackets ESLint (for error checking)
  • Emmet (for faster HTML and CSS coding)

What are some useful Visual Studio Code extensions for React development?

Some of the popular Visual Studio Code extensions for React development include:

  • ESLint (for error checking)
  • Prettier (for code formatting)
  • Debugger for Chrome (for debugging React apps)
  • React Native Tools (for React Native development)
  • GitLens (for enhanced Git integration)

These extensions can help improve your React development experience in Visual Studio Code.

Are there online IDEs for React development?

Yes, there are several online IDEs and platforms suitable for React development, such as:

  • CodeSandbox
  • Replit
  • StackBlitz

These platforms allow you to create, edit, and test React applications directly in your web browser, making them a convenient option for quickly prototyping or collaborating on projects.

Can I develop React apps using a simple text editor?

While it’s possible to develop React apps using a simple text editor, you’ll miss out on the many productivity-enhancing features that IDEs and advanced text editors offer. These features, such as code completion, integrated build tools, and debugging capabilities, can make a significant difference in your development experience.

If you prefer using a simple text editor, you may want to consider installing plugins or extensions that add support for React and JavaScript development, like syntax highlighting, error checking, and build system integration.

However, keep in mind that these setups might not provide the same level of integration and ease of use as a dedicated IDE or advanced text editor with built-in support for React development.

Conclusion on the best IDE for React

You can test out the top React IDEs from the list above. When it comes to React IDEs, these are the most popular ones. You favour one over the other depending on your use case.

There are many well-liked IDEs for developing ReactJS. The best choice will rely on the demands and tastes of the developer because each alternative has advantages and disadvantages.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to take into account each person’s demands and preferences when choosing an IDE for ReactJS development. Compatibility, debugging tools, code completion and formatting options, customizability, extensibility, usability, cost, and ease of use are a few examples of what may be considered.

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