Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Imagine navigating the vast ocean of digital assets; it’s thrilling yet daunting. Amidst this sea, Binance stands as a towering lighthouse, guiding traders to safe harbors. Yet, a solitary beacon isn’t for every voyager.

You seek realms where possibilities burgeon like constellations in the night sky—apps like Binance, diverse in their offerings but united in their mission.

In the unfolding chapters that lie ahead, embark on an exploration of trading platforms that rival Binance’s luminescent glow.

Gain insights into user interfaces that marry functionality with beauty, unravel the mysteries of regulatory compliance, and discover secure crypto storages that promise peace of mind.

Here’s what we’ll unveil:

  • Alternatives Galore: Uncover apps offering competitive transaction fees, and abundant trading volume.
  • Security Meets Innovation: Dive into platforms fostering unprecedented security protocols without stifling innovation.
  • Global Gateways: Explore exchanges that extend beyond borders, offering multi-language support and a plethora of supported cryptocurrencies.

By journey’s end, you’ll emerge well-versed in the art of selecting not just a substitute but a trading platform tailored to the unique contours of your crypto voyage.

Apps Like Binance

Exchange/ServiceSupported CryptocurrenciesFeesKey FeaturesUser Experience Level
BithumbHigh0.15% trading feeKorean exchange, Series of altcoinsIntermediate
CoinbaseModerate~0.5% per trade + feesUser-friendly, Educational resources, Wallet servicesBeginner
eToroLowSpread fees (variable)Social trading, CFDs, Stocks and cryptoBeginner to Intermediate
BYDFiModerate0.1% trading feeDerivative trading, Risk management toolsIntermediate to Advanced
Crypto.comHigh0.4% trading fee (tiered)Crypto credit cards, Earn interest on cryptoBeginner to Intermediate
KuCoinHigh0.1% trading feeAdvanced trading options, Many altcoinsIntermediate to Advanced
Bitcoin (BTC Wallets/Services)1 (Bitcoin)Variable depending on serviceOriginal cryptocurrency, Varies by serviceBeginner to Advanced
Cash App1 (Bitcoin)Varies, ~1.76% per tradePeer-to-peer money transfer, Easy purchase of BitcoinBeginner
KrakenHigh0.16% – 0.26% trading feeComprehensive security features, Educational resourcesBeginner to Advanced
LocalBitcoins1 (Bitcoin)1% fee for advertisersPeer-to-peer trading, No ID required for basic featuresBeginner to Intermediate
UpholdModerateSpread fees (variable)Trade between cryptos, metals, stocks, currenciesBeginner to Intermediate
GATEHigh0.2% trading feeAltcoins availability, ICO and IEO servicesIntermediate
RobinhoodLowFree (spreads may apply)Stock trading along with cryptocurrencyBeginner
OKX (formerly OKEx)High0.1% starting feeSpot and derivatives trading, Multiple payment methodsIntermediate to Advanced
BitstampModerate0.5% trading feeEU based, User-friendly interfaceBeginner to Intermediate
GeminiModerate1.49% for orders over $200Insured hot wallet, High securityBeginner to Intermediate
HitBTCHigh0.1% trading feeRobotic trading APIs, Wide range of altcoinsIntermediate to Advanced
MEXCHigh0.2% trading feeSpot and derivatives trading, User-friendlyIntermediate
BitypreçoInformation not availableInformation not availableFocused on Brazilian marketInformation not available
BybitHigh (for derivatives)0.075% taker feeDerivatives and futures trading, No KYC for basic levelIntermediate to Advanced
HuobiHigh0.2% trading feeSpot, margin, and futures trading, Staking & earningIntermediate to Advanced
CoinmateModerate0.25% trading feeEU focused, Customer serviceBeginner to Intermediate


Bithumb-2 Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

In the echelon of Asian markets, Bithumb stands tall—a behemoth, where liquidity flows like the Han River. Its interface: sleek, imbibing both the novice and the sage with tranquility amidst market tumult. Here, trades are a symphony, with the Korean Won conducting the melody of exchange.

Best Features:

  • High trading volume for KRW pairs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Robust security measures

What we like about it: The seamless integration into the South Korean market is unparalleled, offering a liquid haven for traders seeking to navigate KRW pairs.


Coinbase Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Venture west and find Coinbase, a titan where simplicity and regulatory compliance join hands. The first touchpoint for many, it turns the complex crypto dance into a serene waltz, guiding users from first fiat step to final crypto frontier with ease.

