Tech Companies in Atlanta You Could Work For

Imagine unearthing a vibrant constellation right in your backyard. That’s tech companies in Atlanta, not just a sprinkle of startups, but a full-fledged galaxy igniting the South with innovation.

Atlanta, often dubbed the ‘Silicon Peach,’ thrives with a tech hub buzzing with creative minds and cutting-edge ventures. From sleek software companies to robust FinTech firms, the city is a beacon for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Why does this matter to you? Because whether you’re a job seeker, an investor, or simply tech-curious, Atlanta’s digital landscape is a goldmine of opportunities.

By the end of this article, you’ll navigate through Atlanta’s tech scene like a local, unlocking insider knowledge on booming startup scenes, key tech accelerators, and much more.

We’ll dive into the elements fueling Atlanta’s tech surge – from its entrepreneurial ecosystem to tech talent hotspots.

Get ready to explore the technology parksinnovation hubs, and tech networking events that are shaping the future, right here, in the heart of Georgia.

Tech Companies in Atlanta to Know

Company Name Industry/Sector Products/Services Year Founded Notable Information
Vonage Telecommunications Cloud communications and calling solutions 2001 Acquired by Ericsson in 2022
Fiserv Financial services Payment processing, banking software 1984 Fortune 500 company, has a presence in over 100 countries
Cricket Wireless Telecommunications Wireless services, mobile phones 1999 Subsidiary of AT&T Inc.
Greenlight Financial Technology Personal Finance Debit cards for kids, financial education 2014 Raised over $550M in funding
Simply Business Insurance Small business insurance 2005 Acquired by Travelers Insurance
AptAmigo Real Estate Apartment locating service 2015 Offers a tech-driven approach to apartment hunting
Taboola Advertising Content discovery and native advertising 2007 Merged with Outbrain but later called it off
Convoy Transport Logistics Digital freight network 2015 Reached a $2.75B valuation in 2021
Allconnect Consumer Services Utility and home service comparison 1998 Acquired by Red Ventures
Bakkt Financial Technology Digital asset marketplace 2018 Launched Bitcoin futures contract in 2019
Rubicon Waste Management Recycling, waste disposal management software 2008 Known for sustainability focus
OutSystems Enterprise Software Low-code application development platform 2001 Raised over $350M in funding
Symphony RetailAI Retail Solutions AI-enabled decision platforms for retailers 2018 Offer solutions to drive profitable growth
Unscrambl Business Intelligence Conversational analytics and data insights 2011 Aims to make data queries and analysis conversational
Orchard Real Estate Home buying and selling services 2017 Offers to buy homes for customers before they sell
Travelport Travel Technology Travel commerce platform 1971 Partnered with major airlines and hoteliers
Manhattan Associates Software Supply chain and inventory management 1990 Works with various Fortune 500 companies
Banyan Software Software Acquires, manages, and builds vertical market software companies 2016 Focuses on small and medium-sized businesses
KMS Technology Software and IT Software development & IT services 2009 Works in healthcare and software product engineering
VMware Software Cloud infrastructure, virtualization 1998 Acquired by Broadcom Inc.
Bounteous Digital Experience Agency Brand strategy, digital marketing 2003 Award-winning international client base
Apptega Cybersecurity Cybersecurity and compliance management 2017 Helps businesses of all sizes with cyber compliance
Matrix Resources IT Staffing and Services IT recruiting, professional services 1983 Offers permanent and contract placements
Salesforce Enterprise Software Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 1999 Leader in the CRM space with significant cloud offerings
BioIQ Health Technology Health screening and testing solutions 2005 Offers solutions for population health management
Intellum eLearning Learning management systems, customer education 2000 Focuses on corporate learning and education
QGenda LLC Healthcare Software Workforce management solution for healthcare 2006 Automates scheduling for healthcare providers
Clearwave Corporation Health Technology Patient engagement and registration solutions 2004 Digital check-in solution for healthcare
Global Payments Payment Technology Payment processing solutions 2000 Fortune 500 company that operates in over 30 countries
Mailchimp Marketing Automation Email marketing, advertising campaigns 2001 Acquired by Intuit in 2021 for approximately $12 billion
Calendly SaaS Appointment scheduling software 2013 Widely adopted for its intuitive interface
NCR Corporation (NCR) Enterprise Technology ATMs, point-of-sale systems, self-service kiosks 1884 One of the oldest tech companies, now focused on modern software and services
FullStory Software Digital experience analytics platform 2014 Provides insights into user interactions on websites and apps
Urjanet Energy Data Utility data aggregation 2009 Focuses on utility data for energy management
SecureWorks Cybersecurity Security information management 1999 Acquired by Dell in 2011
iMedX Healthcare Solutions Medical documentation and coding services 2002 Supports hospitals with health information management
Ebix Software Insurance, financial, and healthcare sectors 1976 International supplier of on-demand software
Craneware Healthcare Software Revenue cycle and charging solutions 1999 Focuses on helping hospitals manage finances
First Advantage Risk Management Background check services for employers 2003 Global provider with over 26 locations
Cox Automotive Automotive Car dealership software, auto market insights 2014 Subsidiary of Cox Enterprises
N3 Sales and Marketing Integrated sales and marketing execution 2004 Acquired by Accenture in 2020


