Connect Globally: Video Chat Apps Like ooVoo

In the ever-evolving cosmos of digital dialogue, the quest for exceptional video chat software sails on, beyond the familiar shores of Oovoo.

Whether seeking a virtual reunion with old pals or forging frontiers in remote collaboration, navigating the multitude of apps like ooVoo can be as daunting as charting the stars.

Here, within these digital pages, we decode the intricacies of online meeting platforms and multi-person video calls, illuminating a path to your perfect virtual gathering space.

We’ll delve into the essentials of user-friendly interfaces and secure video communication, ensuring your cyber soirees and professional parleys are both engaging and efficient.

Prepare to unfurl the sail on this virtual voyage as we chart out the prime video conferencing solutions that are reshaping how we connect in the pixelated sea of cyberspace.

By the conclusion, you will not only have discovered stellar alternatives to Skype and Zoom video conferencing but will carry with you a treasure trove of knowledge to select a video chat service that resonates with your digital dialect.

Apps Like ooVoo

Platform Service Type Primary Use Availability End-to-End Encryption
HipChat Team chat Business Discontinued Yes (for paid version)
Tango Social networking Social iOS, Android No
GroupMe Group messaging Social/Business iOS, Android, Web No
ezTalks Meetings Video conferencing Business Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Yes
FaceRig Live avatar software Entertainment Windows, Mac Not applicable
Skype Video calling Social/Business Multi-platform Yes (for private chats)
Hangouts Communication platform Social/Business Web, iOS, Android No
Camfrog Video chat community Social Windows, Mac, iOS, Android No
FaceTime Video calling Social iOS, Mac Yes
Badoo Dating and social network Social Web, iOS, Android No
WhatsApp Messaging app Social/Business iOS, Android, Web Yes
Google Meet Video conferencing Business Web, iOS, Android Yes
Zoom Video conferencing Social/Business Multi-platform Yes
Jitsi Video conferencing Social/Business Web, Multi-platform Optional (self-hosted)
Digsby Instant messaging Social Discontinued No
IMO Messaging and video calls Social iOS, Android No
Facebook Messenger Messaging and video calls Social/Business Web, iOS, Android Optional (Secret Conversations)
WeChat Messaging and social media Social/Business iOS, Android, Web No
Viber Messaging and calls Social/Business iOS, Android, Desktop Yes
Telegram Messaging app Social/Business Multi-platform Optional (Secret Chats)
Chatroulette Random video chat Entertainment Web No
IM (Instant Messaging) General term for messaging Social/Business Varies Varies
Fring VoIP and messaging Social Discontinued No


Atlassian’s HipChat punctuates the digital conversation landscape with a tapestry of group messaging tailored to organizational synergy. With ephemeral or persistent chat rooms, your team’s discourse aligns like the stars, each message and task succinctly threaded within its constellation.

  • Integration with Atlassian tools
  • Screen sharing
  • Secure guest access

What we like about it: The robust integration with Atlassian’s suite makes HipChat a lighthouse for development teams navigating project oceans.


Tango pirouettes onto the stage as a vibrant social-centric cocoon, melding video callslive broadcasts, and a flourish of interactive games. Its embrace is a tapestry, intertwining the personal with the public, a dance of digital interactions.

  • Video chats with fun filters
  • Interactive live broadcasts
  • In-app mini-games

What we like about it: Tango’s live broadcasting feature turns everyday chatter into a stage for creative expression and community building.


Envision GroupMe as the forum of modern banter, a social messaging application where group texts take flight. Whether it’s a familial thread or a clutch of classmates, communication cascades effortlessly without the confines of platform or device.

  • Group SMS and MMS
  • Emoji support
  • Direct messages

What we like about it: The seamless SMS integration ensures that no soul is marooned without an internet connection.

ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings unfurls its sails as a professional online meeting platform, charting courses through high-definition video conferences. With interactive whiteboards and webinar capabilities, collaboration becomes an odyssey of innovation and ease.

  • HD video and audio
  • Webinar functionality
  • Interactive whiteboard

What we like about it: steers toward the interactive whiteboard, elevating the conversational canvas to an art in the symposiums of enterprise.


FaceRig presents a peculiar masquerade ball; transform your visage into a digital persona with real-time animation technology. A lively soiree where the mundane morphs into the extraordinary, it’s a creative cavalcade at the touch of a button.

  • Real-time motion capture
  • Custom avatars
  • Fun for streaming and calls

What we like about it: is the alchemy of real-time motion capture that breathes life into avatars, sculpting smiles across the miles.


Skype, the venerable voyager of video and voice calls, weaves a web of connections spanning the globe. With its arsenal of features like screen sharing and instant messaging, it’s a familiar harbor in the digital sea.

  • Video conferencing
  • Low-cost international calls
  • Screen sharing

What we like about it: Skype’s ubiquity and reliability stitch together a global quilt of conversations.


