In the ever-changing landscape of the global marketplace, the need for businesses to be agile and adaptable is greater than ever. However, there is a danger that placing more work on the shoulders of your employees can lead to burnout and increased stress. One solution can be to find temporary staff. One way of doing this is by using Teams as a Service (TaaS).

Often, companies that need to find solutions to increasing workloads make use of outsourcing techniques. But this can lead to call centers based in foreign countries, contract issues, and extra staff supervision. Using Teams as a Service can take this stress out of the equation. It can also lead to a much great ROI (return on investment), than traditional outsourcing methods.

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What is the Team as a Service Model?

What is TaaS?

The idea behind this model is similar to that of software as a service. When new teams of workers are needed, they can be “plugged in” and “switched on”, in order to meet the needs of the business. Minimal training would be needed, and the work could just be assigned and done remotely. When the work is done, the team can then just be “unplugged” or “switched off”.

Sometimes teams can end up working full-time for a particular client, while most work for multiple. Teams can be chosen based on their preexisting specialties, allowing businesses to pick and choose teams based on what they specialize in. This flexibility of work allows businesses that work with the teams as a service to effectively work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Why Your Company Might Use TaaS (Team as a Service)

Often when choosing methods of outsourcing, companies can lose a certain amount of control over not just who works on the project, but over the project as a whole. TaaS can help solve this.

As a model of outsourcing, “Team as a Service” allows companies and businesses to construct teams of people that possess the perfect skills necessary for the project. TaaS also provides for those who will have rapidly changing requirements and may have the necessity to scale work up quickly.

In the modern, fast-moving, global business landscape, this kind of flexibility and dynamism must be achieved at speed, with the risk of falling behind the competition now greater than ever before. Burdening your existing employees with this constantly fluctuating workload can easily lead to burnout and stress. These, in turn, lead to a lapse in quality and productivity.

With TaaS, you can bring in quality teams of workers whenever necessary to help share the load and get the work done to a high quality. Until TaaS became an option, there were really only two choices for handling the situation: finding individual contractors or external vendors. TaaS solves this elegantly.

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TaaS Is a New Form of Collaboration

As an essential part of business, communication must be at the heart of everything. TaaS is the perfect example of how communication is the key to tackling work in the modern world. It allows you to bring together the best talent available, and focus that team on the appropriate work.

An on-site TaaS manager posts the job description, and you aid the team selection process. Throughout the process, you as the employer never need to interact directly with the hiring process. Instead, you deal entirely with the TaaS provider, optimizing the hiring of employees and streamlining the process in order for your project to move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Other aspects of the usual process that using TaaS can help eliminate are issue tracking, development environment, and adequate servers. This helps free up your main core of employees and teams to focus entirely on your projects, while still keeping a great deal of control over every aspect of the work.

This can be incredibly useful in situations such as:

  • Rapid business growth
  • Needing quick results
  • If you require quick execution on a fixed budget
  • Filling a large number of vacancies quickly
  • If the staffing requirements are uncertain and likely to change as the project progresses
  • Unable to hire locally due to specific skills that are required

These are all situations in which using TaaS is an excellent option.

What Team as a Service Includes, and What Does it Bring Companies?

What Team As A Service includes and what it provides to your Business? 

The main thing that TaaS can bring to your company, is high-quality remote teams. They can consist of experts in a multitude of different specialties and can work immediately and quickly on your project, without you having to deal with the usual process of hiring temporary employees.

Some of the services included with TaaS include:

  • Hiring and team selection based on your specific requirements
  • Admin and operations duties
  • Security and high-level protection
  • HR support
  • Workplace setup and management

Main Benefits of Using TaaS

An actual picture of some of the great devs that we have in our team at TMS.

The big benefit of using TaaS is the ease of which you can bring on new staff for your projects. It also allows you to maintain flexibility to the hiring process which emphasizes the skills necessary for a particular project. These specialized staff members can be hired for only the amount of time that you require them, leading to a highly optimized staffing process.

Some of the other huge benefits of using TaaS are:

  • Low-cost recruitment
  • Cancel team at any point, or integrate teams together into new projects
  • Delegation possibilities to control every aspect of the teams and project
  • Keep the focus on results, not the distractions of the hiring process
  • More transparency than other hiring options

One of the great aspects of using TaaS is that most of the administrative costs are not passed on to you, and stay with the service. This allows you to hire the best possible team, without the worry of extra admin costs.

For the Best ROI, Use the Team as a Service Approach

So as we have seen, using the TaaS model of outsourcing has some major benefits that put it above and beyond the usual solutions for team hiring.

The sheer numbers of professionals that are available through TaaS are unlike any other outsourcing solution. No matter the project, you are bound to find the right team to handle the work. The fact that the pool from which staff can be selected is so wide means that the limitations of location no longer need to be a factor in the hiring process.

There is also a lack of administrative costs to the process, which are usually associated with the hiring of employees, even temporary ones. This includes costs such as taxes, office resources, benefits, perks, and more. These are all taken care of, or in many cases not even necessary. This is the benefit of having the third party mediating between you and the teams.

The upshot of all of these benefits is that the TaaS method of outsourcing leaves you only having to think about and deal with the project itself, and the results that you wish to see. It frees you up as the manager to focus entirely on the work, and trust that your team of experts will achieve the results you need.


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