Get your own branded, secure, self-hosted videoconferencing tool in 3 days.

Keep all of your business communication in your own secure environment, even when you work remotely. Get your own branded videoconferencing solution on your own website for a one-time fee, in just 3 days.

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Videoconferencing with no third party involved - why is it better for your business?

It is more secure.

We can't really know what do third party VC providers do with our communication data that goes through their servers. It was discovered recently that some of the popular providers record the calls in the background, even when hosts disable recording.

It looks more professional and trustworthy.

A client that has to discuss delicate issues with you remotely, feels more confident when he sees that you meet him in a safe environment, even online, on your own server, on your own domain, with your company logo and branding, with nobody listening.

One-time all-inclusive payment for setting it up.

(in case you don't want us to develop more features). No upgrade payments. No per-seat pricing. No subscription payments each month. *

* Note: Server/infrastructure costs are not included as the server will be owned by you.

You own the server and you can control it fully.

It can be a bare metal server in your own server room in your office. It can be a cloud provider in any country in any geography. So, you can have a server in the same country where you and your clients live, and no sensitive data, even video streams, ever cross the border.

No limitation on number of users or hosts, you are limited only by your hardware. Try a demo right now on this link - to create a room, credentials are: demo/demo.

“We worked with TMS on several custom projects. First we built a bespoke app based on their product, and then implemented additional independent custom solutions for our needs, including an online 3D viewer for point clouds filmed by our airborne equipment. Despite the time zone difference, TMS team was very responsive, always suggested several approaches for solving the challenges, quickly identified pros and cons of different solutions, which helped us deliver an optimal product.”

Ron Chapple, CEO