Best Features:

  • User-friendly platform
  • Insured Bitcoin deposits
  • Educational resources for new traders

What we like about it: A fortress of security paired with ease of use, making it a beacon for those taking their first dive into cryptocurrency.


eToro Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Merging finance with the social, eToro blossoms as a unique specimen. Here, portfolios mimic evolution, embracing adaptation and mirroring the successful strategies of seasoned crypto fauna through social trading.

Best Features:

  • Social trading network
  • Diversified trading options
  • Practice accounts for beginners

What we like about it: The array of social features stands out, transforming solitary decision-making into a shared voyage with copy trading at its masthead.


BYDFi Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

In the realm where derivatives trading and spot markets converge, BYDFi emerges. The pulse of the market hums under your fingertips, as leverage trading amplifies your voice amid the market’s roar.

Best Features:

  • Derivatives and spot markets
  • Leveraged trading
  • Multi-platform support

What we like about it: The platform is a gravitational field for those who revel in the adrenaline of leveraged trading.

Crypto.com_ Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

From the heralded realm of, emerge pillars of the crypto ecosystem. An empire built not just on exchange services but crowned by a retinue of financial amenities—staking, wallets, and a brass Visa card, all united under the dragon banner.

Best Features:

  • Crypto Visa card offerings
  • High interest on crypto savings
  • Extensive crypto services ecosystem

What we like about it: Its multi-faceted domain, with the Visa card as the cornerstone, slices through the mundane, bringing crypto payments to the wide world.


KuCoin Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

As the market’s whispers swell to a roar, KuCoin positions itself as the people’s exchange. A bazaar of altcoins, a theater of trading—where token swaps and futures intermingle beneath the vast canopy of the crypto rainforest.

Best Features:

  • Vast selection of altcoins
  • Advanced charting tools
  • Profit-sharing philosophy with KCS token holders

What we like about it: Its commitment to diversity, with an altcoin portfolio that rivals the botanical gardens of the crypto-verse, beckons to those in pursuit of exotic digital flora.


Bitcoin Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Bitcoin—the North Star of the crypto cosmos: immutable, enduring, a lodestar by which all other currencies set their course. Not an app but the genesis block from which a billion dreams have been mined.

Best Features:

  • Foundational cryptocurrency
  • Widely accepted and recognized
  • Decentralized and secure

What we like about it: Though not an app but a currency, it remains the bedrock upon which the temple of decentralized finance is built.

Cash App

Cash-App Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Within the constellation of mobile financial apps, Cash App shines brightly. Instant transfers, simple Bitcoin purchase, and peer-to-peer fiat transactions coalesce into a tapestry of modern finance, accessible with but a swipe.

Best Features:

  • Quick peer-to-peer payments
  • Simple Bitcoin buying and selling
  • User-friendly mobile interface

What we like about it: Its prowess lies in instantaneousness—the alacrity with which it executes fiat and Bitcoin transfers, embroidering simplicity into the very fabric of transactional existence.


Kraken Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

In the churning seas of currency, Kraken‘s tentacles grip firmly, exuding strength and security. A vanguard of digital currency services, it navigates the depths with trading APIs and a maelstrom of fiat gateways.

Best Features:

  • Comprehensive security measures
  • Advanced trading features
  • Range of fiat currency support

What we like about it: The platform predicates its essence on security, its armored carapace guarding against the sirens of cyber-threats.


LocalBitcoins-1 Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Markets manifest not only in digital realms but also local town squares—LocalBitcoins embodies this, weaving the P2P marketplace into the fabric of neighborhoods. It upholds the bazaar spirit, peer-to-peer trading—egalitarian, ubiquitous.

Best Features:

  • Peer-to-peer direct trading
  • Supports various payment methods
  • Privacy-focused trading experience

What we like about it: It cherishes the privacy shroud, cloaking traders in the comfort of anonymity—a whispered marketplace, where transactions need not echo beyond the walls.


Uphold-1 Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Upon the tapestry of finance, Uphold embroiders a seamless transition between crypto, precious metals, and traditional currencies. The fabric is diverse, encompassing automated trading brides linking assets in matrimony.

Best Features:

  • Multi-asset platform
  • Cross-asset trading pairs
  • User-friendly interface

What we like about it: Its prowess is the interweaving of different asset classes, crafting a financial quilt that shelters investors beneath a diversified portfolio.


