Shared Viewing Apps Like Rabbit

Imagine sharing your favorite movies, not just watching them alone but with friends miles away, synchronizing every laugh, gasp, and comment. Welcome to the era of apps like Rabbit.

We’ve all been there, missing those cherished moments of communal viewing, especially now when physical distancing often separates us more than walls.

These platforms like KastScener, and TwoSeven revolutionize remote co-watching experiences. Online watch parties and group streaming become more than just a technology trend; they’re lifelines to connection.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the best synchronized streaming apps out there, from Watch2Gether to Rave, helping you transform your solitary screen time into vibrant virtual movie nights.

You’ll discover functionalities like screen sharingvideo chats, and even using Netflix Party for a seamless viewing experience.

By the end, you’ll know exactly which co-watching platform suits your needs, whether for casual binge-watching or a full-fledged virtual hangout. Let’s dive into the world of social streaming services where distance fades, and togetherness reigns supreme.

Apps Like Rabbit

Apps like RabbitPlatform SupportFeaturesSynchronization QualityUser Experience
TwoSevenWeb, Chrome ExtensionVideo sharing, Webcam & ChatHighSimple interface, good for private watch parties
Watch2GetherWebVideo sharing, Chat, YouTube, VimeoHighEasy to use, diverse integrations
KosmiWebVideo sharing, Chat, GamesModerateVersatile, additional room customization
RaveiOS, Android, Windows, MacVideo sharing, Chat, VR SupportHighMobile and VR, strong synchronization
Netflix Party (Teleparty)Chrome ExtensionNetflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+ syncing, ChatHighSpecific to major streaming services, easy to set up
MetastreamWeb, Chrome ExtensionVideo sharing, Chats, SubtitlesHighGreat for multiple video sources, user-friendly
SyncplayWindows, Mac, LinuxLocal file syncing, VLC supportHighBest for local files, minimalistic
TogetherTubeWebVideo sharing, Chat, Playlist creationModerateFocus on playlist and community interactions


TwoSeven Shared Viewing Apps Like Rabbit

TwoSeven is a premier synchronous video-watching platform designed to provide seamless group viewing experiences. This app ensures low-latency, real-time synchronization, making movie nights and binge-watching sessions enjoyable from anywhere.

Best Features:

  • Real-time synchronized video playback
  • Integrated video chat
  • Support for various streaming services and personal media
  • Browser extension for easy access

What we like about it: TwoSeven excels in delivering a near-zero-latency experience, ensuring that everyone watches the content at the same exact moment. This precision makes it feel as though everyone is sitting in the same room, even when miles apart.


Watch2Gether Shared Viewing Apps Like Rabbit

Watch2Gether offers a hassle-free way to enjoy videos, music, and more with friends in a shared virtual room. It’s perfect for co-watching, planned online movie nights, or spontaneous hangouts.

Best Features:

  • Instant room creation without registration
  • Video synchronization from multiple sources
  • Integrated chat feature
  • Supported on web and mobile devices

What we like about it: Watch2Gether’s simplicity makes it incredibly user-friendly. You can set up a room in seconds and dive into synchronous video watching without any complicated setups or delays.


Kosmi Shared Viewing Apps Like Rabbit

Kosmi is a versatile, browser-based platform facilitating shared experiences like co-watching videos, playing games, and more. It doesn’t require any downloads or installations, making it extremely convenient.

Best Features:

  • Browser-based with no downloads needed
  • Supports multiple activities, including video watching and gaming
  • Integrated voice and video chat
  • Easy room creation

What we like about it: Kosmi’s amazing versatility is its most praised feature. It goes beyond just watching videos together, enabling a range of activities, making it an all-in-one space for virtual meetups.

Rave – Watch Party

Rave Shared Viewing Apps Like Rabbit

Rave combines streaming and social interaction, allowing friends to co-watch and chat seamlessly. Available on both mobile and desktop platforms, it supports a variety of streaming services and personal content.

Best Features:

  • Sync with major streaming platforms and local media
  • Continuous group chat
  • Voice overlay function
  • Mobile and desktop compatibility

What we like about it: Rave’s seamless integration with numerous streaming services remains a major draw. Users can sync up virtually any content, from professional streaming services to personal videos for a unified viewing experience.

Netflix Party (Teleparty)

Netflix-Party-Teleparty Shared Viewing Apps Like Rabbit

Netflix Party, now Teleparty, is a browser extension that synchronizes Netflix playback with friends and includes a chat room for shared experiences. It’s perfect for remote but collective enjoyment of Netflix’s extensive library.

