Enhance Your Writing: 13 Apps Like Grammarly Explored

Ever struggled with the green and red squiggles lurking beneath your typed words, taunting your command of language? You’re not alone. Language is a beast, and even the best of us wrestle with its intricacies. That’s where apps like Grammarly step in.

Imagine tools forged in the fiery kilns of AI and natural language processing, arming you against the foes of grammar errors and punctuation mishaps.

As a craftsman in the digital realm, I understand the power of polished content – it’s the difference between captivating an audience and being cast into the void of the unnoticed.

This piece unfolds the tapestry of Grammarly’s kin: intuitive writing enhancement tools and ingenious content optimization allies, all at your fingertips.

Prepare to navigate through alternatives offering style editor programsplagiarism detection, and even the magic of full-sentence restructuring a la QuillBot.

By the final full stop, you’ll be richer with a chest of linguistic treasures, geared to elevate your text to realms of uncharted engagement. Ready your keyboard. Your quest begins here.

Apps Like Grammarly

Apps Like Grammarly Main Features Usability Platforms Supported Pricing
Hemingway App Simplicity, readability focus Web-based, standalone Web, Windows, macOS Free web, Paid desktop version
ProWritingAid In-depth reports, style suggestions Add-ons, standalone Web, Windows, macOS, Add-ons Free trial, Subscription/Purchase
WhiteSmoke Grammar, punctuation checking Browser extension Web, Windows, macOS, browsers Subscription
WordTune Rewriting sentences, AI-based Browser extension Web, Chrome extension Free basic plan, Subscription
Slick Write SEO features, readability statistics Web-based Web Free
Sapling AI-driven grammar checker Browser, integration Web, Chrome extension Free basic plan, Subscription
PaperRater Plagiarism checking, grammar & spelling Web-based Web Free, Premium service available
Readable Readability analysis, text scoring Web-based Web Subscription
LanguageTool Grammar, style, and spell checker Browser, standalone Web, Browsers, Desktop apps Free basic plan, Subscription
SentenceCheckup Online sentence checker Web-based Web Free
Reverso Translation, grammar checking Browser, standalone Web, Apps, Desktop Free, Premium service available
Ginger Grammar checker, sentence rephraser Browser Extension Web, Windows, iOS, Android Free trial, Subscription
Writer Grammar, writing style adjustments Browser, Integration Web, Chrome extension Free basic, Subscription

Hemingway App

Imagine you’re knocking back a mojito, channeling old Hem himself, and you want your writing bold and clear. That’s Hemingway App for ya. It cuts through the noise, turning complex, florid text into tight, strong prose.

Best Features

  • Color-coded feedback
  • Readability grade levels
  • Passive voice detection
  • Writing style suggestions

What we like about it:
The standout is the real-time readability score. It’s like having a stern editor over your shoulder, except you don’t have to share your drink.


ProWritingAid is your go-to digital writing mentor. It stretches beyond spelling and dives deep into style and strengths. Think of it as the Swiss Army knife in your writer’s toolkit.

Best Features

  • In-depth reports
  • Grammar and style improvements
  • Writing statistics
  • Comprehensive editing toolset

What we like about it:
Its strength lies in the thoroughness of reports, which is like getting a masterclass in writing every time you punch up a draft.


WhiteSmoke is that all-seeing eye looking over your writing, hunting down errors and awkwardness like a pro. It’s like grammar and spellcheck had a baby, and it grew up to be a genius.

Best Features

  • Writing tutorials
  • Translation features
  • Plagiarism checker
  • One-click instant proofreading

What we like about it:
The translation tool’s a gem – break the language barrier without breaking a sweat.


With WordTune, rewrite your sentences with flair. It’s your friendly writing co-pilot, whispering better word choices and phrases as you type.

Best Features

  • Sentence rephrasing
  • Tone adjustments
  • AI-powered suggestions
  • Contextual understanding

What we like about it:
The rephrasing magic is top-notch – it’s like your sentences hit the gym and came out leaner and meaner.

Slick Write

Slick Write is like your eagle-eyed English professor in app form – precise, unmissable, and surprisingly insightful. It polishes your text until it shines.

Best Features

  • Stylistic analysis
  • Customizable feedback
  • SEO professional features
  • Performance stats

What we like about it:
SEO enthusiasts, rejoice! It’s got the kind of analytics that make Google’s heart thump.


Sapling is like that smart friend who always knows what to say. Its AI-driven grammar checks and autocomplete features give your emails and documents a professional touch.

Best Features

  • Grammar and typo correction
  • Autocomplete sentences
  • Enterprise-grade AI
  • Email and messaging integration

What we like about it:
The autocomplete is a winner, turning you into a keyboard wizard.


Behold, PaperRater—the robot teacher with a heart of code. It checks your essays and reports, leaving no stone or participle unturned.

Best Features

  • Grammar and spelling checker
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Automated scoring
  • Writing suggestions

What we like about it:
Plagiarism detection has that “gotcha” factor, keeping your work honest and original.