Vonage is a beacon of communication in a connected world. They’re all about pioneering VoIP solutions that let businesses and individuals chat and collaborate worldwide. Think crystal-clear calls minus the exorbitant traditional phone costs.

What they stand out for: Revolutionizing long-distance communication with cloud-based voice, messaging, and video services that don’t skimp on quality or affordability.


Fiserv is the unseen financial maestro behind transactions zipping around the globe. This financial services technology player makes money moves smooth, secure, and swift whether you’re at a merchant or cozy in front of your computer.

What they stand out for: Crafting the financial tech infrastructure. Their tech is the bedrock for everything from payment processing to risk management.

Cricket Wireless

Goodbye to twisted contracts and hello to freedom. Cricket Wireless puts the easy in mobile service with prepaid plans. They’re also big on inclusivity — more coverage, more smiles.

What they stand out for: Offering affordable, contract-free mobile services with coverage that surprises, satisfying customers who want quality without the strings.

Greenlight Financial Technology

They’re the superheroes of kids’ finance education. Greenlight tackles the big task of financial literacy by giving parents a tool to teach their mini-mes money management.

What they stand out for: Child-friendly debit cards and app features that empower the next generation to earn, save, and spend wisely.

Simply Business

Insuring small businesses with big hearts, Simply Business isn’t your typical suit-wearing, jargon-speaking insurer. They’re about tailored policies, protecting your hustle from those ‘what-ifs’.

What they stand out for: Demystifying insurance for small businesses and freelancers by making it easy to get personalized, affordable coverage fast.


Think of AptAmigo as the friend who knows all about where to live the dream. This startup is reshaping the apartment hunting game with insights and real talk, not pushy sales.

What they stand out for: Reinventing the apartment search experience with personalized assistance that homeseekers didn’t know they needed but now can’t live without.


Surfing online and stumble upon a fascinating read? That’s Taboola’s wizardry at work. They personalize the web’s wild ocean, so the content you care about finds you.

What they stand out for: Powering recommendations that seamlessly connect users to content they’ll love, driving engagement in a cluttered digital world.


No more lonely loads for trucks. Convoy is matchmaking heaven for shippers and carriers. They’re the logistics loveguru who makes sure no truck rolls empty.

What they stand out for: Optimizing the trucking industry with a network that reduces empty miles, saves cash, and cuts carbon – all with a few clicks.


Moving homes is wild, but Allconnect makes one part a breeze. They help lock down home services that fit like a glove, so you can binge-watch or surf the day you unpack.

What they stand out for: A smoothening service, connects users to the best deals in utilities and home services, easing one of life’s major stressors.


Crypto feels like the wild west, but Bakkt’s bringing the law. They’re a trustworthy ally in a space crammed with outlaws, with secure crypto management that’s not rocket science.

What they stand out for: Bridging the gap between the digital asset market and everyday transactions, bringing clarity and confidence to crypto trading and spending.


Rubicon’s greening up the garbage game. Who knew trash tech was a thing? They did. It’s all about less waste in the landfill and smarter recycling, so the planet gives a little sigh of relief.

