Taiwan’s Titans: The Largest Companies in Taiwan

Taiwan, an island pulsing with technological marvels and economic might, is home to some of the world’s most influential companies. Think about giants like TSMC or Foxconn; these aren’t just big names in Taiwan, they’re global powerhouses.

Here, we’re diving into the realm of the largest companies in Taiwan, unraveling their stories, and exploring how they shape our world.

You might wonder, “Why should I care?” Well, these companies are more than just business entities; they’re the beating heart of Taiwan’s thriving economy, influential players in the global market, and pioneers in industries like semiconductors, electronics manufacturing, and financial services.

By the end of this read, you’ll have a new perspective on the economic titans that not only drive Taiwan but also leave a significant footprint on the international stage.

Largest Companies In Taiwan To Check Out

Name Market Cap
TSMC $528.10 B
MediaTek $49.69 B
Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry) $45.89 B
Chunghwa Telecom $29.45 B
Quanta Computer $26.57 B
Fubon Financial $26.39 B
Delta Electronics $25.22 B
Formosa Petrochemical $24.95 B
Cathay Financial Holding $20.97 B
United Microelectronics $20.00 B
ASE Group $19.33 B
CTBC Financial Holding $17.44 B
MFHC $17.27 B
Nan Ya Plastics $16.74 B
Formosa Plastics $16.18 B
Uni-President Enterprises $13.39 B
China Steel $13.03 B
E.SUN Bank $12.72 B
Taiwan Cooperative Financial $12.30 B
Hotai Motor $12.20 B
Formosa Chemicals & Fibre $11.76 B
First Financial Holding $11.67 B
Largan Precision $11.44 B
ASUS $10.77 B
Yuanta Financial Holding $10.73 B
Evergreen Marine $10.29 B
Wiwynn $10.20 B
Advantech $9.85 B
Chailease Holding $9.68 B
Novatek Microelectronics $9.62 B
Hua Nan Financial Holdings $9.53 B
Far EasTone $9.12 B
President Chain Store (PSCS) $8.89 B
Taiwan Mobile $8.79 B
Unimicron $8.72 B
Wistron Corporation $8.72 B
Accton Technology $8.71 B
GlobalWafers $8.56 B
Yageo $8.13 B
Alchip Technologies $7.91 B
Taiwan Cement $7.81 B
Sinopac Financial Holdings $7.64 B
Realtek $7.53 B
Nanya Technology $7.47 B
Pegatron $7.32 B
Global Unichip Corp. $7.26 B
Taishin Financial Holdings $7.08 B
Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank $7.01 B
China Development Financial $6.49 B
AirTAC International $6.42 B
Yang Ming $6.18 B
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank $6.06 B
eMemory Technology $5.70 B
Taiwan High Speed Rail $5.43 B
Far Eastern New Century $5.39 B
EVA Air $5.38 B
Wan Hai Lines $5.35 B
Nan Ya PCB $5.04 B
Asia Cement $4.57 B
Shin Kong Financial Holding $4.31 B
Acer $4.28 B
China Airlines $4.11 B
Vanguard International Semiconductor $4.05 B
momo.com Inc. $3.85 B
Innolux $3.77 B
Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing $3.74 B
Sino-American Silicon Products $3.72 B
Synnex Technology International $3.67 B
Taiwan Business Bank $3.56 B
International Games System $3.30 B
VisEra Technologies $2.79 B
Formosa Sumco Technology $2.34 B
WIN Semiconductors $2.06 B
Merida Industry $1.73 B
Formosa Taffeta $1.35 B
Himax $1.04 B
ChipMOS Technologies $1.00 B
Soft-World International $0.73 B
Cathay Real Estate Development $0.63 B
Gogoro $0.63 B
Gamania Digital $0.41 B
Bafang Yunji $0.35 B
Perfect Corp. $0.35 B
Softstar Entertainment $0.24 B
Chinese Gamer International $0.13 B
Userjoy Technology $0.12 B
X-Legend Entertainment $0.12 B
Wayi International Digital Entertainment $0.10 B


Imagine a world without your smartphone, computer, or gaming console. That’s a world without TSMC.

