Tech Companies in Houston That Are Changing the Status Quo

Houston isn’t just big hats and bigger steaks; it’s where tech dreams take form amidst skyscrapers and spacemen. The city, a juggernaut of innovation, has quietly morphed into a digital dynamo, a hotbed for tech companies in Houston that rival the famed Silicon Valley.

Here, technology development isn’t just happening; it’s thriving, powered by a tech-savvy workforce and a spirit of enterprise as vast as Texas itself. From energetic startups to power players revolutionizing energy tech and medical technology, Houston is scripting its own tech tale, and let me tell you, it’s a page-turner.

Venturing into this article, strap in for an odyssey through Houston’s digital ecosystem. Unearth how Houston’s tech sector is booming and what it means for you. Peep into the innovation hubs sparking ideas that soar and spot where careers in tech shoot up like rockets.

It’s not just about who’s who; it’s about the vibrant culture that feeds this tech renaissance. So, if navigating the constellation of Houston’s technology firms is on your radar, you’ve matched with the right guide.

Tech Companies in Houston

Tech Company in Houston Specialization/Area Ownership Market Segment Notable Product/Service
P97 Networks Mobile Commerce, Fuel Retail Private Retail, Automotive PetroZone Mobile Commerce Platform
The Aerospace Corporation Space and Missile Systems Engineering Nonprofit Defense, Space Research, Development and Advisory Services
Appnovation Digital Solutions and Services Private Multiple Industries Open Technology Solutions
Onit Legal and Business Process Automation Private Legal, Corporate Enterprise Legal Management Software
Fiserv Financial Services Technology Public Finance, Banking Financial Services Platforms
AvidXchange Accounts Payable Automation Public Real Estate, Finance AP and Payment Automation
SnapStream Media Monitoring and Search Private Media, Education Media Monitoring Software
HP Enterprise IT, Networking, and Data Solutions Public Multiple Industries Servers, Storage, Networking Solutions
Crown Castle Telecommunications and Infrastructure Public Telecommunications Cell Towers, Small Cells, Fiber Networks
Axiom Space Commercial Human Spaceflight Private Space Axiom Station Modules
Graylog Log Management and Analysis Private IT Log Management Software
SmartVault Cloud-based Document Storage Private Accounting, Finance Secure Document Storage and Sharing
Enuit Commodity Trading & Risk Management Private Commodity Trading ENTRADE CTRM Software
Bluware Cloud Computing, AI for Oil and Gas Private Energy, Oil and Gas Deep Learning Platforms
Innovapptive Connected Workforce Platform Private Various Mobile Workforce Management
Buurst Data Performance, Cloud Solutions Private IT, Data Management Data Performance for Cloud Migration
Aspen Technology Asset Optimization Software Public Manufacturing, Energy Asset Management and Optimization
BMC Software IT Service and Operations Management Private IT IT Service Management Solutions
Cognite Industrial DataOps Platform Private Oil and Gas, Manufacturing Cognite Data Fusion
FlightAware Aviation Data Services Private Aviation Real-time Flight Tracking
Gimmal Information Management Software Private Multiple Industries Content Governance & Compliance
Halliburton Energy, Oilfield Services and Equipment Public Energy, Oil and Gas Oilfield Products & Services
Insperity HR and Business Solutions Public Business Services HR and Administration Services
KBR Inc. Government Services and Tech Public Government, Energy Government Contracting and Engineering Services
Loomis Cash Handling and Security Services Public Financial Services Cash Management Solutions
Microsoft Computer Software and Hardware Public Multiple Industries Windows, Office 365, Azure Cloud Services
Sirius Computer Solutions IT Solutions Provider Private IT IT Deployment, Security, and Services
PROS AI-based Solutions for Commerce Public Multiple Industries Revenue and Profit Optimization Software
Capco Management and Technology Consulting Private Financial Services Consulting and Digital Transformation Services

5-5 Tech Companies in Houston That Are Changing the Status Quo

A work operating system called improves the way teams collaborate.

P97 Networks

GoExpedi, which has been dubbed the Amazon and Uber of the shale drilling industry, has developed an entirely online, quick-delivery method of distributing vital parts to keep rigs operational around-the-clock.

The Aerospace Corporation

A key architect for American space initiatives is The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace).


The full-service digital consulting Appnovation has the expertise and resources to serve the demands of even the biggest and most complicated enterprises in the world.


For legal, compliance, sales, IT, HR, and financial departments, Onit is a pioneer in enterprise software and artificial intelligence platforms and applications.


In order to satisfy the needs of diverse enterprises in the fintech and payments sectors, Fiserv is a market leader in technology solutions.


Leading software developer AvidXchange automates the payment and billing processes for middle-market companies.


The Houston, Texas-based software startup SnapStream creates television monitoring software for its customers.

HP Enterprise

Dedicated to offering cloud, networking, containerization software, consulting, support, and other IT services, HPE is a global IT company. The biggest IT company in Houston is HPE.

Crown Castle

In the USA, Crown Castle offers networks and communications infrastructure. It is the owner, operator, and lessee of the towers and other wireless communications infrastructure.

Axiom Space

Axiom’s mission is to build a flourishing human habitat in space that benefits all people, everywhere.


Graylog offers platforms and tools for log management, enhancing the efficiency and security of data.


For accountants and businesses, SmartVault offers online document storage that offers safe file sharing, storage, and management solutions.


Energy and commodity trading organisations can use enterprise trade and risk management solutions from Enuit anywhere in the world.


Software development, consultancy, and data management company Bluware has a strong emphasis on the energy industry.