Google’s Hangouts glisten with an array of instant messagingvoice calls, and video conferencing – a jack-of-all-trades in the digital communion realm. Coupled with Gmail, it’s the digital polis where productivity and banter coalesce.

  • Integrated with Google ecosystem
  • Group video calls
  • Instant messaging

What we like about it: Sprouting from the fertile ground of the Google ecosystem, Hangouts is a cornerstone of seamless communication for the gregarious Googler.


Camfrog hops onto the scene with public and private chat rooms, punctuated by video streaming. A kaleidoscope of cultures and languages converges here, each room a unique venue woven into the fabric of global dialogue.

  • Video chat rooms
  • Cross-platform
  • Sticker and gift features

What we like about it: Its vast array of chat rooms offers a lexicon of encounters with a global heartbeat.


The apple of Apple’s eye, FaceTime’s simplicity is its North Star. With crystal-clear video calls, it’s the golden thread weaving together the tapestry of iOS and Mac users with silken strands of effortless communication.

  • Integrated into Apple devices
  • End-to-end encryption
  • High-quality video

What we like about it: is the jewel in its crown – end-to-end encryption wraps every conversation in a cocoon of security.


Badoo bustles as a vibrant marketplace of introductions, where social networking meets the serendipity of geolocation. Adventure awaits in every swipe, turning the globe into a neighborhood of possibilities.

  • Large user base
  • Location-based matching
  • Video chat feature

What we like about it: With the world shrinking into a global village, Badoo’s geo-focused matchmaking lights the lanterns on the avenues of amity and amour.


WhatsApp stitches a seamless fabric of cross-platform messaging, fastening friends and families with end-to-end encrypted texts, calls, and video chats. A universal parcel delivered without the postage of fees; it’s the messenger that bounds over borders and into hearts.

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Voice and video calls
  • Group chat functionality

What we like about it: It is the tapestry of robust encryption that assures every syllable and sentiment is shared only between the intended.

Google Meet

Heralding from the Google armada, Google Meet is the compass that directs vast fleets of professionals through the digital seas of video conferencing. Integration with Google Workspace makes it the trusted sextant for navigating through the collaborative constellations.

  • Seamless integration with Google Workspace
  • High-definition video meetings
  • Large meeting capacity

What we like about it: The North Star here is its high-definition video meetings, offering celestial clarity in professional engagement.

Zoom – One Platform to Connect

A soaring spire in the skyline of digital assembly, Zoom conjures a realm where voices are not just heard but seen. Bolstered by webinar capabilities and lightning-quick connectivity, Zoom transcends the nebulous cloud of video conferencing, achieving orbit as an apex constellation.

  • Webinar features
  • Screen sharing and annotations
  • Virtual backgrounds

What we like about it: What dazzles is its capacity to host webinars, turning a solitary speaker into a chorus that echoes across continents.


Jitsi heralds an era of open-source sovereignty, constructing bridges of video chat without tolls or trade-offs. With encryption as its sentinel and customization its banner, Jitsi defiantly stands as a bastion of accessible, secure communication.

  • Open-source platform
  • Secure and encrypted
  • No account needed

What we like about it: The jewel in its crown is privacy without price, offering encrypted conduits of chatter without the catch.


In the realm of simplicity and swiftness, IMO stands as the courier, delivering high-quality video calls and messaging. A companionable figurehead in the fleet of mobile video conferencing, it glides with the grace of compatibility across a bevy of gadgets.

  • High-quality video and audio
  • File sharing
  • Group chat capabilities

What we like about it: The gleaming beacon is its high-quality video, which pierces through even the most tempestuous of connection weathers.

Facebook Messenger

From the tapestried halls of social media, Facebook Messenger emerges, a chimera of text, voice, and video that adroitly adapts to any narrative or nuance. A trove of fun filters and games embellishes the already rich fabric of interaction.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Video and voice calls
  • Fun filters and games

What we like about it: stands its prowess in connecting with an extensive network both for intimate dialogues and broad-cast messages.


A titan hooded in red and green, WeChat is far more than a messenger; it’s an ecosystem. Encompassing calls, messages, and a superapp’s market, it dances nimbly between social interaction and practical utility.

  • Multi-functional superapp
  • Voice and video calling
  • Mobile payment options

What we like about it: is its stature as a superapp, endowing each user with a Swiss army knife in digital form.


Traversing the globe, Viber radiates as a beacon of bonds, blending the zest of stickers and GIFs with the gravity of secure voice and video calls. Its sapphire signature is a pledge of connectivity, a promise kept with crystal clarity.

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Stickers and GIFs
  • Viber Out for international calls

What we like about it: Viber Out’s siren call is international calling, allowing voices to voyage vast distances without the dreaded fog of exorbitant costs.