This semiconductor titan is the backbone of tech, crafting the tiny chips that power your favorite gadgets. It’s not just a company; it’s a digital revolution maker!


Step into the realm of MediaTek, where innovation meets reality. These folks aren’t just making chips; they’re shaping the future of connectivity.

From your smartphone to your smart TV, MediaTek is the hidden genius, ensuring you’re always just a click away from the world.

Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry)

Foxconn is like the wizard behind the curtain in the tech world.

They assemble the devices we can’t live without – think iPhones, PlayStations, and more. It’s more than a manufacturing hub; it’s where technology comes to life!

Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom is your gateway to staying connected in Taiwan.

They’re not just a telecom company; they’re the thread that weaves together conversations, businesses, and people across the island.

Always there, ensuring your voice is heard, loud and clear.

Fubon Financial

Fubon Financial isn’t just about money; it’s about dreams and aspirations.

They’re the financial wizards, turning your savings into investments, ensuring your hard-earned money works as hard as you do. It’s not just finance; it’s future-proofing your life.

Quanta Computer

Quanta Computer is where your next laptop begins its journey.

They’re not just assembling computers; they’re crafting your next big idea’s home. Quanta is where technology and creativity shake hands, making sure you’re always ahead of the game.

Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics is like the heartbeat of power management.

They ensure that every watt counts, from your laptop charger to renewable energy solutions.

It’s not just about power; it’s about empowering a sustainable future.

Formosa Petrochemical

Imagine a world that moves seamlessly. That’s the world Formosa Petrochemical fuels.

From the gas in your car to the plastic in everyday items, they’re not just an oil company; they’re a part of your daily journey.

Cathay Financial Holding

Cathay Financial Holding is where your financial security begins. They’re not just managing assets; they’re building legacies.

From insurance to investments, Cathay is the guardian of your financial well-being.

United Microelectronics

United Microelectronics is the unsung hero in the world of tech. They’re not just making semiconductors; they’re powering the future.

It’s where innovation meets reliability, ensuring the tech world keeps spinning without a hitch.

ASE Group

ASE Group is where technology gets its final touch. They specialize in semiconductor assembling and testing, which is like giving tech its last checkup before it steps into your life. They’re not just a part of the process; they’re the seal of quality and reliability.


MFHC, or Mega Financial Holding Co., isn’t just about banking. They’re the architects of financial solutions, sculpting services that range from personal banking to global finance. It’s not just about transactions; it’s about transforming your financial journey.

Nan Ya Plastics

Nan Ya Plastics is not your ordinary manufacturing company. They’re the wizards of polymer, creating everything from PVC to electronic materials. It’s not just plastic; it’s innovation molded for everyday use.

CTBC Financial Holding

CTBC Financial Holding is the ally you need in the complex world of finance. They’re not just about banking; they’re about building relationships, providing personalized financial services that cater to your unique needs.

Formosa Plastics

Formosa Plastics isn’t just another name in the industry. They’re pioneers in plastic materials, crafting components that make up the world around you. From construction to consumer goods, they’re the unsung heroes in your daily life.

Uni-President Enterprises

Uni-President Enterprises is more than just a food company. They’re the taste of Taiwan, bringing you everything from your morning coffee to your instant noodles. They’re not just feeding the nation; they’re fueling lives with their diverse range of products.

Taiwan Cooperative Financial

Taiwan Cooperative Financial is the backbone of Taiwan’s banking. They’re not just about saving and loans; they’re about nurturing dreams and empowering businesses, big and small. They’re a financial friend in every Taiwanese’s journey.

E.SUN Bank

E.SUN Bank is where your financial aspirations find wings. They’re not just about banking; they’re about brightening financial futures, providing innovative banking solutions that make managing money a breeze.

Hotai Motor

Hotai Motor is where your dream car awaits. As the leading auto dealer in Taiwan, they’re not just selling cars; they’re driving dreams, bringing top-notch vehicles and unparalleled service to every customer.