Best Features:

  • Synchronized Netflix playback
  • Group chat feature
  • Supports other streaming services like Hulu, HBO, and Disney+
  • Easy-to-install browser extension

What we like about it: Teleparty’s ease of use ensures simple setup and operation, allowing immediate connection with friends for a hassle-free co-watching experience, making it a go-to for Netflix enthusiasts.


metastream-2 Shared Viewing Apps Like Rabbit

Metastream offers a browser-based solution for watch parties, synchronizing video streams and providing a shared viewing experience. Its real-time video sync capabilities make it highly reliable for group watching.

Best Features:

  • Real-time video synchronization
  • Simple browser extension setup
  • Supports a wide range of video sources
  • Chat feature for live discussions

What we like about it: Metastream’s robust synchronization ability is highly praised, ensuring that video and audio stay in sync across devices, providing a seamless group viewing experience.


CyTube Shared Viewing Apps Like Rabbit

Syncplay synchronizes local media players across different devices, making it perfect for watching privately-owned content with friends. It’s a unique tool catering to users who prefer local media over streaming services.

Best Features:

  • Synchronization of local media players
  • Supports multiple media player software
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Ad-free and open-source

What we like about it: Syncplay’s compatibility with local media players is crucial for users who prefer watching content stored on their devices, providing a reliable synchronous viewing experience across various media players.

FAQ On Apps Like Rabbit

What are apps like Rabbit?

Apps like Rabbit are platforms that enable synchronized streaming, allowing users to watch videos together online with friends or family, even when physically apart.

These platforms, such as KastScener, and Watch2Gether, offer features like group chats, screen sharing, and co-watching to replicate the communal viewing experience.

Why did Rabbit shut down?

Rabbit shut down due to financial problems and difficulties in scaling their service. Despite its popularity, it couldn’t sustain its operations.

Kast acquired Rabbit’s intellectual property after its closure, becoming a leading alternative in the social streaming services space for virtual movie nights and online watch parties.

What are the top Rabbit alternatives?

Top Rabbit alternatives include KastScenerTwoSevenWatch2Gether, and Metastream.

These platforms offer synchronized viewing, allowing users to watch movies, TV shows, and other videos together, replicating the shared experience Rabbit users loved. Each comes with unique features like video chat and seamless streaming integration.

How do I use Kast?

To use Kast, download the app or access it via the web. Create an account, start a party, and invite friends. Choose what content to share via screen sharing, and enjoy real-time messaging and video chatting. It’s perfect for remote movie nights and other shared viewing experiences.

Can I use these apps for Netflix?

Yes, platforms like Netflix PartyScener, and Kast support co-watching Netflix. You and your friends can stream shows and movies in sync, while enjoying features like text and video chat. These app functionalities make Netflix a great option for online watch parties and social streaming.

Are these apps safe?

Most of these apps are safe, provided you use them responsibly. Ensure the app is downloaded from a reputable source and check privacy settings. KastWatch2Gether, and TwoSeven prioritize user security through encrypted video chats and strict data privacy policies.

What platforms do these apps support?

These apps typically support a variety of platforms, including AndroidiOS, and web browsers. KastScener, and Rave are available across different devices, making them versatile for virtual hangouts. Compatibility varies, so check the specific requirements for your preferred platform.

Do these apps cost money?

Many of these apps offer free versions with basic features, while premium versions with additional functionalities may require a subscription. KastWatch2Gether, and TwoSeven have freemium models, offering both free and paid options for enhanced co-watching experiences.

Can I use them with my streaming subscriptions?

Yes, many of these apps integrate with popular streaming services. ScenerNetflix Party, and Kast allow users to co-watch content from platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more. This feature makes it easy to share your favorite streaming content in synchrony with friends.

What are the must-have features to look for?

Key features to look for include synchronized streamingtext and video chatscreen sharing, support for various streaming services, and high-quality video playback.

Essential for a seamless experience, these features ensure you’re always in sync while enjoying a virtual hangout with friends and family.


In the vast digital landscape, apps like Rabbit have redefined how we connect and share experiences remotely. These group streaming platforms like KastScener, and TwoSeven not only offer synchronized viewing but also bring real-time messagingscreen sharing, and video chat to your fingertips. They’re pivotal in maintaining a sense of togetherness, even when apart.

By exploring these options, you’ll discover the seamless integration with NetflixHulu, and other major streaming services, making each virtual hangout as engaging as it is effortless. The advancements in social streaming services and synchronized streaming open new avenues for virtual movie nights and beyond, dwarfing the loneliness of solitary viewing.

With features designed for collaborative viewing and synchronized streaming, these apps ensure every shared laugh, tear, and gasp is just a click away. Embrace the future of communal viewing—transform solitary screen time into dynamic co-watching experiences with the right app that suits all your co-viewing needs.

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