GATE-1 Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

At the periphery, where blockchain’s frontier expands, GATE proffers a portal—deepening liquidity pools, advancing token listing criteria, a trading platform where the avant-garde of crypto-assets find their stage.

Best Features:

  • Broad range of tokens and coins
  • Strong liquidity for new tokens
  • Initial coin offerings (ICOs) platform

What we like about it: The launchpad resonates most prominently, a springboard propelling nascent tokens skyward into the crypto firmament.


Robinhood Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

In the forest of finance, Robinhood stands apart—cryptocurrency arbitrage its bow, commission-free trading its quiver. The merriment of equities and crypto hark a new tune for retail investors, a ballad of accessible trading.

Best Features:

  • Commission-free trading
  • Instant access to funds
  • All-in-one portfolio management

What we like about it: Its song is of affordability, with commission-free trades breaking down barriers, welcoming a wider audience to the crypto theater.


OKX Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

OKX unfolds as a digital bazaar, summoning traders with a kaleidoscope of crypto derivatives, ready to bedazzle with futuresoptions, and spot trading alike. A mesh of advanced trading tools beckons the seasoned, while newcomers find solace in its educational embrace.

Best Features:

  • Diverse trading instruments
  • Strong liquidity and volume
  • User-friendly and advanced interfaces

What we like about it: The array of trading options grandstands, catering to the adventurous souls aiming to navigate the complex straits of derivatives.


Bitstamp-1 Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Bitstamp wears a coat of tradition, woven from the threads of crypto’s nascent days. The exchange, revered for its stability, offers a trading experience that resonates with reliability.

Best Features:

  • Long-standing reputation
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Robust API offerings

What we like about it: Its tenure in the crypto realm stands out, holding the torch of trust aloft in a realm oft seen as mercurial.


Gemini Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Gemini, born from the forge of the Winklevoss twins, mingles prudence with innovation. A bastion of regulatory compliance, it blends the duality of security with an elegant user interface.

Best Features:

  • Top-tier security practices
  • Licensed and regulated
  • Clean and intuitive interface

What we like about it: Security is its heart, pumping through the veins of Gemini’s framework with a beat that reassures and protects.


HitBTC Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

A techno-utopia, HitBTC presents as a nexus of crypto market trackers and trading platforms. A high-fidelity interface meshes with a myriad of tools, crafting a habitat for the analytical mind to dwell.

Best Features:

  • Comprehensive range of cryptocurrency pairs
  • Advanced trading features
  • Strong API for automated trading

What we like about it: The rich tapestry of coin pairs captivates, catering to those thirsty for variety and depth.


MEXC Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

MEXC, with a torch held high, illuminates the paths less traveled. Offering leveraged ETFsspot trading, and a buffet of altcoins, it’s a magnetic pull for the versatile trader.

Best Features:

  • Variety in trading options, including ETFs
  • Vast array of available coins
  • Spot and futures markets intertwined

What we like about it: Its vast coin selection is a lure, reeling in eclectic traders with an appetite for abundant choices.


Bitypreco Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Bitypreço traverses the vibrant landscapes of Brazil, uniting the fragmented with a peerless P2P trading model. It’s a melange of mercantile democracy, where the community’s voice echoes in every trade.

Best Features:

  • User-centric P2P marketplace
  • Focused on Brazilian Real transactions
  • Seamless user experience

What we like about it: It pioneers in harmonizing local traders’ needs with the universal pull of crypto.


Bybit Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Bybit, a maestro of derivatives trading, conducts an orchestra where crypto leverage trading is the crescendo. Precision and speed are the rhythm sections, underpinning a platform that dances to the tune of efficiency.

Best Features:

  • High leverage options
  • Deep liquidity in the contracts market
  • User-friendly interface with a strong focus on UX

What we like about it: Its high-performance engine is a siren song for traders, offering high-octane velocity for market thrills.


Huobi Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

From the fertile soils of the East, Huobi has grown into a towering crypto services ecosystem. A canvas, broad and deep, awaits the stroke of the investor’s hand—spot markets, stakingdigital currency wallets, all harmonized in a single domain.

Best Features:

  • Rich assortment of crypto services
  • Highly liquid trading pairs
  • Secure asset management solutions

What we like about it: The ecosystem it offers is vast, standing as a microcosm of the crypto universe itself.