What they stand out for: Their smart waste and recycling management tech makes sustainability more than just a bumper sticker – it’s real action, real results.


Ever dreamt of building apps like playing with LEGO? OutSystems puts those tools in your hands. They make app creation less headache, more high-five.

What they stand out for: Their platform empowers companies to develop, launch, and manage custom enterprise-grade applications quickly and without the usual coding circus.

Symphony RetailAI

They’re the maestro of retail data, harmonizing notes in ways that have stores singing hallelujah. Symphony RetailAI makes understanding customers less guesswork, more textbook.

What they stand out for: Advanced AI analytics that transform retail data into actionable insights, tailoring the shopping experience to what customers really want.


Conversations get juicy with Unscrambl turning chat chit-chat into impactful dialogues. They’re all about making businesses listen and respond in real-time, making customers feel like VIPs.

What they stand out for: Their conversational analytics dash through customer dialogues to unravel insights turning customer experiences into something worth talking about.


Orchard is like the real estate agent from the future. They’re smoothing out the kinks in buying and selling homes, making it less ‘ugh’ and more ‘ahh’.

What they stand out for: Revolutionary approach to real estate transactions, easing the stress of buying and selling homes with their user-centric service.


Travelport is zipping through the digital travel landscape. They’re all about connecting the dots between hotels, airlines, and travel agencies, so your next adventure is just clicks away.

What they stand out for: Pushing the frontiers of global travel commerce with innovative tech that simplifies the travel booking process for millions of wanderlust seekers.

Manhattan Associates

Supply chains can be messy, but Manhattan Associates is the calm in the logistics storm. They offer software that gets products from A to B lickety-split, without the chaos.

What they stand out for: Their groundbreaking supply chain and inventory solutions ensure retailers and wholesalers can deliver efficiently, meeting the fast-paced demands of modern commerce.

Banyan Software

In the tech forest, Banyan Software is the sturdy old tree offering shelter to niche software gems. They specialize in growing these companies with care and precision.

What they stand out for: Taking under-the-radar software companies under their wing and nurturing them into standout leaders in specialized industry segments.

KMS Technology

KMS Technology doesn’t play small – they’re crafting software solutions with a global footprint. With innovation stitched into their DNA, they tailor software that doesn’t just work – it wows.

What they stand out for: Fine-tuning the creation of robust software products and platforms that drive value and cater to intricate business needs across various industries.


VMware is the genie granting IT wishes – they’re the wizards of cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, freeing businesses from traditional tech constraints.

What they stand out for: Pioneering in providing cloud services and virtualization software that allow companies to run, manage, connect, and secure applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment.


Bounteous weaves together the creative and the technical, stitching up digital experiences that are as delightful as they are functional. Their forte lies in creating cohesive digital ecosystems that help companies flourish.

What they stand out for: Their collaborative approach to strategy, design, development, and analytics results in rich, digital experiences that drive growth for leading brands.


Apptega is cybersecurity’s best mate, simplifying the complex world of cyber protection. They provide a framework for businesses to build, manage, and report their cybersecurity efforts, all with ease and clarity.

What they stand out for: Their cybersecurity management platform is like a Swiss Army knife, versatile and essential for businesses aiming to keep their digital assets safe.

Matrix Resources

Matrix Resources is like the Robin Hood of IT talent – matching top-notch professionals with companies in need. This staffing and solutions firm knows the tech landscape like the back of their hand and fosters connections that fuel innovation.

What they stand out for: Their deep industry knowledge and unwavering commitment to quality make them trusted advisors for tech talent solutions.


Salesforce has become synonymous with customer relationship management (CRM). Their cloud-based solutions are like a universal remote for customer connections, transforming the way companies engage and retain customers.

What they stand out for: Salesforce is not just a tech company but a visionary, reimagining customer interaction with its comprehensive CRM platform.


BioIQ is a health tech trailblazer, transforming the way individuals manage their health. Their solutions make it easier for people to access diagnostic tests and take charge of their well-being.

What they stand out for: Their innovative platform simplifies the process of biometric screening and testing, essentially putting a personal health hub in the user’s hands.