To assist businesses in connecting their frontline staff, back office, and assets, Innovapptive is a market leader in providing the contemporary Connected Worker Platform (CWP) and a range of pre-packaged software solutions.


High-performance data storage technologies are created by Buurst, formerly known as SoftNAS, for the cloud and edge.

Aspen Technology

By developing software that aids chemical, engineering, and oil and gas firms in maximising their performance and achieving their production objectives, Aspen Technology helps clients with their performance management and asset optimization.

BMC Software

This company provides technological solutions for cloud migration, multi-cloud pricing, application performance, and security management.


Cognite develops technological solutions for sectors like industry, oil and gas, renewable energy, and electricity and utilities.


A tech business dedicated to aviation and aerospace projects is called FlightAware. It offers commercial and private air traffic organisations flight tracking software, prediction technologies, and decision-making tools.


Gimmal is a digital business that focuses on enterprise content management and was established in 2002.


Halliburton is a sizable international firm with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. It manufactures products and offers services to businesses in the oil and energy sectors.


This business creates solutions to assist human resources (HR) businesses and departments in reducing risks, controlling expenses, and keeping track of expenditure reports.

KBR Inc.

This business offers technical solutions for security, defence, and space industries and specialises in big data and data science.


Loomis, which was established in 1852 and has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, focuses on logistics and cash processing.


Microsoft is a well-known corporate software and development firm that produces software goods and services for customers all over the world.

Sirius Computer Solutions

Sirius Computer Solutions, a business that was established in 1980, specialises in IT solutions to assist tech professionals in reducing risk, reducing expenses, boosting the dependability of their businesses, and enhancing IT service.


Software for price and margin optimization is offered by PROS Holdings, Inc.


The financial services and energy sectors are the focus of the multinational management and technology consulting firm Capco.

FAQs on these tech companies from Houston

What’s driving tech growth in Houston?

Houston’s tech scene is skyrocketing, and it’s not just because of NASA. The city’s diversifying from oil and gas to digital oilfields—think big data analytics in energy. Plus, there’s a constellation of innovative startups and support from places like Houston Technology Center nurturing the tech ecosystem.

Are there any notable tech incubators in Houston?

Absolutely, and they’re not just any incubators. Station Houston serves up a melting pot of mentoring, while TMCx Accelerator is reshaping healthcare tech. The Ion and Greentown Labs are catapulting Houston’s rep as a launchpad for tech innovation beyond Texan borders.

What kind of tech jobs can I find in Houston?

Talk about variety! The city’s got a spread wider than a Texas ranch, from cyber security buffs to cloud computing whizzes. IT and software development gigs are plentiful, and there’s a surge in AI startups looking for brainy folks ready to push boundaries.

How do tech salaries in Houston compare to other cities?

Your wallet won’t be lonely—Houston’s tech salaries hold their ground. Competing strongly with the coasts, it offers a lower cost of living, so those paychecks stretch like Texas horizons. More barbecue for your bucks and a house that doesn’t cramp your style.

What’s the tech startup scene like in Houston?

It’s beaming with energy and not just because of the coffee. Houston tech startups enjoy a fertile ground for growth, with venture capital flourishing and strong community support. The domains vary—energy, medical, you name it. It’s where ambitions don’t just dream; they do.

Can you name some major tech companies based in Houston?

Houston’s tech galaxy features some shining stars. HostGator munches on web services here. cPanel’s got your server management sorted. And let’s not forget Hewlett Packard Enterprise, steering technology development with Texan tenacity and global ambition.

Is Houston a good city for tech entrepreneurs?

You betcha—it’s a sweet spot for tech pioneers. The city’s DNA is encoded with a go-getter attitude, and there’s fertile ground for technology entrepreneurship. Houston’s ecosystem is a fine blend of innovation, investment opportunities, and networking events hotter than a jalapeño jamboree.

What sectors are Houston tech companies focusing on?

It’s a mixed bag of goodies. Energy tech’s the big cheese, understandably, but there’s also a hefty scoop of healthcare innovation thanks to the Texas Medical Center. Recently, AI and cybersecurity are the spicy newcomers everyone’s talking about.

Are there any prominent tech events or conferences in Houston?

Mosey on down to energy conferences or check out the geek gatherings at Houston Tech Rodeo. Still thirsty? The Houston Exponential is a blend of tech networking and knowledge spillin’. It’s like the social season for techies, just with fewer petticoats and more PCs.

How is the city of Houston supporting the growth of tech companies?

Let’s tip our hats to the Mayor’s Office of Innovation for kickstarting initiatives faster than a Texas two-step. Add to that the Greater Houston Partnership, which is more than just a handshake. It’s investments, strategy, and nurturing a tech-friendly business climate that’s as warm as Houston itself.


Sculpting the digital landscape, tech companies in Houston have painted a mural of innovation on a canvas as diverse as the city itself.

We’ve danced through the chapters of growth, from the humble whispers of startups to the roaring dialogues of tech giants. Our journey’s narrative — rich with tech workforce developmentcloud computing prowess, and a venture capital waltz — leaves an indelible mark on the fabric of Houston’s economy.

In the mosaic of technology firms, each piece, unique and vibrant, contributes to the city’s deepening hue of prosperity. With networking events jazzing up the tech job market and industry leaders forging paths for aspiring innovators, this is just the beginning movement of Houston’s symphony.

As the storyline unfolds, keep an ear to the ground; the beat of Houston’s tech ecosystem only grows louder, proving this city’s more than just a space odyssey — it’s a technology destiny.

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