China Steel

China Steel isn’t just an industry giant; it’s the foundation of development. They’re not just producing steel; they’re building the framework of modern infrastructure, supporting everything from skyscrapers to transportation networks.

Formosa Chemicals & Fibre

Formosa Chemicals & Fibre is more than a company; it’s a tapestry of innovation. They weave the very threads of progress, creating chemicals and synthetic fibers that are the building blocks of countless products. It’s not just manufacturing; it’s crafting the future.

First Financial Holding

First Financial Holding is like a financial compass, guiding you through the world of money matters. They offer more than banking services; they provide clarity and confidence in your financial decisions, whether it’s for personal savings or business investments.

Evergreen Marine

Evergreen Marine is the master of the seas. They’re not just about shipping containers; they’re connecting continents, ensuring that the global trade flow never skips a beat. It’s not just logistics; it’s the lifeline of international commerce.


Wiwynn is the silent powerhouse in cloud computing. They’re not just creating servers; they’re building the backbone of the internet, supporting the data-driven world with their innovative technologies. It’s not just hardware; it’s the heart of the digital age.

Yuanta Financial Holding

Yuanta Financial Holding is where financial expertise meets innovation. They’re not just offering financial services; they’re crafting solutions for the modern investor, from brokerage services to asset management.


Advantech takes technology to the next level. Specializing in industrial automation and embedded computing, they’re not just creating products; they’re enabling smarter technology solutions in businesses and everyday life.

Novatek Microelectronics

Novatek Microelectronics is where technology gets its edge. They’re not just about chips and microelectronics; they’re the brains behind your screens, from smartphones to TVs, making sure you get the best visual experience.

Accton Technology

Accton Technology is the network behind your network. Specializing in networking and communications solutions, they’re not just about hardware; they’re enabling connections, ensuring that the world stays closer than ever.

Hua Nan Financial Holdings

Hua Nan Financial Holdings is your financial partner, more than just a banking institution. They provide a spectrum of financial services, weaving stability and growth into personal and business finances.


ASUS is where innovation meets the everyday user. Known for their computers and smartphones, they’re not just a tech brand; they’re an integral part of the modern digital lifestyle, combining performance with user-centric design.

Wistron Corporation

Wistron Corporation is like the backstage crew in the tech show. They’re the ones who bring ideas to life, specializing in computer, communication, and consumer electronics manufacturing. It’s not just about assembling devices; it’s about crafting the future of technology.

Largan Precision

Largan Precision is the eye of modern technology. They’re leading the way in high-precision lens design, crucial for everything from your smartphone camera to advanced optical equipment. It’s not just about lenses; it’s about capturing clarity in a fast-moving world.

Chailease Holding

Chailease Holding is the financial maestro, harmonizing the needs of businesses and individuals. They’re not just about leasing and finance; they’re about creating opportunities and solutions that drive growth and stability.

Far EasTone

Far EasTone is more than a telecom company; it’s a connector. They’re the link that keeps you in touch, offering mobile and internet services that ensure you’re never out of the loop, whether for work, play, or anything in between.

President Chain Store (PSCS)

President Chain Store (PSCS) is the everyday hero. They’re the ones behind the popular 7-Eleven convenience stores in Taiwan, providing more than just snacks and drinks; they’re a part of the daily lives of millions, offering convenience at every corner.

Taiwan Mobile

Taiwan Mobile is like your digital lifeline. They’re not just providing mobile services; they’re ensuring that you stay connected to what matters most, with cutting-edge technology and customer-centric services.

Taiwan Cement

Taiwan Cement is the foundation of growth. They’re more than a cement producer; they’re a key player in building the future, from skyscrapers to infrastructure, ensuring that progress stands on solid ground.


Unimicron is the hidden gem in electronics. Specializing in printed circuit boards and other key components, they’re not just part of the tech; they’re a crucial piece in the puzzle, enabling the devices you rely on every day.