Intellum is cutting through the noise in e-learning. They’re about creating clean, engaging educational experiences that stick.

What they stand out for: Pioneering with their customer education platforms, Intellum combines learning, marketing, and customer success to boost business growth through informed, educated users.

QGenda LLC

QGenda is the scheduling wizard in healthcare, turning shift planning from chaos to harmony. They keep healthcare running like clockwork so professionals can focus on saving lives, not shuffling papers.

What they stand out for: Their healthcare workforce management software streamlines scheduling, ensuring the right staff are in the right places at the right times.

Clearwave Corporation

Clearwave Corporation is the digital doorman for healthcare, streamlining patient check-ins with slick self-service kiosks and mobile applications.

What they stand out for: Transforming the front office experience with their patient check-in solutions that boost efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Global Payments

Global Payments acts like digital glue for financial transactions, ensuring money moves with a tap or click seamlessly across the globe.

What they stand out for: They stand out for their role in driving commerce with their tech solutions, reaching customers globally and making transactions almost invisible.


Mailchimp goes beyond the ordinary email – they’re the marketing maestro for small businesses, turning campaigns into conversations and browsers into buyers.

What they stand out for: Their all-in-one marketing platform helps small businesses market smarter and grow faster, with a focus on user-friendly design and automation.


Calendly takes the back-and-forth out of scheduling. This intuitive platform turns appointment setting into a sleek, single-click affair.

What they stand out for: Their user-friendly interface simplifies meeting coordination across various industries, making them a go-to for professionals worldwide aiming to optimize their time.

NCR Corporation (NCR)

NCR Corporation is a stalwart in the world of transaction tech. From ATMs to point-of-sale systems, they keep commerce ticking.

What they stand out for: Their innovations in self-service kiosks and omnichannel banking strengthen businesses and financial institutions by enhancing customer interactions and operational efficiency.


FullStory operates like a digital sleuth, unmasking the reasons behind user behavior. With their insights, websites and apps can turn user frustrations into smooth surfing.

What they stand out for: Their web analytics platforms provide businesses with the tools to create frustration-free digital experiences through powerful, actionable insights.


Urjanet is illuminating the power of data in energy management. Their data platform helps businesses make smarter, more sustainable energy decisions.

What they stand out for: They’re the leaders in utility data aggregation, transforming the way companies approach energy usage and sustainability initiatives.


SecureWorks stands guard on the digital frontier. They’re about outsmarting cyber threats before they breach the gates.

What they stand out for: Their expertise in cybersecurity offers unparalleled intelligence and incident response services, making them trusted defenders in a world of evolving digital threats.


iMedX helps healthcare providers focus on patient care by giving them back time spent on paperwork with advanced medical documentation and health information solutions.

What they stand out for: Their excellence lies in streamlining clinical documentation processes and coding solutions, ensuring accuracy and compliance in the complex healthcare industry.


Ebix is a global player in insurance and healthcare software solutions, known for its pioneering role in creating applications for streamlined insurance processing and efficient healthcare management.

What they stand out for: With a strong portfolio of software products for broker systems, exchanges, and risk compliance solutions, Ebix stands out for its commitment to driving innovative technology in insurance and healthcare sectors.


Craneware sits at the intersection of healthcare and finance, providing specialized software to help U.S. healthcare providers operate with financial integrity and compliance.

What they stand out for: The company’s standout offering is its value cycle management suite, which gives healthcare organizations the tools to manage revenue, cut costs, and improve patient outcomes.

First Advantage

First Advantage pioneers the stakeout on background screening, ensuring employers know who they’re really hiring. They’re a global leader in background check and drug screening solutions.

What they stand out for: They stand out for their robust data and technology that streamline the screening process, making it easier for employers to make informed hiring decisions quickly and accurately.

Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive is driving innovation in the automotive industry with a suite of digital solutions that cover every aspect of vehicle lifecycle management from inventory to retail.

What they stand out for: They shine with their ecosystem of brands that transforms the way the world buys, sells, owns, and uses cars, creating end-to-end solutions that drive success for businesses and consumers alike.


