Web development outsourcing has been a hot topic for several years now. And not without a reason.

There are many countries around the world (including several in Eastern Europe) where you can find high-quality developers who are more than willing to work for salaries lower than those paid to equal seniority level people in the US, UK, Germany, and other Western countries.

At the same time, there is a rising number of companies, old and new, in need of high-quality web development that are not looking to employ developers themselves. Either for the lack of funding, or to avoid internal complexity, or to speed up development… there are many reasons.

Based on our experience working on web application development with companies from different countries, we’ve put together a list of several benefits for outsourcing.

Cost savings

Your first instinct might be that outsourcing means lower cost on developers’ salaries. And that is true. Developers from countries you might typically outsource to are paid less than developers in countries like UK, Germany, Sweden, and United States. And this is not because they are worthless or provide lower quality – but countries they live in have lower living cost, which enables them to charge less for the same work.

But, there are other costs you can save when outsourcing. You can save on HR since you don’t have to invest in hiring new people, their onboarding, and ongoing training, and on office space, computers and other tools…

If you outsource project management as well (and it is usually best to do so), then you save even more and make sure your development project is managed well.

All in all, you can save at least XXX% on your web application development lasting about 3-6 months, and even more if it is a long-term cooperation that includes ongoing maintenance and support.

Focus on your core business

Our clients benefited most from our cooperation when they told us what are goals they want to achieve with their web application and then relied on us to define the best approach and technologies to use.

And although many managers and executives feel that it is expected of them to wear multiple hats, including managing web development projects, the truth is that this can stretch them too thin and rarely leads to timely product launch.

This also includes avoiding HR duties, which would come up with creating an in-house web development team. And that, of course, does not mean only developers and is not finished with hiring them (think about their onboarding and continual improvement, which means time and additional cost).

When we take care of project management, our clients can focus on their core activities, mainly managing day to day actions and finding new clients; bringing value to their company.

Always current expertise

Directly leaning on HR activities avoidance is the question of the development team’s expertise. When outsourcing you don’t have to think about that. This does not mean all outsourced teams are staying up to date, but when you are working in this field for years you gain certain knowledge and experience that you just can’t hire.

We at TMS make sure our developers, from interns and juniors, all the way to our top seniors and project managers, are in touch with the latest technologies and trends. And we do not rely only on internal training but invest in different conferences, courses, books, and workshops, so they can hone their skills and stay up-to-date.

And you might say that we don’t have a choice but stay current. If we fall behind the modern trends and technologies, we risk losing our clients and our business.

This means that when outsourcing to the right team, you get not only the highest levels of needed expertise and knowledge but also consulting and innovations that can only come from experience with different types of projects. And this is reflected in the product developed for you – it will work efficiently, look fresh and modern, and utilize the best technologies to meet your goals and demands.

Getting more than developers

A partnership is a word we use to describe how we usually work with companies that outsource web application development to us. And if you choose wisely that is what you should expect.

Our team includes not only developers but also project managers, designers, UX specialists, business consultants, quality assurance experts – which work on projects we take on to make sure we deliver the best product that will leave our client satisfied.

They all fit into the different phases of our full-app-lifecycle approach, while assigned project manager makes sure you are always kept in the loop, that every department involved will have their requests understood and met, and that your unique business needs and goals will be satisfied. In this way, the project runs smoothly, while our clients know they still have control.

On-time delivery

Although talking about launching a web application on time can be boiled down to saving cost on unnecessarily prolonged development, we feel it is important to talk about this point separately.

With many projects under our belt, we learned how to prepare for every project, how to plan the stages and make sure we always deliver on time.

We know our clients are happy when they see their apps working perfectly and without delays, and although we do charge for our services, we also work for those smiles.