GlobalWafers is at the core of the semiconductor industry. They’re not just producing silicon wafers; they’re crafting the very base upon which the future of technology is built, playing a pivotal role in powering innovation.

Sinopac Financial Holdings

Sinopac Financial Holdings is your financial navigator. They offer more than banking services; they provide a pathway to financial success, with a wide range of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of individuals and businesses.

FAQ On Largest Companies In Taiwan

What are the biggest companies in Taiwan by revenue?

Well, if we’re talking big bucks, TSMC leads the charge. They’re a giant in the semiconductor industry. Hon Hai Precision Industry (aka Foxconn) isn’t far behind, assembling your favorite gadgets. And Formosa Petrochemical? They fuel a lot, literally, making them a top earner too.

Which Taiwanese company has the largest global impact?

TSMC is the game-changer here. Their microchips are in almost everything techy. And don’t forget Foxconn, the muscle behind many top tech brands. These companies aren’t just big in Taiwan; they’re shaping the global tech landscape.

How do these companies influence Taiwan’s economy?

Huge impact! Companies like TSMC and Foxconn aren’t just local heroes; they’re international players. They boost Taiwan’s GDP, drive tech innovations, and create tons of jobs. Their global presence also elevates Taiwan’s standing in the world market. It’s a ripple effect that boosts the whole economy.

What industries do these top Taiwanese companies belong to?

Tech and electronics are big. Think TSMC in semiconductors and Foxconn in electronics manufacturing. There’s also a strong presence in petrochemicals with Formosa Plastics and finance with Fubon Financial. These industries are like the pillars holding up Taiwan’s economic roof.

How have these companies evolved over the years?

It’s been a wild ride! Many started as local businesses and have transformed into global leaders. Take TSMC: from a humble beginning to a semiconductor titan. Foxconn grew from a small workshop to a global manufacturing powerhouse. Adaptation and innovation have been key.

What challenges do these companies face?

Global competition is fierce, especially in tech. Then there’s the constant need for innovation – staying ahead is tough. Economic fluctuations, trade tensions, and now, pandemic disruptions have all thrown curveballs. But these companies are resilient, adapting to stay on top.

Are these companies involved in international trade?

Absolutely! They’re not just local players; they’re global juggernauts. TSMC and Foxconn, for instance, are key links in international supply chains. Their products and components are in devices worldwide. They’re a big part of why “Made in Taiwan” is a mark of quality.

How do they contribute to technological innovation?

These companies are on the front lines of tech. TSMC is a leader in chip innovation, and Foxconn is pushing the limits in electronics manufacturing. They’re not just following trends; they’re setting them, driving advancements that shape our digital world.

What role do these companies play in employment in Taiwan?

Major employers, that’s for sure. They provide jobs for thousands, from engineers to factory workers. TSMC and Foxconn, for instance, are career hotspots in tech. They’re not just companies; they’re ecosystems supporting families and communities.

How do these companies impact global markets?

Their influence is massive. When TSMC sneezes, the global semiconductor market catches a cold. And with Foxconn assembling for big-name brands, they hold a key place in the tech world. Their decisions and innovations send ripples across international markets, affecting trends and prices.

Conclusion On Largest Companies In Taiwan

So, we’ve journeyed through the landscape of Taiwan’s economic giants, exploring the mightiest players from TSMC to Foxconn and beyond.

It’s clear, these companies are more than just names on a building. They’re the heartbeat of Taiwan’s economy, the movers and shakers in the global market.

What did we see? A mosaic of industries – from tech marvels to financial wizards. Each company, a unique thread in the fabric of Taiwan’s success.

They’re not just local heroes; they’re global trendsetters, shaping our everyday lives with innovations and smart solutions.

As we wrap up, remember this: The impact of these companies stretches far beyond Taiwan’s borders.

They’re key players on the world stage, influencing everything from your smartphone to the global economy. So, next time you pick up a gadget or read about market trends, think about the largest companies in Taiwan – they’re likely playing a part in that story.

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