Telegram unfurls its banners with the winds of speed and security. Envisage an enclave where messages ghost through the net, swift as the peregrine and sealed from prying eyes, and you have envisioned Telegram.

  • Speed and security
  • Large group chats
  • Customizable themes

What we like about it: is the speed of its messaging, rivaled only by the quicksilver flashes of fish under the moon-lit sea.


In the kaleidoscope that is Chatroulette, each twist beckons with the chance encounter of connections, a serendipitous symphony of conversations that could lead anywhere.

  • Random matchmaking
  • Video chat
  • Anonymous interactions

What we like about it: The thrill is in the spin, the random matchmaking beckoning those who crave the adventurous tides of human interaction.


IM, with quiet efficiency, weaves the tapestry of daily dalliances into online meeting spaces and private chat boxes. A pliable platform where various messaging protocols converge, it offers a snug harbor for one’s digital congregation.

  • Support for multiple messaging protocols
  • Personalized chat experience
  • Voice and video calling

What we like about it: Its chameleon-like adaptability to aggregate various messaging services within one unified interface takes center stage.


Fring sails forth as an outlier, a sloop nimble in making VoIP calls and stitching chat groups in the quilt of everyday connection. It tethers the once distant islands of conversation, offering a bridge over treacherous waters.

  • VoIP group calling
  • Instant messaging
  • Low-cost international calls

What we like about it: Fring’s claim to fame is in its VoIP group calling, creating room for many voices where there was space for only one.

FAQ on Apps Like Oovoo

What defines the term “apps like Oovoo”?

Set sail in the realm of digital encounters where apps akin to Oovoo mirror the essence of real-time visual and auditory communication.

Anchored by features such as group conferencing and instant messaging, these portals cater to those thirsting for a seamless tapestry of connections across the cyber seas.

How do these apps ensure my conversations remain private?

Enveloped within the virtual fortress of secure video communication, these applications boast end-to-end encryption.

Safeguarding every uttered word and glance shared, they stand as vigilant gatekeepers to your digital discourse, ensuring that private interactions remain just that—private.

Can I use these video chat applications for professional meetings?

Absolutely. Transforming living spaces into boardrooms, these marvels of technology – including prominent titans like Microsoft Teams – interweave online collaboration tools with high-definition video chats, fashioning an ambiance suitable for the gravitas of professional summons.

What sets the best apps apart for seamless video conferencing?

Their backbone: a robust amalgam of user-friendly interfaces, unwavering app stability, and screen sharing features. It’s a trifecta designed to smoothen the ripples in our digital conversations, ensuring a fluid experience akin to the tranquility of a calm sea.

Is there a cost involved with using video chat applications?

The spectrum ranges from the treasure troves of free service to the premium realms requiring gold coins.

Many free video call apps generously provide fundamental features, while the premium selections cast wider nets of video conferencing solutions, reeling in opulent functionality for a fee.

Are apps like Oovoo compatible with multiple operating systems?

The digital era’s cornucopia overflows, as most video chat services embrace cross-platform messaging, enabling them to mingle with various operating systems like the social butterflies of a digital masquerade.

How many people can join a video call on these apps?

Fraternizing in the digital agora, many of these group conferencing apps can host a conclave of participants varying from a cozy gathering to an exuberant crowd, with some capable of accommodating hundreds within a single call’s embrace.

Do video chat apps offer recording capabilities?

Indeed, chroniclers rejoice; many a platform offers the alchemy to transmute live dialogues into video messaging options, casting them into the archives for posterity or future scrutiny.

How do these applications handle network fluctuations?

Possessing the agility of a seasoned mariner, most video chat software navigate the tempestuous seas of fluctuating bandwidth with adaptive quality measures, ensuring your conversation remains afloat even when the waters of internet stability are churning.

What are my alternatives if I’m seeking a more social, informal experience?

Even the most privacy-focused chat apps can masquerade as a virtual hangout space, allowing the joyous cacophony of friends to resonate within the warm embrace of digital camaraderie.


Summing up the sojourn within the realm of apps like Oovoo, it’s clear a cosmos teeming with video chat software exists just beyond the cursor’s click. Each slipstream in this digital ocean brims with the potential for vivid, face-to-face communication or the silent whisper of a text message.

  • Video conferencing solutions eagerly await exploration, offering unique tapestries of features: from screen sharing to real-time video streaming.
  • The seamless meld of cross-platform messaging with secure group chatting establishes a haven for conversations—whether clad in the serious garb of professionalism or the relaxed attire of social banter.

A final thought lingers: the perfect application dances to the rhythm of your specific desires. While some seek the unfettered mirth of connecting with loved ones, others demand the online collaboration tools a global workplace necessitates. In this constellation of options, the guiding star is your unique communication needs, leading to the ideal confluence of technology and human interaction.

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