Coinmate-1 Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investment Apps Like Binance

Navigating European waters, Coinmate charts a course for the trader favoring the straightforward. Clarity in trade, swift in execution—the hallmark virtues of a platform where EUR trades with the grace of the old continent.

Best Features:

  • Focused on European market
  • Straightforward user experience
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals

What we like about it: Its swift fiat transactions are the jewel, ensuring liquidity moves with the punctuality of a Swiss watch.

FAQ on Apps Like Binance

Are there any apps as secure as Binance for trading?

Security in the digital cosmos is paramount. When venturing beyond Binance, rest assured, platforms like Kraken and Coinbase carry the torch of security high.

With rigid security protocols and two-factor authentication (2FA), they often rival the fortress that Binance has built around its walls.

Is it possible to find trading platforms with lower fees than Binance?

In the quest for affordability, one might discover that certain sanctuaries like Bitfinex offer a competitive edge; their transaction fees often undercut the industry giants.

Remember, however, that a lower fee might mean a compromise elsewhere—liquidity or customer support, possibly.

Do other crypto apps offer a variety of altcoins like Binance does?

Indeed, traversing the landscape of Binance alternatives, you’ll find platforms brimming with diverse supported cryptocurrencies.

KuCoin and, often serve as beacons for those seeking the altcoin trading thrill, offering a treasure trove of options beyond the mainstream titans of crypto.

How do other trading platforms compare in terms of user-friendly interfaces?

The user interface is the magic carpet to your trading adventure. Platforms like Gemini enchant with their elegance and simplicity, inviting both novice traders and wizards of the craft.

They understand that beauty lies not only in complexity but also in the user interface‘s ability to be navigable and clear.

What about the availability of apps like Binance across different countries?

It’s a world without borders in the land of crypto. With their global access and multi-language support, apps like OKEx and Huobi Global offer their services far and wide, transcending the confines of geography and language to welcome traders from across the globe.

Can I engage in margin or leverage trading on platforms other than Binance?

Thrill-seekers of the financial seas, rejoice! Platforms such as BitMEX and Bybit often extend the adrenaline-pumping feature of leverage trading to those who wish to amplify their potential with the might of borrowed money, akin to wielding the power of the financial gods.

How reliable are the mobile app versions of other cryptocurrency exchanges?

Mobile app versions of crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Kraken stand as testament to technological progress, offering magnificent mobile compatibility.

They cater to the trader on-the-go, blending functionality with the freedom to trade anywhere, anytime—true companions for the nomadic heart.

In terms of liquidity, do other apps keep up with Binance?

Liquidity is the lifeblood of trading. Exchanges like Bitfinex pride themselves on pooling vast liquidity providers, ensuring that orders are filled with the swiftness of a falcon diving for its prey.

They stand shoulder to shoulder with giants, unfazed by the shadows cast by behemoths like Binance.

Are apps similar to Binance compliant with regulatory frameworks?

The crypto realm, wild and free, is not without its laws. Exchanges like Coinbase operate with a strict adherence to regulatory compliance, often viewed as stalwarts of order in the maelstrom of market chaos.

They maintain rigorous KYC processes to ensure the security and legitimacy of their domains.

What customer support can I expect from other cryptocurrency trading apps?

In times of tumult, the strength of customer support is revealed. Platforms like Binance thrive here, but the likes of Bittrex and Gemini don’t shy away either.

With dedicated customer support teams, queries and conundrums are tackled with care and precision, ensuring a smooth sailing experience for their clientele.


Stepping back, we’ve navigated through the constellation of apps like Binance; a tapestry woven with the threads of innovation, security, and global access. The horizon brims with platforms each wafting its own flag—some champion low transaction fees, others boast an array of supported cryptocurrencies, yet all pledge a secure harbor for your digital treasures.

  • We’ve unfurled the sails with altcoin trading ventures.
  • We’ve scrutinized the tapestries of user interfaces.
  • We’ve charted courses through the regulatory tempests with KYC compliance as our sextant.

These are more than mere waypoints. They are harbors, offering respite, renewal, and perhaps, a fresh start in your trading odyssey. Each app, much like a storied city of old, thrives with its own culture—be it for the seasoned trader or the greenhorn just wetting their feet in the cryptic sea. Now, chart your course, set sail, and may the trade winds be ever in your favor.

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