N3 combines sales acumen with tech-savvy expertise to turbocharge revenue for tech and software companies. They deliver integrated sales solutions that scale up businesses effectively.

What they stand out for: Their global footprint and innovative go-to-market strategies make them stand out as a powerhouse in accelerating sales cycles and increasing conversion rates for their clients.

FAQs on tech companies in Atlanta

Why is Atlanta becoming a major tech hub?

Atlanta’s on the up, not just for its southern charm but its brains, too. We’ve got a synergy of top-tier educational institutions like Georgia Tech pumping out sharp minds, a supportive city government, and a cost of living that doesn’t break the bank. It’s an irresistible mix for both startups and established tech giants.

What are some leading tech companies based in Atlanta?

You might think Georgia’s all peaches and hospitality, but it’s tech-savvy, too. Home-grown heroes like Mailchimp have made a mark worldwide. Then there’s SecureWorks guarding cyber-frontiers. Oh, and giants like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce? They’ve pitched their tents here, too, thriving in our Silicon Peach.

What kind of tech startups can you find in Atlanta?

Atlanta’s startup scene’s buzzing – it’s a cocktail of ambition and innovation. We’ve got blooming FinTech ventures, cybersecurity wizards, health tech innovators – and let’s not forget about the gaming and software development startups that call Atlanta Tech Village home.

How does the cost of doing business in Atlanta compare to other tech hubs?

Tell you what, your dollar stretches farther here in Atlanta. Sure, we’re cooking up some serious tech game, but without the sticker shock of a Silicon Valley. It’s a more affordable launchpad for startups, and a milder hit on the pocket for established businesses.

What role do universities play in Atlanta’s tech industry?

Universities here are like the pulse of Atlanta’s body – vital. With institutions like Georgia Tech, we’ve got a brain trust that feeds the tech sector with fresh ideas and hot-off-the-press grads. These spots are research powerhouses, collaborating directly with tech companies and birthing revolutionary tech.

Are there any tech-focused events or conferences in Atlanta?

Absolutely, and they’re key players in our tech ecosystem. Events like the Atlanta Cyber Week and the annual TAG Summit put us on the map. You can bet on rubbing elbows with the best in the biz and soaking up insights at these gatherings.

How has Atlanta’s tech scene evolved in the past decade?

I’ve seen this peach of a city go from unnoticed to unstoppable. Ten years back? Quiet potential. Today? A city that’s a force to be reckoned with. There’s a stronger startup support system, more venture capital oozing in, and a rep for being a tech talent magnet.

What kind of support is available for tech startups in Atlanta?

Support? Atlanta’s all about it. We’ve got incubators like the ATDC, seed funders on the prowl, and even city-backed incentives. Plus, there’s a strong community vibe in spots like Atlanta Tech Village. They’re all about lifting each other up.

What technological innovations are Atlanta tech companies leading in?

Atlanta’s chasing the future, arms wide open. From smoothing out financial transactions in FinTech to tightening up security online with Cybersecurity solutions, we’re in it. Health tech’s also big, and there’s a buzz with ‘smart city’ technologies making urban living sharper.

What’s the impact of Atlanta’s tech industry on its economy?

The impact? Think rocket boosters for the local economy. Jobs are booming, we’ve got a smart workforce population on the rise, and it’s pulling in business from all over. Tech’s not just reshaping Atlanta’s identity; it’s amping up our economic horsepower, big time.


And so we’ve swung through the digital orchard that is Atlanta’s tech scene. It’s clear, tech companies in Atlanta are more than just a growing bunch; they’re a force, transforming the city into a modern tech hub. A place where startups bloom like magnolias, and where big players are setting up shop, lured by the mix of a warm business climate and even warmer community support.

Whether it’s the breakthroughs in FinTech, the leaps in health tech, or the strides in cybersecurity, Atlanta is writing its own tech tale. It’s not just about creating apps or gadgets, it’s about feeding a healthy ecosystem where ideas, talents, and money churn into innovation.

As you step away from this article, carry with you the vibrant image of Atlanta’s tech landscape, forged by collaboration, driven by innovation, and sustained by a city that believes in its digital destiny.

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