Readable is the friendly guide leading your writing out of the wilderness. It ensures every word you type is easy on the eyes and gentle on the brain.

Best Features

  • Readability scoring
  • Text analysis tool
  • Keyword density checker
  • Content scoring

What we like about it:
The readability score is where it’s at—it’s like the Richter scale for writing clarity.


LanguageTool is the polyglot of writing apps—supporting more languages than you’ve had hot dinners and sharpening your syntax, no matter the tongue.

Best Features

  • Multilingual support
  • Personal dictionary
  • Text analysis for multiple languages
  • Browser and office integration

What we like about it:
The multilingual support is epic; it’s like United Nations in your pocket.


SentenceCheckup is your friendly neighborhood writing sidekick, zapping errors faster than you can type ’em. It’s all about making each sentence the best it can be.

Best Features

  • Sentence structure analysis
  • Online ease of use
  • Instant feedback
  • Free to use

What we like about it:
It’s the go-to for a quick sentence health checkup, no appointment needed.


Reverso flips your language woes on their head. With a sleek interface, it translates and checks your writing with cosmopolitan flair.

Best Features

  • Translation tool
  • Context examples
  • Grammar and spell check
  • Synonyms and definitions

What we like about it:
The contextual examples are like having a wingman in every linguistic duel.


Ginger is like that friend who never lets you walk out with spinach in your teeth—it catches your writing blunders before anyone else does.

Best Features

  • Contextual spelling correction
  • Sentence rephraser
  • Translation in 40+ languages
  • Personal English trainer

What we like about it:
That sentence rephraser, though. It turns your rough drafts into smooth talk.


Meet Writer: the wordsmith’s toolkit. It’s packing a professional punch, tailored for the meticulous scribe who digs the details.

Best Features

  • Content style guide
  • Tone and voice analysis
  • Customizable writing assistant
  • Team collaboration tools

What we like about it:
The custom style guide is a game-changer, ensuring brand voice is bang on, every single time.

FAQ On Apps Like Grammarly

How do apps like Grammarly improve my writing?

They’re like that friend who’s always got your back. They scan your work, flagging grammar errors, pointing out stylistic mishaps, and even suggesting better ways to phrase things. It’s like giving your words a coat of polish before sending them out to dance in the world.

Do these apps catch every single mistake?

Hope springs eternal, but perfection is a myth. Although they’re armed to the teeth with algorithms and language processing tech, the occasional slip might dodge their vigilant eyes. But, trust me, they nip most blunders in the bud.

Are these tools a substitute for a human editor?

No sir, they’re more like sidekicks. Even Batman needs Robin, right? They handle the grammar checkingsyntax errors, and some punctuation quirks, but for nuances of voice and flow, a human touch remains king.

Can writing enhancement tools check for plagiarism?

Some do wield this power. Not all, mind you, but platforms like ProWritingAid or PaperRater come equipped with plagiarism detection spells to help you steer clear of the seven seas of copy-paste piracy.

Are there free apps that are similar to Grammarly?

Absolutely. You’ve got Hemingway Editor, for one, laser-focused on readability improvementLanguageTool and Scribens throw their hats in the ring too, offering decent support without digging into your coin purse.

How do these apps impact SEO?

Here’s a juicy tidbit: SEO content optimization is their secret sauce. They can help ensure your prose doesn’t just sing, but it also ranks, catching both the user’s eye and the search engine’s favor with keyword-rich, relevant content.

What are the privacy implications of using such apps?

Big brother could be watching, or maybe not. It depends. Companies often store your data to some extent, but the good ones keep it locked down, all hush-hush. Still, worth a gander at their privacy policies, eh?

Can I use these apps on my mobile device?

You bet. Many of these grammar checker software pieces have mobile siblings, so you can spruce up your writing on the go. Life’s mobile; your writing tools should keep pace.

Do writing tools like these work with any text editor?

Magic wands have their limits. Many integrate with popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and text editors, while a few might prefer solitude. But fear not, the common ones like WhiteSmoke often play nice with others.

Do apps like Grammarly support languages other than English?

Oh, the world is vast and full of tongues! Many apps don’t want to miss out on this rich tapestry and thus support various languages. Grammarly itself stands by a select few, while LanguageTool acts like a United Nations translator in this realm.


So, we’ve journeyed through the digital forest, eyes wide at the spectacle of apps like Grammarly. They’re the unsung heroes for anyone who’s ever stared blankly at a screen, thoughts tangled.

  • You’ve got your online writing assistant,
  • Your AI-powered writing aid,
  • And let’s not forget the trusty plagiarism detectors.

The landscape of text editing software is rich and wild. These tools, they’re about more than just avoiding the embarrassment of a misplaced comma or a rogue typo. It’s about clarity, power. It’s about your voice, amplified and crystal clear.

Embrace these linguistic artisans; let them chisel away the rough edges of your prose. Whether it’s a casual blog post, an official report, or those fiery midnight musings, the right tool is out there, weaving that last strand of magic into your written word. Consider this quest complete – go forth and write boldly.

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